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Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

Historical Background

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

    Series I: Paper Records
    Series II: Audio Visual Materials
Lists of Audio Tapes, Films, Film Strips, Negatives, Photographs, and Video Tapes in This Collection (Location Records)
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    Film Strips
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Collection 225 [April 17, 2017]
Baptista Film Mission; 1942-1965
Records; 1908 (1939-1963) 1977, n.d. 2 Boxes (DC), Audio Tapes, Films, Filmstrips, Negative, Photographs, Video Tapes (12.42 cubic feet)

Brief Description

Correspondence, diaries, newsletters, scripts, catalogs. films, and other material related to the work of the company founded by Charles O. Baptista to produce motion picture projection equipment and evangelistic films. This collection contains much information on the beginnings of the Christian film industry.


There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.

Historical Background

Founded May 18, 1942 by Charles Octavia Baptista
Headquarters location
1942-1947 325 West Huron Street, Chicago, Illinois.
1947-1965? 434 Sunnyside Avenue, Wheaton, Illinois
Executive officer
1942-1965? C. O. Baptista, President
Other significant employees
Severi Anderson, head of the animation department
Maxwell A. Kerr
Stephen Platt
Significant events in organizational history
1939 Baptista became interested in using films as a teaching aide in churches and produced Story of a Fountain Pen with the help of several friends.
1942 During the early years of World War II, 16mm motion picture projectors were in short supply, so Baptista expanded his business, in conjunction with the DeVry Corporation, to include the exporting of projectors and Spanish language films
Early 1940s The Miracle Projector developed by Kerr and Platt, in response to a wartime shortage. The company began producing mainly English language films, although there were several in other languages.
Mid 1940s Production began on projectors.
1952 The company began work on a filmstrip projector (which would play both a filmstrip and a reel of synchronized audio tape) called the Tel-n-See. Work on 16mm moving image films ceased and the company began to produce filmstrips for Tel-N-See.
Ca. 1955 Work on Tel-N-See productions virtually ceased
1961 Income from films could not keep up with the funds spent on the equipment development projects, forcing the company into debt. Non-religious sales and distribution of the Tel-n-see projectors were turned over to a group of Christian businessmen who formed the Audiomatic Visual Equipment Company.
ca. 1965 The financial situation continued to decline and the company was dissolved shortly after Baptista's death.
Ministry emphasis The focus of the company's work was to produce 16mm films for use in churches and Christian organizations as teaching and evangelism aides and for evangelization among secular audiences. The different types of films which were produced included Christian dramatization, missions documentaries, sermon films, gospel musicals, animated stories, children's films, and instructional films on the Christian life and witnessing. The company also produced affordable projectors for motion pictures and filmstrips that could be used by churches and Christian organizations.
Geographical emphasis Mostly in the United States, but had customers in other English and Spanish speaking countries, also Sweden
Alternate names Company was originally called the Scriptures Visualized Institute. The name was later changed to the C. O. Baptista Film Mission and then to Baptista Film Mission.
Other significant information
1895 Charles Octavia Baptista was born to Octavia and Nicita Baptista in San Cristobal, Venezuela.
1909 Baptista came to the United States for his education
ca. 1915 Baptista began selling pianos by mail to customers in Latin America for the Kimball Piano Company of Chicago, Illinois.
Ca. 1920s Baptista accepted Christ as his saviour and began attending the Buena Memorial Presbyterian Church
The Baptista company was especially active in animation

Scope and Content

[Note: In the Scope & Content section, the notation "folder 2-5" means "Box 2, Folder 5"]

The records in this collection include catalogs, correspondence, diaries, newsletters, news clippings, tracts, scripts, audio tapes, photographs, films, filmstrips, and video tapes. Almost all of the material in the collection was produced by the Baptista Film Mission and either document the history of the mission or the broader theme of the use of films and filmstrips for evangelism and Christian education.

