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Records of the United States Home Council of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (China Inland Mission) - Collection 215

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Historical Background of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (China Inland Mission)

    Headquarters Locations
    Executive Officers
    Other Significant Officers
    James Hudson Taylor and the Founding of China Inland Mission
    Signifcant Events in the Mission's History
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An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)
    I. Papers of James Hudson Taylor I
    II. Directories
    III. Publications and Reports
    IV. Reference Material
    V. Conferences
    VI. Headquarters
    VII. U. S. Council
      a. Internal Administrative Records
      b. Relations with Other Home Councils
      c. Relations with China Headquarters, later International Headquarters
      d. North American Missionaries
    VIII. Canadian Council

List of the Contents of the Microfilm Edition of this Collection (Not all the Collection has been microfilmed.)

Associated Missions (until 1951)

Individuals for Whom There Are Personnel Cards or Post Council Questionnaires

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    I. Papers of James Hudson Taylor I
    II. Directories
    III. Publications and Reports
    IV. Reference Material
    V. Conferences
    VI. Headquarters
    VII. U. S. Council
    VIII. Canadian Council


Collection 215
[August 9, 2016]

Overseas Missionary Fellowship (formerly China Inland Mission); 1865-
United States Home Council; 1901-
Records; 1853, (1886-1990) 1997; n.d.
18 Boxes (5 RC, 12 DC, 1 ODC), Audio tapes, Films, Microfilm, Negatives, Oversize Materials, Photographs, Slides (30.7 Cubic feet)

Brief Description

Correspondence, minutes, directories, newsletters, brochures, photographs, book manuscripts, slides, audio tapes, photo albums, and other materials which document the origins of the mission's North American branch; its church planting, evangelistic, medical, educational and literature work in China up to the time of the mission's expulsion in 1951; its reorganization from the China Inland Mission into the Overseas Missionary Fellowship; its work since 1951 in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan and other countries. Several boxes of this collection have been microfilmed. There are restrictions on the use of this collection. For more information, please see guide.


The folders noted below are restricted and cannot be used without the written permission of the donor until after the date noted. This restriction does not apply to active members of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship.

5-10 See Folder 5-11
5-13 See Folder 5-14

7-1 Use microfilm reels 17 & 18

Requests for permission should be directed to:

U.S.A. Director
Overseas Missionary Fellowship
10 West Dry Creek Circle
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Forms to be sent to the contact person should be obtained from the staff in the Reading Room.

Folders 5-10, 5-12 and 5-13 contain materials on permanent loan to the Center from Overseas Missionary Fellowship. J. Hudson Taylor's Bible and Chinese New Testament, stored in the Center Library, are also on permanent loan. The materials in Folders 5-10 and 5-13 cannot be used because of their fragility. Copies of the materials in Folder 5-10 are located in Folder 5-11; copies of items in Folder 5-13 are in Folder 5-14.

Some of the personnel cards in folders 4-82 through 4-102 have been removed and copies substituted, with certain information blacked out. The original cards will be put back in each folder when 25 years have passed from the date of the youngest document in that folder.

[Note: The spelling of Chinese place names as reported in the Missions records changes over time, as the rules for romanization changed over time or different rules were used by the Chinese government. In this guide, the names of provinces and major cities are given the first time as they appear in the document, with the new Pinyin romanization in parentheses. After that the newer name is used. If the old name is actually in the title of a document or folder, it is left as is.]

Historical Background

Founded 1889 (date for the foundation of the North American Council of the China Inland Mission. CIM was founded by J. Hudson Taylor in England in 1865.)
Headquarters location - International
1865-1866 30 Coborn Street, Bow Road, London, England (J. Hudson Taylor)
1866-1872 Saint Hill, East Grinstead, Sussex, England (W. T. Berger)
1873-1876 The Broadway, Shanghai, China
1878-1880 Soochow Creek, Shanghai, China
1880-1884 Seward Road, Shanghai, China
1884-1890 Szechwan Road, Shanghai, China
1890-1931 International Settlement, Woosung Road, Hongkew, Shanghai, China
1931-1942 1531 Sinza Road, Shanghai, China
1942-1945 Chungking, West Sichuan, China
1945-1951 1531 Sinza Road, Shanghai, China
1951 17B Chatham Road, P.O. Box 1622, Hong Kong
1951-1952 33 Chancery Lane, Singapore
1952- 2 Cluny Road, Singapore, 1025, Singapore
Headquarters location - Canada
1891-1926 632 Church Street, Toronto (Mission home)
1899-1926 507 Church Street, Toronto (Mission office)
1926-1955 105 St. George Street, Toronto
1955- 1058 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5W 2C6
Headquarters location- United States
1901-1903 1326 DeKalb Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania (Mission home)
1901-1903 702 Witherspoon Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Mission office)
1903-1905 226 W. Chelton Avenue, Germantown, Pennsylvania (Mission home)
1905-? 235 W. School House Lane, Germantown, Pennsylvania (Mission home)
1909-1917 1329 Walnut Street, Germantown, Pennsylvania
1917-1974 237 W. School House Lane, Germantown, Pennsylvania
1974-1991 404 S. Church Street, Robesonia, Pennsylvania
1991- 10 West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, Colorado 80120
Executive officers (The lists of officers is very incomplete)
Founder James Hudson Taylor I
General Director 1865-1902 James Hudson Taylor I
1903-1905 D. E. Hoste (Acting Director 1901-1902)
1936-1940 George W. Gibb
1940-1951 Frank Houghton
1954-1969 J. Oswald Sanders
1969-1981 Michael C. Griffiths
1981- James Hudson Taylor III
China Director (Deputy Director) 1886-1919 J. W. Stevenson
1922-1936 George W. Gibb
1936-1940 William H. Warren
1940-1947 Ernest Weller
1947-1951 John R. Sinton
Overseas Director 1951-1967 H. Arnold J. lea
1971-1982 Dennis J. V. Lane
Home Director for North America 1893-1929 Henry W. Frost
1929-1943 Robert H. Glover
1943-1960 Herbet M. Griffin
1960-1969 Arthur F. Glasser
1969-1971 R. Arthur Matthews (Acting)
Assistant Home Director for North America 1927-1929 Robert Glover
1942-1943 Herbert Griffin
1958-1960 Arthur F. Glasser
Associate Home Director for North America 1963-1968 R. Morris Rockness
Canada Director 1969-1975 William F. Taylor
1975- David J. Michell
Assistant Canada Director 1974-1975 David J. Michell
USA Director 1971-1978 Ernest F. Heimbach
1978-2001 Daniel W. Bacon
2001- Neil Thompson
Other significant officers - International Office
Assistant General Secretary 1967-1971 H. Arnold J. Lea
Director 1967-1977 Benjamin Chew
Assistant China Director 1897-1900 William Cooper
1931-1936 William H. Warren
1936-1940 Alexander K. McPherson
1936-1947 John R. Sinton
1940 Ernest Weller
1940-1947 Robert E. Thompson
1947-1951 H. Arnold J. Lea
1947-1951 Ernest Weller
Assistant Overseas Directors 1951-1969 R. J. Rowland Butler
1951-1954 Ford L. Canfield
1959 J. Morris Rockness
1961-1964 Gordon T. Dunn
1962-1970 Ernest E. Heimbach
1973-1974 Benjamin C. Drapper
1975-1978 Daniel Bacon
1975-1981 Neville S. Long
1982 John J. Miller
Secretary 1875-? Robert Harris Hill (Honorary)
1875-? Henry Soltau (Honorary)
?-1895 B. Broomhall
1898-1939 James Stark
1930-1931 James O. Fraser (Acting)
1939-1942 Herbert M. Griffin
1942-1944 G. A. Scott (Acting)
1944-1946 L. C. Wood (Acting)
1947-1951 J. Morris Rockness
1951 Herbert F. Rowe
1951-1958 J. Morris Rockness
1959-1967 Herbert F. Rowe
Assistant Secretary 1936-1939 Herbet M. Griffin
1960s D. C. Fleming
Treasurer 1865-1886 James Hudson Taylor I
1866-1872 William Thomas Berger (Honorary
1875-1886 John Challice (Honorary)
1886-1903 J. F. Broumton
1903-1918 J. N. Hayward
1918-1934 Hudson Broomhall
1935-1942 William J. Embery
1942 F. E. Parry (Acting)
1942-1948 Frederick E. Kimble
1948-1949 Kenneth H. Price (Acting)
1951-1971 Frank E. Kimble
Assistant Treasurer 1911-1918 George T. Howell
1929-1934 William J. Embery
Director for Finance and Administration 1969-1978 Allan H. Knight
1979-1981 Robert M. Davis
1982-? James T. Nesbitt
Director for Overseas Ministries 1982-1983 David W. Ellis
1984-? David Packard
Director for Home Ministries 1982-? Dennis J. V. Lane
Director for Personnel 1982-? John J. Miller
Other significant officers - Canada
Secretary 1889-1893 Henry W. Frost
1893-1908 J. S. Helmer
1915-? Frederic F. Helmer
1919-1934 Edgar A. Brownlee
1949-? W.W. Tyler
1969?-1976 Herbert F. Rowe
Secretary-Treasurer 1935-1946 Edgar A. Brownlee
1946-1969 William W. Tyler
1976-1978 Robert M. Davis
1978-? Michael Bartlett
Treasurer 1889-1893 Henry W. Frost
1893-1912 J. S. Helmer
1912-1914 William Y. King
1914-1915 Frederic F. Helmer
1915-1930 Robert Wallace
1930-1931 J. J. Coulthard
1931-1935 George E. Malcolm
1969?-1974 D. V. Gondor
Editorial Secretary 1918-1931 Fredric F. Helmer
Assistant Editorial Secretary 1931-1935 George H. Seville
Deputation Secretary 1926-1940 F. Herbert Rhodes
1940-1949 Isaac Page
1949-1964 John Bell
1964-1968 Leonard A. Street
Candidate Secretary 1975-1981 David J. Michell
1981-? Frank Wuest
Prayer Union Secretary 1918-1926 Frederic F. Helmer
1926-1940 F. Herbert Rhodes
1940-1948 Isaac page
Coordinator for Public Ministries 1982-1983 Robert M. Davis
Other significant officers - United States
Secretary 1907-1913 Frederick H. Neale
1914 William Y. King
1927-1936 H. Edwin V. Andrews
1937 Charles H. Judd
1939-1943 Ivan Albutt
1944-1947 E. J. Davis
1948-1965 Roger W. Howes
1966 Wayne W. Courtney
Secretary-Treasurer 1915-1917 William Y. Young
1917-1925 Roger B. Whittlesey
1926-1927 Henry W. Frost (Acting)
1967-1984 Wayne W. Courtney
Executive Secretary 1971-1976 Stuart R. Imbach
Treasurer 1904-1907 Horace C. Freeman
1907-1914 Henry W. Frost (Acting)
1927-1935 William A. Schlicter
1936-1967 George A. Sutherland
Assistant Treasurer 1964-1967 Wayne H. Courtney
Candidate Secretary 1947-1951 Ford L. Canfield
1951-1964 Aden C. Whipple
1964-1970 R. Arthur Matthews
Personnel Secretary 1970-1977 R. Jack Largent
Personnel Director 1977-1981 R. Jack Largent
1981-? Benjamin C. Draper
Prayer Secretary 1957-1958 Ford L. Canfield
1959-1963 Roger W. Howes
1964-1969 Frederick S. Hatton
1969-1977 E. Maurine Flowers
Deputation Secretary 1954-1958 Roger W. Howes
Promotion Secretary 1969-1970 Gordon T. Dunn
Public Relations Secretary 1971-1974 R. Arthur Matthews
Director of Public Relations 1977-1979 Stuart R. Imbach
Director of Public Ministries 1979-1982 Stuart R. Imbach
Minister at Large 1982-? Bernard Briscoe
Northeast Area Director 1971-1973 Ralph E. Toliver
1973-1978 J. Morris Rockness
1978-? William G. Wilson
Southeast Area Director 1955-1966 Glenn P. LaRue
1967-? Paul E. Harrison
Midwest Director 1951-1955 C.J. Glittenberg
1955-1964 R. Arthur Matthews
1964-1972 Henry Owen
1972-1974 Gerald A. Haynes
1974-1976 Wilbert H. Bruce
1976-? Gerald A. Haynes
South Central Area Director 1958-1969 Nathan E. Walton
1977-? E. Maurine Flowers
Northwest Area Director 1954-1978 Walter Jesperson
1978-? Paul R. Nickerson
Southwest Area Director 1951-1958 Nathan E. Walton
1958-1964 Henry Owen
1964-1971 Elden C. Whipple
1971-1975 Karl Baker
1976-1981 Wilbert H. Bruce
1981-? R. Jack Largent
James Hudson Taylor and the founding of China Inland Mission
The single most important person in the formation of the China Inland Mission (CIM) was James Hudson Taylor (1832-1905). Taylor was born in Barnsley, England, to James and Amelia Hudson Taylor. He was the oldest of five children--William Shepard, Amelia Hudson (later Mrs. Benjamin Broomhall), Theodore, and Louise Shepard (later Mrs. William Walker), but only Hudson and his sisters lived to adulthood. Hudson's father was an apothecary and Methodist lay preacher who had wanted to be a missionary to China. Both his parents were devout Christians who had prayed that their son would preach the Gospel in the Middle Kingdom. The next six years were difficult. The actions taken by the CES administration proved repeatedly to be confusing, erratic, and financially irresponsible, finally causing Taylor to resign in 1857. He had been traveling on evangelization tours, often with at least one companion. He even tried to cross the battle lines to reach Taiping-held Nanking (now called Nanjing). He began to adopt the dress and hair style of a Chinese scholar and tried in other ways to make his evangelism attractive. He developed other principles from his experience, such as no mission should base its work on borrowed money. While in China, he met and married Maria Dyer (January 1858), a missionary teacher and the daughter of missionaries. In 1860, the family returned to England. Taylor's health had been broken by disease, overwork, and stress, and he had to return home to recover.

In England, as he recovered, prepared a revised Chinese translation of the New Testament, and studied to become a doctor, he reflected on the lessons he had learned in China. He came to feel that a new mission society was needed because the existing ones were too tied to old methods and strategies. He envisioned a mission with headquarters in China (rather than in Great Britain) and dedicated to going into areas where no other Christian group was active (such as China's 11 inland provinces). The mission would have no fund-raising programs but would, like the orphanages run by George Mueller, depend on prayer and God's faithfulness for support. The mission would not guarantee the support of any work but funds that were received would be given out according to need. Candidates would be accepted from any Protestant denomination, provided they could sign the mission's statement of faith. In 1865, he formed the China Inland Mission and people who knew of this mission began to send contributions.
Significant events in the mission's history
1865 James Hudson Taylor founds China Inland Mission in England
May 26, 1866 Taylor left England for China with his family and sixteen workers aboard the Lammermuir.
1866 By the end of the year, 24 workers were active in four stations
1868 Taylor moved from Hangzhou to Yangchow to be better situated for starting work in the interior. The presence of "foreign devils" in the city caused rioting
1872 A council of management of the home department was set up in England.
1873 Shanghai became the base for the headquarters of the mission
1881 A school for the primary and secondary education of the children of missionaries was begun in Chefoo (new spelling, Yantai)
1887 Henry W. Frost invites Taylor to visit North America to talk about China missions
1888 Taylor visits the United States and Canad, recruits first party of fourteen North Americans to be CIM missionaries and travels with them to China in October
1889 North America Home Council for CIM formed
1890 Australia Home Council for CIM formed
1893 Separate directors were appointed in Toronto and Philadelphia for Canada and the United States, with the North American Council over both.
1894 New Zealand Home Council for CIM formed
1901 A council was set up, headquartered in Philadelphia, to supervise the mission's work in the United States
1902 Taylor retired as General Director
1915 1,063 workers were working at 227 stations.
1932 The U.S. Council was incorporated under U.S. law
1934 1,368 missionaries were serving at 364 stations. The mission staff also included hundreds of Chinese pastors, teachers, colporteurs, chapel keepers, and Bible women.
1942 1,263 missionaries
1942 The headquarters was evacuated out of Shanghai to escape the Japanese army. An emergency headquarters was set up in Chungking (new spelling, Chongqing), the same city where the Chinese government had relocated.
1943 South Africa Home Council for CIM formed
1945 The staff moved back to Shanghai
1950 The General Director finally decided that further work in China was impossible because of harassment of missionaries and Chinese Christians by the Communist government and ordered all missionaries to leave
1950 1,104 missionaries, of whom 757 were in China.
1950 CIM home council started in Switzerland
1951 A temporary headquarters was set up in Hong Kong, mainly to oversee the withdrawal of the missionaries.
November, 1951 Conference held in Bournemouth, England to discuss the future of the mission. (This was the culmination of several meetings held by members of the various home councils and the returning missionaries) It was decided that the mission would continue to exist and the mission workers would be sent to new fields in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan (later Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong were added). A new headquarters was set up in Singapore, and the name of the mission was changed to The China Inland Mission Overseas Missionary Fellowship. The relationships with the associated missions were terminated. Eventually, similar associations were worked out with the Borneo Evangelical Mission, the Bible and Medical Fellowship, and the Indian Evangelical Mission.
1953 Last western CIM worker leaves China
October 14, 1954 At a meeting of the mission's overseas council attended by field superintendents, home directors, and the headquarters staff, the mission was reorganized. After wrestling again with the question of whether the mission should continue to exist, the council reaffirmed the need for the mission, but changed its structure so that non-Western Christians could become full members and set up home councils in their own countries. The main emphasis of the OMF was to continue to be evangelism, but support would also be given to a literature program, medical services, radio and TV outreach, student work, and linguistic work.
1965 Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia Home Councils formed
1966 Hong Kong and Philippines Home Councils formed
1967 German, and Netherlands Home Councils formed
1969 The council for North America was finally dissolved and the U.S. and Canadian councils became completely autonomous.
Mission emphasis From the OMF website, taken in January 2004:

OMF is a global network of Christians proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ among East Asia`s peoples through fervent prayer, loving service, and personal witness. Through God`s grace and power we work to see a biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia.

Started as the China Inland Mission by Hudson Taylor, OMF serves throughout East Asia in a variety of ministries, including evangelism and discipleship, starting new churches, tentmaking, student ministry, English teaching and mobilizing and equipping Asian churches for world missions.

Our relationship with national churches provides meaningful opportunities for partnership in long-term and short-term outreach activities.
Geographical emphasis Up until 1950, mission was concerned almost solely with China. Following 1950, developed programs throughout East Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia. Laos, Macau, Vietnam
Alternate names China Inland Mission (1865-1951)

Overseas Missionary Fellowship (1951- )
Other significant information
The government of the mission began to assume the form it retained until 1950, except for minor changes. A 1923 handbook described that government in this way:

"The China Inland mission consists of a body of missionaries laboring in China, and of the members of the home departments of the mission. The missionaries are members, not agents, of the mission, and the direction of the work at home and in China is undertaken by one or more Directors, those in China being themselves missionaries.

"The mission, . . . , is carried on under the direction of a General Director, assisted by those who at his invitation are associated with him in the conduct of the work. It has its Home and China Departments, which all work in mutual co-operation.

"In the management of the Home Department, the General Director is assisted, and in his absence is represented, by a Home Director; he is further assisted by Secretaries, and is advised by a Council. This department receives applications from candidates, accepts as probationers those who appear suitable, and facilitates their going to China. It does what in it lies to promote missionary interest at home, and receives contributions for the work, which it remits to China, retaining what is necessary for home expenses.
"In the management of the China Department, the General Director is also China Director, and as such may be assisted, and in his absence is represented, by a Director or Directors, or by a Deputy Director. He is also advised by a Council composed exclusively of missionaries, including among them all the Superintendents of Provincial Districts, as presently described. The Department receives probationers on arrival in China, admits to membership of the mission those who approve themselves as suitable, locates the workers, distributes the funds, and directs the operations of the mission in the field.

The further arrangements in China may be summarized as follows:

"A missionary in charge superintends each station or district, and directs the operations of those residing and working in his district.

"A number of these districts form together a provincial district, and over each a superintendent is appointed, who takes a general oversight of all the work within his district. In matters of gravity, he will generally call together the senior missionaries in his district for prayer and conference.

"The various departments, besides managing the affairs of the mission arising within their own sphere, also mutually assist one another with advice in any matter relating to the general well-being of the mission.

Scope and Content

[NOTE: In the Scope and Content Description, the notation "folder 10-7" means box 10, folder 7.]

The documents in this collection include correspondence, reports, photographs, minutes of meetings, films, slide sets, book manuscripts, deeds, directories, newsletters, brochures, personnel files, and surveys. They are mainly records of the United States branch of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (China Inland Mission) and were received from that branch. They are listed alphabetically in the Container List and Location Records within this guide and, as far as possible, are arranged alphabetically within the boxes. However, because of differing sizes in documents, it has been necessary in some cases to store some folders of material first according to size, then alphabetically.

The folder titles have, wherever possible, been those originally supplied by the mission. In many cases, the Archives' staff has expanded on the title to provide a clear heading. The prefix "U. S. Council," which precedes many folder titles, was devised by the Archives' staff and was added to the titles of materials originating solely from the mission's United States staff in order that all these files would be together in the alphabetical arrangement. The files of the U. S. branch naturally contain information about the activities of other branches and about the work in China.

Among the subjects covered by this collection are: the life and work of James Hudson Taylor; the origins and development of the CIM; the origins, development, activities, and personnel of the CIM branch in the United States, and, to a lesser extent, Canada; the ways mission policy was formulated; the nature of the missionary experience in China; the various ways used to preach the Gospel; CIM's medical and educational work; the reactions over time of Chinese and Western civilizations to each other; China's religious, political, and military history from the late 19th century to 1950; the changing patterns of society in different parts of China; Communism in China; World War I and II; changes going on in China's neighbors, such as Tibet, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Formosa (Taiwan), Malaysia, and Japan; the education of missionary children; the recruitment and training of missionaries; the expulsion of missionaries from China after the Communist takeover; and CIM's changeover from its work in China to that in other Asian countries.

