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Table of Contents

Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

General Historical Background of Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Biography of Robert O. Ferm

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

    Series I: Personal
    Series II: BGEA
    Series III: Conversion Research
      Suberies A: Manuscripts and Research Materials
      Subseries B: Questionnaires and Testimonies

Lists of Books, Periodicals, and Photographs in This Collection (Location Records)
List of the Contents of Boxes of Paper Records in This Collection
    Series: Personal
    Series: BGEA
    Series: Conversion Research
      Suberies: Manuscripts and Research Materials
      Subseries: Questionnaires and Testimonies
Appendix: Box and Folder List from a Previous Version of This Guide

Brief Description
Correspondence, manuscripts, questionnaires, photographs, minutes of meetings, schedules, statistics, and more relating to Ferm's many and varied posts within the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). Some of these posts were research assistant to Billy Graham, coordinator of various crusades, co-editor of DECISION magazine, and dean of the Schools of Evangelism. The collection also contains letters written by people reacting to the work of Graham and the BGEA and information on the internal functionings of the Association. The collection also includes manuscripts of Ferm's books on conversion and hundreds of testimonies by or reports of people who committed their lives to Christ during a BGEA meeting. There are restrictions on the use of this collection. For more information, please see guide.

Collection 19
[October 9, 2008]
BGEA: Ferm, Robert O.; 1911-1994
Papers; 1946-1988, n.d.

29 Boxes (10 RC, 19 DC; 20.05 cubic feet), Photographs, Slides

The BGEA retains the copyright to their materials and their permission is needed for quotation. BGEA permission is also required to copy photos, audio recordings, or films in this collection, as well as paper records in any restricted files. The Archives staff will provide the form needed to request copying permission. Paper records in files not otherwise restricted may be copied. For quotation permission, contact the BGEA at
Files 2-30, 2-31, 3-1, 13-8, 14-11 and 19-1 are closed during the lifetime of Rev. Billy Graham.

Researchers using the following folders until December 31 of the year fifty (50) years from the the most recent document in the folder indicated must sign an agreement that they will maintain the confidentiality of the individuals whose testimonies are in these folders. No material in these folders may be copied during this same time period:

9-14 through 9-16, 17-4, 19-3 through 19-8, and all folders in boxes 20 through 29

Full name: Robert Oscar Ferm
Birth date: September 20, 1911, in Port Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Death date: March 25, 1994
Parents: Oscar and Anna Turner Ferm
Siblings: At least one brother, Gordon
Marital Status: Married to Lois Mary Roughan in June, 1941
Children: Lois Esther Mitchell (1942), Rebecca Ann Dodson (1943), Paul Robert Ferm (1944), and Stephen John Ferm (1946)
1931-32 Jamestown Business College, New York
1935-36 John Brown University, Arkansas
1937-39 Winona Lake School of Theology, Indiana
1939 B.A. from Houghton College, New York
1947 M.A. in 1947 from the University of Buffalo, New York (thesis on St. Thomas Aquinas)
1952 Th.M. from Central Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri
1931 Licensed as an undertaker in the state of New York
1936-1947 Pastor of Pine Hill Church, Buffalo, New York
1945-1947 Teaching assistant in philosophy at University of Buffalo
1947-1951 Executive Vice President of John Brown University
1951-1952 Dean, Northwestern Schools, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1952-1958 Dean of Students, Houghton College, 1952-1958
ca. 1954 Began doing special assignments for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association on a part-time basis. In 1954, took a two month leave of absence from Houghton College to work as assistant to Billy Graham during the 1954 Greater London Crusade. His work there included writing, speaking, and preaching. In 1957-1958, he took a much longer leave of absence to assist during the 1957 New York CrusadeCrusade and to gather information on the lasting results of decisions for Christ made during BGEA crusades in different countries around the world.
1959-1978 Began working full-time for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He served as a research assistant to Billy Graham working on special assignments, and also handled a variety of other responsibilities, including co-editor of Decision Magazine (1960-1965), Team Coordinator with responsibility for associate evangelists' crusades (1961-1964), speaker at pastor's conferences (1964-1973), Dean of Schools of Evangelism (1965-1968), associate editor of Decision (1966-1967), consulting editor of Decision (1967-1978)
Other significant information: Ferm's main interest as a scholar was in the psychology and results of Christian conversion. He spoke and lectured on the subject in main academic and non-academic venues and wrote the following books: Cooperative Evangelism: Is Billy Graham Right or Wrong? (1958), Persuaded to Live: Conversion Stories from Billy Graham Crusades (1958), The Psychology of Christian Conversion (1959) (a reworking for publication of his dissertation), World Wide Witness (1960), Billy Graham: Do the Conversions Last (with Caroline M. Whiting (1988).

Robert Ferm served in many different capacities at the BGEA, sometimes simultaneously. One of his first positions was that of Team Coordinator. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, the BGEA tried various experiments with "satellite crusades," that is, crusades preached by Graham's associate evangelists, usually in conjunction with and physically close to a crusade Graham himself was holding. One of the most notable of these experiments was the 1961 Upper Midwest Crusade which saw associate evangelists preaching in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin during the first week of July and Graham preaching in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, during the second week. In the summer of 1962, Graham asked Ferm to become Team Coordinator, with the responsibility for scheduling and overseeing the crusades of the associate evangelists. The Team Coordinator, in consultation with the associate evangelists, accepted or declined invitations to the associates from communities or single churches to hold meetings; helped Willis Haymaker, special assistant to Graham; answered invitations to Graham to hold meetings; selected and oversaw the people who set up and directed each crusade in conjunction with the local leaders; compiled statistics on crusade results; helped plan the annual BGEA Team meeting; and worked with the Association's personnel director, George Edstrom, in carrying out personnel policies. In 1961, a separate office for crusade activities was set up in Atlanta, Georgia. The Minneapolis office continued to handle Decision magazine, finances, supplies, and business activities. With the establishment of the Atlanta office in 1964, the position of Team Coordinator was abolished and the responsibilities were divided between Walter Smyth, who was Director of Crusade Organization and Team Activities, and John Dillon, who was the Field Director of Associate Crusades. Both of these men were based in Atlanta.

Ferm also served as co-editor, associate editor, and consulting editor of Decision, the BGEA's tabloid. In these capacities, he helped editor Sherwood Wirt in the job of establishing a tone and editorial policy for the new publication. Ferm also played an important part in beginning the BGEA's Schools of Evangelism and Schools of Christian Writing.

His most important function, however, was that of assistant to Billy Graham. In this capacity, he often acted as a troubleshooter and did some of the advance work and counselor training for Graham's crusades. He also assisted in the writing of Graham's articles, books, and sermons, and helped schedule the evangelist's speaking engagements. Other assignments included setting up the BGEA's research library on evangelism and studying the long-term effects of crusades, both on individual inquirers and communities.

