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Interviews with Barbara Lynn (Miner) Collins - Collection 508

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Brief Description of This Collection

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Biography of Barbara Lynn (Miner) Collins

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

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Collection 508
[January 17, 2004]

Collins, Barbara Lynn (Miner); 1946-
Interview; 1995
6 Audio Tapes (0.12 cubic feet)


Brief Description: Interview with Collins in which she describes her childhood, family’s religious background, conversion, spiritual development in college and young professional life, acceptance as a missionary by Africa Inland Mission, arrival on the mission field in Kenya, work among the Rendile and Kikuyu peoples, raising children on the mission field, development of women’s program at Africa Inland Church Missionary College, work among women refugees in Nairobi, relationship between Africa Inland Mission and Africa Inland Church.


Restrictions: There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.


Full name

Barbara Lynn (Miner) Collins


October 11, 1946, in Portland, Oregon




Gordon & Evelyn Miner



Two younger siblings, Diane and David


Marital Status

Married Malcolm Collins on February 28, 1976



 Shawn, Greg, Michelle, David, Daniel, Deion Thamani & Nicole Imani


circa summer of 1958 at Baptist youth camp near Los Angeles, California




Graduated Hoover High School, Glendale, California



Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington



Graduated University of California, Santa Barbara, BA in Sociology



California State University, Northridge, California, secondary teaching credentials



University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, linguistic studies with Summer Institute of Linguistics



Logos Bible Institute, Panorama City, California



Fuller Theological Institute, School of World Missions, Pasadena, California, masters studies



Graduated Wheaton College, Illinois, MA




Served as probation officer in Los Angeles Probation Department, California



Taught junior high math in Glendale, California



Worked as free-lance editor for Gospel Light Publications, Glendale, California



Served as missionary teaching religious studies and ministering to women with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) in northern Kenya among the Rendile



Served as AIM missionary ministering to women in Ngong, Kenya



Served as Wives Program Director at AIC Missionary College in Eldoret, Kenya for AIM



Served as AIM missionary with refugee program in Nairobi, Kenya

Scope and Content:

Barbara Collins was interviewed by Robert Shuster on January 13 and 30 and February 13, 1995 at the offices of the Archives of the Billy Graham Center. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1946-1994.

T1 (69 minutes). Choosing Africa Inland Mission (AIM) because of AIM background of her husband’s family, lessons to be drawn from marrying into a missionary family, application and candidate process of AIM, enjoying faith mission perspective of AIM, preparation for the mission field, view of Africa before leaving for the mission field, preparation she wished she had for the mission field, different traditions of the other missionaries on the field, reactions of friends and family to going on the mission field, family comparing her departure to death experience, first impressions of Kenya, Collins family reunion in Kijabe, becoming familiar with their surroundings on the mission field, transitory lifestyle as a missionary, translating the Bible among the Rendile for Wycliffe Bible Translators, balancing translating and meeting social needs among the Rendile, culture of AIM, being a Christian in an impoverished area, social outreach becoming a witness, characteristics of the Rendile tribe, types of stories told by the Rendile, reality of famine and starvation, her spiritual development, teaching religious studies in Kenya, characteristics of a Kenyan classroom, slowly learning of the Rendile language due to pregnancies and child rearing, her husband’s early translations concentrating on central Bible stories, religious background and knowledge of the Rendile, evangelistic work of John Iltengezi, organizing women’s Bible meetings, pictorial and oral methods of teaching the pre-literate

T2 (26 minutes). Issues of polygamy, drinking blood and giving to beggars among the Rendile, religious women’s meetings, affect of Christianity on the social life of the Rendile, composition of the Christian church among the Rendile, raising children on the mission field, benefit from realistic attitudes towards life and death, the communal nature of village life, educating children on the mission field, advantages of Rift Valley Academy, children adjusting to being in the United States, resolving conflicts between missionaries, describing the “missionary model,” living in an international community in Nairobi, concept of teamwork among missionaries in an area, desirability of cross-cultural orientation experience before receiving first station, George & Joyce Ndemwa

T3 (79 minutes). Health of her children, moving to Ngong, “slum visitations” in Nairobi, women’s ministry in Kenya, personal growth from ministering in Ngong, friendly nature of the Kikuyu, emotional healing, feeling unwanted by fellow missionaries, poor health and living condition of family in Ngong, changing philosophy of ministry due to conditions in slum areas, evolving nature of women’s prayer conferences in Kenya from missionary-oriented to African-oriented, women’s conferences, transition to AIC (Africa Inland Church) Missionary College in Eldoret, Kenya, Malcolm accepting position of academic dean at the missionary college, administering women’s program and nursery school at the missionary college, women’s program at AIC Missionary College, practical skills classes, women in the program, making curriculum relevant to a diverse student body, new areas of mission outreach in Africa, Dorothy Hildebrandt, women’s programs at other educational institutions in Africa, lack of single educated women missionaries in Kenya, Jonathan Hildebrandt, need for practical women’s program at the missionary college, responses to the women’s program, process of writing women’s program curriculum for use in other institutions, reasons for leaving the AIC Missionary College, moving to Nairobi, Jill Davis, lack of support for the program at the college, working with refugee women in Nairobi

T4 (19 minutes). Rewarding nature of missionary experience, changing nature of mission field, Asian missionaries in Kenya, new missionary philosophies, political instability in Kenya, attitude of government towards missionaries, relationship of AIM & AIC, greater flexibility of AIM, desires for more independence for AIM from AIC in Kenya, more concern for emotional health of western missionaries, importance of urban studies in future missiology

T5 (72 minutes). Family background, childhood, religious background, influence of First Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, California on her parents, her father’s personality and character, intellectual nature of family’s religious life, characteristics she shares with her father, sickly nature of her mother, mother’s greater involvement in church community as she got older, characteristics she shares with her mother, sibling rivalry with her brother and sister, childhood activities, favorite authors and books, lack of childhood ambitions and plans, her early spiritual development within the Lutheran denomination, Bible memorization, confirmation in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, conversion at Baptist church camp in California, first exposure to missions and a more evangelical Christianity, becoming a missionary a fulfillment rather than a sacrifice, school experiences, culture shock at Pacific Lutheran University, distaste over arguing finer points of theology, spiritual crisis at the University of California-Santa Barbara, family tension over adult baptism, working and burning out as a probation officer, working as a teacher, growing confidence in trial-by-fire situations, involvement in Ray Ortlund’s Lake Avenue Congregational Church, desire to be a missionary

T6 (18 minutes). Applying for translation training with Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), growing relationship with future husband Malcolm Collins, attending SIL at University of Washington, attending Logos Bible Institute, negative learning experience at Logos, women’s role in teaching the Bible, missions advice from John Gration, being accepted as missionaries by Africa Inland Mission



The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Barbara Collins in January and February 1995.

Accession: 95-4, 95-12, 95-15
January 17, 2004
Christian F. Sawyer

Accession: 95-4, 95-12, 95-15
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

All tapes are reel-to-reel, 3-3/4 ips, and one side.






69 min.

Interview of Barbara Collins by Robert Shuster.

January 13, 1995


26 min.

Interview of Barbara Collins by Robert Shuster, continued from T1.

January 13, 1995


79 min.

Interview of Barbara Collins by Robert Shuster.

January 30, 1995


19 min.

Interview of Barbara Collins by Robert Shuster, continued from T3.

January 30, 1995


72 min.

Interview of Barbara Collins by Robert Shuster.

February 13, 1995


18 min.

Interview of Barbara Collins by Robert Shuster, continued from T5.

February 13, 1995

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