The documents fall into eight series:

I. Correspondence and other papers of James Hudson Taylor (Folders 5-11 to 5-14, 18-2)
II. Directories of CIM personnel (Folders 1-14 to 2-11. 8-1 to 9-2)
III. Publications of CIM, including published reports, slide sets and films (Folders 3-11 to 3-47, 7-1, 9-3 to 12-17, 17-4, 17-5; Audio tape File, Film File, Oversize File, Slide File)
IV. Reference material (Folders 5-6 to 5-9, 18-1)
V. Minutes of conferences between two or more CIM councils (Folders 1-1 to 1-10, 5-1, 5-2, 12-18 to 12-21)
VI. Records of the headquarter's staff, based somewhere in China until 1950 (Folders 2-13 to 3-10, 5-3 to 5-5, 12-22 to 12-26, Oversize File)
VII. Records of the staff of CIM's United States branch, including correspondence of missionaries from the United States (Folders 3-71 to 4-103, 5-15 to 5-25, 6-1 to 6-11, 12-27 to 17-1, Oversize File)
VIII. Records of CIM's Canadian branch (Folders 3-48 to 3-70, 17-2 and 17-3)

These series will be described in this guide in the same order used above.

I. Papers of James Hudson Taylor

There are several letters of Taylor's in Folder 5-10 (copies in Folder 5-11), some of which he wrote all or in part, some of which were taken in dictation by his wife. This correspondence, which is to CIM supporters Frost and Stevens in the United States, touches some on his travels on behalf of the mission but mostly deals with the details of setting up a base for CIM in the United States and the sending of Americans to China. Folder 5-12 contains many important documents of CIM history, including the 1890 revised constitution of the mission, which set up departments of the CIM countries other than Great Britain; the 1894 bylaws; and letters dealing with Taylor's retirement in 1903 and arrangements for the succession. Folder 5-13 (with copy in Folder 5-14) contains a very interesting notebook of recollections of Taylor's mother Amelia, describing his first departure as a missionary for China in 1853. It is unclear whether the notebook was written by her at the time or later or whether it is a copy made by someone else. Folder 18-2 contains photocopies of correspondence, clippings, certificates, and Taylor's engagement calendar from his 1888-1889 visit to the North America to establish a branch of the China Inland Mission. These copies were given to the Archives by David Mitchell, then Canadian director of OMF. The originals were in England.

Folders 4-17, 4-43, and 4-49 all contain information about the publication and distribution of a biography of Taylor by his son Howard. Also in Folder 4-43 is a list (ca. 1929) of United States seminaries, Bible schools, and YMCA leaders.

II. Directories

The contents of the CIM directories vary over time. However, they always have the names of missionaries serving in China and the names of stations in China. Other types of information included in later directories are: members of staff in the different home countries, CIM workers who had died in China, members of the headquarters staff, retired workers, furloughed workers, workers from other missions under CIM direction, schools and seminaries supported by CIM, the personnel at each mission station and the date of the founding of that station. Up until 1937, the directories were issued in six-month intervals; after that they were for a year. Several of the folders from the 1940's and later also include a list of the children of CIM missionaries. The directories were intended in part as an aid to prayer, so they list the concerns and activities of the mission as well as the names of workers and stations. Another aid to prayer is in folder 9-3, a birthday book that lists missionaries by their birthday, so that supporters could pray for them on that day.

III. Publications and Reports

Collection 215 contains a very rich set of the brochures, pamphlets, tracts, films, slide sets and other materials that the mission published to explain its work to the public and to raise support. The scrapbook in Folder 7-1 contains booklets about Islam and other religions of China, aborigine tribes, illiteracy, Tibet, leprosy, work with women, speaking in tongues, the experience of a German mission in China during World War I, work among soldiers, medical activities, banditry, slavery, and the Boxer rising. There are also several tracts about the work of individual missionaries. The scrapbook also contains sets of the application forms the mission used for screening recruits, the forms used in medical examinations, lists of the items a new missionary should bring, prayer letters, book catalogs of CIM publications, and form letters to supporters. More scrapbooks are in folders 11-1 and 11-2, this time from the OMF's Filipino press. These include tracts, calendars and other material printed in languages of the Philippines, along with photographs of the press staff. Folder 12-7 contains some reports from the Filipino press. Folders 3-12 to 3-38 and 11-4 contain loose tracts, many of them copies of the tracts in the notebook in Folder 7-1. For most of these folders, the existing system of arrangement was maintained by the Archives; that is, one set is arranged by subject (folders 3-14 to 3-25) and another set is arranged alphabetically by author. Folder 3-14 includes information of the CIM's home council in New Zealand, the work of George Hunter, the martyrdom of John and Betty Stam, and life in Chongqing during World War II. Folder 3-24 includes a very interesting history of the translation of the Bible into the Tibetan language. Folder 3-25 contains a description of the mission's work among the Nosu, Wa, Miao (also called the Hmong), Kado (also known as Katu), Kaka, Lahu, Shan, Min Chia, and Kachin tribes. Folders 3-39 to 3-47 are reports on various activities of the mission, including the reports of the work of several hospitals. The reports for the hospital in Kaifeng, Honan (new spelling, Henan) in Folder 3-43, for example, give detailed clinical notes on the diseases of patients and the kinds of treatment given. Folder 11-4 contains additional tracts added to the collection in 1997 that are in no special arrangement. Many of the tracts in this folder are post-1960.

There are several manuscripts on CIM-OMF history in folders 9-6 through 10-6, some of which were not published. Particularly interesting is the autobiography of USA home director Henry Frost in folders 10-2 to 10-6. This manuscript was not published, but it served as the basis for Howard and Geraldine Taylor's 1938 book, Henry W. Frost and the China Inland Mission. The typescript tells the story of his life, including memories of D. L. Moody and A. T. Pierson and his own evangelistic work. Most of the book deals in great detail with the beginning of CIM's branch in North America and the development of the North American branch until Frost's retirement in 1929. The manuscript was apparently started in 1932 and finished by 1936 or earlier. Folder 10-6 contains what is called an index of the book also finished by about 1936. It is actually not an index as such, but a summary of the major topics of the book, with page numbers, in the order in which they appear in the book. However, it apparently was made using a different manuscript than the one in this collection, because the page numbers in the index do not match those in the manuscript. At first the discrepancy is very slight, but by the end of the index there is a more than one hundred page difference between where the index says a subject is covered and where it can in fact be found in the manuscript.

One Vision Only in folder 10-1 is a biography of Isobel Kuhn, in essentially the same form as it was published.
The Missionary of Tomorrow in folder 9-7 is a ca. 1962 compilation of opinions and predictions of missionaries from southeast Asia and Japan about what will be the opportunities and responsibilities of missionaries in the future. Also in folder 9-7 is the manuscript of Battles for Christ in the Philippines, which is an autobiography by Filipino pastor Ramon T. Cenit. Folder 9-6 contains a compilation of Arthur Matthew's editorials from East Asia's Millions.

For a time, one of the mission's most popular ways of telling supporters and potential supporters in the United States about the work of the mission was through slide/tape programs. These were usually narrated by missionaries and combined a kind of travelogue about a particular country with details of the mission's work there and the needs of the church.

Tape T2 and slides S54-S120 are a program about the OMF's work in Indonesia, mostly the island of Java. The script for the program is in folder 12-5.

Although the Archives did not keep all the slide/tape programs, it did retain a representative sample. Here is a chart of other complete or almost complete slide/tape programs in the collection:

Title Description Slides Tape (language, if not in English Script (folder; language, if not in English) Date
All One Body Summary of the work of OMF in East Asia and sending countries x T8 17-4 n.d.
Breakthrough in Borneo Growth of the Chinese churches in West Kalimantan, Indonesia x T13 17-4 ca. 1970
Build for Tomorrow Work of Tamil churches in Malaysia to Hindu children x T14 17-4; English, unknown n.d.
Central Thailand Narrated by Walter Wilson. He starts with an introduction on the work of the Holy Spirit in calling people to be missionaries and then gives a brief introduction to the work of the mission in Thailand. He then provides a narration for fifty-six slides that describe Thai culture and the different ways the mission works in Thailand. The tape includes brief biographies of several Thai Christians. S1-53 T1 -- 1962
Children (Morrison Academy) Story of the Morrison Academy, a school for missionary children in Taiwan x T18 17-4 1988
From Japan with Love Work of Japanese OMF missionaries in Central Jawa, Indonesia x T24, Cantonese 17-4; English, unknown n.d.
God - Alive in China The story, a composite of many, of how one Chinese man became a Christian during the Cultural Revolution x T25, T26 Mandarin, Cantonese 17-4; English, unknown ca. 1976
Have Faith in God OMF-USA Financial policies and appeal for support for OMF's radio program, The Truth we Believe, including a rationale for its appeal to the young, rural Chinese population x T4? 17-4 ca. 1980
The Imperishable Seed Work of OMF missionaries Peter and Audrey Pattison in Korea x T31 17-4 n.d.
Indonesia Leatha Humes is the narrator. She describes different types of work done by the mission, including a summary of the life of the Christian pastor Alexander Phonto (Rufus), described also in the book A Prisoner Leaps by David Bentley Taylor. Most of the program deals with the work of the Christian teacher training school in central Java where Humes taught. S54-S120 T2 12-5 1962
Is Anyone Praying for Us? The church in China (this program was a production of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship). -- T32 17-4 1980
Kampuchea - Christ Triumphs Story of the church among the Kampucheans (Cambodians) from 1923 to the present, including persecution under the Khmer Rouge and the life in refugee camps in Thailand x T33 17-4 ca. 1975
Made in the Philippines Story of the Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines x T39 17-5 n.d.
Made Whole in Christ Development program of the Mangyan Tribal Church Association on Mindoro, Philippines. This humanitarian, social help program was started by OMF missionaries and taken over by the local church x T40 17-5 n.d.
One Body Description of OMF's work in East Asia x T52 17-5 1988
The Other Hong Kong Description of stresses and problems of life in Hong Kong and OMF's evangelism efforts x T54 17-5 n.d.
Picture Asia Challenges of presenting the Gospel all over the Asian continent x T55 17-5 1990
Reach and Teach / The Uighurs of China Work among the Uighur people of Eastern Turkestan, also known as Xinjiang x T56 -- n.d.
Red Star Over China The church in Communist China x -- 17-5 1968
Report From China Comments by an overseas Chinese visitor on a visit to mainland China, including material about the official church and house churches x T57 17-5 ca. 1982
Seek and Find Training converts in personal Bible study in Korea x T58 17-5 n.d.
Thy Kingdom Come Evangelistic work in Taal, Philippines x T62 17-5; English, unknown n.d.
Twain Shall Meet Story of two Singaporan OMF workers in Japan x T64 17-5 n.d.
The Urgent Now Work at the OMF hospital in Manoram, Thailand x T65 17-5; unknown n.d.
Yao Testimony of Lao Lu, a Christian of the Yao people, summarized in English by Sylvia Lombard. Lao describes the life of his tribe and how God helped him overpower a leopard. He concludes with comments on the importance of trusting Christ. x T3 -- n.d.
There are also several other programs for which there are only scripts in folders 12-2 through 12-17 or audio tapes. The scripts for slide/tape programs are in folders 12-2 through 12-17 (where they are arranged by country) and folders 17-4 and 17-5 (which are arranged alphabetically by title). Folder 12-1 contains scripts for a filmstrip about the withdrawal from China and the beginning of work in Malaya and Thailand.. Folder 12-6 has a script for a set of slides in slide box 19. For most of the scripts, however, there are no slides. Some of these scripts may in fact be lists of descriptions of the photos in the folders found marked with an asterisk (*) in the photo location record of this guide. There are no slide or tapes for most of the scripts in box 12. The scripts in box 12 are for the most part much earlier than those in box 17. Folder 17-4 includes scrips about Bill Harris's work among the Tamil people in Malaysia and Singapore.

The collections contains hundreds of other slides, most of which appear to have been part of slide/tape sets at one time. They are described further in slide location record of this guide.

The films in the collection were, for the most part, intended to be shown to supporters of the mission to inform them about the mission's work or a particular part of it. Often they were shown in churches by a furloughed missionary or other representative form the mission. Here is a brief description of each.

F1 - Shanghai. (9 minutes), ca. 1944-1949. Scenes of Shanghai life, particularly economic activities. This film was not produced by the mission but was part of a series of travelogues by Castle Films.

F2 - Hope for China (42 minutes), 1949. Scenes of life in China, description of the missions' policies and its work in China among Chinese and non-Chinese people, with many comments upon and scenes of Chinese culture, religions, economy and geography. Also scenes of Tibetan Buddhism. There are also some references to the civil war and the increasing power of Communism and a statement that the mission will stay in China and a description of the indigenous church.

F2A - Hope for China (35 minutes), 1949. Appears to be a rough cut of the final film, with material in a different order and some footage, such as a baptism, not included in the final film.

F3 - Tribes That Wait to Hear (14 minutes), probably pre-1950. Silent with title cards that provide the minimum of information but films were probably intended to be used in conjunction with a speaker from the mission. Describes the work in China and northern Thailand among the Tai, Nosu, Miao, Kachin, Pongolong, Shan, and Lisu people. Most of the film deals with Miao and Lisu.

F4 - Tibet - Land of Mystery (12 minutes), probably pre-1950. Soundtrack only. Describes the work of OMF and CMA in Tibet, with many comments on Tibetan religion and customs. A long section on Buddhist religious dances, particularly the so-called devil dance.

F5 - Flower of Tibet (25 minutes), 1951. Story of the effect of the William Borden Memorial Hospital in Lanchow (new spelling: Lanzhou), Gansu Province, on a Tibetan girl, Precious Flower - her physical and spiritual cure at the hospital and her Christian life and witness afterwards.

F6 - Power on Earth (30 minutes), post-1951. Report on the church in China under Communism and the missions' literature and Bible translation work in several Far Eastern countries, including Japan.

F7 - Forgotten Waters (25 minutes) ca. mid-1950s. Story of the mission boat Maranatha that travels the rivers of central Thailand, to do evangelistic work and support existing churches.

F8 - No title (3 minutes) September 6, 1957. Dedication of OMF's home for missionary children in Ivyland, Pennsylvania. Films shows outdoor ceremonies and speeches, possibly by J. Oswald Sanders and Philip Howard. Event is described on page 148 of the November 1957 issue of The Millions.

F9 - Out of the Jungle (20 minutes) 1957. Report on the mission's work among the Chinese in the so-called new villages of Malaysia. The film also describes the war against Communist guerrillas in Malaysia which produced the new villages program.

F10 - Love Outpoured (28 minutes) ca. 1959. Describes the mission's work in the Phillippines, starting with the arrival of new missionaries in Mindoro. Particular emphasis is on the work of Marie Barham, who died before the film was finished. Several references to Gospel Recordings.

F11 - Vanishing Frontiers (25 minutes) ca. late 1950s. Report on OMF's work in Laos in cooperation with the Swiss Brethren, including some footage of John Kuhn in 1957.

F12 - The Missionary (28 minutes) ca. 1960s. Silent. This was a work print to which a sound track was to be added. Scenes of OMF work in various countries. Includes scenes of language study, travel, youth work, preaching, giving out Christian literature, teaching, medical work, medical training, baptisms, etc.

F13 - Dark Blossom (18 minutes) ca. 1960. Report on the work of OMF in central Thailand.

F14 - Steps of Faith (35 minutes) ca. 1962. Long introductory section on James Hudson Taylor and the history of the mission up to its exit from China in 1951 (including quotations from the notebook in folder 5-13 that contains Amelia (Hudson) Taylor's account of her son's first departure for China). Most of the film consists of an overview of the mission's medical, literature and evangelistic activities in several countries and comments by various missionaries.

F15 - Asian Opportunities (24 minutes) ca. 1965. A report on the work of OMF in east Asia, given country by country, including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore (not all countries shown). There is an emphasis on the mission's development of indigenous Christian leaders.

F16 - Mission of Hope (13 minutes) ca. 1960s. Report on the work of the Manoram Christian Hospital of central Thailand since its founding in 1956, including shots of founders Doctors F. Christopher and Catherine Maddox.

F17 - Breakthrough in Bauan (10 minutes) ca. 1974. Report, narrated by Rev. Mario Brion, about the OMF's evangelistic campaign in Bauan that resulted in the conversion of a barrio captain.

F18 - Miracle at Mori (25 minutes) Film about the life of Lilly Homa (sp?), a Japanese woman who was converted through OMF's literature work and who helped to start a church in her village of Mori in Japan. Extensive information on post-World War II Japanese life.

F19 - New Moon and Star (26 minutes) n.d. Report on the mission's work among Muslims in Malaya, Singapore and Thailand. Various methods are shown including street evangelism. There is an extensive section on the customs of an Islamic Malay wedding.

F20 - No title (24 minutes) n.d. No soundtrack. Travelogue type scenes of Singapore and vicinity. About half the film consists of scenes of a Buddhist fire walking ceremony.

F21 - Reaching Asia's Megagiants (15 minutes) 1989. Description of the growing urban population of Eastern, Southern, and Southeastern Asia and OMF's efforts to reach these people with the Gospel through relationship evangelism.

IV. Reference Material

This section consists of five folders of material. Four of the folders, in box 5, contain material about the Mongolian language including the notes and manuscripts of a CIM worker who was translating a Mongolian-Russian-German dictionary into a Mongolian-English dictionary. The fifth folder, 18-1, consists of a photocopy of the reminiscences of two of the original Cambridge Seven missionaries, Cecil and Arthur Polhill-Turner, about their years in China from the 1880s through the 1920s. Both were graduates of the Eton, the public (that is, private) school and the manuscript was apparently intended for Eton alumni who supported the mission. This photocopy was sent to the Archives by the OMF English office. The manuscript describes the early days of the Cambridge Seven, how they went to China, the Polhills' work in Szechwan, Sining (Xining), Tatsienlu (Kangting) and other parts of China, as well as describing the Boxer Uprising and the 1911 revolution.

V. Conferences

The conference of North American Officers was a meeting of the council members of CIM's United States and Canadian branches to iron out any difficulties that had arisen out of financial, publication, or recruitment policy, to discuss needs, and to plan. Other matters of common interest, such as government policies, were also discussed at these meetings. Folder 1-7 contains an interesting memorandum describing a briefing given by a U. S. State Department official to representatives from Christian organizations about the internal situation in China and how it would affect missionary work.

The two conferences documented in Folders 1-10, 5-1, and 5-2 were of the greatest importance in the mission's history. Both were concerned with the future of the mission once its workers had been forced out of China. (folder 12-18 contains John Kuhn's report on the final evacuation from China.) At the February 1951 meeting held in Kelorama, Australia (folder 1-10), directors from all the home countries came together to discuss possible changes in the mission's governance and administrative style as well as potential new fields and the level of support in the home countries. This was followed by the November 1951 meeting in Bournemouth, England (folders 5-1, 5-2, 12-18 ), for which extensive preparations were made. Surveys were made of other possible fields in Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak, Indonesia, Formosa, and Malaysia (folders 5-3, 5-4). A similar survey was done in 1957 of lower Laos (folders 6-12). The officers of the headquarters staff and the home councils debated their recommendations before coming to the meeting. Folder 5-2 includes some of the suggestions made at regional conferences and memos of the discussions held in the U. S. and Canadian branches. There is also an interesting memo in Folder 1-4 which describes the problems the CIM staff thought they would be dealing with in the post-war world. The Bournemouth Conference was attended by directors of home councils, members of the China council, and many others involved in the work of the mission. Folder 5-1 contains a very full set of minutes of the deliberations of the meeting, which reviewed the organization's goals and policies and determined that the work would continue. Folder 12-18 contains reports on the conference sent to missionaries after the event

By way of comparison, the reports of typical conferences of missionaries in a particular field can be seen in Folders 3-39, 3-40 and 12-19. References to periodic gatherings of representatives of the whole mission, such as those held in 1890, 1900, and 1907, can be found in the minutes of the China Council (folders 2-36 to 2-55).

VI. Headquarters

The documents in this section consist almost entirely of minutes of meetings and correspondence from the headquarters staff to all the home councils to keep them informed about developments in China. Of the minutes, perhaps the most interesting are those of the China Council. The Council was an advisory body to the general director which met four times a year. It consisted of the General Director, the heads of the provincial districts, the deputy China director, other headquarters staff, and missionaries as appointed by the director. Representatives from other missions associated with CIM or whose personnel were under CIM supervision also served on the Council. The Council minutes for the early years consist mainly of information on the arrival, departure, movements, marriages, and deaths of missionaries; copies of minutes of home council meetings; personnel matters; the granting of furloughs; creation of new mission fields and stations; relations with other missions; applications of persons living in China for staff positions; and relations with the Chinese government. There is an interesting discussion dated 4/8/1915 about the mission's attitude toward speaking in tongues. The files also contain information on the representative meetings of the mission held in 1890, 1900, and 1907.

After World War I, the minutes contain much more information and debate on policy matters, as well as more financial reports. Thus, the material dated March 12, 1926, discusses the CIM's withdrawal from the National Christian Council of China because of its alleged modernist tendencies, or the November, 1927, discussion of the development of a self-supporting self-governing Chinese church growing out of CIM's stations. Folder 2-40 contains the minutes of a joint meeting of the Council with the home directors, who were visiting China at the time. Most of the meetings described in the minutes in Folders 2-51 to 2-54 took place in Chongqing, where the CIM had its headquarters during the latter part of the war between Japan and China.

The minutes, memos, and notes from staff meetings contained in Folders 2-56 to 2-66 cover the years from 1942 to 1952 and consist mainly of the reports and activities of missionaries coping with the upheavals caused by World War II and, later, the Chinese civil war.

The letters to home councils are more personal attempts by the director in China, or one of his subordinates, to provide for home council members in the various countries supporting CIM's work a running account of the activities of the mission and the conditions in China. Topics covered include deaths, political and military conflicts in China, food supply problems and famine, travel conditions, progress in various types of evangelism, Communist activities, work at the language school, floods, the developments in specific fields, settlement in Shanghai, the Japanese movement in Manchuria, and the opening of new headquarters in 1931. One interesting October 1930 letter describes Chiang Kai-shek's baptism. Several letters discuss recent kidnapings of missionaries and the attempts to get them back safely. Every April letter contains a list of the stations to which new missionaries have been assigned. Until 1946, the letters are numbered 1 to 100. When 100 is reached, the series starts over again. Folders 13-1 through 13-4 contain, among other correspondence, examples of circular letters to home directors for 1950s and 1960.

