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Papers of Samuel Douglas Faircloth - Collection 658

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Collection 658

[July 16 , 2011]

Faircloth, Samuel Douglas; 1921-

Papers; 1949-2001, 2010-2011

1 Box (DC) Audio Tapes (0.2 cubic feet)

Brief Description: Prayer letters and an oral history interviews which document Faircloth’s childhood, conversion, education at Wheaton College and elsewhere, and his work as a United States Army chaplain in Italy immeidately after Word War II, church planter in Portugal and a seminary professor at the Tyndale Theological Seminary in the Netherlands.

Restrictions: None


Full name

Samuel Douglas Faircloth


June 22, 1921, Aurora, Illinois




Samuel Edwards and Florence C. (Drew) Faircloth



Jean (born 1922), Doris (born 1924), Richard (born 1927), Miriam (born 1935)


Marital Status

Married 1st Arliss “Arlie” A. Albright, August 17, 1943 (1920-2002)
Married 2nd Ruth Evelyn Johnson, January 18, 2003 (1934-2006)
Married 3rd Betty Jane Litchfield Crippen, March 24, 2007



Rebecca, Martha, Priscilla, Ruth, Elizabeth, Anne, Miriam

Conversion November 11, 1937 under evangelist Rev. James McGinley


July 11, 1945 at Oak Lane Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a minister in the Northern Baptist Convention




Attended University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois


Jan. 1941-1943

Graduated from Wheaton College with a B.S. degree, majored in Bible and Theology and minored in Biblical Archeology



Graduated from Eastern Baptist Seminary with a B.D. degree



Graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with D. Missiology degree


  September 11, 1945 Appointed and commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Chaplains Corp
  October-December 1945 Attended Chaplain's school at Fort Oglethrope in Georgia
  January 2, 1946 Sailed to Europe with the 2nd regiment



United States 5th Army chaplain in Italy

  January 12-February 24, 1946 Assigned to the 300th General Hospital in Naples
  Febrary 24th, 1946 - January 30, 1947 Assigned to the Rome area command
  February 28-March 6, 1946 Attended planning seminar in Geneva for the upcoming first meeting of the World Council of Churches, led by Willem Adolph Visser 't Hooft
  January 30-May 16th, Reassigned to the 1170th Engineer General Service Regiment , Livorno/Viareggio
  March 25th-beginning of May, 1947 Observer at the war crime trial of Major General Von Machenson and others
  May 23, 1947 Sailed for home with his wife (who had arrived in Europe June 28, 1946), arrived at Fort Hamilton, NY June 2
  July 17, 1947 Honorably discharged effective July 10th



Accepted by the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society to serve in the Belgian Congo but changed fields and was appointed to go to Portugal



First Term: founded and directed the Baptist Theological Seminary of Leiria, Portugal



Second Term: Seminary, Leiria, Portugal



Third Term: church planting, Movement for the Promotion of Evangelism (nation-wide), Parede, Portugal



Fourth Term: continuation of church planting and MPE, Carcavelos, Portugal


June 1966

Attends the Billy Graham Greater London Crusade


October-November 1966

Attends the World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin, Germany



Fifth Term: founding of the Portuguese Bible Institute under Greater Europe Mission (GEM) with Donald Crane, Carcavelos, Portugal

  July 1974 Attend the International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland



Sixth Term: church planting, MPE, and teaching at the PBI, Carcavelos, Portugal



Seventh Term: church planting and teaching at PEI, Carcavelos, Portugal. Study for the doctorate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois



Eighth Term: church planting, doctoral study, Carcavelos, Portugal



Ninth Term: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Dean, and professor of Church History and Missions at Tyndale Theological Seminary, The Netherlands


January 1991

Retires from Tyndale Theological Seminary, continues as adjunct professor of Church History and Missions


July 1991

Retires to Windsor Park Manor, Carol Stream, Illinois


1992 -

Interim pastor and chairman of the board of directors of Claim Street Baptist Church, Aurora, Illinois, his home church



Elected to the Board of the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society and also to the Board of Tyndale Theological Seminary



Adjunct professor of Church History and Missions at Tyndale in the Netherlands

Other significant information



Doctoral Thesis, Guidelines for the Church Planter in Portugal. The Portuguese edition printed in Portugal.