Series: I. Paper Records
Arrangement: The folders are arranged alphabetically according to folder title (folder titles were supplied by the Archives staff). The materials within each folder are arranged chronologically.
Date Range: 1943-1963, 1977
Volume: .6 cubic feet
Boxes: 1-2
Geographic coverage: United States
Type of documents: Scripts, catalogs, company diaries, clippings and articles, catalogs, brochures, tracts
Correspondents: C. O. Baptista, Maxwell Kerr
Subjects: History of the Baptista Film Mission, use of film by missions, evangelistic ministries, and churches, Protestant Evangelical theology and methods of presenting the Gospel
Notes: Most of the materials in this series cover the production and distribution of the films and filmstrips made by the company. Folders 1-1 and 1-2 contain various catalogs of the films and projectors that the company produced. This includes lists of Spanish language films, which were a speciality of the company in its early years. Several of the scripts for films and film strips are in folders 1-8 through 1-43, with additions or changes penciled in the margins. There are penciled notes for one Tel-N-See script in folder 2-4. The company produced film and synchronized filmstrip projectors that would be reliable, yet inexpensive enough to be purchased by churches. The film projector came with a guarantee that it would be good until the Second Coming of Christ. A copy of the guarantee and more detailed information about the film and filmstrip projectors can be found in folders 2-2 and 2-6.

The printed diaries, entitled Hitherto has the Lord Helped Us, in folders 1-5 through 1-7 consist of short entries about daily events in the company or reactions from film users, with many examples of how the films were used for Christian ministry. Folder 1-5 contains Baptista's handwritten diary which served as the basis for the 1945 printed diary. The tracts in folder 1-43 were published by the company. One of them, Confessions of a Business Man, tells the story of Baptista's life and the early years of the film mission. A copy of the Dunn and Bradstreet rating of the company in its early years is in folder 2-3.

Correspondence in folders 1-3 consist of letters between C. O. Baptista and Robert F. Jones. Jones apparently had donated and invested money in the company and was trying to help the company remain solvent by advising Baptista on financial matters. Folder 1-4 contains a few other letters, including one from Maxwell Kerr written long after the company dissolved about the origins of the Miracle Projector.

There are also a few newspaper and magazine clippings about the work of the company in folders 1-11 and 2-1.

Series:II. Audio-Visual Materials
Arrangement: Films and filmstrips are generally in alphabetical order
Date Range: 1908, 1939-1955
Volume: 11.82 cubic feet
Geographic coverage: United States, China, Israel, Philippines, Indo-China, Mexico,
Type of documents: Films, filmstrips, audio tapes, photographs
Subjects: Christian evangelism, evangelistic music, Christian life, Bible memorization, Christian foreign missions
Notes: The individual items are described in the Location Records. Audio tapes T1a, T2a, T4a have no connection at all with Baptista Film but were included in a gift to the Archives that included Baptista material.


The material in this collection was given to the Center by Ken Anderson Films. Maxwell Kerr, Robert Baptista, Donald Dunkelberger, moody Bible Institute, Dan Mullin, and Joseph Bridges in March 1981; by Maxwell A. Kerr from 1981 to 2000. Duplicate materials were given to Regent University in Virginia in May 2003.

Accession 81-22, 81-145, 81-153, 82-5, 82-15, 82-16, 82-45, 83-1, 83-6
May 6, 1983
Robert Shuster
G. P. Lynch
G. Wilson
J. Nasgowitz

Revised April 11, ?
Robert Shuster
J. Nasgowitz

Accession: 88-22, 88-119, 93-49, 94-02, 94-16, 94-46, 95-61, 95-76, 99-68, 00-50
May 27, 2003
Bob Shuster
J. Dennison

Accession 13-15
March 26, 2013
Bob Shuster

Accession 17-18
April 17, 2017
Bob Shuster

Accession: 82-15, 82-45
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

Tape # R/C Sides Contents Dates
T1a C 2 Side 1: "Singspiration Time" with Al Smith, Herman Voss, and Wendell P. Loveless; Side 2: Wheaton College broadcast with V. Raymond Edman and the Ambassador Quartet. Side 1: 1948
Side 2: 1951
T2a C 2 Billy Graham chapel address memorializing V. Raymond Edman; V. Raymond Edman's last chapel address, September 22, 1967; WMBI interview with V. Raymond Edman regarding the 1950 Wheaton Revival. 1967
T3a C 1 James V. Baptista interviewed by Clarence Erickson on the Heaven and Home Hour radio program. Baptista was the son of C. O. Baptista. He was a pilot with Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JAARS) in Peru and he talked about what it was like to be a missionary pilot. 6/16/1959
T4a C Memorial Service for V. Raymond Edman, September 24, 1967. 9/24/1967


Type of material: Films
Accession: 81-22, 81-153, 82-5, 82-45, 83-6, 88-22, 88-119, 94-02, 93-49, 13-15, 17-18
The Archives has one copy of each film, in 16mm format with a sound track unless otherwise noted. The following items are in the FILM FILE:

Length in minutes B&W / C Title Description Date
F74 2 b&w -- Film of C. O. Baptista, seated, speaking to the Christian Activities Conference in new York, explaining why he was unable to attend. Film is incomplete. 1943
F1 30 c Airmail From God Airmail From God Mission in Mexico, which distributed portions of the Scripture by dropping them from airplanes. Sound track. Researchers must use V8. 1952
F2 40 b&w All For Jesus Music and personal testimonies of Harlan McGinnis and Bill Burkhoff. 1943
F3 40 b&w Assignment Jerusalem Flying seminar trip to the Holy Land. 1953. Black and white, talkie, 40 minutes, 16mm. 1953
F4 60 b&w The Beginning of Wisdom Dramatization of the conversion of a non-Christian college professor. 1959
F5 20 b&w The Blessed Hope A message by Dr. W. B. Riley on the return of Christ, resurrection of the believer, and rapture of the saints. Researchers must use V1. 1943
F6 20 b&w Buenos Dias, Carmelita Educational film for school use in teaching intermediate Spanish. Film is in Spanish. (2 copies) 1946
F7 20 b&w Build Higher Sermon by Howard W. Ferrin (President of Providence Bible Institute) using clips of the destruction of the Falls View Bridge by ice in the Niagara River as point of departure for the message. 1944
F8 7 b&w C. O. Baptista's Message Charles O. Baptista describes the work of C. O. Baptista Films. 4/1949
F77 10 b&w Campesinos Filipinos Slightly different version of F72, in Spanish. ca. 1940
F9 30 b&w Captured By The Indians Dramatization about an early Christian pioneer family and their witness to fellow settlers and the Indians. 1950
F10 20 b&w Clean Vessels John C. Kastelein presents a message showing the effects of the use of tobacco on both the physical and spiritual life. 1951
F11 10 b&w Dealing With Different Types One of a series of four films in which Dr. Walter Wilson talks about witnessing techniques. See also F12, F46, and F59. 1943
F12 10 b&w Diagnosing The Case One of a series of four films in which Dr. Walter Wilson talks about witnessing techniques. See also F11, F46, and F59. 1943
F13 25 b&w The Doctor Prescribes Demonstration film by Dr. Walter L. Wilson on how to witness. 1943
F66 12 b&w The Door To Heaven Evangelistic film on how to get to heaven. 1941
F72 10 b&w Filipino Farmer Non-religious film, apparently done for contract for International Goodwill Travelques. Shows scenes of rural life in the Philippines and methods of growing rice. ca. 1940
F14 30 b&w Jungle Blood Hunters Documentary film about the missionary work of Gordon and Laura Smith in Indo-China. Researchers must use V2. N.d.
F15 5 b&w Faith of Our Fathers Film designed to help in congregational singing. Film illustrates text of this hymn. 1957
F16 16 b&w Five J's Sing Again Sequel to The Five Js showing the physical and spiritual growth of the three girls in the original production after a three-year time lapse. 1951
F17 20 b&w Five Minutes To Live Dr. W. B. Riley, Dr. H. A. Ironside, Dr. Walter L. Wilson, and Dr. Oswald J. Smith talk about what they would want to say if they had only five minutes to live. (Titles and introduction by Dr. Bob Jones, Jr., are missing.) Pre-1947
F18 13 b&w Found Wanting Modern allegory of the story about Belshazzar and the handwriting on the wall. 1942
F19 30 b&w From Confucius To Christ Personal testimony of Dr. Leland Wang, president of the Chinese Foreign Missionary Union. N.d.