The correspondence in Folders 2-18, 2-19, 2-31 to 2-34, and 12-24 is mostly concerned with the problems caused for the mission by the Communist victory in China, such as whether the mission should close down its work completely, how missionaries (often accused of being foreign agents) could be evacuated smoothly and safely, and what could and should be done for the Chinese Christians. The last few letters in Folders 2-19, 2-33, and 2-34 are little more than lists of which missionaries were leaving their stations and which had arrived safely in Hong Kong. There is also some information in these files on the beginnings of what was later called the Three Self Movement. Folder 12-24 includes a variety of items related to the mission's evacuation. Included are circular letters to home directors, letters to missionaries in the field, special reports, and other materials that tried to keep missionaries informed about events, mission policy, and the procedures for leaving China.

There are a few other documents of interest from China. Folders 2-15 to 2-17 contain copies of the manuals given to new incoming missionaries which described for them the CIM hierarchy, regulations, emergency procedures, and furlough policy. Some manuals also contain advice for probationary staff, junior missionaries, and senior missionaries. Folders 3-1 to 3-10 contain newsletters about the work in China. These often highlight the work of a particular station or missionary. They also contain information on births, deaths, baptisms, prayer requests, financial reports, new Chinese words, marriages, and occasionally maps. Another list of marriages can be found in the register in Folder 2-35. This register contains brief entries on all CIM staff married in Shanghai from 1890-1950. Each entry includes names of bride, groom, witnesses, acting parents, and date. Late entries also include photographs. The surveys in Folders 5-3 and 5-4 have already been described above. A similar survey in Folder 5-5 describes the anticipated situation in Japan as a possible mission field after the conclusion of World War II. Folder 2-13 contains an interesting item--currency printed by the CIM. These promissory notes were used by the mission in very unsettled or disturbed areas where it was difficult to get "official" money. Folder 12-25 contains clippings from Chinese, American and Norwegian papers about such topics as the Kuomintang's 1927 north march and the 1965 centennial of the mission.

The mission has a very strong organizational identity, so it is not surprising that people who at one time belonged to it formed alumni associations. Folder 14-12 contains the newsletter for people who at one time were missionaries. Folder 14-11 contains the newsletter for former missionary kids who attended one of the mission's Chefoo schools. These newsletters consist mostly of reports from various people on what they have been doing. Folder 14-11 also has an undated, unsigned photocopy of a typed manuscript, apparently by a teacher, about the evacuation of Chefoo from China to India during World War II.

VII. U. S. Council

A. Internal Administrative Records

The minutes of the meetings of the members of the United States Council (also known as the Philadelphia Council) begin in 1902, shortly after the group's formation in 1901 (folders 6-3, 6-4, 4-59 to 4-81). Before a separate council for the United States was formed, the Toronto Council was responsible for all of North America until 1907, so their minutes from 1888 to 1901 would also be relevant (folder 3-48). Both councils remained subordinate to the North American Council until 1969. Folder 6-3 contains a large ledger with the minutes for 1902 to 1943. In the front is an index of subjects covered, but it only covers a few years. The first entries in the minutes book are handwritten, but most are typed pages pasted in. They deal largely with evaluation of mission candidates, the arrival and departure of missionaries and their activities in China (very briefly noted), relationships with other Christian organizations, and financial reports. The minutes for the years 1943 to 1952 in Folder 6-4 are much the same. In 1932, the U. S. Council incorporated to form China Inland Mission, Inc. This was done to obtain for the mission the protection and advantages offered corporations under United States law. The board of trustees of the corporation largely overlapped with the membership of the Council. Minutes of the corporation trustees' meetings (folders 4-59 to 4-81), which usually occurred at the same place and on the same day as Council meetings, were concerned with election of officers, financial reports, estate settlements, and details related to the organization's legal status. Folders 3-75 to 3-77 and 14-8 contain some of the legal records of the corporation, including the charter, articles of incorporation, by-laws, and amendments to the articles of incorporation. The other set of minutes in Folders 4-78 to 4-81 are of the staff meetings held in the Pennsylvania office. These are mainly concerned with the distribution or redistribution of the work load, prayer requests, publications, and events in China.

Several files contain additional information on the Council's finances and assets. Folder 3-14 contains books kept by Henry Frost detailing where and how funds were spent. Financial reports, as mentioned above, are in the minutes of the Council and of the corporation. Folders 4-54, 6-1, 6-2, 6-8 to 6-10 contain legal papers to and correspondence about property of the mission, including property acquired through bequests in wills. Particularly interesting is the data about the administration of the estate of William Borden in Folders 6-1 and 6-2. Included in this material is a long undated memo describing CIM's history, purpose, and administrative structure, along with statistics about its current activities. Folder 12-28 contains correspondence with the staff at the Crowell Trust about gifts the foundation made to the mission.

Folder 6-5 is a potpourri of documents, a cross-section that gives a good idea of the variety of the U. S. and Canadian staff activities. It includes reports on deputation work in the U. S. and Canada, lists of workers in various Canadian provinces, government regulations for returning to China, a memo on the proper age of missionaries, regulations for the raising of support for missionaries on furlough and for financing their return to China, description of methods for interviewing mission candidates, a list of recipients of the mission's annual reports, financial estimates of the remittances necessary to support children in Chefoo school, and a very interesting translation of a Nationalist Party document attacking the Christian church as harmful to China.

Another potpourri can be found in folder 14-7. This contains various reports from the southwest region of the United States (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona) to the U.S. office, as well as miscellaneous other documents, such as reports sent out from the national headquarters to the various regional representatives. The different regional representatives appeared for the mission at various conferences and other events, interviewed potential missionaries, talked to donors, and did whatever miscellaneous jobs were necessary. Also of interest is an excerpt from a book by Joseph Bayly which contains his conjecture about his influence of CIM missionary Arthur Taylor on the ministry of Billy Graham.

Henry Frost's correspondence files (folders 4-15, 4-16) contain mostly letters to him, but there are also a few from him. There are descriptions of various crises and problems, such as the refusal, in 1904-1905, of some missionaries returning to China to be vaccinated. The later letters in these files are concerned with Frost's transfer of authority to Glover and the reports made to Frost after his retirement about CIM work. Folder 10-2 through 10-6 contain Frost's autobiography, which provides his perspective on many of these documents.

Folders 5-18 to 5-22 contain correspondence about the boarding school in the U. S. run for children of missionaries in China. The letters are mainly about the site of the physical plant and maintenance costs.

In 1968, the U.S. home director wrote a sympathetic and supportive editorial for the June issue East Asia Millions about Martin Luther King after King's assassination. Folder 14-9 contains a memo from Glasser to the OMF staff justifying his action and describing reaction.

Folders 4-57 and 12-26 contains handbooks, entitled Principles and Practices distributed in North America which described the history, policies and expectations of the mission, particularly its American branch. These were intended for candidates and missionaries and perhaps also for potential donors.

The U. S. Council kept fairly detailed records on CIM missionaries from the United States. Folder 6-11 contains information about mission candidates giving mostly basic biographical and medical data. Up into 1922, the information is entered by hand into the register. After 1922, the entries consist of fastened-in questionnaires. There is an alphabetical index of the names of applicants in the front of the book. Up until 1922, the entries also tell whether the candidate was accepted. The Council minutes in Folders 6-3 and 6-4 give brief evaluations of most candidates. Folders 16-3 through 16-7 contain forms labeled "Post Council Information." These are brief questionnaires on each missionary filled out after the U. S. Council had interviewed and accepted them. They are similar to the forms in folder 6-11, but for a later period. Folders 16-3 and 16-4 are arranged by the order in which the candidates were accepted. Folders 16-5 to 16-7 are in alphabetical order but form two different series, since the forms in 16-5 are for people who left the mission later and their forms were removed and filed separately.

Folders 4-82 to 4-102 and 15-1 through 16-2 contain the personnel cards kept by the staff on active missionaries. These cards give name, nationality, education, marital status, church affiliation, places of service in China, furloughs, and miscellaneous information. They form three different complete sets that do not overlap, so anyone searching for a particular person needs to check all three. The cards in series in folders 15-4 through 16-2 often have pages stapled to particular cards which contain much more information than the cards themselves. The materials in Folders 3-72, 3-73, and 4-47 are mainly concerned with the arrivals and departures of missionaries. Some of the cables in Folders 3-72 and 3-73 are unclear, some are in code.

B. Relations with Other Home Councils

As mentioned above, Folders 1-1 to 1-9 contain minutes of the periodic meetings of the North American Council. Also as mentioned above, there is information about the work in Canada in Folder 6-5. Other information includes correspondence with the Toronto editorial secretary about the distribution of free literature (folders 4-51, 4-52). The minutes of the Toronto Council are described below.

Folders 4-17 and 4-18 contain correspondence between the U. S. staff and W. H. Aldis, director of the British Home Council, about the circulation of the Taylor biography, changes in personnel, the quality of available candidates, travel by Council members, etc. There is also a copy of News From the Homeland, a bulletin about events in Great Britain put out by the British Council for its missionaries in China. Folder 4-44 contains correspondence between the United States and London branches about how many of the 200 missionaries being recruited in the early 1930's should come from North America. There are numerous excerpts from letters from those who went, apparently intended for publicity purposes, about why they felt called to go.

Folder 4-103 contains a very interesting report on CIM's participation in the committee that was carrying on the work of the 1910 World Missionary Conference held in Edinburgh (and which later developed into the World Council of Churches). The mission's North American and Australasian Councils were very upset by some of the committee's actions, such as its decision not to encourage Protestant missions in South America because of the strong, long-established Roman Catholic presence there. The development of the debate over these complaints and CIM's eventual resignation from the Committee is documented by the excerpt in the folder.

C. Relations with the China Headquarters, later International Headquarters

The material discussed here is mainly correspondence between the U. S. and headquarters staff as opposed to the headquarter's minutes and correspondence discussed above, which were either form letters sent by headquarters to all home councils or materials relating solely to the administration of CIM's work in China. The correspondence of secretaries such as J. O. Fraser and James Stark (folders 4-27, 4-28), the general director D. E. Hoste (folders 4-25, 4-26), the assistant director W. H. Warren and deputy director George Gibb (folders 4-20, 4-21, 5-16) are all concerned with such matters as potential new candidates, the activities of North American staff members, description of China Council meetings, relevant political developments in China, activities at various mission stations, and personnel needs. Folder 4-20 includes a very interesting report, dated May, 1930, by a Miss Gemmell, in which she describes her impressions of the Chinese Communists, impressions she gathered while she was a prisoner of the Fifth Communist Army in western Kiangsi (new spelling, Jiangxi). The same folder contains much discussion about the proper training of candidates and the performance of those who reached the field. Also in this folder are letters about the mission's attempt to help the Porteous family, who had been captured by the Communists and were later released. The letters in Folders 4-22 to 4-24 are concerned with the funds available for the support of various missionaries. There is an interesting letter from the China Inter-Mission, which was set up in India during World War II to assist missionaries evacuated from China.

Folders in box 13 and 14 continue the correspondence between the two headquarters into the 1950s and 1960s. The exchange is almost exclusively between Arthur Glasser for the U.S. branch and J. O. Sanders and Arnold Lea for the international headquarters. Folders 13-1 through 13-4 contain the letters to and from Sanders. The correspondence starts when Glasser was still teaching at Colombia Bible College, about the time he had agreed to return to the mission as assistant home director for the United States. There are long typewritten and handwritten letters from both sides on the administration of the mission, the setting of policy, the work of individual missionaries, relations with different countries, etc. They provide a good picture of mission concerns and policy making procedures. The folders contains as well circular letters sent by the general director to all home directors. The correspondence in 14-1 between the Overseas director and the U. S. home director deal with various administrative matters, especially the acceptance, assignment, condition, furloughs, etc., of particular United States missionaries.

D. North American Missionaries in China

There are many files which contain letters, reports, and notes sent back to the U. S. staff by American missionaries. These letters are usually informal descriptions of the missionaries' recent activities, although sometimes there are letters from the U. S. asking for information and letters back and forth about mission policy. Here are brief descriptions of some of the folders' contents and of other documents:

Folder Description
5-15 Paul and Vivian Adolph--Medical missions in Shansi (new spelling, Shanxi) Province; birth of son Harold.
Tape T5 Ian Anderson, who made this tape probably between 1979 and 1980, describes how Christian workers used songs and posters in village evangelism work in China and Taiwan in the 1940s and 1950s. He sings several songs in Chinese and provides not a literal translation but a general description of the lyrics. The songs deal with sin, salvation, Christian life, and life after death.
3-79 Herman and Augusta Becker--An orphanage in Hunan (the Beckers were not CIM workers but were associated with the mission).
3-80 William Borden--Much of the correspondence is between Henry Frost and Borden, written when Borden was a teenager and a young man; it covers Borden's school work, his Christian beliefs, his training to be a missionary, and his trip up to his death in Egypt in 1913 on his way to China. Also in the file is a eulogy by Frost. More information about Borden can be found in Folders 6-1 and 6-2.
3-81 Ernest Carlburg--Description of his wedding.
3-82 Howard and May Cliff--A Christian revival in Shunteh.

4-1 thru
4-10, OS20

Allyn and Leila Cooke--Much correspondence describing their work with the Lisu tribesmen in Yunnan Province. There is a great deal of information about J. O. Fraser, who began the work. Folder 4-8 contains many notes apparently taken during the interviews with the Cookes when they returned to the U. S. on furlough. The oversize file contains a printed map of the area in which they worked and a chart of the individuals involved in the work.
4-11 G. T. and D. L. Denham--The growth of the church amidst the fierce civil war in Chowkow, Szechwan province (new spelling, Sichuan).
4-12 Arthur Dieffenbacher--A day in the life of a missionary in Anking (new spelling, Anqing).
4-13 Gertrude Dreyer--Many prayer letters, including one written during the Boxer conflict.
4-14 Friedenshort--This was a German Lutheran order active in China and associated with the CIM. There is a very interesting letter in Folder 4-14 which mentions briefly Adolph Hitler's appointment as chancellor of the German government. The letter also describes the order's work among orphans in China and Russia.
4-29 Maude Knight--Descriptions of life at CIM headquarters in Shanghai's international quarter; description of George Hunter and the six new missionaries (including Otto Schoerner) he was taking to the CIM's station in Sinkiang province (new spelling, Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu [Autonomous Region]).
4-30 through 4-40, 13-5 John and Isobel Kuhn--Mostly printed prayer letters about their work among thru the Lisu tribe in China and later in northern Thailand. Folder 4-40 contains a lengthy memoir by Isobel in which she describes her family's life and work among the Lisu, with special emphasis on her and her husband's courtship, marriage, and beginning of a family under missionary conditions, including the education of missionary children. The memoir also compares and contrasts Chinese and American attitudes toward sex and marriage. Folder 13-5 contains Isobel's pocket diary for 1954 and information about her death and funeral in 1957. There is a brief reference in the last letter in the folder to Eileen O'Rourke, John's second wife. The folder also refers to the work in Laos. There is a great deal of correspondence about various editorial changes in Kuhn's last book, Ascent to the Tribes: Pioneering in North Thailand (1956).
13-6 Jessie McDonald--Letter written in 1970 which describes her experiences as a mission doctor in Tali, China, including descriptions of prominent Chinese Christian leaders and her work during World War II. The photos she mentions are in the photo file labeled "OMF-China-5."
4-42 J. H. and F. M. Mellow--Prayer life; experiences in Siaoyi.
14-3 Hilda Riffel - Letters received by Riffel about the situation in the Chinese church after the missionaries left in 1951. Some were extracts gathered by the mission and sent to staff, others were letters from westerners living in China at the time.
4-45 A. and J. Robinson--Description of a boat ride up the Yang Tze River (new spelling, Chang Jiang); disruption caused by war between Nationalists and Communists.
5-25 Otto Schoerner--Description of his trip to Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu across the Gobi Desert.
14-4 H. A. and Gertrude Sibley - Letters about experiences in China from 1893-1911, including letters about the Boxer uprising and the revolution of 1911. The later letters are all typed copies, apparently made not too long after the original was received. The correspondence is apparently with family and not with mission.
14-5 C. E. Tweddell - Evangelistic activities in southern Jiangxi
14-6 Elizabeth Wimer - Almost forty years worth of prayer letters about Wimer's activities in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the home office of the United States Council. (Photo albums V and VI were compiled by her.)

VIII. Canadian Branch

Folders 3-48 to 3-69 consist of copies of the minutes of the Toronto Council. The minutes discuss potential candidates, finances, publications, relations with the U. S. Council (sometimes called the Philadelphia Council), and the activities of Canadian missionaries in China. Folder 3-70 contains a speech by F. C. P. Dreyer on the correct way of training missionaries. Folders 17-2 and 17-3 contain the photocopies of pages from the candidate register that lists basic information about missionary candidates. Most, but not all, of these forms are for Canadian candidates. The forms themselves appear to be a kind of checklist used to make sure that missionaries had handled all necessary details before leaving for China. (Page 457 of the forms in folder 17-2 contains the form for Sarah Alice Troyer, later Sarah Alice Troyer Young.)


Most of the materials in this collection were received from the United States Council of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship in 1982, 1984, 1986, 1990, 1991, and 1993. Some material was received from the Canadian Council in 1986. Books and periodicals were transferred to the BGC Library (now Evangelism & Missions Collection of the Wheaton College Archives & Special Collections), artifacts to the BGC Museum.

Accession: 82-60, 84-158, 86-9, 86-28, 90-71, 90-94, 90-109, 90-115, 91-66, 93-105

January 7, 1983
Robert Shuster
J. Nasgowitz
A. Peterson

May 8, 1991, revised
Paul Ericksen
L. Ferguson

December 29, 1992
Mimi L. Wohlschlegel

September 25, 1997
Robert Shuster

Accession: 85-26, 85-152, 87-116, 01-29, 01-33
February 17, 2004
Bob Shuster
J. Aernie


A portion of this collection has been microfilmed and reels without restricted materials are available for interlibrary loan

Reel 1 - Box 1, Folder 1 to Box 1, Folder 12

Reel 2 - Box 1, Folder 12 to Box 1, Folder 20

Reel 3 - Box 2, Folder 1 to Box 2, Folder 22

Reel 4 - Box 2, Folder 23 to Box 2, Folder 37

Reel 5 - Box 2, Folder 37 to Box 2, Folder 48

Reel 6 - Box 2, Folder 49 to Box 3, Folder 1

Reel 7 - Box 3, Folder 2 to Box 3, Folder 9

Reel 8 - Box 3, Folder 10 to Box 4. Folder 1 (Folders 3-11 through 3-47 were not microfilmed)

Reel 9 - Box 4, Folder 1 to Box 4, Folder 33

Reel 10 - Box 4, Folder 34 to Box 4, Folder 81 [This reel has been edited to remove Box 4, Folder 82.]

Reel 11 - Box 5, Folder 1 to Box 5, Folder 25 [This reel has been edited to remove Box 4, Folders 83 through 102.]

Reel 12 - Box 6, Folder 1 to Box 6, Folder 12

Reel 17- Box 7, Folder 1

Reel 18 - Box 7, Folder 1 continued

Reel 13 - Box 8, Folder 1 to Box 8, Folder 4

Reel 14 - Box 9, Folder 1 to Box 9, Folder 4

Reel 15 - Box 9, Folder 5 to Box 10, Folder 3

Reel 16 - Box 10, Folder 4 to Box 10, Folder 7

There were fifteen missions in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway which were begun in large part by people inspired by Taylor's example or which began work in China in alliance with the CIM. While the missions were autonomous in their own home countries, their workers were virtually a part of the CIM staff in China. Of the 1,104 CIM workers in 1950, for example, 394 were from these associated missions.
Mission Home Country
Alliance China Mission Switzerland, Germany
Danish Missionary Union Denmark
Finnish Free Mission Society Finland
Free Church of Finland Mission Finland
Friedenshort Deaconess Mission Germany
German Women's Bible Union Germany, Switzerland
German Women's Missionary Union Germany
Liebenzeller Mission Germany, Switzerland, United States
Norwegian Alliance Mission Norway
Norwegian Mission in China Norway
The Evangelical Alliance Mission United States
Swedish Alliance Mission Sweden
Swedish Holiness Union Sweden
Swedish Mission in China Sweden, United States
Yunnan Mission Germany

Individuals for Whom There Are Personnel Cards or Post Council Questionnaires; 1887-1934
Personnel cards were brief records of the pertinent information on each CIM/OMF missionary. The cards contain spaces for the following information: name, home address, birthplace, date of birth, nationality, date and place of marriage, date accepted, ordination, church affiliation, colleges and Bible schools attended, medical training, degrees, passport number, passport location and validation date, places of service; name, birthplace, date of birth, nationality of children; name, address, phone, nationality of father, mother, and nearest friend, furloughs granted, dates and ports of arrival and departure.

Post Council questionnaires were forms filled out by missionary candidates after they had been accepted for work in China by the mission council.

The forms in box 6 for United States candidates include spaces for the following information: name, age, date of birth, home address, country of birth, citizenship, vaccinations, dental work needed, is will made, postal address, denominational preference, who to notify in case of emergency.