Scope and Content

[Note: In the Scope and Content description, the notation "folder 2-5" means box 2, folder 5.]
The Robert O. Ferm papers include correspondence, questionnaires, testimonies or conversion stories, reports, photographs, manuscripts, forms, newsletters, and procedure books, most of which were gathered by Ferm during his decades with the BGEA. Some of the files were retained in their original order, such as the crusade files of the associate evangelists (folders 5-17 to 5-42 and 6-45 to 6-79), and the correspondence on invitations (folders 7-3 to 7-129). Most of the material, however, was not ordered according to one pattern upon arrival at the Archives. Therefore, a system was partially imposed by the Archives staff. Most of the folder titles were written by the Archives staff. The major themes running through most of the material in the collection are Ferm's work as a senior staff member of the BGEA ( including handling special projects for Billy Graham, editing Decision magazine, directing the Schools of Evangelism, supervising the scheduling and arrangements for associate evangelists' crusades) and his research into Christian conversion, especially the conversions of those people who responded at evangelistic meetings of the BGEA.

The collection was divided by the archivist into three series (the contents of which often overlap). They are: Personal, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and Conversion Research. The Conversion research series is further divided into two subseries: Manuscripts, and Questionnaires & Testimonies

Series I: Personal
Arrangement: Alphabetical by folder title
Date range: 1951-1974
Volume: 1.85 cubic feet
Boxes: 4 (partial), 5 (partial), 13
Geographic coverage: United States
Type of documents: Correspondence; book, sermon and article manuscripts; faculty minutes
Correspondents: Family members, L. Nelson Bell, F. Carlton Booth, Jack Cousins, Mel Dibble, Shockley Few, George E. Failing, Dick Hillis, V. Samuel Jones, Robert Luckey, W. L. Muncy, H. Omar Olney, Stephen Paine, Phil and Louis Palermo, Jerry Snell, Robert Stokes, and H. Sanford Weaver.

Notes: Folders 4-40 to 5-14 and 13-5 contain correspondence. These deal with matters such as Ferm's correspondence with Zondervan Publishers (folder 5-14, 13-8) and Revell Publishers (13-6) about the books he had written or would write, a letter to Congressman Walter J. Judd expressing his opinion on the Supreme Court's school prayer ruling (folder 5-4), possible speaking engagements, his responsibilities as a dean of Houghton College (5-3, 13-10), an exchange of letters with Charles Richard "Dick" Hillis on whether Evangelicals should join ecumenical organizations (folder 5-3), prayer letters from Eugenia Johnston who was a missionary in Vietnam (folder 5-4), a letter to the governor or Arkansas, Orval Faubus, on his civil rights policies (folder 4-45); an exchange of correspondence with George R. Wells about Ferm's responsibilities as a member of the board of the organization Youth in One Accord, a report of Stephen Olford's 1958 evangelistic campaign in Edinburgh, Scotland (13-5), etc.

Folder 13-2 contains family correspondence, mainly letters to and from Ferm's son Steve in the Marine Corps. Folder 13-3 contains a very interesting set of letters Ferm wrote to his wife and children when he was assisting during the BGEA's 1954 London Crusade. The letters contain many insights into the personalities and activities involved in the crusade, written at a time when Ferm was new to the organization and the BGEA itself was still developing its methodology..

Other materials in the Personal series include minutes from faculty meetings at Northwestern Schools (folder 13-12), book reviews Ferm wrote for Christianity Today magazine and a manual for reviewers put out by the magazine (folder 13-1), and drafts of various articles and books Ferm was working on, including one apparently on a Christian view of sex (folders 13-13), conversion, Billy Graham, the possibility of a Roman Catholic president (folder 13-14). It should be noted that almost all of the manuscripts of articles in these files have no indication of author, but they were apparently by Ferm. Folder 13-7 contains several brief evangelistic messages which Ferm wrote for the religious television program Springs of Living Water.

Series II: BGEA files
Arrangement: Alphabetical. (Different bodies of materials have been added to this collection at different times, and the arrangement within each of these of additions is alphabetical for that addition.)
Date range: 1946, 1948, 1953-1988
Volume: 10.75 cubic feet
Boxes: 1-12, 14-16 (4,5, 9, 10, 11 and 16 partial)
Geographic coverage: Worldwide but predominantly the United States
Type of documents: Correspondence, reports, memoranda, statistics, training materials, clippings, many miscellaneous items
Correspondents: See Notes for this section
Notes: This series documents Ferm's activities as a BGEA staff member, except for his work gathering data on conversion, which is documented in the series on Conversion Research. The records fall into eleven overlapping groups:

1. BGEA general information materials, such as newsletters, minutes of meetings, reports (folders 1-1 to 1-8, 14-8 to 14-11);
2. Correspondence with other BGEA workers, including Billy Graham (folders 2-11 to 3-45, 14-8 to 14-11);
3. Files dealing with the concerts Ferm helped set up for Beverly Shea and others (folders 1-17 to 2-9);
4. Folders containing materials on various specific crusades, rallies, or tours that Ferm participated in (folders 5-17 to 6-79, 10-1 to 11-12, 14-8 to 14-11, 15-1, 15-4);
5. Correspondence responding to invitations the Association received for Graham or one of the associate evangelists to lead a crusade or a meeting (folders 7-3 to 7-129);
6. General correspondence handled by Ferm which contains requests for information, criticism or questions, testimonies, etc. (folders 4-20 to 4-40, 14-6);
7. Correspondence with non-BGEA evangelists and Christian workers (folders 4-1 to 4-19);
8. Some of the sermons preached by Graham on the Hour of Decision radio program and an index to HOD sermons (folders 7-1, 7-2);
9. Files containing information used to prepare sermons or containing the notes on special projects undertaken by Ferm (folders 9-2 to 9-13);
10. Questions and replies used and criticism responding to Graham's newspaper column My Answer (folders 8-1 to 9-1, 15-3); and
11. A survey done to gather information on the usefulness of a proposed Bible study (folders 1-9 to 1-16, 15-2).
The material in box 12 was added to the collection after the original processing and contains correspondence, reports, and memos which relate to Ferm's activities as Team Coordinator. Among the topics covered are the arrangements for the annual meeting of all or most of the team personnel, which was first held in 1962; the transcriptions of correspondence of Cliff Barrows, Joe Blinco, Leighton Ford, John Lenning, and Roy Gustafson; the arrangements for single church meetings or small crusades for Joe Blinco, Irv Chambers, Lee Fisher, Leighton Ford, Roy Gustafson, Howard Jones, Larry Love, John Wesley White, Grady Wilson, and T. W. Wilson in Colorado, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Saskatchewan, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia; the arrangements for college speaking engagements of Akbar Haqq; and the engagements declined.
The BGEA General information materials consist mainly of circulars sent around to all or a large portion of the staff. For example, folder 1-2 contains the newsletter Ferm edited in 1964, which periodically described news items, usually religious, of interest to BGEA workers. Folder 1-4 contains information on the administration of the BGEA. (Similar information can be found in folders 2-24 and 3-40). Also interesting is folder 1-3, which contains some of the mass mailings the BGEA sent out to its many constituents describing activities and asking for assistance.