Authored the book, Church Planting for Reproduction

[Note: In the Scope & Content section, the notation “folder 2-5" means “Box 2, Folder 5"]

Scope and Content

Series: I. Paper Records

Arrangement: Chronological by date of prayer letter

Date Range: 1949-2001

Volume: 0.2 cubic feet

Boxes: 1

Geographic coverage: Portugal, The Netherlands

Type of documents: Prayer Letters

Correspondents: Samuel & Arliss Faircloth,

Subjects: Evangelism in Portugal

Notes: Photocopies of prayer letters of the Samuel and Arliss Faircloth missionaries to Portugal with the Conservative Baptist Foreign Missionary Society and to The Netherlands on faculty at Tyndale Theological Seminary. Letters written during their first and second term are in folder 1-1, third and fourth term letters in folder 1-2, fifth through eight term in folder 1-3, and ninth term and retirement are in folder 1-4. These letters describe their evangelistic work, church planting, involvement with seminaries, and prayer needs. The prayer letters are numbered sequentially only during their first term in Portugal. Since the prayer letters are filed chronologically and easy to locate no folders numbers are listed only dates (in parenthesis) in the description below.

Exceptional items: Just one month after arriving in Portugal Faircloth wrote (July 1, 1949), The longer we stay here, the more apparent is the need for a Bible training center...How we long to open the doors of the Seminary to God-called young men..., two years later (July-August 1951) the need for more classrooms and dormitories is discussed, The Seminary is receiving more applications for the fall term (February-April 1952), Ours is the great joy, as well, of seeing young men, who have been trained for the ministry, leave these halls [seminary] to enter the battle for their Lord (January 1956), a clipping from the October 1960 issue of the Conservative Baptist magazine with article titled Portugal Work Moves to Lisbon about why the Baptist Seminary moved to Lisbon, The Wheaton College YFCI [Youth for Christ International] team testified, sang, played and preached their way into the hearts of large Portuguese audiences and in the true sense of the terms, spearheaded a great YFCI evangelistic invasion of Gospel-hungry Portugal. In twenty continuous days of evangelistic YFC meetings with this team as the central attraction, about 400 lost souls came forward to accept Christ as personal Savior (October 1950), an undated (ca. 1954) newspaper clipping with photo and information about the return of the Faircloths from their first term in Portugal (located after January 1954 letter), a photo pray card for the Faircloths with their four daughters (ca. 1955), newspaper clipping (June 1955 ) about the farewell for the Faircloths return to Portugal for their second term, an interesting “Special Prayer Letter” (after May 1956 letter) in booklet format describes the various ministries the Faircloth’s were involved which including evangelism, literature distribution, education, and a farm program.

Several letters mention Faircloth attending the Greater London Crusade (September 1966), World Congress on Evangelism (January 1967), and the North of England Crusade of which he said it seemed to set my heart on fire for a wave of the Spirit of God in this county, using all available possibilities (February 1962), involvement in the International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists, Amsterdam ‘86 (September 1986), and Billy Graham’s visits to Portugal to speak at a ministers’ meeting (December 1970) and the Tyndale Seminary in the Netherlands (December 1985). Information about the Christian work being done by Faircloth’s daughters (April 1985, December 1986) or being planned (April 1980)


Faircloth’s ministry at Tyndale Theological Seminary in the Netherlands (1984-1990), information on Tyndale students (October-November 1987 to April 1988, March 1989), Faircloth’s retirement letter (June 1990), all but one letter from 1994 to 2001 are addressed to specific individuals, two letters (July 24, 2000) describe Faircloth’s teaching a course in church planting and development at the masters level, and the last letter (June 5, 2001) tells of his teaching graduate students at TTS and his trip to Portugal to dedicate the new sanctuary of a church he planted thirty years ago.

Series: II. Audio Visual Materials

Date Range: 2010-2011

Geographic coverage: United States

Type of documents: Digital Recording

Notes: Interviews with Samuel D. Faircloth by Robert Shuster.

Exceptional items: The events described in the interview cover the time period 1921-1990s.