The forms in box 17 for Canadian candidates include spaces for the following information: name, address, application, question paper, medical certificates, referees, doctrinal statement, decision of council, journey to China, support, parents' names and address, pastor's name and address.
Name Folder ("4-82" means "box 4, folder 82") Page in box 17, folders 2, 3
Abell, Adelaide 17-3 603
Adams, A. 17-2 131
Adams, Ernest 17-3 543
Adams, Lillian R. 4-82
Adeney, David H. 4-82
Adeney, Ruth W. 4-82
Adolph, Paul E. 4-82
Adolph, Vivian M. 4-82
Alberg, Carl 17-3 643
Albertson, Gertrude 17-3 575
Alberston, Lucile 17-3 646
Albrecht, Frederick 17-3 824
Allbutt, Ivan G. 4-82
Allbutt, Mary E. 4-82
Allen, Arthur B. 4-82
Allen, B. 17-2 469
Allen, Dadie L. 6-11
Allen, David M. 4-82
Allen, Dorthea M. 4-82
Allen, Dorothy L. 4-82
Allen, Gordon H. 4-82
Allen, Jane B. 4-82
Allen, Lucile M. 4-82
Allen, Mabel K. 4-82
Allen, Mary 17-3 620, 692
Allen, Pamela S. 4-82
Allen, Robert e. 4-82
Allen, Rosaline M. 4-82
Allen, Ruth L. 4-82
Allen, William A. 4-82
Allison, A.O. 6-11
Allison, Maggie 17-2 102
Allivorden, Minna 6-11
Allworden, Minna V. 4-82
Almond, Stella M. 4-82
Almond, Walter L., Jr. 4-82
Amiss, A. 17-2 91
Amiss, L. 17-2 238
Amstutz, Alma 6-11
Anclinsay, R.J. 6-11
Anderson, A.W. 17-3 683
Anderson, Byron 17-3 685
Anderson, Delia 17-2 119
Anderson, Helen M. 4-82
Anderson, I. 6-11
Anderson, Ian. R. 4-82
Anderson, Jennie 17-2 173
Anderson, W.L. 17-2 101
Andre, Jessie 17-2 227
Andrews, Olive 17-3 938
Andrews, H.E.V. 4-82, 17-3 830, 847
Armentrout, Sadie 17-2 135
Armstrong, A.J. 17-2 407, 533
Armstrong, James A. 17-2 88
Arthur, Scott 17-3
Artibey, Alma R. 6-11
Ashby, Margaret N. 4-82
Aston, Gladys R. 6-11
Atkins, Hampton 17-3 764
Atkinson, C.J. 17-2 235
Atkinson, Edward 17-3 916
Attridge, Thomas 17-3 708
Augustine, J.A. 6-11
Auld, Mary 17-3 808
Austin, Alwyn J. 4-82
Austin, John A. 4-82
Austin, John Norman H. 4-82
Austin, L.M.F. R. 4-82
Austin, Paul M. 4-82
Austin, Roy H. 6-11
Austin, Stephen L. 4-82
Avery, Frank 17-2 364
Ayton, Clara F. 4-82
Ayton, Eugene W. 4-82
Baber, B.C. 4-83
Bachman, Erna H. 4-83
Bailey, Lattice 6-11
Bain, C. 17-2 371
Baker, E.M. 17-2 296
Baker, Lydia E. 6-11
Ballard, Lizzie B. 17-2 161
Baller, Emma 17-3 591
Barham, Rosalind M. 4-83
Barker, Bessie L. 17-2 315
Barker, Herbert 17-3 597
Barnard, Harriet F. 6-11
Barnes, Lucile 17-3 519
Barney, Hazel E. 6-11
Barr, Jessie 17-3 922
Barrie, H.G. 17-3 814
Bartlett, Charles 17-2 424
Barton, Ralph 6-11
Basam, Olivia 17-3 908
Bashford, Albert 17-3 783
Bateman, Ella 17-3 718
Batley, Percy 17-2 420
Beare, George 17-3 537
Beare, Mary 17-3 668, 790
Beatty, Edward E. 4-83
Beatty, Marjorie M. 4-83
Becker, Herbert 17-3 800
Bell, Martha 17-3 720
Benjamin, L.L. 17-2 253
Bennett, Elizabeth 17-3 595
Bennett, Thomas 17-2 41, 318
Bennie, Mary C. 6-11
Benson, J.G. 6-11
Benson, Ruth 6-11
Bentley, Alice 17-2 268, 564
Bentley, Amy 17-2 269, 565
Bentley, Lizzie 17-2 267
Bentley-Taylor, Jessie M. 4-83
Berggren, Alen J. 6-11
Bergman, E.A. 17-2 187
Berry, Fred 17-2 53
Best, Charles 17-2 249, 313
Best, Dorothy H. 4-83
Best, Richard A. 4-83
Best, Sydney T. 4-83
Best, Theodore M. 4-83
Best, Trevor D. 4-83
Beugler, Dorothy 4-83
Beuglin, Dorothy 6-11
Bevis, Edward 17-3 594
Bicknell, Henrietta 17-3 688
Birch, Edy S. 6-11
Birch, George A. 4-83
Birch, Grace L. 4-83
Bird, James H. 6-11
Birrell, Peter 17-2 30
Birthold, Lydia E. 6-11
Bissett, Annie 6-11
Biston, Alma M. 6-11
Blair, Ferne I. 4-83
Blair, Frank 17-3 844
Blake, Henry 17-3 770
Blake, Mavis J. 4-83
Blake, Norman O. 4-83
Bleecker, Florence, E. 6-11
Blitz, Jennie 6-11
Blow, Mary 17-3
Boal, Mary 17-3 695
Boardman, Elizabeth 17-3 721
Bock, N.S. 17-3 535
Boldt, Mer. G. J. 6-11
Bolton, Henry E. 17-2 335
Bond, W. 17-2 378
Bonney, Carrie E. 17-2 213, 270, 641
Booth, Velma 6-11
Bottle, Fredrick E. 17-2 201
Bouldin, James 17-3 647
Bowie, James 17-3
Boyce, Elijah 17-2 85
Boyce, Thomas 17-2 365
Boyd, John 17-2 357, 636
Boyd, Susan 17-3 637
Boyle, I.L. 17-3 744
Brayton, Mary 17-3 667
Breneman, William 17-3 633
Brenner, W.W. 17-2 280
Bridge, Lillie F. 17-2 236, 276, 497
Brinstin, Minnie 17-3 629
Brock, Edith 17-2 289
Brock, George H. 17-2 34
Bromley, Elsie 4-83
Bromley, Percy L. 4-83
Brooking, G.E. 17-3 786
Brooks, Elisabeth 17-2 417
Brooks, Gertrude 6-11
Brown, B.M. 6-11
Brown, E.H. 6-11
Brown, Elizabeth 17-2 118
Brown, F.B. 17-2 299
Brown, Florence 6-11
Brown, S.A. 17-2 120
Brown, W.S. 17-2 95, 319
Brownlee, Edgar 17-3 863
Brownlee, Edith 17-3 864
Bruce, Hattie 17-2 261
Brumer, F. 17-3 682
Bryant, Forest E. 17-2 159
Buacon, Olive Joy 6-11
Buckley, Arnold 6-11
Budge, Barbara B. 4-83
Budge, Kenneth S. 4-83
Bunting, Hannah 17-2 449
Burbank, L. 17-2 217
Burbank, Mary 17-2 73
Burch, Arthur E. 17-2 169
Burdern, Frank 6-11
Burkholder, J. 17-2 256
Burkholder, Phebe M. 17-2 273
Burtow, Emily 17-2 473
Bush, Emily T. 6-11
Bushy, Esther B. 4-83
Caire, Dora L. 6-11
Cameron, Allen N. 17-2 134, 314
Cameron, Mrs. Keith W. 4-84
Cameron, Mary 17-2 109
Campbell, George 17-3 882
Campbell, Ruth E. 6-11
Canfield, Loyd L. 4-84
Cannon, Arthur 17-3 860
Cant, David 17-3 513
Cargile, J.H. 17-2 414
Carhanten, J. Ellen 6-11
Carey, E.S. 17-3 785
Carlburg, Ernest W. 4-84
Carlburg, Gen E. 4-84
Carle, Edward B. 17-2 64
Carleeon, Marian 6-11
Carlson, Hazel M. 4-84
Carlson, Lillian 17-3 862
Carlson, Orville C. 4-84
Carroll, Ellen 17-2 499
Carter, S.V. 17-3 947
Cartien, Edna L. 6-11
Causay, Faith 17-3 711
Cassel, Sarah 17-3 581
Chaffee, Catherine 6-11
Chambers, Amy 17-2 366
Chambers, Joseph 17-3 680
Charles, A.A. 17-3 774
Chase, Ida L. 6-11
Charter, Norman A. 4-84
Chatfield, George A. 17-2 330
Christianson, John N. 4-84
Christianson, Malcom B. 4-84
Christianson, Victor J. 4-84
Churchill, Kenneth 4-84
Churchill, Marie 4-84
Churchill, Nathan 4-84
Clackson, Richard A. 17-2 397
Clank, E.E. 17-3 803
Clark, Percy E.W. 6-11
Clark, Walter 17-3 769
Claussen, Seesie, E. 6-11
Clayton, L. 6-11
Clayton, Sarah 17-3 662
Cleaver, Florence 17-2 287
Clementine, Gregory 17-3 585
Cleveland, Jeannette R. 4-84
Cleveland, M. 6-11
Cochrane, J. Eva 6-11
Cole, M.D. 17-2 98
Coleman, Alta 17-3 601
Colier, Ethel 6-11
Collins, Florence 17-2 311
Colquchaun, Ruth D. 6-11
Colvin, Annie E. 17-3 631
Colvin, W.H. 17-3 630
Combs, Mary 17-3 777
Comer, K.D. 17-2
Conaway, Martha A. 6-11
Conner, Kate D. 17-2 207, 292
Connew, Alfred 17-2 24
Conney, Carrie 17-3
Conoly, J. 17-2 239
Contento, Mary E.M. 4-84
Contento, Paul A. 4-84
Cook, Percy 17-3 539
Cooke, Allyn B. 4-84
Cooke, Esther F. 4-84
Cornell, H.L. 6-11
Cory, Edwin E. 6-11
Costerus, Harry 17-3 931
Courtney, Ruth K. 4-84
Courtney, Wayne W. 4-84
Cowgill, Sadie 17-2 374
Cox, Eric J.E. 4-84
Cox, Helen G.M. 4-84
Craft, Mercey 17-2 182
Craig, Ida 17-3 587
Craig, Isabell 6-11
Crandall, Marian 17-3 745
Crane, Allan C.W. 4-84
Crane, Lydia E. 4-84
Crankshaw, J.B. 17-2 107
Crapuchettes, Eugene A. 6-11
Craphchettes, Mary W. 4-84
Crean, Michael 17-2 488
Crofts, D.W. 17-2 476
Crook, Beverly A. 4-84
Crook, Eleanore M. 4-84
Crook, John 4-84
Crook, Vincent E. 4-84
Cropp, Albert 17-3 593
Crossett, Margaret 4-84
Crossett, Vincent L. 4-84
Crosthwaite, Isabella 17-2 43
Culley, Ada 17-2 501
Cummings, Milo 17-2 209, 320
Cunningham, Donald A. 4-84
Cunningham, Irene 4-84
Curry, James 17-2 33
Curtis, Lillian 17-2 405
Custer, Sadie 4-84
Cuthbert, W.F. 17-2 110
Dalton, Helen I. 4-85
Danks, Robert 17-3 737
Daniel, S.E. 6-11
Davidson, E. 17-3 834
Davidson, Joseph 17-3 773
Davies, Edith 17-2 413
Davies, Jennie 17-2 458
Davis, Agnes M. 17-2 81
Davis, Alberta J. 4-85
Davis, Allan 17-2 70
Davis, Ernest J. 4-85
Davis, Jane 17-3 541
Davis, L.M. 17-2 170
Davis, Marian 4-85
Dawson, Eva 17-3 572, 661
De la Poer, Edward 6-11
Deline, Lester 17-3 758
DeLong, Arthur 17-3 705
DeLong, P.R. 17-3 796
DeMaard, Nellie 6-11
Denning, H. Mahoney 6-11
Denovan, Louise 17-2 316
Desmond, Josephine E. 17-2 343, 617, 664
DeWaard, Nellie 4-85
Dewar, Alex 17-2 428, 818
Dey, W.J. 17-2 326
Dicken, E.N. 6-11
Dickie, Marguerite 6-11
Dieffenbacker, Arthur J. 6-11
Dillard, E. 17-2 76
Dingman, J 17-2 441
Diver, G.S. 17-2 369
Dixon, Emma A. 6-11
Dodd, Ester Mae 6-11
Dodd, Katherine H. 6-11
Douds, Robert 17-3 694
Dougan, Jeanie C. 4-85
Douglas, Alban H. 4-85
Douglas, Alex 6-11
Douglas, Anna 4-85
Drake, A.M. 17-2 285
Draper, Fannie 17-2 453
Dreibelbis, Carrie 17-3 700
Dressen, Kittie 17-2 376
Dreyer, F.G.H. 17-2 339
Dreyer, Gertrude 17-3 515
Dryer, Edith 6-11
Drysdale, J. 17-2 440
Duff, Cassie (Fitzsimons) 17-2 19
Duff, George H. 17-2 18
Duff, James E. 17-2 137
Duff, John L. 17-2 105
Duff, Robert 17-2 46
Dukesherer, Anna 17-3 887
Dunbar, Geo J. 17-2 111
Duncan, Charlotte 17-2 309
Duncan, N.A. 17-2 179
Duncan, Ruth N. 4-85
Dunn, Gordon T. 4-85
Dunn, Marvin H. 4-85
Dunn, Miriam J. 4-85
Dunn, Vera E. 4-85
Earls, James 6-11
Eastman, S. Frank 17-3 778
Eaton, Carlton O. 4-86
Eaton, David C. 4-86
Eaton, Esther G. 4-86
Ebeling, Beatrice L. 4-86
Ebeling, John C. 4-86
Ebeling, Laura M. 4-86
Ebeling, Ruth E. 4-86
Ebeling, W. M. 4-86
Eberts, Joanna 17-2 92
Eck, Helen 17-2 419
Edwards, Eleanor 17-3 702
Eikenberry, I.M. 17-2 385
Eldridge, Mary 6-11
Ellenis, Mary H. 6-11
Elliot, Charles 17-3 825
Elliot, Eleanor R. 4-86
Elliot, Frances E. 6-11
Elliot, M.R. 6-11
Elliot, Walter 17-3 691
Elliot, W.L.G. 17-2 346
Ellis, LeRoy 6-11
Ellmers, Anna 17-2 380, 638
Elson, H.P. 17-2 398
Emerick, Ida 17-2 422
Ensel, Harry 6-11
Ericson, Christina 17-2 193
Esbenshade, Ada 6-11
Evans, Albert R. 6-11
Evans, John 17-3 823
Evans, Mary C. 17-2 446
Evans, R.L. 17-2 396
Ewing, Edith M. (Lucas) 17-2 2
Fair, George 17-2 425
Fairbanks, S.P. 17-2 392
Faulkner, Cyril 4-87
Faulkner, Frances, G. 4-87
Fearn, J.B. 17-2 400
Fee, John E. 17-2 52
Fenstad, H.E. 6-11
Ferguson, H.S. 17-2 402
Ferguson, Lilian 17-3 288, 655
Festing, Morice S. 17-2 234
Feustad, Hansia 17-3 852
Fiddler, John 17-2 474
Finn, Eliza 6-11
Finney, Olive 6-11
Fischbacher, Gordon E. 4-87
Fischbacher, Olvie H. 4-87
Fischbacher, Philip H. 4-87
Fischbacher, Theodore 4-87
Fish, Edward S. 4-87, 17-3 902
Fish, Edward B. 4-87
Fish, Donald P. 4-87
Fish, Margaret W. 4-87
Fish, Nellie W. 4-87
Fish, Priscilla J. 4-87
Fish, W.B. 17-3 742
Fishburn, P.M. 17-2 122, 321
Fisher, Hubert E. 4-87
Fisher, Margaret 17-3 658
Fisher, Mary C. 4-87
Fiske, Florence E. 4-87
Fletcher, Clara 17-2 386, 579
Flintoph, Frances 17-3
Flowers, Eva M. 4-87
Folson, Arthur 17-2 117
Folwell, Agnes H. 6-11
Forbes, Charles 17-2 490
Forbes, Josephine 17-2 491
Forgie, Robert 17-2 151
Forman, Thomas 17-2 478
Forrish, Fannie 17-3
Forsberg, Emma 17-2 306
Forsberg, Florence H. 6-11
Frame, Helen G. 4-87
Frame, Raymond W. 4-87
Francis, Lulu 17-3 918
Franklin, Benajamin 17-3 810
Franklin, Mattie 17-3 811
Fraser, Winnie 17-3 606
Frayer, Lizzie 17-2 406
Fredlund, Mabel M. 4-87
Fredrickson, Lena 17-2 477
Free, John G. 6-11
Freud, Emma E. 17-2 45, 266
Frew, Jean 17-2 145
Frey, Emerson T. 4-87
Frey, Grace M. 4-87
Frindlay, Eva E. 6-11
Frisbey, Hazel 6-11
Frith, Mary J. 17-2 144
Fuller, Etta L. 17-2 347
Fullerton, John 17-3 910
Funk, Mary E. 17-3 784
Funnell, H.S. 6-11
Funnell, H.W. 17-3 907
Fynney, Olvie 4-87
Galloway, Pearl M. 6-11
Garrison, L.A. 17-3 613
Gay, Catherine 17-3
Gemmel, Nina 6-11
Giebel, Ellen M. 4-88
Giffen, Edward E. 17-2 197, 278
Gifford, Melvin 17-3 514
Gilborns, A. 6-11
Gill, W.H. 17-2 82
Ginter, Leopold 17-2 258
Girling, John B. 17-2 231
Glasser, Alice 4-88
Glasser, Arthur F. 4-88
Glazier, Dorothea Y. 4-88
Glazier, Russell H. 4-88
Glittenberg, Anna 4-88
Glittenberg, Carl J. 4-88
Goby, James 17-3 919
Good, Charles 17-3 706
Good, DeWett 17-2 452
Goodall, Campbell 4-88
Goodall, Esther 4-88
Goodall, Elizabeth 4-88
Goodall, Hector 4-88
Goodall, Robert W. 17-2 294
Goodburne, Thomas 17-2 251, 277
Goodmen, Marguerite E. 6-11
Goodson, Catherine 17-3 807
Gordon, J.L. 17-3 731
Goudy, Beulah 6-11
Gowans, Annie H. 17-2 172
Gowell, Milton 17-2 25
Gowman, Carl 17-3
Gracey, Cecil 4-88
Graham, Ella 4-88
Graham, G. 6-11
Graham, Mary A. 17-2 79
Graham, Stanley 17-3 888
Graham, W.M. 6-11
Grant, Albert E. 4-88
Grant, Gertrude E. 4-88
Grasley, Ivy E. 4-88
Grasley, Laura B. 6-11
Graves, Gertrude 17-2 260
Graves, W.G. 17-2 387
Gray, Alfred 17-3 586
Gray, Caroline 4-88
Gray, Kenneth T. 4-88
Green, Jane 17-3 621
Green, J.S. 6-11
Green, Minnie 17-3 829, 923
Greene, S.V. 6-11
Greene, Walter 17-3 693
Greenfield, Ventress L. 6-11
Grerzen, Elizabeth M. 6-11
Griffin, Bertha M. 4-88
Griffin, Chas L. 17-2 71
Griffin, Herbert M. 4-88
Griffith, Edna 17-3 845, 872
Griffith, W.E. 17-2 471
Grisham, Etha Raye 6-11
Groeneveld, Allen 17-3 936
Grosart, Elsie 17-3 939
Grusing, Grace L. 6-11
Gulley, Esther L. 6-11
Haight, George 17-3
Haight, Leo 6-11 521
Hale, Ruth 17-2 307
Hall, Alton 17-3
Hall, Ella 17-3 536
Hall, Harold 17-2 435
Hall, Lucy L. 4-89
Hallgren, Agda T. 4-89
Hallgren, Bengt R. 4-89
Hamilton, J.S. 17-3 673
Hamilton, Pauline G. 4-89
Hancock, A.M. 17-2 310
Handy, H. 17-2 127
Hanger, N.E. 6-11
Hanson, Gertrude 17-3 590
Hardison, W.S. 17-2 381
Hargrave, Martha 17-3 665
Harris, Anna D. 4-89
Harris, Frank H. 4-89
Harris, Eunice A. 4-89
Harris, George K. 4-89
Harrison, Joseph D. 4-89
Hartwell, Oleta 17-3 833
Haslow, Maggie P. 17-2 429
Hass, Gertrude 6-11
Hastings, Annie 17-2 190
Hastings, L. 17-2 308
Hatten, Frederick S. 6-11
Hatton, Dora J. 4-89
Hatton, Frederick S. 4-89
Hawcock, Maud 17-2 211
Hawkins, Jessie 17-2 141
Hawley, Fredrick J. 17-3 532
Hayes, Estella A. 6-11
Haynes, F.M. 17-2 189
Hazelton, Annie M. 4-89
Hazelton, Eber J. 4-89
Heady, S.E. 17-2 75
Heimbach, Ernest E. 4-89
Heimbach, Mertis E. 4-89
Heiner, Leonard 17-3 838
Hembury, Vera T. 4-89
Henderson, Henrietta 17-3 779
Henry, Louis 17-2 444
Herman, Ernest 17-3 578
Hernandez, Robert G. 6-11
Herod, Harriett 17-2 146
Herstad, H. 6-11
Hess, C. H. 4-89
Hich, William 6-11
Hicks, Minnie 17-3 678
Hill, Arthur 17-3 871
Hill, Lawrence 6-11
Hill, W.R. 17-3 726
Hillis, Charles R. 4-89
Hinkhouse, Myrtle J. 4-89
Hisenter, A. 6-11
Hitchcock, Grace 17-3 534
Hitchings, Brooks 17-2 360
Hochenberger, Sarah 6-11
Hockman, W.H. 17-3 710
Hogarth, Bryan W. 4-89
Hogarth, Doris E. 4-89
Hogarth, Hector 4-89
Holingser, Paul H., Jr. 4-89
Hollauder, L.J. 17-2 228
Holmes, Annie 17-2 255
Holsted, Anita 17-3 933
Hook, Charles V. 4-89
Hook, Esther A. 4-89
Hooker, Wilber 17-2 210
Hooper, Emily 17-2 47, 917
Hooper, H. 17-2
Hoover, Grace 6-11
Hopkins, Marion 4-89
Hopkins, W.H. 17-2 250
Horne, Hattie S. (Turner) 17-2 6
Horne, W.S. 17-2 11
Horsburgh, Agnes B. 17-2 20
Horsley, Hudson 17-2 174
Horton, Jessie 17-2 451
Houston, M.H. 17-3 648
Howell, Harry A. 17-2 54
Howes, Mary 4-89
Howes, Roger W. 4-89
Hubbell, G.E. 6-11
Hudson, Alecia 17-3 623
Hudson, Alfred 17-3 622
Hudson, Leo 17-2 178
Hudson, Mary 17-3 799
Hudson, Thomas 17-3 798
Hughes, Thomas 17-2 133
Hulse, Ethelwyne J. 4-89
Hunt, Mabel E. 6-11
Hunter, John L. 6-11
Huntie, Alice S. 6-11
Huston, Mary 17-2 459
Illidge, Florence B. 6-11
Ingram, Thomas 17-2 138
Irvin, Grace 17-2 3
Jackson, Ellis L. 6-11
Jackson, Jessie 17-3 869
Jackson, Lila G. 6-11
Jacobs, Herman 6-11
Jacobsen, G. A. 6-11
Jacobsen, Lillian 6-11
Jadwin, Diana 17-3 560
James, J.D. 17-2 229
James, Lillie 17-3 868
James, Rhonda 17-2 84, 303
Jasper, Alice 17-3 563
Jasper, John W. 17-3 562
Jeffery, Samuel R. 4-90
Jeffery, Singe E. 4-90
Jennings, F. 17-3 671
Jennings, Rose 17-3 540
Jennings, Winifred 6-11
Jensen, C. 6-11
Jensen, Jason 17-2
Jensen, Martin 6-11 184
Jephson, Grace S. 4-90
Jespersen, Helen 4-90
Jespersen, Walter 4-90
Johnson, Elsa C. 17-3 602
Johnson, Lilly 17-2 167
Johnston, Maggie 17-3 659
Jones, Thomas 17-2 158, 322
Joyce, Charles 17-2 418
Judd, K. 6-11
Justice, William 17-2 282
Kane, Douglas N. 4-91
Kane, Gordon 4-91
Kane, J. H. 4-91
Kane, Winifred M. 4-91
Kay, Caroline 6-11 123
Kay, L.J. 17-2
Kearney, Elizabeth 17-3 892
Keater, Louise 6-11
Keeble, Albert L. 4-91
Keller, Frank A. 17-2 455
Keller, Milton 17-3 734
Kelly, Frank E. 17-2 447
Kelly, Sarah R. 6-11
Keltner, J.E. 6-11
Kennedy, Mary 17-3 771
Kenney, L.H. 6-11
Kent, Minnie C. 4-91
Kenzie, Rebecca M. 17-2
Kessell, Alfred 17-3 516
Keuhn, M.J. 6-11
King, Frances 6-11
King, Leroy W. 6-11
King, Margaret 17-2 410
King, Nellie 17-3 549
King, Ventress L. 4-91