Because of Ferm's many and various responsibilities within the Association, his correspondence with other BGEA workers touches almost every aspect of the organization's activities. Thus, in folder 3-35 can be found a memo suggesting revamping of the BGEA's Team structure; in folder 3-38 information on the Association's work in the Dominican Republic; in folder 3-2 one associate evangelist's thoughts on speaking in tongues; in folder 16-4 is correspondence with BGEA general manager George Wilson about a wide range of ongoing BGEA projects and crusades; in folder 3-19 letters describing the process of helping John Pollock gather information for his authorized biography of Billy Graham (Folder 14-8 contains a 1961 letter from John Stott to Billy Graham suggesting the possibility of a biography by Pollock; folder 15-6 contains a manuscript and other material relating to Pollock's book on the 1966 London Crusade), which was published in 1966 and comments from Curtis Mitchell on an article he was writing on Graham; also in folder 3-19 a newsletter sent by Graham to the United States in 1946 describing his and Cliff Barrows' evangelistic activities in Europe on behalf of Youth For Christ; and in folder 3-28 some description of the activities of the BGEA's London office. A few files contain information on specific crusades such as folder 3-9, which has correspondence on details on Roy Gustafson's crusade in Brocton, Massachusetts, or folder 2-23, which has reports from John Dillon on arrangements being made for a crusade Ottawa, Kansas. Most of this kind of information, though, is in the Crusade files. Some information on the itineraries and problems of the various evangelists is contained in the prayer letters in folders 3-20 and 3-21. Ferm had a great deal to do with the founding of the Association's tabloid, Decision, and folders 2-22 and 14-5 contain correspondence and other material on the publication's beginnings, development, goals, etc. Also in folder 2-22 are letters with information about the work of various other evangelistic and mission organizations. These letters were sent in response to requests from Ferm for articles for the new publication. Among the correspondences are Charles Richard "Dick" Hillis of Orient Crusades, Clifton J. Robinson of the India Council for Christian Leadership, David Morken, Hans M. Wilhelm, Robert P. Evans, Stephen Olford, and William A. Hulet of Far East Broadcasting Company. The School of Christian Writing was a BGEA program that was run for several years by the Decision staff; folders 1-5 and 15-8 document Ferm's involvement in the program. An interesting report in folder 3-26 describes how the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association handles personnel matters, incoming mail, etc., and compares their methods with those of the BGEA. Folder 2-17 contains the itineraries of the Holy Land tours led by Roy Gustafson. This sampling should give an idea of the topics covered by the correspondence.

Five folders (2-30 to 3-1, 14-11) contain the correspondence between Graham and Ferm. Several of the letters are reports on activities or institutions. There are discussions of the enrollment, purpose, curriculum, policy on accreditation, etc., of John Brown University and Oral Roberts University. (These may have been prepared at a time when Graham was considering starting a school). Other reports deal with the preparations for the 1966 evangelistic crusade in England, a 1963 meeting in Mexico City of the World Council of Churches' Commission on World Evangelism and Missions; Ferm's responsibilities as coordinator for associate evangelistic crusades, Billy Graham's annual reports to the BGEA board of trustees, Ferm's attendance in 1964 as Graham's representative at the United Bible Society's meeting in Holland, which partly dealt with new Bible translations; the library on evangelism Ferm was putting together for Graham; and the possibility of a crusade in Chicago in 1964. A few letters discuss Graham's papers and where they should be located. One letter discusses the possibility of putting them in the Library of Congress; (see also folder 14-12). Folders 16-2 and 16-3 contain correspondence and other material relating to the collections of Billy Graham materials given to Southwestern Baptist Seminary and Southern Baptist Seminary. Some of the other records in the folders of correspondence with Graham include a translation of an article appearing in a Russian magazine describing Graham's visit to the USSR in 1961 and attacking his work; a transcript of a 1964 press conference at which Graham was asked questions mostly about the presidential campaign; a copy of a paper by Charles W. Keysor on persuasion in the evangelist's preaching; an article Graham was writing on "Fellowship and Separation" including critiques from Charles Fuller and Sherwood Wirt; and a letter from James Forester, president of Gordon College, outlining that school's financial situation. Some of the other topics covered include: scheduling of crusades, administration of crusades, possible subjects of books, topics for addresses on university campuses, and the movement of the BGEA's Team office to Atlanta, Georgia. There is a copy of the 1981 program for the memorial service for Morrow (Coffey) Graham (Billy Graham's mother) in folder 14-10.

The concert materials files (folders 1-17 to 2-19) deal with the planning of tours for George Beverly Shea, Tedd Smith, Don Hustad and other BGEA vocalists and musicians. Ferm helped to handle the scheduling and publicity for these meetings, including one tour in England.

The Crusade files contain information from specific crusades. All the crusades from a particular evangelist are together and arranged according to date of crusade. Then each group of folders are arranged alphabetically according to the evangelist's last name. Graham's files are in folders 5-43 to 6-44. The folders contain orders, memos, receipts, forms, and statistics from a particular meeting or series of meetings. Many folders contain only a few items. The type and location of meetings vary widely from John Wesley White's talk at the National Security Agency in 1964 (folder 6-71) to Joe Blinco's 1964 crusade in British Honduras (folder 5-29). As might be expected, the bulkiest files deal with Graham's meetings. A few of the more interesting items are described below: Folder 5-46 includes many reports which describe, through both statistics and narratives, the results of the 1957 New York Crusade. (Throughout the Questionnaires Subseries of the Conversion Research Series are hundreds of testimonies by people who were converted during the New York Crusade.) Folder 15-7 contains an extensive report written either by Ferm or by Forrest Layman about post-crusade developments in San Francisco after the meetings there in 1958, including questions and critiques from ministers who participated. Reports on the rallies held in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Birmingham, Alabama, are contained in folders 5-48 and 6-24, respectively. A procedure manual, which describes both the administration and technique of the counseling and follow-up program can be found in folders 5-49 and 6-11, while an evaluation of the counseling work at a different crusade is in folder 5-58. A similar manual from 1967 for the organization of the office for a crusade is in folder 14-3. Folder 14-1 contains notes that were apparently to be used in preparing a counselor manual or training lecture. Folder 5-50 is made up of articles by Tom McMahon of the Columbia, South Carolina, newspaper The State on Graham's African tour of the nations of Liberia, Nigeria, Rhodesia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Israel. A letter from Billy Hargrove of the Southern Baptist Convention describing the results of a survey of Florida's residents on their religious beliefs is contained in the folder of correspondence from the 1961 Miami Crusade (folder 5-54). Also in that folder are statistics of the crusade itself. Folder 5-65 contains a brochure intended to explain Graham's ministry to a South American audience. The front of the brochure is a photo of Graham and then President John F. Kennedy. Two letters in folder 6-3 contain evaluations of the effect of the 1962 Chicago crusade; one from Evangelical Lutheran pastor W. Douglas Larson complains of the lack of results, while the other from a TV station in Mississippi comments on the great impact of the crusade telecasts. The BGEA work at two world's fairs is described in folders 6-11 and 6-23; the work at the 1964 fair was especially elaborate, including as it did a Billy Graham Pavilion.