T1 (122 minutes, click to link to the transcript and audio file of this tape).Family background; interest in a career in aeronautical engineering; religious background (his grandmother, Emma Schlachter Faircloth was a strong witness for the Lord); early memories of attending church with his family; Irvin Yeaworth pastor of First Presbyterian Church; Faircloth’s view of God as a youth; no emphasis on personal conversion at the church the family attended; joins the boy scouts; influence and description of Rev. William “Billy” McCarrell of Cicero Bible Church (Cicero, Illinois); Rev. John Humphries of the Claim Street Baptist Church, Aurora; description of his conversion under Rev. James McGinley; immediate impact of his conversion; tract distribution (gospel bomb); conversion of his father and two sisters during McGinley’s campaign; lead’s his brother Richard to Christ; struggles between going into engineering or full time Christian service; his sister Jean and Arlie (his future wife) involvement with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Illinois at DeKalb, Illinois; the preaching of Rev. Harry Ironside; speaking in Dr. Henry Thiessen’s class at Wheaton College; impact of the Depression; family leads a very frugally life; hobos asking for food; his father opposition to unions; attends University of Illinois at Urbana, Illinois; describes being part of the band; impact of being at University of Illinois on his faith; searching for a church while at college; interacts with roommates about the Christian faith; deeps his faith; struggles with God about staying at college; allows the Holy Spirit to control his life for the first time; decides to enter full-time Christian service; reaction of his parents and Arlie about his decision; leaves the University mid-year and transfers Wheaton College; compares Wheaton with the University of Illinois; joins the Wheaton band; describes Professor Gordon Clark as a teacher and personally; describes Billy Graham’s comments in Clark’s class; Wheaton professors Dr. Joseph Free, Dr. Alexander Grigolia, Edith Torrey, Dr. Henry Thiessen, Dr. V. Raymond Edman (president of Wheaton College); Edman’s last sermon; Friday night prayer meetings which he, Graham, and four other male students had during their senior year praying for revival; the beginning of the 1943 Wheaton College revival; effect on students of the death of Lt. Ralph Glatfelter, Wheaton football captain who died at the beginning of World War II; effect of the war on campus; Graham as a student and Ruth Bell (Graham): value of being at Wheaton with students of divers religious background; Chinese students at Wheaton; United Gospel Tabernacle when Graham was preaching; Graham as president of the student Christian Council; Faircloth’s work with the CC on Fridays in Hyde Park (a neighborhood in Chicago); interactions with liberal theological students at University of Chicago Divinity School; his time at UC while getting his PhD in Church History; Eastern Baptist Seminary; becomes a chaplain in the United States Army.

T2 (139 minutes, click to link to the audio file of this tape). Attending chaplain school at Fort Oglethorpe in Georgia in 1945; the curriculum of the school; the men attending the school; learning to minister to men; first meeting with soon-to-be theater chaplain Terence P. Finnegan; Faircloth’s wife Arlie ’s work in the United States while he went overseas; preparing to sail to Europe; witnessing to his tentmates; holding worship services on the troopship; Faircloth’s prayer on the troopship; the desperate condition of Italy in the aftermath of war; serving in the military hospital in Naples with Philip Howard; contact with an Army black market ring; the death of a nurse; hazing by other doctors on the staff; holding Easter services for black soldiers in the 1170 Engineer; working with Catholic chaplains; relations between black soldiers and Italian women; using the Episcopal church in Roman for services for American servicemen and Italians; morale of the occupation troops; reason for his assignment to Rome; marriage counseling in Rome; meeting Myron C. Taylor and arranging an audience with Pious XII; assisting an American woman in Rome and her Italian son; holding Youth for Christ meetings in Rome; the forming of Missionary Dentist; conflict with the theater chaplain Terence Finnegan and Faircloth’s transfer out of Rome; attending a conference on the formation of the World Council of Churches in Geneva led by Willem Adolph Visser 't Hooft; thoughts on Christian unity; learning as a chaplain to work with men; God’s blessing on his ministry; taking Portuguese evangelical seminary students to Switzerland in 1960 to meet Billy Graham; meeting Graham at the 1974 Lausanne Ccongress, when he made a commitment to lead an evangelistic campaign in Portugal; John Corts; plans for the campaign and getting the bullfight stadium; Evangelism-in-Depth in Portugal; the 1975 revolution in Portugal and the rise of the communists; reason for canceling the campaign in 1975; evangelical cooperation in Portugal in 2011


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Rev. Samuel Douglas Faircloth in June 2010 and May 2011.

Accession: 10-37 
May 3 , 2011
Wayne D. Weber

Accession 11-31
July 14, 2011
Bob Shuster


Accession: 10-37, 11-31

Type of Material: Audio Tapes

The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

Item# - Reel or cassette, speed, length, number of sides, contents (title of session, participants) according to the program, date.











122 min


Interview with Rev. Samuel D. Faircloth by Robert Shuster


T2 -- -- 139 min -- Interview with Rev. Samuel D. Faircloth by Robert Shuster 5/25/2011








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