Kinney, G. 6-11
Kirkman, Estella H. 4-91
Kirkman, Jack S. 6-11
Kirkpatick, Jean 4-91
Klugh, Edith 17-3 906
Knapp, Angeline 17-2 63
Knapp, B.H. 17-2 254
Knickerbocker, Edgar 17-2 205
Knickerbocker, M. 6-11
Knight, C.B. 6-11
Knight, Constance M. 6-11
Knight, Maude (Fairbank) 17-2 68
Knights, Edith L. 4-91
Knights, Stephen D. 4-91
Knox, G.J. 6-11
Kohfield, E.H. 6-11
Kopp, Mary W. 6-11
Kraft, George C. 4-91
Kraft, Pearl S. 4-91
Kratyer, Anna 17-3 836
Kreick, Katherine E. 4-91
Kuhn, John B. 4-91
Lagerquist, Z. 17-2 114
Laing, Elizabeth A. 4-92
Lambert, Bernard C. 4-92
Lambert, R.J. 17-2 334
Lander, Arthur 17-3 681
Langman, C.M. 6-11
Lapp, Leo 6-11
Larrabec, Lillian 6-11
Larsen, Edna L. 4-92
Larsen, Floyd M. 4-92
Larson, Christine 17-3 584
Larson, Edna 17-3 932
LaRue, Dorothy W. 4-92
LaRue, Glenn P. 4-92
Laslow, Martha 17-2 32
Lawrence, Lizzie M. 17-2 78
Lawson, James 17-2 12
Lawson, H.S. 17-2 49
Lawton, E.M. 17-2 103
Lay, Alice C. 4-92 756
Lear, Fanny 17-3 826
Lear, Harriet 17-3 729
Lear, Kate 17-3 740
Leckie, J.S. 17-3 550
Lederach, Kathryn 4-92
Leger, G. 17-2 221
Lee, W.R. 17-2 196, 323
Leessey, Mary 6-11
Leeuwenburgh, Faith 4-92
Leevenbury, Faith 6-11
Leffingwell, Clara 17-2 480
Lehman, A.E. 17-2 462
Leister, Marie J. 4-92
Leister, Joy 6-11
Leonard, L.J. 6-11
Lessing, Robert 17-3 866
Lewis, A.M. 17-2 301
Lewis, Charles 17-2 434
Liddell, Grace 6-11
Light, Howard 6-11
Lilley, Lizzie 17-2 302
Lindberg, David R. 4-92
Lindberg, David J. 4-92
Lindberg, Muriel 4-92
Lindberg, Paul 4-92
Lindestrom, Rose 17-3 928
Lindsay, Margery 4-92
Lines, I. 17-3 650
Litherland, Ethel G. 4-92
Little, Bessie L. 4-92
Little, Lea N. 4-92
Lizenby, Rosa 6-11 797
Lloyd, Lydia 17-3 686
Locke, Roehl 17-3 573
Locke, W.J. 17-2 350
Lockeridge, Geneva 17-3 761
Lockhart, Dorothy J. 4-92
Lockhart, John E. 4-92
Lockwood, Lulu 17-3 935
Lombard, Sylvia J. 4-92
Long, Albert E. 17-2 93
Long, Bertha 6-11
Longley, Barbara J. 4-92
Longley, Guy M. 4-92
Loosley, A.O. 17-2 352, 712
Loud, Helen 6-11
Love, Henderson 17-3 640
Lovejoy, Carolyne 6-11
Lowen, Irene A. 4-92
Lowes, Leo A. 17-2 154
Lumsden, Ewan W. 4-92
Lumsden, Priscilla J. 4-92
Lundberg, Signe 6-11
Lundgren, Ruby J. 4-92
Luton, Florence I. 4-92
Lyall, Leslie T. 4-92
Lyford, Annie C. 17-2 192
Lyons, Jacob 17-2 39
Maass, Margaret A. 4-93
Mabee, Carrie 17-2 153
Macaulay, W. 17-3 727
Macdonald, Margaret 17-3 592
MacDougall, Vivian A. 6-11
Macgregor, William 17-3 927
Maclaren, Annie 6-11, 17-3 940
MacLeod, Annabella 6-11
Macpherson, M.M. 17-3 610
MacWillie, Alexander 17-3 604
MacWillie, John 17-3 752
Malkin, Lily 6-11
Manchester, M.E. 17-2 427
Manley, W.E. 17-2 232
Maone, Wilson 6-11
Maplesdeu, William J. 17-2 166
March, Charles 17-2 498
March, Lucille V. 6-11
Markert, F.E. 17-3 732
Marrin, L.C. 6-11
Marriage, Gertrude 17-3 767
Marriot, Jessie 17-3 653
Marshall, E.A. 17-2 115, 486
Marshall, J. 17-2 163
Martin, Frankie 17-2 44
Marty, Adam 17-3 520
Massey, Franklin 6-11
Mathews, R. A. 4-93
Mathews, Wilda A. 4-93
Mathieson, Marie 17-3 893
May, Edith 17-2 505
Maynard, Nina 6-11
McArdle, Maggie 17-2 171
McAuley, Lizzie 17-2 355
McBrier, E.M. 17-2 66, 472
McCain, Herbert 17-3 911
McClary, Julia 17-3 566
McClean, H. 17-3 719
McClean, Mary 17-3 822
McCloskey, William 17-2 344
McClure, Samuel 17-3 878
McClury, S.H. 6-11
McClury, W.G. 17-3 881
McCoumel, A.C. 6-11
McCreery, Elyla 17-3 596
McDangall, Christina 17-3 920
McDonald, Jessie 4-93, 17-3 924
McEackman, Ronald 17-2 503
McFarlane, Robert 6-11
McGawn, Henry 17-2 136
McGlashan, Catherine Y. 6-11
McGlone, Frank 17-3 588
McGowan, Joseph 17-3 722
McGregor, M. 17-2 23
McInnis, J.M. 17-2 329
McJannet, Robb 17-2 83, 325
McKenzie, Rebecca 17-2 5
McKin, Robert 17-3 946
McKitrich, A.G. 17-2 142
McKittrick, Jason 17-2 467
McLean, A.F. 17-2
McLean, J.S. 17-3 354
McMaking, Harold 17-3 890
McNabb, Peter 17-2 56
McPhail, Eva 17-3 802
McRoberts, William 17-3 794
Meacham, Cola 17-3 542
Meade, William E. 17-2 442
Mears, A.B. 17-3 558
Meikle, John 17-2 13
Meller, Frank H. 4-93
Mellow, Frances M. 4-93
Mennington, Florence 6-11
Merian, C.A. 6-11, 17-3 877
Merritt, Edward 17-3 903
Mesic, A. 17-2 203, 246
Metcalf, Ethel 17-2 448
Metz, Anne E. 4-93
Meyer, Marjorie M. 6-11
Meyers, E.D. 6-11
Miller, Frank H. 6-11
Miller, Isobel 6-11
Miller, James 17-2 383
Miller, Thersa 17-2 62
Miller, Wilda A. 6-11
Millin, L. 4-93
Mills, Emma 6-11
Mills, W. H. 6-11
Milne, Wesley a. 4-93
Milton, John 17-3 518
Minkler, Helen 6-11
Mitchell, G. 6-11
Mitchell, W. H. 6-11
Moffatt, Iena M. 17-2 80
Moler, Maude 4-93 840
Montgomery, David W. 17-2 72, 241
Montgomery, Elizabeth 17-3 788
Montgomery, Etta 17-2 241, 389
Moodie, Mary 17-3 524
Moodie, Robert 17-3 523
Moon, Arthur 17-3 628
Moore, H. 17-3 715
Moore, Mary 17-3 912
Moore, Minnie 17-3 782
Morgan, Cornelia 17-3 846
Morris, Louisa 17-3 656
Morris, Munice C. 6-11
Morrison, R.L. 17-2 401
Morton, A.H. 17-2 331
Moss, Thomas 17-2 495
Mowry, Mae 17-3 526
Muir, Francis H. 4-93
Muir, John 17-3 792
Muirhead, Stewart 17-2 35
Muldoon, C. 17-2 176, 283
Muller, Otto 17-3 837
Mullin, Louis 17-3 817
Munro, John 17-3 849
Munson, Anna 17-3 842
Murdock, Robina 17-3 820
Murdoeh, Beanie 17-3 766
Murrel, Mary 17-3 684
Myer, M.M. 17-3 186, 324, 609
Myers, L.G. 17-2
Nance, Virginia-Lee 4-94
Nash, Augustus 17-2 274
Neale, Fredrick 17-2 465
Nelson, Gertrude 17-2 183
Nelson, L.D. 17-2 132
Neville, Edward 17-2 482
Newell, Mary E. 17-3 791
Newton, F. 17-2 156
Nichols, John D. 17-2 175
Nickerson, Etta 17-3 571
Nicoll, Mary 4-94
Nilson, Matilda 17-2 150
Noble, Chas 17-2 259
Norman, Arthur 17-3 831
Norris, Susie 17-2 248
Nowack, Ruth L. 4-94
O'Brien, Alex H. 17-2 265
Ogden, Lyzie 17-2 466
Oliver, Annie 17-2 106
Olson, Elsie 17-3 570
Olsen, Hazel 4-95
O'Rear, Arthur 17-3 675
Osback, C.R. 17-3 753
Osborn, L. 17-2 129
Owen, Henry 4-95
Owen, Marguerite E. 4-95
Owens, Chas A. 17-2 188
Ozman, Agnes N. 17-2 367, 618
Page, Hazel A. 4-96
Page, John 17-3 634
Palecek, A.M. 17-2 445
Pape, William H. 4-96
Park, Charles 17-3 853
Parker, Albert 17-2 340
Parker, Susie 17-2 4
Parsons, Annie 17-3 548
Parsons, Cassen 17-3 725, 775, 795
Patrick, F.E. 17-2 332
Patterson, C.W. 17-2 403
Patterson, Ellen 17-2 409
Patterson, Lucy 17-3 627
Patterson, Nettie 17-2 496
Patterson, Thomas A. 17-2 140, 333
Patton, Julia 17-3 589
Paul, Alexander 17-2 468
Paulsen, Clifford T. 4-96
Paulson, Florence A. 4-96
Payne, Alice P. 17-2 412
Peacock, Millie S. 17-2 40
Peakes, John A. 17-2 237
Pearce, William C. 17-2 240
Pearse, Ella 17-2 379
Pearson, Maggie 17-2 243, 272
Pearson, Mary 17-2 177
Peck, K.L. 17-2 263
Peet, Lawrence J. 4-96
Peet, Sarah 17-3 857
Peet, Verda E. 4-96
Pennie, Charles 17-2 492
Peterson, Charles B. 4-96
Pfautz, Anna E. 4-96
Pflueger, Lydia E. 4-96
Phillips, Annie E. 17-2 293
Phillips, Wendell 4-96
Phimmer, Albert V. 17-2 461
Pietsch, E. 17-3 915
Pietsch, U. 17-3 914
Pike, C.A. 17-3 660
Pike, W.H. 17-3 754
Pilsow, Eleanor 17-3 856
Pipher, C.H. 17-2 382
Platt, B.M. 17-3 736
Porteous, Robert W. 4-96
Porter, Ida 17-3 645
Porter, William 17-3 525
Porvers, Mollie 17-3 639
Posno, John P. 4-96
Pottinger, Elsie 4-96
Potts, Grace Y. 4-96
Powell, Arthur 17-3 937
Powell, Crayton K. 17-2 222
Power, Rose A. 17-2 89
Powley, Bessie 17-3 948
Preedy, A.C. 4-96
Prentice, Ruth W. 4-96
Prescott, Clara W. 17-2 304
Prescott, Theodore 17-3 941
Price, Frank D. 17-2 245
Price, William 17-3 809
Racey, J. Hamilton 17-2 14
Rader, M.W. 17-3 943
Radford, Ethel 17-3 569
Ramsay, Hugh C. 17-3 544
Rand, Winifred 4-97
Randall, Alford 17-3 748
Randall, Effie 17-2 351
Randall, Emma 17-2 353
Randall, Mattie 17-2 395
Randall, Robert N. 17-2 77
Rappard, Conrad von 17-3 642, 762
Rattray, Marie Louise 17-2 29
Raws, Lois M. 4-97
Rawson, G.H. 17-2 507
Rawson, Olive 17-2 508
Reed, Alberda 17-3 839
Reed, H. 17-2 460
Reese, Florence 17-3 635
Reid, Barbara 17-3 772
Reikie, Helen 17-3 861
Reisinger, Henry 17-2 202
Rembes, Jane E. 4-97
Rennison, Allec 17-3 652
Reoch, Adam 17-2 57
Revell, Harry H. 17-2 113
Reynolds, Barbara 17-3 865
Rhoads, John H. 4-97
Rhoads, Lydia S. 4-97
Rhoads, Miriam J. 4-97
Rice, Hattie J. 17-2 244
Richardson, Caroline S. 17-2 432
Richer, Katherine 17-3 649
Riffel, Hilda 4-97
Riggs, Mary E. 17-2 180
Rijnhart, Peter 17-2 139, 312
Rinch, Sarah 17-3 747
Ririe, Nina 17-2
Rish, L.R. 17-3 896
Roadhouse, William 17-3 755
Robb, Jennie 17-3 793
Robb, Sophia 17-3 632
Roberts, Frances 17-3 880
Robertson, H.J. 17-2 262
Robinson, Gilbert 17-2 483
Robinson, Jennie 17-3 709
Robinson, Laura J. 4-97
Rockness, Grace F. 4-97
Rockness, John M. 4-97
Rosat, L.M. 17-2 155
Ross, E.S. 17-2 165
Ross, Isabella 17-2 100
Ross, W.M. 17-2 104
Rothwell, Walter 17-3 851
Rough, Jeannie (Munro) 17-2 8
Rough, John S. 17-2 9
Rowe, Edith 17-3 789
Rowe, Herbert F. 4-97
Rude, Beatty J. 4-97
Rule, Maud 17-3 944
Rulison, Donald E. 4-97
Russell, Edith 17-3 619
Russell, Hanna 17-2 212
Russell, John 17-2 431
Sale, E.B. 17-2 305
Sangesan, Olaf H. 17-2 336
Sargent, H. 17-2 372
Saunders, Alexander Reid 17-2 1
Saunders, Annie 17-2 121
Saunders, Elizabeth M. 4-98
Saunders, Fredrick 17-2 168
Saunders, H. 17-2 17
Saunders, J. 17-2 16
Saunders, William A. 4-98
Savage, Barbara L. 4-98
Savage, Elizabeth A. 4-98
Savage, Kenneth M. 4-98
Savage, Ruth E. 4-98
Saylor, Edwin 17-3 707
Schoerner, Anna M. 4-98
Schoerner, Katharine D. 4-98
Schoerner, James A. 4-98
Schoerner, Otto F. 4-98
Schoerner, Stephen W. 4-98
Schofield, Bertha 17-2 116, 200
Schurman, Elizabeth J. 4-98
Scott, C.J.H. 17-2 97
Scott, Daniel 17-2 284
Scott, Elizabeth 6-11
Scott, M.H. 17-2 96
Scott, Richard 17-3 522
Scull, Chas P. 17-2 67
Seaman, Doris E. 4-98
Seaman, Gertrude A. 4-98
Seaman, Grace I. 4-98
Seaman, Margaret R. 4-98
Seaman, Roy A. 4-98
Sellon, Lena 6-11
Seville, George 17-3 781
Seymour, C.G. 17-2 393
Shapleigh, Alfred 17-3 804
Shapleigh, Katharine 17-3 805
Sharkey, J.B. 17-2 108
Shaud, W. 17-2 408
Shaver, Sophia 17-2 194
Shaw, M. 17-3 828
Sheafor, W. 17-2 218
Shearsmith, F.W. 17-2 443
Sheen, Elfredra 6-11
Sherman, B. 17-3 730
Shier, Albert L. 17-2 349
Shimer, Harriette 17-3 897
Shiphersh, Lilian 17-3 905
Shipp, Fred B. 17-2 162, 208
Shoemaker, Sophia 17-3 717
Shopp, Ethel 17-2 214
Shore, Lillian 17-3 763
Sibley, Horace A. 17-2 198
Silversides, Bertha M. 4-98
Simpson, James 17-2 368
Simpson, Marjorie I. 4-98
Singleton, Eileen M. 4-98
Sinks, Walter 17-3 891
Skow, Anna 17-3 816
Sloan, N.A. 17-2 65
Smail, Alma 4-98
Smart, Mary 17-3 894
Smith, Alice 17-3 552
Smith, D. 4-98
Smith, Eliza 17-3 527
Smith, Eunice 17-3 821
Smith, Hennritta A. 17-2 185
Smith, Margaret E. 17-3 528
Smith, Nellie 17-3 611
Smith, Ralph 17-3 529
Smyth, Edward 4-98
Snow, Arnold W. 4-98
Snow, Julia 4-98
Snow, Julia F. 4-98
Snow, Ronald S. 4-98
Snow, Susan C. 4-98
Snyder, Lily 4-98
Somerville, Robert 17-2 26
Souter, David 17-2 31
Souter, M. 17-2 21
Spence, Jean S. 6-11
Springer, Charles O. 4-98
Springer, Marion E. 4-98
Stair, Elizabeth 6-11
Stair, Mary E. 6-11
Stam, John C. 6-11
Standen, Jean 17-3 930
Standen, M.E. 17-2 485
Stauden, Frances 17-3 676
Stayner, Kathlene B. 17-2 264
Stealey, Clarence P. 17-2 224
Steed, E. Ruth 4-98
Steeves, Patrick A. 4-98
Stephens, Chas J. 17-2 55
Stern, Florence 17-3 934
Steuernagel, Louisa 17-3 624
Stevens, L.P. 17-2 456
Stevenson, David 17-2 87
Stewart, Eileen A. 4-98
Stirling, Lillie 17-2 286
Stitt, Wilson 17-2 416
Stocker, Beatrice 17-3 644
Stokes, Lucille Etta 6-11
Stowell, E.D. 17-2 69
Strain, J.A. 17-2 297
Stratton, Owen L. 17-2 338
Street, Laura B. 4-98
Street, Leonard A. 4-98
Strot, Pearl C. 6-11
Stumbard, Julia 6-11
Sullivan, Emma H. 4-98
Sullivan, H.A. 17-2 317
Summerson, Elizabeth 17-2 411, 504
Sutherland, Clara 6-11
Sutherland, George 4-98
Sutherland, Margaret B. 4-98
Sutherland, R. 17-2 216
Suttie, Lois J. 4-98
Suttie, Marilyn J. 4-98
Suttie, Mary E. 4-98
Suttie, Melvin D. 4-98
Sutton, Florence 17-3 615
Sutton, J. Albert 17-2 219
Sutton, John W. 17-2 233
Swarr, Anna K. 4-98
Swartfager, Alta 17-3 663
Syner, Anna Louise 17-2 48
Taggart, Maria 17-2 454
Takkin, Isabella 17-3 557
Talbot, James 17-3 909
Talbot, Louis 17-3 913
Tapscott, Edith 17-3 545
Tapscott, Steven 17-3 942
Tarbox, Grace B. 17-2 59, 157
Tarbox, Edward B. 17-2 7, 164
Taylor, Clara 6-11
Taylor, Edward E. 4-99
Taylor, Elizabeth 17-3 714
Taylor, Isabel J. 4-99
Taylor, Jessie D. (Gardiner) 17-2 10
Taylor, S. 6-11
Taylor, Thomas B. 17-2 28
Teal, Martha 17-2 489
Teegardin, Mary K. 4-99
Temple, Ruth 6-11
Tewksbury, Roberta 6-11
Thain, A. 17-2 348
Thielemann, C.W. 17-2 475
Thoering, Leona S. 4-99
Thomas, Minnie 17-3 669
Thomas, Ruth T. 4-99
Thomlinson, W.L. 17-3 723
Thompson, Anna 17-2 506
Thompson, Franklin S. 17-2 345
Thompson, Herbert 17-2 377
Thompson, Hugh B. 17-2 27
Thompson, Jessie 17-2 38, 464
Thomson, Sidney John 17-2 42
Thor, August E. 17-2 147
Thorld, J. 17-2 15
Thorn, Edward 17-3 690
Thorsen, R.S. 6-11, 17-3 876
Tilley, Lily 17-3 859
Tipping, Mary 17-2 51
Tjader, Alex 6-11
Todd, Hazel 6-11
Todd, Jason 17-2 359
Tolcher, Henry 17-2 257
Toliver, Ralph E. 4-99
Toliver, Rebecca B. 4-99
Toop, Edith M. 4-99
Toop, John K. 4-99
Torrance, R.A. 17-2 363
Torrence, William 17-3 599
Torrey, Edith 6-11
Trefen, Doris R. 4-99
Trennery, Aflred 17-2 252
Treyobella, James 6-11
Trittow, Maud 17-2 36
Troy, Fredrick 17-3 674
Troyer, W.L. 6-11 457
Trumble, Henry S. 17-2 22
Tupper, Amy 17-3 598
Tweddell, Colin E. 4-99
Tweddell, Gertrude 4-99
Tweter, J. B. 6-11
Tyler, William W. 4-99
Tyler, Vera D. 4-99
Usher, Sidney 17-2 50
Valentine, Wilson O. 17-2 226
Vander Putten, Peter 6-11
Van Holsen, George 17-3 547
Van Hook, Anna 17-3 926
Van Lear, Nellie 17-2 327
Van Vleck, Nina G. 4-100
Vanzant, Ida H. 17-2 126
Varcoe, Charlotte 17-3 848
Verhulst, Ruth 4-100
Vincent, Geraldine 4-100
Voight, Adolph 17-3 614, 654
Vorley, E.A. 6-11
Voskuil, Henry 6-11
Wagner, Carol A. 4-101
Wagner, Harry H. 4-101
Wagner, Richard T. 4-101
Wagner, Velma B. 4-101
Waldner, N. 6-11
Walker, H.A. 17-2 90
Walker, J.C. 17-3 608
Walker, Mary 4-101
Wallace, F.W. 6-11 341, 801
Walton, Nathan E. 4-101
Walton, Lois A. 4-101
Ward, Nannie S. 17-2 373
Warren, Bonnie 17-3 556
Waterman, Mary 17-3 555
Waters, Mary 17-3 768
Watson, Minnie 17-3 605
Watts, G.T. 17-2 430
Wayne, A. 6-11
Weber, Lena 17-2 230, 625
Weiner, Agnes 17-2 450
Weisk, Charles 17-3 612
Weller, Cyril F. 4-101
Weller, Doris L. 4-101
Wells, Ann L. 4-101
Wells, J.O. 4-101
Wells, Joseph L. 4-101
Wells, May 17-2 421
Wells, Matilda S. 4-101
Wells, Myrtle L. 4-101
Wells, L.F. 17-2 74
Welty, D.W. 17-2 295
Western, Helen B. 4-101
Wheelwright, Lucy 17-2 394
Whiddou, Caroline 17-3 806
Whipple, Elden C. 4-101
Whipple, L.A. 6-11
Whipple, Marian 4-101
Whitaker, Bertha 17-2 149
White, C.B. 17-2 94
Whitelaw, Leslie 17-3 883
Whitelock, M. 17-3 713
Whitmore, Albra 6-11
Whitmore, M.E. 17-2 470
Whitney, E. 17-3 577
Whittemore, Sidney 17-3 567
Whittlesey, Roger B. 17-2 300
Wigg, Jennie 17-3 626, 750
Wik, Harold T. 4-101
Wik, Lucinda 4-101
Wilcox, J.W. 17-2 433
Wilde, Mary Ann 17-2 191
Wiley, Fred 17-3 511
Wilkin, John 17-3 701
Wilkes, Ellen M. 17-2 99
Williams, Benjamin 17-3 512
Williams, Ida 17-2 60
Williams, Maud 17-3 699
Williams, Thomas 17-2 337
Williamson, Frances E. 4-101
Williamson, Mabel R. 4-101
Williamson, Theodora 6-11
Williston, Woodbury 17-3 854
Wilson, Emily 6-11
Wilson, F.B. 17-3 509
Wilson, S.F. 17-2 390
Wilson, W.C. 17-2 124
Wimer, Elizabeth 4-101
Windsor, Edith C. 4-101
Wise, Sadie 17-3 546
Wismer, Ernest 17-3 538
Withrow, Amy 17-3 874
Withrow, Oswald 17-3 875
Womacott, Herbert 17-2 291
Wood, M. Anna 17-2 388
Wood, Gertrude 17-3 670
Wood, Herbert 17-3 850
Wood, Roxie 17-3 696
Wood, Thomas 17-2 494, 607
Woodruff, Truman C. 17-3 559
Woolam, Katherine 6-11
Woolsey, F. 17-3 580
Woosley, Laura May 6-11
Workman, Annie J. 17-2 37
Workman, Evelyn 17-2 181
Worley, Francis 17-3 867
Worthington, M.C. 17-2 271, 436
Wright, Anthony 6-11
Wright, John 17-3 870
Wuest, Frank C. 4-101
Wuest, Irene M. 4-101
Wyckoff, Lydia 17-3 677
Yamsey, Anna 17-3 582
Yoder, L. 17-2 128
York, Hattie 17-3 832
Young, Esther 17-2 404
Young, Fannie 17-3 568
Young, Merle 6-11
Young, Pearl S. 6-11
Young, Ruth C. 4-102
Young, Sarah 17-2 457
Zeff, A.G. 6-11
Zentgrof, Ernest 6-11
Zeporozan, John 6-11
Ziegler, John A. 17-3 574
Zimmer, Majorie E. 4-102