The beginnings of the Schools of Evangelism, seminars held during each crusade for local pastors on evangelistic technique, had their beginnings at the training programs for seminary students first held in 1962. This program was sponsored by Lowell Berry and much of the early planning done by Ferm and Edward Gregory. Several files contain details of planning and evaluations from the staff and the students of the results of the program (folders 6-9, 6-30, 6-34). Folders 10-4, 11-5, and 16-1 contain correspondence and planning materials for the first overseas School of Evangelism, held in London. Several files (folders 10-4, 11-5, 11-9) contain Ferm's work in setting up other Schools of Evangelism in conjunction with the crusades in each city. These schools were seminars held over two or more days during which different speakers would illustrate for ministers and other Christian workers the principles of organizing and leading evangelistic meetings. Folders 10-1 and 10-2 contain information on the schools set up in Tokyo in 1967 and in Australia in 1968.

An interesting memo in folder 6-18 defines what should be the attitude of crusade workers to the press and suggests some reactions to typical questions. A similar letter in folder 6-44 suggests how European pastors participating in the Euro '70 crusade should respond to questions about Graham's attitudes on Vietnam, social concerns, etc.

Much of the correspondence in the invitations section was written by Willis Haymaker among others. These letters are answering invitations extended to one of the evangelists of the BGEA to speak. Apparently, however, the files were handed over to Ferm, who helped Haymaker in working out Graham's schedule. These folders retain their original arrangement. They are divided into crusade invitations, school invitations, and single meeting invitations. Each set of invitation folders are arranged alphabetically. Folders 7-127 to 7-129 contain some of the correspondence declining invitations. Folders 2-10, 5-15, and 5-16 contain somewhat similar material; the first contains requests to Graham to write articles for various publications, including a request from Bill Bright of Campus crusade; the second contains pleas for help in studying some aspect of the BGEA's activities; and the third contains some of the data gathered by Ferm for articles in the British magazine Sunday on Graham's life. This last folder contains information from various Team members on how they first met the evangelist.

General Correspondence contains letters from all sorts of people who were reacting to the BGEA's work or who had ideas for new ministries or who wanted to give advice. Thus, folder 4-28 contains a plan to set up a system for twenty-two thousand communities around the world; folder 4-22 contains letters from people converted during telecasts of crusades; folder 4-34 includes Ferm's reply to an article by Chuck Stone in the Chicago Defender, criticizing Graham for not taking a stand against racial segregation; folder 4-39 contains a letter from Ferm squelching a rumor that George Beverly Shea had cancer of the throat; a letter in folder 4-23 asks for Graham's feeling on the Supreme Court ruling banning official prayers in public schools; and folder 4-36 has a letter from Ferm asking for the source of an anecdote on the financing of the Bolshevik Revolution. This sampling hopefully illustrates the extremely wide variety of types of letters in these files.

The Hour of Decision index includes a list of the first 130 sermons printed in pamphlet form and then an alphabetical list of topics covered on the sermons. For instance, there is an entry listing all the sermons which touched on the topic of crime.

Ferm's research files contain some files of clippings on particular topics which he collected for ready reference. Thus there are files of information on American Judaism (folder 9-2) and Roman Catholicism (folders 9-8 and 9-9). Other folders contain manuscripts people sent him such as the one in folder 9-7 on a revival in Brazil, or the manuscript in folder 9-4 by Rebah Hilburn telling about miraculous healings she had experienced. The speeches in folder 9-5 were delivered at a Layman Institute meeting by L. Nelson Bell, Andy Blane, Howard Butt, LeRoy Collins, John Cordle, Mr. Goncharoff,
Maxey Jarmen, W. G. Jones, James Karam, A. G. B. Owen, Ruth Stafford Peale, Alfred Sharp, Mr. Sitts, Stuart Symington, and Herbert J. Taylor. Folders 9-10 and 9-11 contain the correspondence and manuscripts generated by Ferm's attempts to help the widow of evangelist George T. Stephens edit some of his sermons for publication, together with a biographical sketch. The sermons and sketch were published under the title of True Revival, by Bible Evangelism, Inc. in 1961. Ferm also worked on a Bible study called Words of Life, parts of which are contained in folder 9-12 and 9-13.

Ferm assisted Graham in the preparation of the newspaper column My Answer. People would write to Graham with questions about Christian belief or some personal problem and he would publish the question and his reply in the column. Folders 8-4 to 8-8 and 15-3 contain some of the letters sent in, while folders 8-9 to 9-1 contain some typical replies, and folders 8-1 and 8-2 contain some of the critical letters sent in response to the replies that appeared in print.

Some of the data from other projects Ferm worked on are in folders 1-9 to 1-16 and 9-14 to 9-16. The first group contains surveys done of children, married adults and single adults who had attended a BGEA crusade. The results of the survey were to be used to prepare a Bible study on marriage and the home. The second group of folders contains questionnaires and letters from people who had been converted in part at least through the agency of the BGEA. This data was gathered by Ferm over several years to find out if conversions that happened during crusades lasted and to help determine the overall impact of a crusade. The questionnaires and letters describe a person's pre-conversion life, how and why the change came, and the post-conversion life.

Ferm also handled some of the correspondence with other evangelists and similar Christian workers. Some of the evangelists, like Arnie Robertson whose records are in folder 4-12, were recommended for meetings the BGEA couldn't or wouldn't accept for various reasons. Others, like the British, Canadian, and Australian evangelist Don Summers whose correspondence is in folder 4-18, were assisted when they visited the United States. Other interesting folders in this group include folder 4-4, which contains a long letter from Ferm describing the historical background of international evangelism conferences, a report from Nate Krupp in folder 4-6 on the prospects for the work of the Lay Evangelism Committee, information from Norm Nelson on the work of Overseas Crusades (more on the work of this organization, which was earlier known as Orient Crusades, can be found in correspondence of Richard Hillis in folder 2-22; the same folder also contains a report by Hillis on Buddhist Evangelism in Taiwan), a newsletter of the Golden Triangle Evangelistic Association in folder 4-10, and a letter from evangelist John R. Rice in folder 4-11 criticizing Graham for not making clear his position on baptismal regeneration.

Material later added to Collection 19 consists largely of letters, memos, and reports written by Ferm in his capacity as a researcher for Billy Graham and as one of the persons in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) in charge of making arrangements for upcoming crusades. The archivist supplied the titles for the folders, whenever possible based on the folder title given by Ferm. Loose correspondence or correspondence in unlabeled folders was combined into the three general correspondence folders, 10-1, 10-2, and 10-3.