F20 22 b&w Go Ye Missionary message on the great commission by Oswald J. Smith, pastor of the People's Church of Toronto, Canada. 1943
F21 30 b&w Gospel Heralds A Gospel team composed of Wheaton College students presents a program of vocal and instrumental music and personal testimonies. 1950
F22 25 b&w Gospel In Song High school and college students perform selections of Christian music. 1950
F23 16 b&w Happy Time Christian children's film with songs and animated games. 1944
F24 15 b&w Happy Time Christian children's film with songs and animated games. 1944
F25 15 b&w Happy Time Christian children's film with songs and animated games. 1944
F26 16 b&w Heathen Rage Missionary film on native rites and practices in Nigeria and French Equatorial Africa. Researchers must use V7 or V9. 1951
F27 30 b&w Heathen Redeemed Missionary work in Africa. 1951
F28 15 b&w His Bequest Narrative instructional film about the gifts of God inherited through salvation. N.d.
F29 30 b&w A Home For Betty Re-enactment of the conversion experience of Betty Stone, an orphan under the care of Geraldine Mundy at the Girlhaven Christian home for pre-delinquent girls. N.d.
F30 15 b&w I Am The Bible History of the Bible. Researchers must use V3. N.d.
F31 15 b&w Life of Moses Story of the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Silent (part 2 only). N.d.
F32 30 b&w Life That Satisfies A musical film featuring Paul Levin and Bob Findley. 1946
F33 20 b&w Light In The Hills Story of the Scripture Memory Mountain Mission in Kentucky. 1955
F78 10 b&w Lindo Baguio Nonreligious Travelogue in Spanish, describing a small town near Manilla in the Philippines and the customs of the people ca. 1940
F79 13 b&w The Little Toy Solider Combines still cartoons with live action to tell the story of a toy soldier looking for a Christian home. 1945
F34 25 b&w The Man Who Forgot God Dramatization about the life of a man who rededicates himself to Christ. 1943
F76 7 b&w Manila Moderna Travelogue in Spanish about the city of Manila. Includes scenes of a military parade, President Manuel Luis Quezon speaking to the people as Douglas MacArthur listens, sports activities, folk dances. ca. 1940
F35 30 b&w Men in Uniform Music and testimonies by military personnel: Maurice Dobbins, Reginald Gerig, John DeHorn, and Herman Voss. 1943
F36 30 b&w Morning Calm Documentary about Korea made by The Evangelical Alliance Mission. N.d. . Researchers must use V7. N.d.
F37 25 b&w Musical Moments With Christian Businessmen's Chorus Singing and testimonies of the Men's Chorus of the Winnetka Bible Church. 1948
F38 10 b&w Musical Moments With Harlan McGinnes Music and testimony by Harlan McGinnes. 1943. 1943
F67 12 b&w Musical Moments with Sol Hoopii Testimonies and musical selections played by the Hawaiian guitarist Sol Hoopii, accompanied by Bill Kerr. 1942
F39 25 b&w Musical Moments With The Harmonettes Six high school girls sing and give testimonies. (2 copies). 1946
F75 10 b&w Musical Moments with the Places Several musical numbers by Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Place. 1944
F40 17 b&w Musical Places Music and testimonies by Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Place. (2 copies). 1949
F41 12 b&w A New Heart For Donna Children's film about the conversion of a young girl. 1951
F42 18 c Note of Praise Children's film of songs. 1945
F43 5 b&w O Little Town Illustrated film version of hymn by the same title. 1951
F44 30 b&w Old Jenkins Story of conversion of elderly lady through the efforts of neighborhood girls. (2 copies). 1955
