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[Note: This partial list of the passengers of the is from pages 146-149 of Zamzam / Story of a Strange Missionary Odyssey, ed. By S. Hjalmar Swanson. The Board of Foreign Missions of the Augustana Synod: Rock Island, Illinois, 1941.]

Captain: W. G. Smith.
Chief Engineer: John Burns.
Chief Officer: Stanko Fiedel.
Doctor: Dr. A. B. Rufail.
Chief Purser: Youssef Farrang.
Crew: 137, chiefly Egyptian (Mohammedan).
Passengers: American, 137; Canadian, 6; British, 15; North Rhodesia, 1; Bahama Islands, 2; Hong Kong, 2; South Africa, 5; Swaziland, 1; Kenya, 2; Belgian, 4; French, 1; Italian, 1; Norwegian, 1.


Africa Inland Mission:
Dr. and Mrs. H. Barnett, Kenya.
Rev, and Mrs. Roy F. Brill and five children, Kenya.
Miss Jessie Blanchard.
Miss Ruth Burgess, Belgian Congo.
Rev, and Mrs. L. J. Buyse and two children.
Rev, and Mrs. W. Fred Fix and daughter, Tanganyika.
Rev, and Mrs. W. J. Guilding, Kenya.
Miss Harriet M. Halsey, Belgian Congo.
Miss Alice E. Landis, Kenya.
Rev, and Mrs. W. A. Mundy.
Miss Carol O. Turner.
Rev, and Mrs. J. Fred Young.

Assembly of God:
Rev, and Mrs. Paul E. Derr, Tanganyika.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude T. Keck, Tanganyika.

Augustana Synod - Lutheran:
Mrs. Elmer R. Danielson and six children, Tanganyika.
Rev. Ralph D. Hult, Tanganyika.
Rev, and Mrs. V. Eugene Johnson and two children, Tanganyika.
Miss Velura Kinnan, Tan ganyika.
Dr. and Mrs. C. Einar Norberg and three children, Tanganyika.
Miss Esther M. Olson, Tanganyika.

Baptist, National Convention:
Rev, and Mrs. T. 0. Dosum and daughter, Liberia. [Correct name is T.Oluwah Dosumu]

Baptist, Northern:
Dr. Dana M. Albaugh, executive secretary of Foreign Mission Board.

Baptist, Mid-Mission:
Florence Almen, French Equatorial Africa.

Baptist, Southern:
Miss Elma Elam, Nigeria.
Miss Isabelle Moore, Nigeria.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Paul O’Neal and daughter, Nigeria.

Brethren of Christ:
Rev, and Mrs. David B. Hall and two children, South Rhodesia.

Church of the Brethren:
Miss Grace Byron, French Equatorial Africa.
Miss Mary A. Engel, West Africa.
Miss Sylvia Oiness, Nigeria.
Miss Ruth Snyder, French Equatorial Africa.
Miss Ruth tltz, Nigeria.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams, French Equatorial Africa.

Congo Inland Mission:
Dr. and Mrs. Merle H. Schwartz, Belgian Congo.

Disciples of Christ:
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Edwards, Belgian Congo.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Henderson, Belgian Congo.

Norwegian Lutheran Church:
Miss Alida Agrimson, Belgian Congo.
Sister Olette Berntsen, Belgian Congo.
Miss Olga Guttormsen, Zululand, South Africa.

Presbyterian, Southern:
Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Morrison and two children, Belgian Congo.
Miss Dora Lena Reynolds, Belgian Congo.
Dr. and Mrs. Tinsley Smith, Jr., and son, Belgian Congo.

Presbyterian, United:
James P. McKnight.
Rev, and Mrs. Paul J. Smith, Sudan.

Progressive Brethren:
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Morril and two children, French Equatorial

South African. General Convention:
Rev, and Mrs. R. Neilson Muir, Angola.

Scandinavian Alliance:
Mr. and Mrs. Irl McCallister, Swaziland, South Africa.
Miss Lydia Rogalsky, Swaziland, South Africa.

Seventh Day Adventist:
Mrs. H. G. Hankins, South Africa.
Miss Helen M. Hyatt.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Russell and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Jenkins.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Johnson.

Sudan Interior Mission:
Rev. and Mrs. Walter A. Ohman, Anglo Egyptian Sudan.
Miss Mary S. Beam, Anglo Egyptian Sudan.

World Wide Evangelization Crusade:
Miss Rhodie Olson, Belgian Congo.
Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Steele, Belgian Congo.

Free Methodist:
Rev, and Mrs. Geo. A. Belknap and daughter, Belgian Mandate territory.
Miss Mary Thompson, Belgian Mandated Territory.
Mae P. Armstrong, Portuguese East Africa.

Roman Catholic:
Rev. Father Robert Barsalou, Basutoland, South Africa.
Rev. Brother Raoul Bergeron.
Rev. Brother Gerard Boulanger.
Rev. Father Hermenegelde Charbonneau.
Rev. Brother Roland Cournoyer.
Rev. Father Bernard Desnoyer.
Rev. Brother Andre Fredette.
Rev. Father Phillippe Goudreau.
Rev. Brother Paul Juneau.
Rev. Father Joseph Lafiamme.
Rev. Father L. Larivierre.
Rev. Father Aime Lavallee.
Rev. Brother Antoine Lavallee.
Rev. Brother J. E. Leo.
Rev. Brother Maurice Nadeau.
Rev. Father Gerard Paquet. Rev. Father Pierre P. Pellerin.

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