Ferm often worked with local pastors before a crusade, both to help them in their planning and to keep Graham informed about attitudes toward the crusade. Thus folders 11-7 and 11-9 contain long reports to Graham on the degree of cooperation he could expect during his 1968 Pacific Northwest Crusade and the 1975 Sweden Crusade, respectively. Similarly, folder 11-4 contains statistics on the results of a survey done among pastors in the slums of London in 1965 to find out whether they would welcome a Graham rally in their area. The responses are broken down according to denomination. There is a great deal of information on Ferm's work on the 1966 Greater London Crusade (folders 10-5, 11-2, 11-3, 11-4, 11-5, 15-1), including letters on his reaction to an open letter published in Frontier by John Lawrence suggesting that Graham should spend some time in England before the crusade in order to better understand the concerns of different groups of people. Tom Allan is one of the correspondents with a letter in folder 11-2. Folder 11-3 contains several articles Ferm wrote for British publications defending the methods of the BGEA. Other crusades, not previously mentioned, for which there is information in this collection include the 1965 Heart of America (folder 11-6), the 1971 Greater Chicago Crusade (folder 10-3), the 1971 Northern California Crusade (folders 10-2, 10-3), the 1976 Greater San Diego Crusade (folder 11-12), the 1976 Southeast Michigan Crusade (folder 10-3), and the 1979 Greater Milwaukee Crusade.

Folders 10-1 to 10-3 also contain a good many letters related to Ferm's non-crusade work for Graham. These files include the notes and memos he prepared on suggesting a curriculum and administrative policies for a college Graham was considering founding; response to inquiries ranging from criticisms of Graham's stand on the Vietnam Conflict to questions about his attitude on Free Masonry; a reply to a 1959 letter from the Library of Congress offering to serve as a repository for Graham's private papers; information on the so-called cult group known as "Christ's Household of Faith" in Mora, Minnesota (folders 10-2, 10-3); and an interesting 1969 letter from A. W. Goodwin Hudson describing the way different age groups respond to evangelistic invitations. Folder 11-11 also contains some material on criticisms of Graham's stand on Vietnam as well as letters about the plans of the Baptist World Alliance to meet in Sweden. Folder 10-1 has some more information on the BWA. Some articles and pamphlets critical of Billy Graham are in folder 14-2 and 15-5. Correspondents in folders 10-1 to 10-3 include (in order of their appearance) Leighton Ford, Stephen W. Payne, W. Stanley Mooneyham, Lowell Berry, Loren Dickinson, W. B. Berryman, Harvey Thomas, Don Summers, A. W. Goodwin Hudson, Donald R. Kinde of Sierra Leone, Donald Hoke, Kenneth Chafin, George Clark, Walter Smyth, T. W. Wilson, Allan Emery, Jr., and Sterling Huston.

Series III: Conversion Research Material
Arrangement: Alphabetical, chronological; this series is divided into two subseries
Date range: 1955-1988
Volume: 7.45 cubic feet
Boxes: 9 (partial), 10 (partial), 11 (partial), 16 (partial), 17-29
Notes: One of Ferm's primary interests as a scholar and theologian was in the meaning of Christian conversion and one of his major activities during his decades as a staff member of the BGEA was to gather material to demonstrate the effectiveness of the BGEA's evangelism in terms of actual individuals whose lives were changed because of their conversion experience at BGEA meetings. The records in this series document Ferm's writings and research in this area and his efforts which resulted in the gathering of a huge volume of individual testimonies about experiences at Billy Graham crusades. The actual contents of this series are described in detail in the description of the two subseries that follow: Manuscripts and research material; and Questionnaires and Testimonies.

Series III: Conversion Research materials
Subseries A: Manuscripts and research material
Arrangement: Alphabetical by title. Documents relating to the same book or article have the name of that work in the folder title, so that all materials relating to the same work are grouped together.
Date range: 1957-1988
Volume: 1.5 cubic feet
Boxes: 16 (partial) through 19 (partial)
Geographic coverage: Worldwide, with most material coming from or relating to the United States
Type of documents: Book and article manuscripts, correspondence, research notes, book reviews, galley proofs, statistics
Correspondents: Book editors, BGEA staff, pastors, people converted at Billy Graham crusades, Billy James Hargis, Bob Jones Sr., Curtis Mitchell, Merrill Tenney
Subjects: Impact of Christian conversion on the life of an individual, the psychology of conversion, converts at Billy Graham crusaders, Fundamentalist criticism of Billy Graham's methods
Notes: This subseries consists of the manuscripts of the various works that Robert Ferm wrote on conversion, together with supporting materials such as correspondence and research notes. In some cases there is only a folder or two for a particular item, in others there are many folders of drafts, notes, correspondence, reviews, etc. Some of these manuscripts are for unpublished works, at least unpublished in the form they are in the manuscript. Others are for booklets published by the BGEA. The manuscripts provide a detailed historical background and theological and psychological explanation and defense of evangelism as practiced by American Evangelical Protestants, above all Billy Graham. Ferm's works for which there are folders are Cooperative Evangelism (16-6 to 16-9), Billy Graham: Do the Conversions Last (16-10 to 17-4); "The Evangelical Crisis," (17-5 to 18-1; this was Ferm's 1955 doctoral thesis, later published as The Psychology of Conversion (18-8 to 18-9); "Jesse Bader," (18-3); Lectures on Conversion (18-4); The Man Who Made Good Copy Out of Good News (18-5); Persuaded to Live : Conversion Stories from the Billy Graham Crusades (18-6 to 18-7); "The Theological Suppositions of Billy Graham," (18-11) and World Wide Witness (19-2). "Evangelism in a Secular Age" in folder 18-2 appears to be an early version of Cooperative Evangelism and World Aflame in folder 19-1 is an early suggested outline for the book by Billy Graham.

Exceptional items: Folder 16-6 contains extensive correspondence received by both Ferm and his publisher, Zondervan, after his book Cooperative Evangelism. This correspondence from Fundamentalists such as Bob Jones was critical of the book's defense of evangelism based on cooperation with all who would allow a simple, direct message of the Biblical Gospel to be preached. Folder 17-11 contains clippings, letters, reports, and other materials relating to the testimonies of people who were saved at Billy Graham crusades.