Accession: 85-152, 91-66, 93-105, 01-33
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE FILE. Unless otherwise noted, all tapes are cassettes:

# length in minutes Sides Contents Dates
T1 30 1 Narration by William Wilson for a slide program on mission work in central Thailand. Reel, 3 3/4ips June 1962
T2 24 1 Narration by Lethea Humes for a slide program on mission work in central Indonesia. Reel, 3 3/4 ips August 1962
T3 6 1 Testimony of Yao Christian Lao Lu.. Reel, 3 3/4 ips Probably the narration for the Yao slide/tape program. N.d.
T4 6 1 Appeal for support for OMF's radio ministry by Wayne Courtney. Ca. 1980. Copied from the cassette original. Probably the narration for the Have Faith in God slide/tape program Ca. 1980
T5 41 1 Ian Anderson singing and explaining songs he used in village evangelism. Copied from the cassette original. Reel. 3 3/4 ips Ca. 1980
T6 -- 1 Description by James Hudson Taylor III of his recent trip to China. 1981
T7 24 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, All Are Precious, in Cantonese. (Scripts in Korean? And Cantonese? in folder 17-4). n.d.
T8 17 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, All One Body. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content Description. n.d.
T9 17 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, As to the Lord. Description of the school for missionary children, Faith Academy, near manila in the Philippines. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T10 11 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Assignment Manobo. Story of OMF work among the mountain people of the island of Mindanao, Philippines. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T11 -- 2 Narration for the slide/tape program, Before the Moon Dies. Side 1 contains inaudible beeps, side 2 contains audible beeps. Program for children about resisting temptation, set among the Sgaw Karen people of northwest Thailand. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T12 17 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Breaking Free. Church growth in east Malaysia among the Muruts and Lumbawang peoples. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T13 - 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Breakthrough in Borneo. Description of OMF outreach to Buddhists and Muslims in southern Thailand. Script in folder 17-4. ca. 1970
T14 18 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Build for Tomorrow. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T15 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, A Call to Prayer. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T16 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Change. Testimonies from converts and missionaries about how the work of OMF has changed lives. Script in folder 17-4. 1988
T17 -- 2 Narration for the slide/tape program, Chefoo School. Program about the education of the children of OMF missionaries. n.d.
T18 8 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Children (Morrison Academy). See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. 1988
T19 10 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, China's Hidden People. Program about The needs of China's ethnic minorities. 1997
T20 25 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Chrysanthemum. Story of a girl in old China. n.d.
T21 7 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Focus on Japan. Description of OMF's work in Japan. Script in folder 17-4. ca. 1975
T22 6 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Focus on the Bicol. OMF work in the Bicol region of the Philippines. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T23 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Focus on Taiwan (Drawing Power). Description of evangelistic efforts in industrial areas of Taiwan. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T24 22 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, From Japan with Love. Program is in Cantonese. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T25 25 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, God - Alive in China. Program is in Cantonese and Mandarin. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. ca. 1976
T26 26 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, God - Alive in China. Program is in Mandarin. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. ca. 1976
T27 17 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, God's Word Speeds On. Literature work in the Philippines. Script in folder 17-4. ca. 1975
T28 - 2 Narration for the slide/tape program, Helen Young from Thailand. Program is in English on one side, Chinese on the other. n.d.
T29 9 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, How Mr. Don't-Feel-Like-It Lost His Name. n.d.
T30 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Ian and the Gigantic Leafy Obstacle. Story of the conversion of a boy in northern Thailand. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T31 17 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, The Imperishable Seed. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T32 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Is Anyone Praying for Us? InterVarsity program. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. 1980
T33 25 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Kampuchea - Christ Triumphs. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T34 16 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Keys. OMF work in the Phillippines. Script in folder 17-4. 1986
T35 11 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Little Emperors. Program about children in China. Script in folder 17-4. 1992
T36 19 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, The Living Word. Program is in English. Work of OMF in Japan. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T37 30 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, The Living Word. Program is in Mandarin. Work of OMF in Japan. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T38 23 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Lost in the Crowd. Work of OMF in Taiwan. Script in folder 17-4. n.d.
T39 15 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Made in the Philippines. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T40 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Made Whole in Christ. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T41 2-3 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Man with Seven Tongues. The program is in Cantonese. Story of the conversion of husband and wife of the Pyuma tribe in Taiwan. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T42 23 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Man with Seven Tongues. The program is in English. Story of the conversion of husband and wife of the Pyuma tribe in Taiwan There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T43 31 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Man with Seven Tongues. The program is in Mandarin.. Story of the conversion of husband and wife of the Pyuma tribe in Taiwan. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T44 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, The MBC Difference. Effect of the Mindoro Bible Center 's ministry on the lives of a variety Filipino Christians. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T45 24 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, More Than a Prophet. Program is in Cantonese. Work among Malay Muslims in Thailand. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T46 23 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, More Than a Prophet. Program is in Mandarin. Work among Malay Muslims in Thailand. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T47 16 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, More Than a Prophet (Revised). Program is in English. Work among Malay Muslims in Thailand. There is a script in folder 17-5. ca. 1981
T48 19 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, New Every Day. Program about Work among students in Taiwan. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T49 27 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, No Easy Road. Program is in Cantonese. Radio evangelism in Japan. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T50 21 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, No Easy Road. Program is in English. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. Radio evangelism in Japan. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T51 18 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Once Upon a Boy. Program about Education of children of missionaries. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T52 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, One Body. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. There is a script in folder 17-5. 1988
T53 16 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, One Among Many. OMF work among the Iban people of Sarawak in West Malaysia. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T54 10 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, The Other Hong Kong. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T55 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Picture Asia. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. 1990
T56 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Reach and Teach/The Uighurs of China. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T57 25 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Report From China. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. ca. 1982
T58 19 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Seek and Find. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T59 24 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, So Many, So Few. Program about evangelistic work in Chitose, Japan. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T60 17 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Spark of Life. Evangelistic work and church planting in Uthai, Thailand. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T61 20 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Teach Others Also. Program about the growth of churches in Lampung province, Indonesia. There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T62 19 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Thy Kingdom Come. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T63 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, To Every People. Description of the need for evangelism in the world today (This program was produced by WEC.) There is a script in folder 17-5. n.d.
T64 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, Twain Shall Meet See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T65 -- 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, The Urgent Now. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T66 18 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, While It's Still Day. Program is in Cantonese. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.
T67 16 1 Narration for the slide/tape program, While It's Still Day. Program is in English. See slide/tape table in Part III of the Scope and Content description. n.d.


Type of material: Films
Accession: 90-71, 01-33
The Archives has one copy of each film, in 16mm format, unless otherwise noted. More description of each film is contained in part III of the Scope and Content description. The following items are in the FILM FILE:

Film # b&w /c Length in minutes Title Description Date
F1 b/w 9 Shanghai Silent with title cards, 1 copy. Produced by Castle Films as part of their World Parade series ca. 1944-49
F2 c 42 Hope for China 2 copies 1949
F2A c 35 Hope for China 1 copy 1949
F3 c 14 Tribes That Wait to Hear Silent with title cards, 2 copies pre 1950
F4 -- 12 Tibet - Land of Mystery Sound track only, 1 copy pre 1950
F5 c 25 Flower of Tibet 2 copies 1951
F6 c 30 Power on Earth 2 copies post 1951
F7 c 25 Forgotten Waters 2 copies mid 1950s
F8 c 3 -- 1 copy. Dedication of home for missionary children in Ivyland, Pennsylvania. Sept 6, 1957
F9 c 20 Out of the Jungle 2 copies 1957
F10 c 28 Love Outpoured 2 copies 1959
F11 c 25 Vanishing Frontiers 2 copies late 1950s
F12 c 28 The Missionary 1 copy. This was a work print with no soundtrack 1960s
F13 b/w 18 Dark Blossom 2 copies 1960
F14 c 35 Steps of Faith 1 copy 1962
F15 c 24 Asian Opportunities 2 copies, produced by Pilgrim Films in Australia 1965
F16 c 13 Mission of Hope 2 copies, produced by Bear Films of New York 1960s
F17 c 10 Breakthrough in Bauan 2 copies, produced by Pilgrim Films in Australia 1974
F18 c 25 Miracle at Mori 2 copies n.d.
F19 c 26 New Moon and Star 2 copies n.d.
F20 c 24 -- 1 copy. Scenes around Singapore n.d.
F21 c 15 Reaching Asia's Megagiants 1 copy 1989

Accession: 91-66
Type of Material: Glass negatives

The following items are located in the LANTERN SLIDE FILE:

LANTERN SLIDE BOX 10. Forty-two images of Chinese gentry, mission buildings and activities, missionaries and Chinese Christians in Jiangxi province mainly at the Sin-feng, Nan-cheng, and Feng-kang mission stations. The negatives had been wrapped in groups of three or more and on the wrapping were written brief description of the contents. In order to preserve this information, all slides that were wrapped together have been given a common letter (A, B, C, etc.) and one of the envelopes for that particular group contains the original wrapping. There is no way to tie a particular slide with a particular label on the wrapping and some wrappings have more or fewer labels then there were slides in the packets. The slides are not dated but appear to be from either the very end of the nineteenth century or the very beginning of the twentieth.

One identified negative of a large group of people, probably missionaries. n.d.


Accession: 82-60, 91-66
Type of material: Negatives

The following items are located in the NEGATIVE FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below. All the negatives are black and white, unless otherwise noted.

OMF - CAMBODIA. 12 b/w negatives of varying size, none larger that 3 " x 2 1/4" From an envelope marked "Cambodia," n.d.

OMF - HAZELTON - 1. Hundreds of negatives from a box marked "Hazelton," presumably the photographer. This probably refers to E. J. Hazelton of the mission's Visual Aide department, based in Kiangsu province (new spelling: Jiangsu) in 1946. Most of the negatives are 2-1/4" x 3-1/2", but many are larger or smaller. Most of the negatives are in paper envelopes and some of the envelopes have a positive print of the same image. A few envelopes have some kind of description of image written on the outside, most do not although most do have a reference number, but what this number refers is unclear. Most of the negatives are tied together with rubber bands and are accompanied by paper notes with some information about location and date. The negatives appear to be mostly from 1946-1948 in various provinces of China. Nothing has been done with these negatives by the Archives except to store them in folders.

OMF - HAZELTON - 2. Hundreds of negatives from a box marked "Hazelton," presumably the photographer. This probably refers to E. J. Hazelton of the mission's Visual Aide department, based in Jiangsu province in 1946. Most of the negatives are 2-1/4" x 3-1/2", but many are larger or smaller. Most of the negatives are in paper envelopes and some of the envelopes have a positive print of the same image. A few envelopes have some kind of description of image written on the outside, most do not although most do have a reference number, but what this number refers is unclear. Most of the negatives are tied together with rubber bands and are accompanied by paper notes with some information about location and date. The negatives appear to be mostly from 1946-1948 in various provinces of China. Nothing has been done with these negatives by the Archives except to store them in folders.

OMF - INDONESIA. 12 b/w negatives of varying size, none larger that 4" x 5." From an envelope marked "Indonesia." 1964, n.d.

OMF - JAPAN. 79 b/w 3 " x 2 1/4" negatives. Most are in envelopes with some kind of identifying information on the outside. Ca. 1951

OMF - MACAO. 6 b/w negatives of varying size, none larger that 3 " x 2-1/4" From an envelope marked "Macao," n.d.

OMF - MALAYA. Dozens of b/w 4" x 5" negatives of OMF activities, buildings and facilities in Malaya, including the Christian Training College. N.d.

OMF - SINGAPORE. Dozens of b/w negatives of varying size, none larger that 4" x 5." From an envelope marked "Singapore. 1954-1957, n.d.

OMF - TAIWAN. 18 b/w negatives of varying size, none larger that 4" x 5." From an envelope marked "Taiwan." 1955, n.d.

OMF - THAILAND. Dozens of b/w negatives of varying size, none larger that 4" x 5." From an envelope marked "Thailand;" 1954, n.d. Folder also has a typewritten list which describes some of the negatives.

OMF - VIETNAM. 12 b/w negatives of varying size, none larger that 3 " x 2 1/4" From an envelope marked "Vietnam," n.d.

TAYLOR, HUDSON J. J. Hudson Taylor's signature taken from a letter in Folder 5-10.


Accession: 82-60, 90-115, 91-66
Type of Material: Oversize Materials

The following items are located in the OS FILE; request by Folder Title (in capitals) at the beginning of each entry below:

CIM MAP (OS20). Multicolored printed map in English, showing the location of CIM stations in China. At some time before it arrived at the Archives, the map had been cut into pieces and pasted onto a cloth backing for easier folding and unfolding. Ca. 1948.

HEADQUARTERS: SENIOR MISSIONARY CERTIFICATE (OS 20). Certificate for L. E. Pflauger; 1923.

(PC 29, 3rd floor). Large colorful evangelism posters (9) on biblical themes, printed on paper with Chinese characters; the posters are in fair to poor condition with some tears, some of which were repaired with tape prior to being given to the Archives. Some additional repair was done by the Archives staff. (Translation of most of the posters provided by Robert Carlson.)

PUBLICATIONS (OS 20). Scrapbooks of brochures, tracts, and newsletters published by CIM; ca. 1940s.

U. S. COUNCIL: CASH DISTRIBUTION BOOKS (OS 34). Two leather bound, large ledgers listing the daily distribution of cash in the Untied States for various expenses by the agents of the mission. Volume one is for 1922-1927, volume two is for 1927-1931.

U. S. COUNCIL: CORRESPONDENCE - COOKE, ALLYN, AND LEILA (OS 20). Two cloth-backed topographical maps, 23"x 18", one of the Burmese and Chinese border, the other of Assam, Burma, and Yunnan. Also includes one hand-made color chart indicating the CIM workers in Yunnan Province; n.d.

U. S. COUNCIL: PROPERTY DEED (OS 20). Signed and sealed indenture for a house and lot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 1909.


Accession: 90-71, 90-109, 91-166
Type of material: Photo Albums

The following items are located in the PHOTO ALBUM FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

OMF - I. 186 images (1 color postcard, 1 black and white postcard, the rest b/w photos) in a scrapbook, most with some kind of caption. Many of the pages are loose or have been cut up and there are many spots where a photo has apparently been removed. Although the photos are in good condition, the scrapbook itself is in poor shape. The compiler is unknown, but apparently was a CIM missionary. Images of the Erieside (Pennsylvania) Bible Conference in 1927 and 1928, travel shots to and from China in 1927 and 1928, and scenes of Chinese life and missionary work in a number of provinces of China, including Jiangsu, Sichuan, Kwangtung (new spelling: Guangdong) and others. Includes scenes of Chinese Christians and preaching bands, marriages, travel conditions, Buddhist practices, areas where Communists had been in control, individual missionaries. Covers the period 1926-1936. Scrapbook has red covers and black pages.

OMF - II. Several dozen b/w photographs, some attached to the scrapbook, others in envelopes which are attached to the scrapbook. Photos are almost all portrait photos of individuals or families. The scrapbook appears to be of CIM parties sailing to China in 1946 and 1947, arranged in chronological order by party. Scrapbook has brown covers.

OMF - III. Hundreds of b/w photos, many with negatives attached. The album is labeled "Silver Album" and has silver covers and black pages. Goes with OMF - IV. In the first half of the album, each image is number and then photos are divided into sections. Many have captions. In the later half, most images neither numbered or captions. Many, many photos are missing. This scrapbook appears to have been some kind of photo resource for the mission, perhaps for use in publications. Contains Sections labeled E through I, showing the mission's work in Wuhn, Kanchang, Changsha, Hunan province, Kumming, Yunnan province, Kiehkow, Sichuan province, and Shanghai, among other places. Pictures of schools, churches, evangelists, hospitals, missionaries, orphanages, InterVarsity work (most of these are missing), Chefoo school, and many scenes of Chinese geography and life. Ca. 1947.