F45 10 b&w On The March For Christ Story of two high school students and their efforts at witnessing. 1947
F46 10 b&w Opening The Conversation One of a series of four films in which Dr. Walter Wilson talks about witnessing techniques. See also F11, F12, F59. (2 copies) 1943
F47 30 b&w A Passion For Souls Missionary message by Dr. Oswald J. Smith. 1953. Researchers must use V 10. 1953
F73 10 b&w People of Luzon Non-religious film, apparently done for contract for International Goodwill Travelques. Show scenes of everyday life around the island of Luzon, including several scenes of tribal people. ca. 1940
F48 60 c Pilgrim's Progress Animated version of John Bunyan's allegory. Researchers must use V6. N.d.
F68 27 b&w Prodigal Son A modern-day adaptation of the parable of the prodigal son. 1944
F69 12 b&w The Rapture Enactment of possible events surrounding the second coming of Christ. 1941. Black and white, talkie 1941
F71 11 b&w Shining for Jesus Children's film, featuring a message by Walter Wilson and the hymn This Little Light of Mine sung by George Beverly Shea. 1943
F49 16 b&w Singin' And Talkin' 'Bout My Lord Five young men, a quartet and a pianist, sing and give testimonies. 1947. Black and white, talkie 1947
F80 10 b&w The Singing Heart A lesson using everyday household objects to compare a sinful heat with one in which Christ dwells 1941?
F50 16 b&w Soo Ok's Reward Story of the establishment of a Korean orphanage by Soo Ok. 1950
F51 14 b&w Songs and Stories For Children Children's film of songs sung by George Beverly Shea and an object lesson by Walter Wilson. 1943
F70 30 b&w Songs of Fanny Crosby Film about the influence of hymn writer Crosby on a contemporary man, portrayed by George Beverly Shea. 1947
F70a 10 b&w Songs of Fanny Crosby (partial) Segment of F70 which was filmed in the Morton Arboretum. 1947
F52 4 b&w Story Of A Fountain Pen Object lesson. Researchers must use V14. 1939
F53 30 b&w Sun and Shadow Story of the conversion of a young Japanese man. 1955
F54 25 b&w Testimony of Leland Wang Personal testimony of Dr. Wang, president of the Chinese Foreign Missionary Union (Chinese soundtrack). Researchers must use V12. N.d.
F55 25 b&w Touch Of The Master's Hand Film featuring the music of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neighbor. Mr. Neighbor plays a viola d'amour dating from 1759. 1951
F56 10 b&w A Trip To The Zoo Children's object lesson film. 1943. 1943
F57 10 b&w Under Marching Orders H. A. Ironside speaks from Acts 1 on the Gospel mandate. (2 copies). 1945
F58 20 b&w The Unpardonable Sin Dr. Jesse M. Hendley preaches on the unpardonable sin. 1948
F59 10 b&w Using God's Word Effectively One of a series of four films in which Dr. Walter Wilson talk about witnessing techniques. (See also F11, F12, F46.) (2 copies). 1943
F60 20 b&w Voice From The Sky Rev. Louis W. Arnold tells of his preaching from an airplane. 1952
F61 20 b&w The Way to Heaven Musical film featuring Paul Levin and Bob Findley. 1946
F62 75 b&w What Mean Ye By This Service Dramatization about the conversion of a Jewish family. N.d.
F63 32 b&w White Fields In Europe Documentary about Youth for Christ work in Europe. Researchers must use V11. 1951
F64 12 b&w Why Am I So Happy? Grace Zijp sings and gives her testimony. N.d.
F65 12 b&w You Can't Earn It Dr. Walter Wilson speaks from Mark 1 on the conditions and nature of salvation. 1943