Series III: Conversion Research materials
Subseries B: Questionnaires and Testimonies
Arrangement: Alphabetical and chronological. Questionnaires are arranged alphabetically by the title of the questionnaire. The bulk of the questionnaires are of the form entitled "My Conversion Story," and ( folders 20-3 to 23-4) were arranged by the archivist geographically by state (US) and country so that researchers could study these geographically if they chose. The testimonies (folders 23-13 to 29-4) were arranged by the archivist into folders by year.
Date range: 1957-1988; n.d.
Volume: 5.95 cubic feet
Boxes: 9 (partial), 10 (partial), 11 (partial),19 (partial) through 29
Geographic coverage: Material from all over the world, especially the United States, England, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan
Type of documents: Questionnaires, letters, written reports on conversion experiences, address lists
Subjects: Almost all the material concerns the conversion experiences of people who dedicated or rededicated their lives to Christ during a Billy Graham Crusade, particularly the 1957 New York Crusade. There are a few questionnaires from pastors about their evaluation of the 1957 crusade.
Notes: The material in this subseries consists of thousands of stories of individuals, usually told by that individual, about how they came to give their lives to Christ, almost always during or because of a Billy Graham evangelistic crusade. Almost all of these were ones which in one way or another Robert Ferm caused to be recorded, either by asking people to fill out questionnaires describing their experience or by encouraging them to write to him about their experience. Some of the letters were ones which were apparently sent on to Ferm by the BGEA staff because the letter discussed someone's conversion and the staff knew of Ferm's interest. Ferm used all of these stories as resource material for his research and writings on conversion and converts at Billy Graham meetings. These questionnaires and testimonies form an invaluable record of the impact of the BGEA's evangelistic ministry on people of a wide variety of backgrounds in many different places over a long stretch of time. The majority of the stories, however, are from the United States, especially New York, between 1957 and 1964, although there are many forms from as late as 1986.

The bulk of the questionnaires used the form entitled "My Conversion Story" and can be found in boxes 20 through 23. These appear to have been in use from ca. late 1957 through ca. 1961. Other slightly different forms are in folders 19-4 through 19-7, 23-5, 23-8, 23-9. All the various forms gather the same basic information, asking, besides basic information about name and background, about Christian influences, how and why they came to the BGEA crusade, the influence of Graham's preaching, why they gave their life to Christ and their understanding of their own conversion and their development of their faith and Christian life since their conversion. (The questionnaires in folder 19-3 ask for similar information but do not refer in any way to a BGEA evangelistic meeting. This might have been the earliest form of the questionnaire that Ferm developed and perhaps they were given to his students at Northwestern or Houghton.) The responses to the questionnaires are usually brief, sometimes just one or two words for each question but not infrequently there are lengthy descriptions of a person's spiritual crisis and conversion, going over to the back of the form or an attached sheet. Sometimes the questionnaires have letters attached with further information about the individual's conversion and faith. The "My Conversion Story" forms were arranged alphabetically by the archivist. There are forms from people in forty-four states of the United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, as well as separate folders for Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central America, England, Europe, and South America. Additionally, folder 23-5 has a few forms from India (from participants in the rallies held there in 1956), folders 23-8 and 23-9 have some additional questionnaires from people converted at the 1957 New York Crusade who filled out forms in 1958. Folder 19-4 has yet more forms from people in New York (and New Jersey), apparently filled out during the crusade. Folders 19-5 and 19-6 have forms from people in other states. Folder 19-7 has questionnaires from Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong and India, all apparently gathered in 1958 when Ferm went around the world to gather conversions stories; the outcome of the trip was the booklet, World Wide Witness. In some cases, particularly with the forms from Japan, the original is in Japanese and a translation is attached. Folder 23-11 is different, containing questionnaires filled out by people ca. 1972 about their experiences at the 1954 Greater London Crusade. These questionnaires ask about the effect of the crusade on their lives and their spiritual development since.

How questionnaires were distributed is not clear from the records, but apparently people were contacted (probably using the inquiry forms filled out when they came forward at the crusade.) In other cases, Ferm heard about an individual's testimony from other BGEA staff or pastors or friends, or responded to a letter the convert spontaneously sent the BGEA and Ferm replied to ask them to fill out a questionnaire. Folder 23-12 contains several pages of lists of people who had in one way or another told Ferm their testimony and had been sent a questionnaire. Many questionnaires were answered on a typewriter. Some questionnaires, such as those in 23-8 and 23-9, all appear to have been filled in by the same person, so were probably completed by BGEA staff or volunteers who asked the questions of the convert and wrote down his or her answers. But the vast majority of the forms apparently were filled out by the converts themselves, in their own words. The files in the Archives contain almost no tabulation of the questionnaire responses They seem to have been used largely anecdotally and for narrative. However, folder 23-10 contains some tabulations of the results of some questionnaires (it is unknown which ones) for use in Billy Graham: Do the Converts Last? (chapter seven). There are additional extensive tabulations of conversion statistics in chapter one of the same book, but these appear not to come from the questionnaires but from the statistics the BGEA staff gather during each crusade.

Folders 19-8, 20-1, and 23-6 contain questionnaires filled out by pastors, apparently as the part of the BGEA's evaluation process of the effectiveness of its evangelistic meetings. File 19-8 has forms from pastors who supported the 1953 Syracuse (New York) meeting and the 1955 Toronto (Ontario) meeting (among others). Folder 23-6 has questionnaires filled out by pastors supporting the 1957 New York Crusade while the crusade was going on. Folder 20-1 contains questionnaires filled out by pastors slightly after the 1957 crusade. The pastors are asked about the degree of participation of their church in the crusade, the impact it had on their community and church, and the number and type of people (inquirers) who started coming to the church because they were referred to the church by the crusade counselors. Folders 20-2 and 23-7 contain quantitative and qualitative summaries of the forms in folders 20-1 and 23-6, respectively. Similar material is in folder 15-4, which contains letters written by pastors after the New York Crusade, giving their favorable evaluation.

Folders 23-13 through 29-4 consist of letters and handwritten reports by individuals telling their conversion story in their own words, either spontaneously or at Dr. Ferm's request. Some are brief, some quite long. Often they tell quite a bit of their personal history and theological beliefs. They come from all over the world, but are mainly from the United States and England. Folder 23-13 contains testimonies from the 1957 New York crusade excerpted by the BGEA staff. Folder 26-4 and 26-5 contain testimonies from people in England who were saved at BGEA evangelistic meetings held between 1954 and 1961. Otherwise, these letters (they are almost all letters) are free form, including whatever the writer thought appropriate to include. They form a wonderful and varied record of how Protestant Evangelical laypeople in the last half of the twentieth century understood their own conversion, faith, development as Christians, and life of the church. Folders 10-6 to 11-1 and 11-8 contain some of the data that Ferm collected in 1958, mostly from pastors. The comments he received back are by and large positive, although there are a few negative or neutral ones. Pastors in Baptist, Anglican, Episcopalian, Assemblies of God, and Methodist churches were contacted, among others. Newspaper editors were also asked for their impression of Graham's impact. Among the correspondents who replied were George Cornell of the Associated Press, Allan Emery, Jr., Harold Fey of The Christian Century, Carl F. Henry, A. W. Goodwin Hudson, James L. Knight of Knight Publishing, Henry Luce, Duke McCall, Stephen Olford, and Oswald Smith. There are some replies from Australia and India as well. Folder 10-6 also has an article on the career of former wiretapper Jim Vaus following his conversion. This addition also includes photos of Graham visiting Vaus' youth program in 1960.