OMF - IV. Hundreds of b/w photos, many with negatives attached. The album is labeled "Gold Album" and has gold covers and black pages. Condition of scrapbook is poor, with pages crumbling. This album is obviously a companion to the OMF - III and was created for the same purpose. Contains sections J through W, with pictures of the mission's work in Nanjing, Shanghai, Zhejiang province, Anhwei province (new spelling: Anhui), Jiangxi, Kuling, Anqing, Tibet, Sichuan province, Chongqing, Paoning, Kuanhsien, Shensi province (new spelling: Shaanxi), Kansu province (new spelling: Gansu), Kiuchuan, Kuhbum, and the language school. Many pictures missing. Most images have a caption and/or a number. Images of worship services, Chinese church leaders, churches, schools, missionaries, traveling conditions, Christian groups, medical work, the Chefoo school at Kuling, mission conferences, baptisms, evangelistic work, Buddhist practices. Ca. 1947-1948.

OMF - V. Over one hundred b/w photos, many with negatives attached. The album has red covers and black pages. Many photos are missing. This album is possibly a companion to the OMF - III and OMF - IV, since it follows the same format. Images are of the mission's work in Laos. Included are pictures mission schools, staff, evangelistic services, visiting villages, work among tribes. Ca. 1957-1958.

OMF - VI. 122 b/w images, most photos, but some are pictures cut from magazines or prayer cards. The scrapbook has brown woven covers and brown pages. It was compiled by missionary Elizabeth Wimer. It contains images of the mission's Singapore staff and headquarters, individual missionaries, missionary weddings and living conditions, scenes of life around Malaysia, Malaysian wedding, baptisms, classes. Ca. 1958-1962.

OMF - VII. Hundreds of color and b/w images (photographs, postcards, clippings from magazines. The scrapbook cover has picture of a tropical beach, the back is red and silver, the pages are black. It was compiled by missionary Elizabeth Wimer. Most of the pictures are of CIM missionaries, many of whom are identified. There are also many shots of the mission's Lammermuir Retirement House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Many pictures of miscellaneous places, such as the 1964-65 World's Fair and various European cathedrals. Ca. 1965-1972.

OMF - VIII. 31 color and b/w images, along with substantial text and captions, about the mission's Chefoo school for missionary children at Tanah Rata in Malaysia. The scrapbook has blue covers and white pages, covered with plastic sheets. The sheets were intended to keep the images on the page but because they are now loose, most of the images are loose as well. The scrapbook, which was perhaps intended for mission supporters, shows the students, staff, activities of the school, including poems and stories by the students. Ca. mid-1960s.

OMF - IX. 33 b/w photos, as well as many ink and watercolor sketches and cartoons. A color drawing of fish, jellyfish, crabs and other sea life is on the front cover, the back cover is white, the pages are white. This was a guest book for the Huahin Cottage, a conference center for the mission in Thailand which was also used as a guest house and vacation center for missionaries. The book is filled with comments and pictures from the various missionaries who stayed there, particularly during and after the annual conference. The book was apparently maintained by Dorothy Beugler, who ran the house. See OMF - X. 1962-1963.

OMF - X. 62 color b/w photos, as well as many ink and watercolor sketches and cartoons. The covers are blue, the pages are white. Contents similar to OMF - IX. 1964.

OMF - XI. - Dozens of b/w photos and magazine clippings. Covers are yellow (a looseleaf notebook) and pages are white and covered in plastic. Notebook describes and illustrates briefly the major centers of the mission in North American - headquarters, regional representatives in the United States and Canada, homes for missionary kids, the Lammermuir House. Ca. 1964.

OMF - XII. Dozens of color and b/w photos, as well as color sketches, calligraphy and miscellaneous items. Covers are blue and gold and pages are grey. This book was put together as a farewell gift for missionary Dorothy Beugler, apparently on her retirement. It contains pictures of scenes throughout the country, as well as missionaries and indigenous Christian friends from throughout Thailand and various texts expressing appreciation and friendship, combining to make a very striking visual presentation. Ca. 1965.

OMF - XIII. 76 color and b/w photos, plus color pictures and stamps. Scrapbook has a purple, orange, black and white cloth pulled over the covers. The pages are white and covered with plastic. The book deals with the mission's work in Laos and was probably intended for use at conferences and churches in North America. There are comprehensive captions to go with the photos. Illustrations show Laotian working activities, religious practices, mission work among children, Bible students, groups of Laotian, Chinese and Vietnamese Christians, baptisms, Bible schools, etc. Ca. 1967.

OMF - XIV. - Dozens of color and b/w photos, as well as dozens of watercolors and color pencil sketches, calligraphy and other illustrations. Scrapbook has flowered covers and white pages. This book was put together for an unknown purpose, perhaps to illustrate the work of the mission in Thailand to supporters back in North America. Each mission station has a page or two, with photos of the workers (foreign and Thai), greetings, Bible verses, humorous drawings, etc. A striking visual presentation, perhaps compiled by the same person or persons who did OMF - XII. Ca. 1965.

OMF - XV. 89 b/w photos. Scrapbook has a red cover and plastic pages, each page with twelve envelopes to hold pictures. The scrapbook was compiled by OMF missionary Mary Cooke about mission activities in northern and central Thailand. Each photo has a caption, sometimes quite lengthy, and the photos are organized into sections which tell stories. A few envelopes have only captions, indicating the photo has been removed. Sections include: the Jane Hays Memorial School in Bangkok, Bible study outings for students, visit to a village of boat builders, a church building workshop at Manoram. Ca. 1967-1968.

OMF - XVI. 92 b/w photos. Scrapbook has a blue cover and plastic pages, each page with twelve envelopes to hold pictures. The scrapbook was compiled by OMF missionary Mary Cooke about mission activities in northern and central Thailand. Each photo has a caption, sometimes quite lengthy, and the photos are organized into sections which tell stories. A few envelopes have only captions, indicating the photo has been removed. Sections include: celebration of Easter by missionaries and Thai Christians at Najkon Sawan, seeing missionaries off on furlough, the Paknampho Church Conference, a trip to the temple at Chiengmai, and a visit to a village of Meow tribe people. 1968.

OMF - XVII. 95 b/w photos. Scrapbook has a flowered front cover, a white and pink back cover, and plastic pages, each page with twelve envelopes to hold pictures. The scrapbook was compiled by OMF missionary Mary Cooke about mission activities in northern and central Thailand. Each photo has a caption, sometimes quite lengthy, and the photos are organized into sections which tell stories. One envelope has only a caption, indicating the photo has been removed. Sections include: Phayao Bible train Camp, Bangkok Bible College, the arrival of a short time worker. Ca. 1968.

OMF - XVIII. 88 b/w photos. Scrapbook has a purple cover and plastic pages, each page with twelve envelopes to hold pictures. The scrapbook was compiled by OMF missionary Mary Cooke about mission activities in northern and central Thailand. Each photo has a caption, sometimes quite lengthy, and the photos are organized into sections which tell stories. A few envelopes have only captions, indicating the photo has been removed. Sections include: the mission's study house in Bangkok, a missionary wedding, a language workshop, a visit to a Buddhist priest in Bangkok, youth trips, visitation in the Bangkok area, a baptism, the Bratu Nam Street Chapel in Bangkok. Ca. 1968.

OMF - XIX. 92 b/w photos. Scrapbook has a green cover and plastic pages, each page with twelve envelopes to hold pictures. The scrapbook was compiled by OMF missionary Mary Cooke about mission activities in northern and central Thailand. Each photo has a caption, sometimes quite lengthy, and the photos are organized into sections which tell stories. A few envelopes have only captions, indicating the photo has been removed. Sections include: youth work, an evangelistic youth meeting, a youth parade in Paknampho, a neighborhood Sunday school, Paknampho Christian families. 1968-1969.

OMF - XX. - 103 color and b/w photos, postcards, and tracts. Scrapbook has a blue flowered cover and plastic pages, each page with eight envelopes to hold pictures or tracts. This scrapbook was compiled by OMF missionaries John and Edith Toop about their work at Manoram Hospital in Thailand. In the front of the scrapbook is a cardboard page with identifications for all the pages. Images illustrate the hospital's staff, medical work, evangelistic activities, lepersaorium, baptisms. Tracts are in color and the Thai language. 1971-1972.

OMF - XXI. Dozens of color and b/w photos and magazine clippings. Scrapbook has brown covers and white pages, covered in plastic. The images consist almost exclusively of pictures of OMF missionaries with their families. Almost all of the pictures are identified. Ca. 1981.


Accession: 82-60, 90-109
Type of Material: Photographs

The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE; request by Folder Titles, which are in capital letters at the start of each entry below. Several folders are marked with an asterisk (*). These marked folders are more or less in the same order as they were kept by the OMF-USA staff, probably in the publications department. Most of these folders contain hundreds of images, with many images mounted on cardboard sheets to form a series. Usually for any folder covering a geographic area there are pictures of evangelism, educational work, medical work, printing and distribution of Christian literature, Bible schools, work among nonChinese tribes, staff members, indigenous church workers, baptisms, OMF facilities, local scenery, national customs such as weddings, non-Christian religions, especially Islam and Buddhism. Any special topics apart from these are mentioned after the folder title. However, please bear in mind that images of all the topics mentioned above are probably also in the file. The dates give the approximate time coverage, not the absolute earliest or latest date.

ALLEN, ARTHUR AND DOROTHEA. Scenes from CIM life. This set consists of 76 copy prints of photos owned by Arthur and Dorothea Foucar Allen, who were both CIM missionaries and children of CIM missionaries. Included are photos of a tea party in Chang Shan, Hunan, attended by James Hudson Taylor on the day of his death in June, 1905; Taylor's funeral; his grave site; 1905 view of Chinkiang; pre-1911 view of Chefoo schools; group shots of Chefoo students, 1908-1915; Kuo min tang soldiers marching past school in 1912; Chefoo faculty, including Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Alty, E. Murray, Mrs. T. A. P. Clinton; 1933 laying of cornerstone for new Chefoo school by G. W. Gibb, P. O. Oleson, D. Robertson; shots of Chefoo buildings; scenes of Chefoo life; the Yellow Sea frozen; the Allen family in 1903 (Mr. and Mrs. H. A. C. and Lydia Aspinor Allen, Will Allen, Arthur Allen); wedding photo of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Foucar; language school participants with Hudson Taylor, 1890? (participants include Baller, H. E. Foucar, and Howard Taylor); shots of the headquarters buildings in Shanghai; photos of Chinese traveling by wagon; children who escaped the Boxer rebellion; Mr. Hanna holding Priscilla Stam after she was brought home after her parents' murder; group photo of H. A. C. Allen, H.J. Alty, James Stark, F. Dickie. 76 b&w.

BIOLA EVANGELISTIC BANDS. BIOLA Evangelistic Bands. Group photos of bands 1-8 and one photo of leaders of bands with superintendent Frank A. Keller; ca. 1922. 9 b&w.

CHINA. Scenes from Chinese life. Includes picture of western teachers and Chinese teachers and students in front of their school in Taifu, China; the rooftops of Taifu, moving logs by river; street scene in Yuanchow, China; boats filled with rice for famine sufferers in Yuanchow; Chinese women and girls; giving out rice to famine sufferers in Yuanchow; center of Yuanchow; Chinese laborers moving logs up hill. 14 b&w.

COLEMAN, HORACE. Portrait photo; n.d. 1 b&w.

EDUCATION - CHINA. School classes. Large class of 1922; small children at day school in west China, class studying; six girls of Peichen School posing at Christmas time, 1916; two graduates of girls' boarding school in Chenchowfu, 1916. 5 b&w.

EMBLEN, GRACE. Photo of her in Chinese robe; n.d. 1 b&w.

FAMINE. n.d. 21 b&w.

FAR EAST BROADCASTING COMPANY. Facilities and staff in Manila and other parts of the Philippines. 1965-1967, n.d. 13 b&w.

FLOOD. Flood in Changsha, China. Several scenes of flooded buildings and boats evacuating people and material. One photo of Frank and Martha Keller and Lily Griwing visiting flooded sections. 7 b&w.

FENG YU-HSIANG. Small scrapbook containing photographs of Feng and his army; portrait photo of Feng in full dress uniform; testaments being distributed to his soldiers; Bible studies; Feng with Admiral James Starkin, D. E. Hoste; distribution of testaments in prison; ca. 1920's. 12 b&w.

FROST, HENRY W. Two copies of the same portrait photo; n.d. 2 b&w.

GLOVER, ROBERT HALL. Portrait photo; n.d. 1 b&w.

GRIFFIN, HERBERT. Portrait photo; n.d. 1 b&w.

HELMER, J. S. Helmer, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Portrait photo; n.d. 1 b&w.

HOUSTON, CHARLES ANA. Portrait photo; n.d. 1 b&w.

HOWARD, PHILLIP E. Portrait photo; n.d. 1 b&w.

HUNAN BIBLE INSTITUTE. Photographs of men's department, women's department, site of 1921 Hunan Bible Conference, attendees at dormitory, attendees of 1921 Hunan Bible Conference in front of old conference buildings, five female graduates, teachers. 8 b&w.

KUHN, JOHN AND ISOBEL. Scenes from their work among the Lisu, including their shanty on Mine Mountain, a Lisu male quartet, deacons and other leaders of the church, Lisus at worship. 6 b&w.

LAGERQUIST, A.W. CIM work at Lanzhou, China. Winter in Lanzhou; A.W. Lagerquist with their seven children; ca. 1911; CIM mission house; graves of two children of Lagerquists; two leaders of Chinese Christians in Kwangchow (new spelling, Guangzhou), also known as Canton. 6 b&w.

LOOSLEY FAMILY. Picture of Robert Loosley and Dorothy E. Loosley with an unidentified woman; 1915. 1 b&w.

NANYOH, CHINA. Scenes from visit of a Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth and R. A. Torrey to area in 1921. One photo includes Torrey, Jonathan Goforth, F. C. H. Dreyer, Walter J. Stevens, Chester Rutledge, Kau lo Tien, Prince Feng (chief of the Yao tribe). 4 b&w.

NEALE, F. H. Portrait photo; n.d. 1 b&w.

OVERSEAS MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP (OMF) (CHINA INLAND MISSION [CIM]). Miscellaneous shots of OMF staff members. Included is an undated photograph of the ocean liner The Empress of Russia; photograph taken Christmas 1972 of retired OMF workers: H. Edwin Andrews, Grace Andrews, E. Bachman, Dorothy Beugler, Esther Bushy, C.J. Glittenberg, Mrs. Glittenberg, A.D. Harns, M. J. Leister, R. Lundgren, H. Morrow, Mrs. H. Morrow, R. Nowak, J. Rorke, M. I. Simpson, Edward E. Taylor, T. Van Vleck, Mrs. V. Van Vleck. 1 color, 5 b&w.

*OMF - BANGKOK, THAILAND. Language schools, literature work, street evangelism. 1961-1970.

OMF (CIM) - CANADA PROPERTIES. Canadian headquarters and mission home in Toronto. n.d. 2 b&w.

*OMF - CHILDREN HOSPITALS AND SCHOOLS. Chefoo schools outside of China, the home in Ivyland, Pennsylvania. 1957-1978.

*OMF - CHINA - 1. The Borden Memorial Hospital, David Adeney's work with InterVarsity Fellowship, , John Kuhn, last days of the OMF in China. 1932-1979.

*OMF - CHINA - 2. Damage done to buildings by war, David Adeney, John Kuhn, the Lisu people, war refugees, work in Tibet, Chefoo school. 1930-1948.

*OMF - CHINA - 3. Evacuation of Chongqing, Tibet, Chefoo, scenes of war. 1915-1950

*OMF - CHINA - 4. Pen and ink sketches of missionary life, Chinese Christians. This folder contains a typed list of photos identified by number, many of the numbers corresponding to numbers on photos in this and the other China folders. 1947-1950.

*OMF - CHINA - 5. Work among Muslims, Jessie McDonald's medical work in Tali. 1947-1949.

OMF (CIM) - CHINA STATIONS. Shanghai headquarters of OMF. Two booklets containing views of Shanghai compound, including gateway, servants quarters, Chinese hostel, administration building, main building, entrance hall, corridor, dining hall, sitting room, south garden; two photos of CIM cemetery in Shanghai. 18 b&w.

OMF (CIM) - CONFERENCES. Photographs taken at meetings at various levels of OMF-CIM hierarchy. Directors' meeting in Shanghai, September, 1947, consisting of Fred Mitchell, H.M. Griffin, Frank Houghton, J. O. Sanders, R. C. Thompson, E. Weller, J. R. Sinton, H. A. J. Lea; 1958 prayer conference; group shots of attendees at 1951 Bournemouth conference: J. M. Rockness, J. B. Kuhn, L.A. Street, A. J. Broomhall, E. F. Baumann, R.E. Toliver, F. E. Keeble, Arthur F. Glasser, S.G. Martin, L.G. Gaussen, G. T. Dunn, R. J. R. Butler, D.J. Michell, G.M. Steed, G.A. Williamson, C. Faulkner, F. L. Canfield, J. O. Sanders, H.M. Griffin, E. Weller, F. Houghton, J. R. Sinton, F. Mitchell, J. H. M. Robinson, H. A. J. Lea; conference in Shanghai of North American workers of the CIM, April, 1891: A.W. Lagerquist, A. E. Thor, P. Rijnhart, John Meilke, J. E. Duff, A.R. Saunders, W. S. Horne, J. S. Lawson, J. S. Rough, Rebecca McKenzie, Miss Riggs, Mrs. J. S. Rough, W. Taylor, G. J. Marshall, M. Scott, H. W. Frost, Miss Ross, Miss Horsburgh, Miss Miller, Mrs. J. Hudson Taylor, J. H. Taylor, J. McCarthy, Miss Turner, Miss Power, G. H. Duff, Miss Gardiner, Miss C. Scott, Miss Kay, Mrs. George Duff, Miss Bee, Grace Irvin, Miss Lucas, M. Nilson; photo probably taken in early 1940s of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Griffin, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Keller, & Mr. and Mrs. Frank Houghton. 5 b&w.

OMF (CIM) - COUNCILS. Councils of various divisions of OMF. The 1927 meeting in Toronto of General Director D. E. Hoste with North American officers and council members: H. O'Brien, R. Wallace, R. H. Glover, H. Frost, D. McTavish, J. J. Gartshore, F. C. H. Dreyer, J. McNichol, E. A. Brownlee, F. F. Helmer, F. Herbert Rhodes; a ca. 1942 meeting of China Council with home directors: A. K. McPherson, Frank Houghton, councils of various divisions; H. Griffin, R. E. Thompson, G. Porteous, R. Glover, J. Stark, F. C. H. Dreyer; members of China Council of 1935 meeting: H. W. Weller, A. Trundinger, C. Fairclough, A. K. MacPherson, W. J. Hanna, G. Porteous, A. Moore, F. C. H. Dreyer, H. T. Ford, W. H. Warren, G. W. Gibb, D. E. Hoste, J. Stark, W. J. Embery, A. B. Lewis; China Council ca. 1916: W. H. Aldis, A. R. Saunders, J. Stark, G. Howell, George Gibb, W. W. Cassels, J. W. Stevenson, D. E. Hoste, J. N. Hayward, William Taylor; meeting of North American Council in Toronto ca. 1914: J. McNichol, J. J. Gartshore, C. R. Erdman, F. Helmer, D. McTavish (?), R.A. Torrey, H. W. Frost, J. S. Helmer, W. Erdman, R. Wallace, H. C. Coleman, William King, F. A. Stevens, T. Edward Ross. 7 b&w.

OMF (CIM) - DEPARTURE SHOTS. Group shots of missionaries going to China. 1888. First North American CIM missionaries: William Boston, William Horne, Miss Taylor (Mrs. Horne),
H. W. Frost (not a missionary), Grace Irvin, F. Whitehouse (not a missionary), G. H. Duff, J. D. Gardiner (Mrs. William Taylor), J. Hamilton Racey, R. Radcliffe (not a missionary), Mrs. Radcliffe (not a missionary), James Hudson Taylor, S. C. Parker, Cassie Fitzsimmons (Mrs. Duff), Rebecca McKenzie, Jeannie Monro (Mrs. Rough)
; 1925 photograph of new CIM workers sailing from Vancouver and home staff: W. Ellis, C. Thompson, Mrs. C. Thompson, Bessie C. Baber, Arthur Polhill, Mrs. Arthur Polhill, Florie V. McDowell, Mrs. H. Hayward, C. Polhill, Gladys Lindholm, Annie Blair, Erna Bachman, Mary Fickett, Frances Cecil-Smith, Irma Day, Florence L. Luton, May Polhill, H. Hayward, Violet Polhill, Elsie Pottinger, Elsie Mae Bottles, Ethelwyn Holland, Olive Atkinson, Norah Getgood, Agnes Thompson, Magdalene Berthold, Eileen Polhill; 1931 photograph of missionaries sailing for Vancouver: N. Waldner, R. Frame, J. Fee, E. Whipple, J. Stunkard, M. Rattray, T. Bush, M. Carleson, G. T. Dunn, J. Zaporozah, B. Silversides, L. Carpenter, L. B. Grasley, L. E. Maxwell, E. A. Kohfield, B. Kohfield, J. Spense, Ruth Elliott, R. Prentice, F. Leeuwenberg, Katharine Hastings Dodd, H. Nowack, A. Dixon, E. Nowack, V. Booth, E. Hayes, T. Williamson, E. Vorley, A. Bissett, S. Kelly, W. Ellis, C. H. Judd, Mrs. C. H. Judd, F. Dickie, Mrs. F. Dickie; two photographs of CIM accepted candidates in 1948; one includes staff of Philadelphia office. Both photos include Hudson Taylor Armerding as one of the candidates. 5 b&w.

*OMF - GREAT BRITAIN. 1951-1969.

*OMF- HONG KONG. The Christian Witness Press.1956-1967.

*OMF - INDONESIA. 1955-1978.

*OMF - JAPAN - 1. 1954-1978.

*OMF - JAPAN - 2. 1962-1979.

*OMF - KOREA. 1976-1979.

*OMF - LAOS. War refugees, youth work, work among tribal people. 1959-1968.

*OMF - LITERATURE WORK. OMF's presses and the distribution of Bibles, books and tracts. 1955-1971.

