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Interviews of José Pablo Sánchez-Nuñez - Collection 526

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Collection 526                                                                                                          [March 7, 2017]

Sánchez-Nuñez, José Pablo; 1957-

Interview; 1995

Audio recordings




Restrictions: None


Brief Description. Oral history interviews with Sánchez-Nuñez, in which he describes his family, childhood in Spain, Protestant Evangelicalism in a predominantly Catholic country, his conversion and spiritual development, training for ministry, work with Decisión, theological education by extension in Spain, American missionaries and their impact in Spain, attempts to unify Spanish Protestants, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's Global Mission (of which he was the director in Madrid), his father-in- law John Blake, and pastoral experiences in Madrid.







Full name

 José Pablo Sánchez-Nuñez


April 13, 1957 in Úveda, Spain




Father: Roque Sánchez (a Protestant minister), Mother: Angelita Nũnez



2 brothers, 1 sister


Marital Status

Married to Jane Blake Sanchez in 1981



 2 daughters


At age 13




Technical Institute of Madrid; degree as a Technical Teacher



Spanish Bible Institute and Theological Seminary (IBSTE) in Castelldefels, Spain, B.Th.



Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, United States, MA in Theology and Communications




Worked during summers on evangelistic campaigns held by Decisión, an evangelistic started by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1977 which became become independent in 1991



Worked with wife on follow-up for an evangelistic campaign in city of Valls, Spain



Worked full-time with Decisión Spain



Co-pastor of Cristo Vive Evangelical Church, Madrid, Spain



Became principal pastor of Cristo Vive Evangelical Church, Madrid, Spain



President of the Association of Pastors of Madrid (AMECAM). During which he played a large part in the founding of the Evangelical Council of Madrid



Director of the Audiovisual Productions Commission of the Federation of Evangelical Entities of Spain “Canal de Vida”



Director of the television program Tiempo de Creer, later renamed Good News TV and “”Protestant World” in RNE



Head of Decisión in Spain



Director of a program on Spanish National Radio, Protestant World- Faith and Coexistence



With his wife started Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas Child in Spain



National coordinator in Spain for the “My Hope” project of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association



Professor of Communication and Evangelization at Spanish Bible Institute and Theological Seminary (IBSTE) in Castelldefels, Spain



Professor at the European Seminar on Theological Formation and Evangelization SEFOVAN, Madrid, Spain

Other significant information



Won medal of the Evánelico Council of Madrid for Good News TV


Scope and Content


Rev. Sanchez-Nunez was interviewed by Paul Ericksen on November 22 and December 15, 1995 in the offices of the Billy Graham Center Archives in Wheaton, Illinois. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1957-1995.


T1 (78 minutes).

Early childhood as middle son of pastor; assisting father in evangelistic and musical ministry; experience of growing up in a poor pastor’s family; personalities of father and mother and their influence on him; conversion at age 13; early development of his faith; religious practices of family, including devotions and grace at meals; characteristics of his father’s church in Madrid, which he now pastors; links with the Southern Baptists and the Evangelical Free Church; parents’ background; José succeeding his father as pastor; personal persecution as a Protestant in Spain and feeling of otherness; Evangelical attitudes toward Catholics; entering a Catholic church for the first time; characteristics of the average Roman Catholic in Spain; attitudes toward the Virgin Mary; Catholic charismatics; Opus Dei; effect of Vatican II on the Catholic church in Spain; deciding what to do with his life; attending seminary and discovering his gifts as a minister; working with Decisión, at the time a branch of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; becoming pastor of the Cristo Vive Evangelical Church in Madrid; criticism of the pastor every Sunday; conflicted feelings about being a pastor; advice from his father; typical problems within the church; benefits of going to seminary; did not learn how to counsel; other Protestant seminaries in Spain


T2 (25 minutes)

Father’s seminary education through a correspondence course from radio station HCJB; theological education through the local church for the laity; his use of fasting to seek God’s will; interest in having a broadcast ministry; met his future wife in the youth group of his father’s church; her encouragement to him for his ministry; introduced to work with Decisión by his father-in-law John Blake and the methods of the organization; working with Decisión after seminary to bring order to their procedures; organizing the activities of the Evangelical churches in Madrid


T3 (76 minutes)

Quality of theological education among Evangelicals in Spain; Spaniards replacing Americans as teachers in Evangelical seminaries; use of Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in Spain; Gene Getz; theological training in Sanchez’s church; his early years with Decisión; difficulty in evangelizing because of his shyness; changing relationship of Decisión with the BGEA in Spain; summary of John Blake’s evangelistic work in Italy, Germany, and Spain; changes in Decisión when it became independent of the BGEA and when his father-in-law departed from the BGEA staff five years later; changes in Decisión’s evangelistic methods; the Pavilion of Promise at the 1992 Universal Exposition at Seville (Expo ‘92); fifty evangelistic teams sent out throughout every year; reactions of the general population to these evangelistic efforts; fear of Protestants in Spain in the 1970s, indifference in the 1990s; unfriendly relations between the Evangelical and Catholic churches; “Protestant” is synonymous with “Evangelical” in Spain; division among Protestant church because of Communism and the charismatic movement in the 1960s; positive effect on Protestant unity of the Amsterdam ‘83 conference; serving as president of the Evangelical pastor’s association in Madrid and the creation of an interdenominational council of Protestant churches; obstacles to Protestant unity in Spain; generational change among pastors; Protestant missionaries in Madrid; attitudes toward missionaries among the general population; need for missionaries to serve as evangelists or in social ministry or art, not teachers


Tape T4 (51 minutes)

Loss of foreign missionaries’ credibility among Spanish Evangelicals; conferences of itinerant evangelists in Spain since 1984; decline in participation since 1984; comparison of church life in Spain and the United States; move toward nominalism in the faith of Spanish Evangelicals; Joel Martinez and cell churches (Collection 522 in the BGC Archives); Lalle Lipa [sp?] Brethren church of Madrid and the reasons for its success; roles of men and women in the church; working with the BGEA’s various worldwide outreaches in Spain, such as World Mission and Global Mission, particularly Madrid; difficulties in getting the support of Madrid churches; impact of Global Mission on the Canary Islands and mainland Spain; the need to develop friendships with non-Christians for effective evangelism; Sanchez’s plans for an evangelistic program on national radio in Spain; some of the things he learned at the Wheaton Graduate School; anticipated obstacles in developing his television ministry in Spain; American misconceptions of Spain; surprising things he discovered in American culture





The interviews in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Rev. Sánchez Nunez in November and December, 1995.


Accession: 95-161, 95-180                                                                            

March 7, 2017

Bob Shuster



Accession: 95-161, 95-180

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Oral History interview of Jose Pablo Sanchez-Nunez by Paul Ericksen





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Oral History interview of Jose Pablo Sanchez-Nunez by Paul Ericksen





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Conclusion of interview on T3


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