The material in this collection (including Robert Ferm's personal files) was received from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in the years 1976, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1996, and 1998.

Accession: 76-5, 77-7, 77-17, 79-22, 79-25, 79-40, 81-113, 82-25, 82-41, 82-177, 88-4, 88-16, 88-116, 90-1, 90-7, 90-29, 92-38, 96-6, 96-16, 98-5

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Revised, July 25, 1979
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Accession 87-11, 87-137, 87-142
Updated, July 31, 2002
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Accession 79-22, 79-25, 82-25
Type of Material: Books

The following items have been given to the EVANGELISM & MISSIONS COLLECTION:

Bowers, George Palmer. "An Evaluation of the Billy Graham Greater Louisville Evangelistic Crusade." Master's thesis. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. December 1958.

Graham, William Franklin "Billy." Introducing Billy Graham--The Work of an Evangelist. World Evangelical Alliance, England. n.d.

Jenkins, Mark. Historical Sketch of Calvary Episcopal Church. Calvary Parish, North Carolina. 1959.

King, Norman. White Paper on the Bible. T. S. Dennison & Co. Inc. Minneapolis. 1964.

Lacour, Lawrence Leland. "A Study of the Revival Method in America 1920-1955 with Special Reference to Billy Sunday, Aimee Semple McPherson, and Billy Graham." Ph. D. dissertation, Northwestern University. 1956.

My Testimony. Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Minneapolis, 1953.

Simonsson, Bengt Karl David. "The Protestant Religious Press and the Billy Graham Revivals: A Study in Coverage and Editorial Attitudes." Master's thesis. Syracuse University. 1960.

Victory Boys Camp, Inc. Devil At My Heels/The True Story of Capt. Louis Zamperini. David C. Cook Publishing Company (Elgin, Illinois; n.d.). Cover autographed by Zamperini.

Whitney, Harold. Today's Dilemma and the Answer: Evangelism. Book I: A Right Attitude Towards Scripture. Book II: Theology for Evangelism. Book III: The Strategic Place of Authentic Emotion in Evangelism - Evangelism.



Accession 79-22, 79-25

Type of Material: Periodicals

The following items have been given to the BGC LIBRARY (now Evangelism & Missions Collection of the Wheaton College Archives & Special Collections):

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
October 1964.
Christian Life.
September 1957.
September 1958.
Vol. 20, No. 10. February 1959.
Vol. 20, No. 11. March 1959.
Vol. 38, No. 4. October 1964.
Lay Evangelism.
Vol. 1, No. 4. Summer Issue. 1964.
L'Illustre Protestant.
November 1969. 2 copies.
Vol. 109, No. 9. November 1964.


Accession 79-22, 79-25, 82-25, 82-41, 96-6
Type of material: Photographs

The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

BARROWS, CLIFF. Cliff Barrows leading singing; n.d. 1 b&w.

BGEA: SOUTH AMERICAN TOUR, 1962. Picture postcard of a South American hotel, along with scenes from Billy Graham's South American Tour, including one of Charles Ward at a podium; 1962, n.d. 5 b&w.

BGEA: SPANISH-AMERICAN CRUSADE; NEW YORK CITY; 1960. Billy Graham meeting with Jim Vaus' youth group in Hell's Kitchen, New York and other shots from the Spanish-American Crusade, New York City, October 7-9, 1960. 36 b&w.

BGEA: TEAM AND STAFF. BGEA team meeting in Virginia, 1961. 1 b&w.

BIBLE--PUBLICATION AND DISTRIBUTION. Shots of the meeting of the United Bible Societies in Drieberen, Holland, June 22-26, 1964. 6 b&w.

BURELSON, JIMMY. Jimmy Burleson; n.d. 2 b&w.

CAMPINA GRANDE, BRAZIL. Photos from Campina Grande, Brazil: Musical band playing, street scenes, a church, and some unidentified people; n.d. 4 b&w, 2 color.

CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST. Photos of Robert Kendall and S. Garcia of the CCC staff meeting with students at the National University of Mexico City. N.d. 5 b&w.

CARTER, JAMES E. "JIMMY". President Jimmy Carter with Billy Graham on the platform during the 1994 Atlanta crusade. October 1994. 1 color.

FERM, ROBERT O. Robert Ferm with a large group of people, accepting an award, and standing in front of a marquee advertising a sacred music concert; n.d. 6 b&w.

FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. Pictures of several seminary students around a table discussing the influence of Billy Graham's ministry on their lives. N.d. 4 b & w.

GARTENHAUS, JACOB. Jacob Gartenhaus, founder of International Board of Jewish Missions; n.d. 1 b&w.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN "BILLY"; 1950s. Graham in informal poses. 2 b&w.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN "BILLY"; n.d. Chalk sketch, color photos of an oil painting, Graham in informal poses. 2 b&w, 3 color.

HILBURN, REBAH. Rebah Hilburn; n.d. 2 b&w.

OLFORD, STEPHEN. Pictures of Stephen Olford preaching at Usher hall in Edinburgh, Scotland, October 1965.

REUSCH, MARTHA. Martha Reusch; n.d. 1 b&w.

ROBERTSON, ARNIE. Arnie Robertson; n.d. 1 b&w.

SHEA, GEORGE BEVERLY--CONCERTS. Scenes from concert of George Beverly Shea's; 1972. 7 b&w.

SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION. Scenes of a meeting of the Southern Baptist executive committee attended by Billy Graham in Nashville, Tennessee; February, 1962. 3 b&w.

WATERS, ETHEL. Ethel Waters with an unidentified man; n.d. 7 b&w.


Accession: 82-25
Type of material: Slides

The following items are located in the SLIDE FILE. All of the slides are in color, unless otherwise noted.

Slide Box 20 S1-S5. Color slides of Billy Graham speaking to an evangelistic rally in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil during the meeting there of Baptist World Alliance. July 3, 1960.