*OMF - MALAYSIA. Missionary aviation. 1962-1976.

OMF (CIM) - MALAYSIA PROPERTIES. Chefoo School, Malaysia (?). Scenes of daily activity at a school for missionary children. Includes school buildings, baptism service, classroom scenes, children playing, temple worship. N.d. 19 b&w.

*OMF - PERSONNEL. New missionaries, group shots of OMF conferences, U. S. staff, missionaries in the field. 1952-1971.

*OMF - PHILIPPINES- 1. Evangelistic outreach of the Bauan church. 1961-1978.

*OMF - PHILIPPINES - 2. Evangelistic campaigns in Manila. 1954-1972.


*OMF - SINGAPORE. International headquarters, language school, overseas councils, Discipleship Training College, Singapore Bible College. 1952-1972.

*OMF - TAIWAN - 1. 1961-1979.

*OMF - TAIWAN - 2. Work among tribal peoples. 1957-1969.

*OMF - THAILAND, CENTRAL - 1. 1958-1968.

*OMF - THAILAND, CENTRAL - 2. 1958-1980.

*OMF - THAILAND, CENTRAL - MEDICAL. Manoram Hospital. 1959-1975.

*OMF - THAILAND, NORTH - 1. Work among the Lisu, Lahu, Karen and Akhu peoples. 1954-1970.

*OMF - THAILAND, NORTH - 2. Work among the Yao, Phayao, Miao and Shan peoples. 1951-1974 Yao, Phayao, Miao, Shan.

*OMF - THAILAND, SOUTH - MEDICAL. Saiburi Hospital and leprosarium. 1966-1979.

*OMF - THAILAND, SOUTH. 1957-1979.

*OMF - UNITED STATES. Staff, Lammermuir Retirement House, conferences, Art Glasser, Donald McGavran, candidate school, an Urbana Missions conference. 1932, 1961-1978.

OMF (CIM) - USA PROPERTIES. United headquarters in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Jeannette Rorke and Mary Brayton of the staff are standing in front of the office; ca. 1915. 1 b&w.

STEVENSON, JOHN WHITEFORD. Portrait photos of J. W. Stevenson. One of Stevenson from chest up in Chinese garb; one full length in western clothes. n.d. 2 b&w.

TAYLOR, GERALDINE GUINESS. Geraldine Guiness Taylor, wife of Howard Taylor. ca. 1920. 3 b&w.

TAYLOR, F. HOWARD. Portrait photo; ca. 1920. Group shot of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor with her brother Whitfield; ca. 1920. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor at Los Angeles Mission home; ca. 1934. 5 b&w, 1 color.

TAYLOR, J. HUDSON. J. Hudson Taylor's signature, taken in the BGC Archives from a letter filed in Folder 5-10.

VATNE. W.T. n.d. 1 b&w.



Accession: 91-66, 01-29
Type of material: Slides

The following items are located in the SLIDE FILE. All of the slides are in color, unless otherwise noted.


S1-S53 -Slide portion of the slide and tape program on the OMF's work in Central Thailand, narrated by William Wilson, 1962. The program is described in more detail in the scope and content note. Some slides appear to be missing.

S54-S120 - Slide portion of the slide and tape program on the OMF's work in Indonesia, narrated by Lethea Humes, 1962. The program is described in more detail in the scope and content note. Some slides appear to be missing.

S121-S126 - OMF facilities and sites in Great Britain, including Newton Green, Cornford and Hudson Taylor's home. N.d.

Note: Collection 215 contains seven metal slide boxes with slides on particular topics. These were apparently used by missionaries and office staff when they were putting slide shows together for churches or conferences. Most boxes have no further information beyond what is written on each slide.


130 color and b/w slides. This box contains two lists that seems to contain brief descriptions for most of the slides in the box. The slides are of activities in China, mainly in Honan. There are many slides of Kaifeng Hospital in Honan, showing especially Dr. Jessie McDonald. Other slides show some mission and church activity, such as evangelism, education, chapels, but there are also scenes of Chinese life and economic activity. There are also a few slides relating to the war against Japan, such as flyers from the 1942 Doolittle raid who apparently were rescued by Chinese and a slide of Chinese refugees from the Japanese army. The slides are not dated but appear to be from the late 1930s and 1940s.


161 color slides, many faded. Almost all of the slides are of Indonesia, although there are seventeen of Inter-Varsity activities in Saigon, Vietnam, taken by Paul Contento. The Indonesia slides are mostly unlabeled, except for place names, but few of them appear to relate directly to the mission's work. Most are of buildings, daily activities of Indonesians, etc. N.d.


189 color slides. Scenes of Malaya. A little more than half of the slides are labeled. Besides pictures of Malayan daily life, they show missionary staff members, OMF medical clinics, Christian training programs, Sunday schools, the use of a gospel van. N.d.


209 color slides. Scenes of the Philippines. Most slides are not labeled, except for a place name. Besides pictures of Filipino scenery and culture, there are images of OMF's work among various tribes, Bible classes, and church building. Ca, 1952-1956.


230 color slides. Most slides have some kind of label. Pictures of the Singapore Bible Seminary and the OMF international headquarters, as well as evangelistic work in the city, OMF publishing activities, including the Christian Witness Press in Hong Kong. The CWP slides are from 1962, the rest n.d.


183 color slides. Scenes of northern Thailand. Includes pictures of scenery, missionaries, indigenous Christians, people of the White Miao and Yao tribes. N.d.


149 color slides. Scenes of central and southern Thailand. Some of the slides are not photos but color pictures, drawn to illustrate scripts about missionary work in Thailand. Fifteen of these slides make up the set make to go with the script "Drop in Visits" in folder 12-13. Another twenty-two illustrate the script "Cruising in Central Thailand," also in folder 12-13. Most of the rest of the slides have some kind of label. There are few slides directly related to mission work. Most show the different tribes in the area and the landscape and culture. N.d.


132 color slides. Scenes of Japan. The first fifty-seven slides are intended to go with the script, "Whither Japan?," which is in folder 12-6. The slide show is mainly about life in Japan in the immediate post-war period, although it does include a plea for presenting the gospel to the Japanese. The rest of the slides are mainly of various typical Japanese scenes, although there are some of street preaching and other Gospel work. N.d.

For information about the following slide tapes programs (all of which are in color), see the slide/tape table in part III of the Scope and Content description.

Title First Last Date Slide Box
All One Body S128 S207 n.d. 21
Breakthrough in Borneo. Slides S211-2, S224, S242-4, S246, S248, S279, S282 are missing. S208 S285 ca. 1970 21
Build for Tomorrow S286 S325 n.d. 21
Title First Slide Last Slide Date Slide Box
Central Thailand S1 S53 1962 11
Children (Morrison Academy) S326 S407 1988 21
From Japan with Love S408 S489 n.d. 21-22
God - Alive in China S490 S568 ca. 1976 22
Have Faith in God. Slide S597 is missing. S569 S664 ca. 1980 22
The Imperishable Seed S665 S744 n.d. 22
Indonesia S54 S120 1962 11
Kampuchea - Christ Triumphs S745 S824 ca. 1975 22
Made in the Philippines S825 S904 n.d. 22
Made Whole in Christ S905 S984 n.d. 22-23
One Body S985 S1065 1988 23
The Other Hong Kong S1066 S1145 n.d. 23
Picture Asia S1146 S1225 1990 23
Reach and Teach / The Uighurs of China Slides S1226-S1282, S1301-S1303, S1305-S1314 are missing S1226 S1335 n.d. 23
Red Star Over China S1336 S1386 1968 23
Report from China S1387 S1466 1982 23
Seek and Find S1467 S1546 n.d. 23
Thy Kingdom Come S1547 S1617 n.d. 23
Twain Shall Meet S1618 S1697 n.d 23
The Urgent Now S1698 S1777 n.d 23
Yao S1778 S1816 n.d 23


Accession: 91-66, 86-28
Type of Material: Slides (Lantern)

The following items are located in the LANTERN SLIDE FILE:

LANTERN SLIDE BOX 10. 32 b/w and tinted slides, all 3-1/4" x 3-1/4". They do not form a set. Almost all have some kind of label. Includes some scenes of Chinese cities, missionaries preaching, Chinese pastors, Chinese colporteurs, Hudson Taylor's parents and Bible, Bible teaching among the Miao people, groups of Bible students, mission medical work, the Cambridge Seven, Adam Dorward, D. E. Hoste, CIM missionaries. Ca. 1911-1916, most not dated.

LANTERN SLIDE BOX 10. 19 b/w and tinted slides, all 4". Most are not labeled. Includes images of a map of CIM stations in China, missionaries traveling, churches, Shanghai scenes, tribal work, CIM medical work, Mrs. J. D. Harris with Christian of the Tai tribe, evangelistic posters, CIM medical work, missionary families, a Christian Chinese soldier, the CIM Council. 1932, 1940, n.d.

Container List
Box Folder Description
I. James Hudson Taylor I Materials
5 10 R April, 1891-November, 1893
5 11 (Archival copies); April, 1891-November, 1893
5 12 Miscellaneous Papers; 1890-1903
Mother's Notebook; 1853 (?)
5 13 R Original
5 14 (Archival copy)
18 2 Material from JHT's 1888 and 1889 Trips to North America
II. Directories
1 11 1900-1913
1 12 1914-1924
1 13 1925-1932
1 14 1933
1 15 1934
1 16 1935
1 17 1936
1 18 1937
1 19 1939
1 20 1940
2 1 1941
2 2 1942
2 3 1943
2 4 1944
2 5 1945
2 6 1946
2 7 1947
2 8 1948
2 9 1949
2 10 1950
2 11 1952
8 1 1953-1956
8 2 1957-1961
8 3 1962-1966
8 4 1968-1972
9 1 1973-1978
9 2 1980-1990
III. Publications
R 7 1 ca. 1890-1951
OS20 ca. 1940s
11 4 1930-1988
3 11 1930-1949
3 12 Article by Nellie DeWaard entitled Leaving China; 1951
9 3 Birthday Book, 1932
Book Catalogues
3 13 1932-1936
9 4 1952-1955
9 5 Calendars, 1951-1956
3 14 China Experiences; 1935-1952, n.d.
3 15 Facts About China; 1949, n.d.
3 16 Finances; n.d.
9 6 Born for Battle, n.d.
9 7 Missionary of Tomorrow, Battles for Christ in the Philippines; ca. 1962
10 1 One Vision Only; 1959
Years That Are Past
10 2 Intro, 1-183;ca. 1932-1936
10 3 184-423; ca. 1932-1936
10 4 424-647; ca. 1932-1936
10 5 648-932; ca. 1932-1936
10 6 Index; ca. 1932-1936
3 17 Medical Work; 1948, n.d.
3 18 Moslem; 1949, n.d.
10 7 OMF Bulletin, 1962
3 19 Outlines of CIM Work; 1933-1950, n.d.
Philippines notebook
11 1 1956-1959; n.d.
11 2 1957-1971
3 20 Prayer; 1933-1950
11 3 Prayer cards; n.d.
3 21 Preparation for Missionary Work; n.d.
12 1 Filmstrips; n.d.
12 2 China; n.d.
12 3 Finances; n.d.
12 4 Hong Kong; 1952
12 5 Indonesia; 1962
12 6 Japan; 1952-1956, n.d.
12 7 Laos; 1959
12 8 Malaya; 1952-1963
12 9 Miscellaneous; 1962, n.d.
12 10 Philippines; 1952-1961
12 11 Singapore; 1959-1963
12 12 Taiwan; 1953-1956
12 13 Central Thailand; 1953-1962
12 14 North Thailand; 1950-1960
12 15 South Thailand; 1952-1956
12 16 Tibet; n.d.
12 17 Vietnam; 1963
17 4 Scripts: A-L; 1970-1997; n.d.
17 5 Scripts: M-W; 1981-1990; n.d.
3 22 Story Tracts; n.d.
3 23 Student Work; n.d.
3 24 Tibet; 1941, n.d.
3 25 Tribes; 1941, n.d.
Publications by Author
3 26 A-T; n.d.
3 27 Adolph, Paul E.; 1947, n.d.
3 28 Bentley-Taylor, David; n.d.
3 29 Broomhall, A. J.; n.d.
3 30 Broomhall, Marshall; n.d.
3 31 Dreyer; n.d.
3 32 Frost, Henry W.; n.d.
3 33 Glover, Robert Hall; 1938-1941
3 34 Houghton, Frank; 1947-1951
3 35 Kuhn, Isobel; n.d.
3 36 Lyall, Leslie T.; n.d.
3 37 Mitchell, Fred; 1948, n.d.
3 38 Taylor, James Hudson, n.d.
IV. Reference
Mongolian-English Dictionary
5 6 English Entries; 1932
5 7 Typed Manuscript; 1932
5 8 Mongolian German-Russian Dictionary; n.d.
5 9 Mongolian Grammars; 1941, n.d.
18 1 Ponthill-Turner Manuscript; n.d.
V. Conferences
Conference of North American Officers
1 1 1930
1 2 1936
1 3 1941
1 4 1946
1 5 1947
1 6 1948
1 7 1950
1 8 1951
1 9 1952
12 20 1950, 1953-1964
12 21 1976
5 1 November, 1951
12 18 Materials; 1951
12 19 Kiangsi Provincial Conference; 1948
1 10 Kelorama, Australia; February, 1951
5 2 Pre-Bournemouth; September-October, 1951
VI. International Headquarters
2 12 Great Britain Council: Magazine, Young China; March 15, 1931
2 13 CIM Currency; 1904, 1921
2 14 Chinese Letter; 1927
Field manuals
2 15 1886-1928
2 16 1938
2 17 1947
12 23 1954-1956
2 18 December, 1947-December, 1950
2 19 January-August, 1951
12 22 Embery, William; 1938-1939
to Home Councils
2 20 December, 1927-November, 1929
2 21 January, 1930-April, 1931
2 22 June, 1931-December, 1932
2 23 1933
2 24 1934
2 25 1935
2 26 December, 1937-October, 1938
2 27 January-December, 1939
2 28 May-December, 1946
2 29 1947
2 30 1948
2 31 1949
2 32 1950
2 33 from Hong Kong; March-November, 1951
2 34 from Shanghai; January-May, 1951
2 35 Marriage Register; 1890-1950
12 24 Materials relating to CIM's evacuation from China; 1950-1951
China Council
2 36 1897-1906
2 37 1907-1912
2 38 1913-1918
2 39 1919-1927
2 40 1928-1931
2 41 1932
2 42 1933
2 43 1934
2 44 1935
2 45 1936
2 46 1937
2 47 1938
2 48 1939
2 49 1940
2 50 1941
2 51 1942
2 52 1943
2 53 1944
2 54 1945
2 55 1947
Staff Meetings and Notes
2 56 1942
2 57 1943
2 58 1944
2 59 1945
2 60 1946
2 61 1947
2 62 1948
2 63 1949
2 64 1950
2 65 1951
2 66 1952
Newsletters, Monthly Notes
3 1 January 1896-December, 1907
3 2 January 1908-December, 1919
3 3 January 1920-December, 1931
3 4 1932
3 5 1933
3 6 1934
3 7 1935
3 8 1936
3 9 1937
3 10 1938
12 25 Newspaper clippings; 1926-1927
12 26 Principles and Practices; 1966-1968, n.d.
3 39 Kansu Provincial; 1941
3 40 Shanghai United; 1922
3 41 Borden Memorial Hospital; 1934-1935
3 42 Henrietta Bird Memorial Hospital; 1938
3 43 Kaifeng, Honan; 1919-1938
3 44 Wilmay Memorial Hospital; 1935
Medical: Paoning
3 45 1943-1944
3 46 1944-1946
3 47 Schools: Biblical Seminary for Women; 1935-1936
OS20 Senior Missionary Certificate; 1920's
5 3 1951
5 4 1952
5 5 Japan; 1942
VII. U.S. Council
12 27 Audits; 1988-1989
3 71 Announcement of Valedictory Service for Last Missionaries Sent to China from U.S.; 1949
Cables and Telegrams
3 72 1930-1932
3 73 1933
3 74 Cash Disbursal Books; 1889-1892
Corporate Records
3 75 1932
14 8 1932-1970
Corporation Documents Signed by the General Director
3 76 1935
3 77 1943
3 78 Adolph, Paul and Vivian; 1933
5 15 Anderson, M. G. and F. L.; 1933
3 79 Becker, Herman and Auguste; 1932
3 80 Borden, William; 1908-1928
3 81 Carlburg, Ernest; 1933
3 82 Cliff, Howard and Mary; 1933
Cook, Allyn and Leila
4 1 1919-1932
4 2 1933
4 3 1934
4 4 1935
4 5 1936
4 6 1937
4 7 1938
4 8 1939
4 9 1940
4 10 1941
OS20 n.d.
4 11 Denham, G. T. and D. L.; 1933
4 12 Dieffenbacher, Arthur; 1933
4 13 Dreyer, Gertrude C.; 1900-1940
4 14 Friedenshort; 1933
Frost, Henry;
4 15 1904-1932
4 16 1933
Great Britain Council, Home Director
4 17 1930-1932
4 18 1933
4 19 Hayes, Estella; 1933
Assistant China Director
4 20 1929-1932
4 21 1933
5 16 Deputy Director; 1927-1933
Financial Department
4 22 1944
4 23 1945
4 24 1946
General Director
4 25 1929-1932
4 26 1933
13 1 1925, 1955-1958
13 2 1959-1960
13 3 1961-1963
13 4 1964-1967
14 1 Overseas Director; 1959-1962
4 27 1930-1932
4 28 1933
5 17 Hollenweger, O. and L.; 1933
4 29 Knight, Maude; 1933
Kuhn, John and Isobel
4 30 1933
4 31 1934
4 32 1935
4 33 1936
4 34 1938
4 35 1939
4 36 1940
4 37 1941
4 38 1942
4 39 1943
4 40 ca. 1946
13 5 1953-1959
Kuling School for the Children of Missionaries in China
5 18 October-December, 1949
5 1950
5 20 1951
5 21 1952
5 22 1954
4 41 Lewis, A. B.; 1933
5 23 Lyons, Henry; 1933
4 42 Mellow, J. H. and F. J.; 1934
14 2 Pottinger, Elsie; 1926-1948
5 24 Re: Death of Leighton P. Rand; 1928-1929
4 43 Re: Distribution of Hudson Taylor - The Man Who Believed God; 1929
4 44 Re: The Two Hundred; December, 1931-September, 1933
14 3 Riffell, Hilda; 1952-1959
4 45 Robinson, J. and J.; 1933
4 46 Robinson, Laura; 1933
4 47 Sailing and Booking Notices; 1930-1931
4 48 Saltmarsh, A. I.; 1933
5 25 Schoerner, Otto; 1933
14 4 Sibley, H. A. and Gertrude; 1893-1911
14 7 Southwest region; 1971-1976, 1983, 1990
4 49 Taylor, F. Howard; January, 1928-February, 1933
4 50 Taylor, Herbert and Jane; 1933
Toronto Council Editorial Secretary
4 51 1929-1932
4 52 1933
14 5 Tweddell, C. E.; 1929-1932
4 53 Welsh, E.; 1933
14 6 Wimer, Elizabeth; 1952-1989
12 28 Crowell Trust; 1966-1980
Borden, William
6 1 April-September, 1913
6 2 September, 1913-1929, n.d.
4 54 Cunningham, Laura; 1905
4 55 Eulogy about J. O. Fraser; 1938
4 56 Eulogy about D. E. Hoste; 1946
4 57 Handbook; ca. late 1940's
14 9 King editorial; 1968
4 58 Magazine, China's Millions; 1938-1940
14 10 Material from the Congress on the Church's Worldwide Mission; 1966
6 3 May, 1902-September, 1943
6 4 September, 1943-November, 1952
Corporation Meetings
4 59 1932
4 60 1933
4 61 1934
4 62 1935
4 63 1936
4 64 1937
4 65 1938
4 66 1939
4 67 1940
4 68 1942
4 69 1943
4 70 1944
4 71 1945
4 72 1946
4 73 1947
4 74 1948
4 75 1949
4 76 1950
4 77 1952
Staff Meetings
4 78 1929-1933
4 79 1943
4 80 1944
4 81 1945
6 5 Miscellaneous Important Papers; 1927-1930
14 11 Chefoo Schools Association; 1966, 1972, 1974-1980
14 12 CIM Alumni Association; 1982-1989
14 13 North Thailand Roundup; 1990
Personnel Cards
4 82 A
4 83 B
4 84 C
4 85 D
4 86 E
4 87 F
4 88 G
4 89 H
4 90 I-J
4 91 K
4 92 L
4 93 M
4 94 N
4 95 O
4 96 P
4 97 Q-R
4 98 S
4 99 T
4 100 U-V
4 101 W
4 102 X-Z
Current (1990)
15 1 A to H
15 2 I to R
15 3 S to Y
15 4 A to C
15 5 D to K
16 1 L to S
16 2 T to Z
Post-Council Information
16 3 1952-1964
16 4 1964-1975
16 5 No longer with CIM; 1932-1958
16 6 A to H; 1946-1971
16 7 I to Z; 1947-1970
6 6 Prayer Letters; 1928-1933
17 1 Programs; 1932-1982
6 7 Property - Huston, Charlesanna; 1902-1920
Property Deeds
6 8 1891-1945
OS20 1909
6 9 China; 1946-1949
6 10 North America; 1891-1929
4 103 Relationship of Mission to the Continuation Committee of the World Missionary Conference; n.d.
6 11 Register of Candidate Information; 1891-1934
6 12 Surveys; 1957
VIII. Canadian Council
Candidate Register
17 2 1887-1895
17 3 1895-1914
3 48 1888-1917
3 49 1918-1925
3 50 1926-1931
3 51 1932
3 52 1933
3 53 1934
3 54 1935
3 55 1936
3 56 1937
3 57 1938
3 58 1939
3 59 1940
3 60 1941
3 61 1942
3 62 1943
3 63 1944
3 64 1945
3 65 1946
3 66 1947
3 67 1948
3 68 1949
3 69 1951
3 70 Speech - "Training Chinese Workers" by F. C. R. Dreyer; 1944

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