Accession: 94-16, 94-46
Type of Material: Filmstrips
The following items are located in the FILMSTRIP FILE. Request by the FS number at the beginning of each entry below.

Title Description Date
FS1 None -- -- Sample of Tel-N-See, made from 35 mm slides, of the beginning of India Story, produced by the World Home Bible League. n.d.
FS2 T2 R Adding Numbers to Your Life The mathematic program in the public schools of Wheaton, Illinois. n.d.
FS3 None -- Alcohol and You Produced by Young America Films. Program for teens on the use of alcohol. n.d.
FS4 T4 R Andros' Harvest Call World Evangelism's mission program to Andros Island in the Bahamas. n.d.
FS5 T5 R Bible Fishing A game to acquaint children with the Bible. n.d.
FS6 T6 R Black Borneo Work of Go Ye Mission among tribal people of Borneo. n.d.
FS7 T7 R Buried Treasure Program about the meaning of the Bible verse John 3:16. The Archives only has the audio tape, not the filmstrip. n.d.
FS8 None -- Challenge of the Philippines Work of the New Tribes Mission in the Philippines. n.d.
FS9 T9 R Christ Returneth Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS10 T10 C David and Goliath Retelling of the biblical story. n.d.
FS10a T10a R David and Goliath Spanish version of FS10. n.d.
FS11 None -- Dental Caries: Its Cause and Prevention Produced by the Scientific Film Company. Film about an oral disease. 1962
FS12 T12 -- Ecuador The work of radio station HCJB in Ecuador. n.d.
FS13 T13 R Elijah at Mt. Carmel A retelling of the biblical story. n.d.
FS14 T14 -- Faith of Our Fathers Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS15 None -- God's Trees Fictional children's story by Helen Frazee-Bower about a tree that because the cross on which Christ was crucified. n.d.
FS16 T16 R Grace Children's Home Film about a home for problem children in Henderson, Nebraska, run by Rev. and Mrs. J. R. Barkman. Alternate title: The House that Love Built. n.d.
FS17 T17 R Have Thine Own Way Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS18 T18 R Higher Flight Model airplanes used as an object lesson to teach children about the Christian life n.d.
FS19 None -- How to Be Born Again, Part I Lesson by Kay Friedrishsen's on salvation through Christ. Intended for nonChristians and Christians. See FS20. n.d.
FS20 T20 R How to Be Born Again, Part II Continuation of lesson by Kay Friedrishsen's on salvation through Christ. Intended for Christians. See FS19. n.d.
FS21 T21 R I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS22 T22 R In the Beginning Narrated by D. Lee Chestnut. Program about the creation of the world. n.d.
FS23 T23 R In My Heart There Sings a Melody Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS24 T24 R Jesus Saves Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS25 T25 R Jonah Retelling of the biblical story. n.d.
FS25a T25a R Jonah Spanish version of FS25. n.d.
FS26 T26 C Lighthouse Adventure Children's story about two children's rescue from a storm, which serves as the basis for a message about Jesus as the light of the world. n.d.
FS27 T27 R Little Toy Soldier Children's story about a toy solider who wanted to belong to a Christian boy. n.d
FS28 T28 R Living Waters Program compares the Christian life to the course of a flowing stream. n.d.
FS29 T29 R Lost Lamb Jesus as the Good Shepherd. n.d.
FS30 None -- The Macedonian Call Retelling of the biblical story from Acts 16. n.d.
FS31 T31 R Mr. Tel-N-See Program that introduced the Tel-N-See projector and the programs that were available for it. Box also contains a handwritten script for the program and a 35mm strip with the same program. n.d.
FS55 T55 R A Mighty Fortress Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS32 T32 R Multiplied Ministries Description of the programs of the World Missionary Radio Fellowship, the parent company of HCJB. n.d.
FS56 T56 R New Birth The transformation of a caterpillar is used to explain rebirth through Jesus Christ. n.d.
FS33 T33 R Nick and Nock Nickle A program encouraging children to give money for the support of foreign missions. n.d.
FS34 T34 R No Place to Hide Narrated by D. Lee Chestnut. Program uses atomic science to illustrate Biblical doctrines of salvation. n.d.
FS35 T35 R Noah and the Ark Retelling of the biblical story. n.d.
FS36 T36 R Note of Praise Program for children about singing for Jesus. n.d.
FS37 T37 R O Little Town of Bethlehem Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS38 T38 R The Old Rugged Cross Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS39 T39 R On a Hill Far Away Slightly different version of FS13. n.d.
FS40 T40 C Pilgrim's Progress, parts I, II, II Retelling of John Bunyan's allegory. n.d.
FS41 T41 R Power of the Blood Explanation of salvation through Jesus, with emphasis on the power of His blood. n.d.
FS42 T42 R Saviour Like a Shepherd Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS43 T43 R Silent Night Part of the Filmsing series. Meant to be used as an aid in congregational hymn sings. n.d.
FS44 T44 R Samuel Squirrel Story of a squirrel used to encourage children to memorize Bible verses. n.d.
FS45 None -- The Sinner's Dream Allegory about sins, death and salvation. n.d.
FS46 T46 R This Amazing Universe Presentation about how the universe reveals the greatness of God, ending with a description of salvation through Christ. n.d.
FS47 T47 R Thankful Dandelion Springtime as a reminder of God's blessings. n.d.
FS48 T48 R Thirsty Africa The missionary work of TEAM in South Africa. n.d.
FS49 T49 R Twentieth Century's Mightiest Pen Produced by the Sword of the Lord. Program about leading Fundamentalist John R. Rice. n.d.
FS50 None -- The Voice of God: The Fatherhood of God Bible study. n.d.
FS51 None -- The Voice of God: How to Grow in God Bible study. n.d.
FS52 None -- Work of the Navajo Mission, Inc. The work of the mission among Native Americans in Arizona. n.d.
FS53 T53 R World Book Encyclopedia Promotion piece about the encyclopedia. n.d.
FS54 T54 R Zion Haste Program on how to organize a successful missionary conference at a church. n.d.


