Billy Graham Center Archives Annual Report - 1999 Annual Report - Kudos

Kudos: Comments from Patrons

2/99 "Thank you, Bob. They look great and will make a nice addition to our visitor's center." Message about several photos of Billy Graham preaching which were sent to the Billy Graham Training Center in North Carolina to form a display in the visitor's center.

2/99 "Thank you for the GBS [George Beverly Shea] music, "I Will Praise Him." I decided to let a friend harmonize it for me to play on the piano--he said it would be easy. Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your care in putting this package together for me, you provide a great service and I'm glad I found you." E-mail message in regard to help the staff provided in finding a George Beverly Shea song.

2/99 "Thank you for the biographical information on Billy Graham. I'm a 10 year old homeschooler and I'm composing my North Carolina state report. I have chosen Dr. Graham as one of my historical figures. My family feels he is the most important person that North Carolina can call it's own." E-mail message.

2/99 "Received your reply to my inquiry on [an ancestor and former missionary] today. Thank you very much for your quick reply and the information. Yes, it is very helpful, and should be all we need to satisfy the social security administration. God bless you for your help." E-mail message about birth dates and other information the staff supplied to a patron from the Africa Inland Mission collection

3/99 "Thanks for your help with our production of George Beverly Shea: The Wonder of It All. I believe we have finally completed the show! It is scheduled for broadcast on Saturday, March 20, at 7pm. We have previewed it for the local press and have had great reviews.... Dr. Lois Ferm attended the screening in Charlotte. She and others have especially responded to the archival footage in the show. Thanks for making all of your wonderful material available to us." Letter from Donna Campbell, co-producer of the program

3/99 "Dear Friends: Got the bright idea to check out the Billy Graham Center Archives tonight. Lo and behold, I ran across the file on Bill Drury. I worked on staff at Teen Haven (in Philadelphia) for 12 years. I've served on the board of Christian Youth Services, Inc., since 1969. I hope to visit the Drury file quite often over the next few months. Thanks!!" E-mail message. Collection 492 consists of the papers of William Drury, founder of Teen Haven

4/99 "I want to thank the archives for the pictures of colonial Africa. Charles Warner McCleary was a great Uncle. His story has been preserved in our family. We have his letters in a book called Beloved. I am amazed at the photos such wonderful quality. We would have never known what his life in Africa looked like-- I hope my great great grandparents attended the slide shows so they could have seen them. That Charles was a missionary was the thing his father was most proud of." E-mail message referring to the Archives virtual exhibit about missionary work in colonial Africa. The exhibit included pictures of Charles McCleary.

4/99 Thank you! The information you sent will help greatly. I will be writing the paper this weekend, and I am thankful for your help. The public library was less help than the schools library. The only information I found was a periodical and some brief references in my textbook. Your help is much appreciated." E-mail message from high school student who was looking for information on William Carey.

7/99 "I thoroughly enjoyed your Web page on Titanic. Thank you." E-mail message.

7/99 "Thanks so very much for your response of 23 July to our request for access to the Bruce Finley Hunt and Helen Torrey Renich interviews. You must have personally done a tremendous amount of work to gather this information, transcribe it, and make it available. I am very impressed with what has been done. For our purposes, this is a superlative means of access to the information. It is there whenever we might want it. I appreciate your kind instruction on how to find these transcripts." E-mail message.

9/99 "I was amazed to locate a Web page on Sarah Alice Troyer Young. I was looking for material on the Boxer Rebellion for a "beginning of the school year" paper for my daughter. I had no idea that a site on my great-great-aunt would pop up.... Thank you for your work in documenting the history. It was quite a thrill to pull up the Web site about this relative." E-mail message.

10/99 "Thank you for the good session on Tuesday night. I really think the students received some very important information. The hands on component was appreciated. Thanks for this assistance and launching the class so well." Note from Processor Cheri Pierson about the Women in Missions class she brought to the Archives

11/99 "Thank you very much for introducing my students to your resources. Your presentation was great. Several of the students said that they wanted to return to the museum and the archives at a later date. Blessings on your continued ministry." Message from a seminary professor who brought his class on evangelistic preaching to the Archives.

11/99 "What a surprise and welcome blessing to see Percy Crawford's Youth On The March on the BGC Archives. I played in the trumpet trio from 1951-53. Those were exciting days as Percy Crawford pioneered the TV medium for the glory of God. Thank you for making this available." E-mail message from a retired Army chaplain.

11/99 "Oh, these oral histories are so addictive. I just can't stop listening. And I'm 15 minutes late for class." Comment of a student using one of the Archives oral history collections for an assignment.

12/99 "I was just surfing the Web, looking for something from my days as a Missionary kid in India in the mid 1950's, when I stumbled onto the transcript of an interview with my 3rd Grade teacher (1957). Boy did it bring back memories! It is such a blessing to see the Godly people that have had an impact on my life." E-mail about the Zoe Anne Alford Collection.

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