Billy Graham Center Archives Annual Report - 1999 Annual Report - Table of Contents

Table of Contents



    Public Service
      Public Service Statistics 1980-1999
      Organizations Assisted
      Helping Other Archives of the Church
      The Internet

    The Reading Room
      Reading Room Statistics 1980-1999
      Classes in the Archives
      Topics Researched in the Archives Reading Room
      Published Works, Dissertations, Videos and Other Products Based on 1998 Research in the Archives
      Most Frequently Used Collections, 1999
      Most Frequently Used Collections, 1984-1999

    Archival Images

      Acquisition Statistics 1980-1999
      Select List of Acquisitions

      Collections Processed
      Processing Statistics 1994-1999

    Kudos: Comments from Patrons

    Space Inventory 1996-1999


    Appendix: Suk Mei (Irene) Wong Report on Her Archival Training in the United States, Jan. 7 1999 June 11, 1999