Accession: 95-76
Type of material: Negatives
The following items are located in the NEGATIVE FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below. All the negatives are black and white, unless otherwise noted.

BAPTISTA, CHARLES OCTAVIA. 1 b&w negative of a portrait photo of Baptista. N.d.


Accession: 83-6, 94-16, 95-76, 00-50
Type of Material: Photographs
The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

BAPTISTA, CHARLES OCTAVIA. 6 b&w. Several informal snapshots of Baptista, a picture of him and another man standing next to a motion picture camera, one photo of Baptista, his parents, and his siblings in Venezuela. 1908, n.d.

BAPTISTA FILM MISSION. 15 b&w. Photos of the production process at Baptista Film Mission, both of films and of the Tel-N-See filmstrips, different models of the Miracle Projector and the Tel-N-See projector, the company building on Sunnyside Avenue in Wheaton, Illinois, and the staff (including George Sweeting) at morning devotions. 1943-1947, n.d.


Type of material: Videos
The Archives has one copy of each video, unless otherwise noted. The following items are in the VIDEO FILE:

# Type b&w / c Length in minutes Title Description Date
V1 U-matic b&w 20 The Blessed Hope See F5. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. 1943
V2 U-matic b&w 30 Jungle Blood Hunters See F14.This video copy was made by the Archives staff. N.d.
V3 U-matic b&w 15 I am the Bible See F30. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. N.d.
V4 VHS b&w 4 Story of a Fountain Pen See F52. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. 1939
V5 U-matic b&w, c 35 Charge It To My Account Sermon by Harry Ironside on the book of Philemon. The sermon is illustrated by a silent play about Philemon. 1948. Black and white, 19 minutes. This video was copied from a 16mm film. Also on this tape is an interview of Clarence Jones by a staff person on channel 38 in Chicago in which Jones talks about Paul Rader, the radio work of the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, and origins of radio station HCJB. N.D. Color, 3/4" U-matic, 16 minutes. 1948
V6 U-matic C 60 Pilgrim's Progress See F48. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. N.d.
V7 U-matic B&w 46 Heathen Rage, Morning Calm See F26, F36. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. 1951, n.d.
V8 VHS C 30 Airmail from God See F1. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. 1952
V9 VHS b&w 16 Heathen Rage See F26. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. 1951
V10 VHS b&w 30 A Passion for Souls See F47. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. 1953
V11 U-matic b&w 32 White Field in Europe See F63.This video copy was made by the Archives staff. 1951
V12 U-matic b&w 30 Testimony of Leland Wang See F54. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. N.d.
V13 U-matic b&w 30 Songs of Fanny Crosby See F70. This video copy was made by the Archives staff. 1947

Box Folder Item
1 1 Films, n.d.
1 2 Projectors, n.d.
1 3 Jones, Robert F.; 1959-1963
1 4 General; 1945, 1960
1 5 1943-1945
1 6 1946
1 7 1947
1 8 Doctrinal Statement; n.d.
1 9 Letterhead; n.d.
2 1 Magazine Articles; 1945, 1948
2 2 Miracle Projector material; n.d.
2 3 Miscellaneous; 1942-1964
1 10 Newsletters; 1945, 1961-1963
1 11 Newspaper Clippings; 1977 n.d.
1 12 Pamphlet: "A Peculiar Hobby"; n.d.
1 13 Backyard Explorations; n.d.
1 14 Dear Diary; n.d.
1 15 The Doctor Prescribes; n.d.
1 16 The Door to Heaven; n.d.
1 17 Five Minutes To Live; October 30, 1947
1 18 Found Wanting; n.d.
1 19 General Invitation - John R. Rice; September 19, 1947
1 20 Go Ye; September 19, 1947
1 21 Gospel Dynamite; n.d.
1 22 Heathen Rage; n.d.
1 23 I Am The Bible; November 20, 1947
1 24 Law and Grace; n.d.
1 25 Little Toy Soldier; October 9, 1947
1 26 The Lost Sheep; n.d.
1 27 The Man Who Forgot God; n.d.
1 28 Musical Moments With a Business Man's Chorus; January 7, 1947
1 29 Musical Moments With The Harmonettes; n.d.
1 30 Now Is The Time; October 4, 1948
1 31 On The March For Christ; n.d.
2 4 Power of the Blood; n.d.
1 32 Prodigal Son; n.d.
1 33 The Pursuit of Happiness; September 2, 1948
1 34 The Rapture; n.d.
1 35 The Singing Heart; n.d.
1 36 The Songs Of Fanny Crosby; n.d.
1 37 Soul Winning Experiences; July 2, 1947
1 38 The Story of a Fountain Pen; n.d.
1 39 Story Time Number One - Charlie Cardinal; n.d.
1 40 Story Time Number Two - A Race in the Forest; n.d.
1 41 Thankful Dandelion; n.d.
1 42 The Wayward World; n.d.
2 5 Study Outline: Pilgrim's Progress; n.d.
2 6 Tel-N-See Projector and camera materials; n.d.
1 43 Tracts: April, 1961, n.d.

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