Box List
Box Folders First/Last folders Dates
Series I: Personal
4 5 A-F 1957-1965
5 13 F-Z 1956-1965
13 14 Christianity Today/Writing and Research: Articles 1951-1974
Series II: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)
1 20 Board Books /Concert Materials: Correspondence: General 1966-1964
2 32R Concert Materials: Correspondence: General / Correspondence: BGEA: Graham, William Franklin "Billy": (Get Well Wishes) (folders 2-30,31 restricted) 1958-1972, n.d.
3 46R Correspondence: BGEA: Billy Graham / Correspondence: BGEA: Lance Zavitz (folders 3-1 restricted) 1959-1970
4 39 Correspondence: Christian Workers: Clifton Brannon / Correspondence: General 1959-1965
5 2 Correspondence General: Research request / Crusade Files: South American Tour, 1962: News releases 1954-1964; n.d.
6 79 Crusade Files: South American Tour, 1962: Schedules / Crusade Files: Winona Lake Bible Conference - Indiana, 1964 (Grady Wilson) 1961-1970, n.d.
7 129 Hour of Decision Radio Program Sermons: 1964 / Invitations declined: Oklahoma - Wyoming, Canada 1951-1965, n.d.
8 10 My Answer column: Criticism: Jan 1961-Jan 1962 / My Answer column: Replies: n.d. 1955-1964, n.d.
9 13 My Answer column: Replies: n.d. / Special Projects: Words of Life 1949-1963, n.d.
10 5 Crusade Files: Correspondence/ Crusade Files: Correspondence: Atlanta Office 1959-1980, n.d.
11 12 Crusade Files: Correspondence: Greater London Crusade / Crusade Files: Forms: Greater San Diego Crusade 1962-1976, n.d.
12 105 Files on Team Office Administration, Team Meeteings, Associate Evangelist Crusades, Engagements under Consideration, Engagements Declined 1962-1964
14 12 Counselor Training/Library of Congress 1953-1987
15 8 London Crusade/ School of Christian Writing 1958-1966
16 5 Schools of Evangelism/World Wide Pictures 1955-1968
Series III: Conversion Research Materials
SubSeries A: Manuscripts & Research Materials
16 6 Manuscripts & Research Materials: Conversion: Do Converts last-Drafts of Chapers 1-4 1957-1988, n.d.
17 5 Manuscripts & Research Materials: Do Converts Last-Drafts of Chapters 5-10 / Manuscripts & Research Materials: The Evangelical Crisis (Copy 1) 1955-1969, n.d.
18 11 Manuscripts & Research Materials: The Evangelical Crisis (Copy 2) / Manuscripts & Research Materials: Theological Presuppositions of Billy Graham 1955-1965
19 2 Manuscripts & Research Materials: World Aflame-Early Draft / Manuscripts & Research Materials: World Wide Witness - Draft n.d.
SubSeries B: Questionnaires and Testimonies
9 3 Testimonies / Testimonies 1958-1966
10 3 Crusade results: 1959 / World Tour 1957-1966
11 2 Pastors Evaluations of 1957 New York Crusade / Episcopalian and Anglican comment 1957-1959, n.d.
19 6 Questionnaire: No title / Questionnaire: Do Billy Graham Converts Last? 1957-1958, n.d.
20 21 Conversion: Questionnaire-Ministers Evaluation Questionnaire / Conversion: Questionnaire: My Conversion Story-Maine 1958; n..d.
21 15 Conversion: Questionnaires: My Conversion Story-Maryland / Conversion: Questionnaires: My Conversion Story-Oklahoma n.d.
22 21 Conversion: Questionnaires: My Conversion Story-Oregon / Conversion: Questionnaires: My Conversion Story-England n.d.
23 15 Conversion: Questionnaires: My Conversion Story-Europe / Conversion: Testimonies 1957-1958, n.d.
24 5 Conversion: Testimonies 1959-1961
25 4 Conversion: Testimonies 1961-1962
26 5 Conversion: Testimonies 1962-1964
27 5 Conversion: Testimonies 1964-1973
28 5 Conversion: Testimonies 1973-1979
29 4 Conversion: Testimonies 1982-1988, n.d.

Appendix: This is a Box and Folder list from a previous verion of the guide to Collection 19. It does not include any material from boxes 12 on, but it is included here because it does give the folder titles for boxes 1 through 11.

Box Folder Description
Series I: Personal
4 40 A; 1958-1963
4 41 B; 1960-1964
4 42 C; 1958-1965
4 43 D,E; 1957-1965
4 44 F; 1958-1964
5 1 Future Commitments; 1962-1964
5 2 G; 1962-1964
5 3 H,I; 1957-1964
5 4 J; 1962-1964
5 5 K; 1960-1964
5 6 L; 1964-1965
5 7 M,N; 1958-1964
5 8 O; 1956-1964
5 9 P; 1958-1964
5 10 R; 1958-1964
5 11 S; 1958-1964
5 12 T; 1958-1964
5 13 W; 1963-1964
5 14 Z; 1962-1963
Box # of


First Folder/Last Folder Dates
13 14


Personal: Christianity Today/Personal: Writing and Research: Articles 1951-1974
Box Folder Description
Series II: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)
1 1 Board Books; 1961-1962
1 2 Crusade News Bureau Newsletters; 1964
1 3 Mailings; 1962-1964
1 4 Office Regulations and Procedures; 1962-1964
1 5 School of Christian Writing Materials; 1964
1 6 Staff Meeting Minutes; 1963
1 7 Team Meeting - Minutes; 1961
1 8 World Wide Pictures - Report; 1962
Bible Study Surveys
1 9 Children; n.d.
1 10 Married Adults; n.d.
1 11 Married Adults; n.d.
1 12 Married Adults; n.d.
1 13 Married Adults; n.d.
1 14 Married Adults; n.d.
1 15 Married Adults; n.d.
1 16 Single Adults; n.d.
Concert Materials
1 17 English Tour; 1961
1 18 Form Letters sent to Pastors; 1961-1963; n.d.
1 19 Dec 1959-Mar 1960
1 20 Apr-Aug 1960; n.d.
2 1 Jun 1960-Jan 1962
2 2 Apr 1962-Dec 1964
2 3 Sep 1970-Jan 1972
2 4 Feb 1961-Nov 1962
2 5 Nov 1962-Jun 1964
2 6 Invitations Declined; 1962-1964
2 7 Publicity; n.d.
2 8 Schedules; n.d.
2 9 Tentative Schedules; 1963-1964
2 10 Adams, Lane; 1964
2 11 Article Requests; 1960-1964
2 12 Bailey, Don; 1963-1969
2 13 Barrows, Cliff; 1963-1964
2 14 Basinger, Ira; 1963-1964
2 15 Beavan, Gerald; 1962-1964
2 16 Bennett, Walter; 1964
2 17 Benware, Richard L.; 1964
2 18 Blinco, Joseph; 1962-1964
2 19 Chambers, Irv; 1963-1964
2 20 Clark, Dennis; 1964
2 21 Clark, George; 1963-1964
2 22 Decision; 1959-1964
2 23 Dillon, John; 1964
2 24 Edstrom, George; 1960-1964
2 25 Fisher, Lee; 1963-1964
2 26 Ford, Leighton S.; 1962-1965
2 27 Form Letters; 1963-1964
2 28 General; 1963-1965
2 29 Glockner, Robert; 1962-1963
Graham, William Franklin "Billy"
2 30 R May 1958-Oct 1960
2 31 R Oct 1961-Jun 1964
2 32 (Get Well Wishes); Feb-Jul 1963
3 1R Jul 1964-Oct 1967
3 2 Gustafson, Roy; 1962-1964
3 3 Haqq, Akbar Abdul; 1960-1964
3 4 Harrison, Robert E.; 1962-1964
3 5 Haymaker, Willis; 1962-1964
3 6 Hustad, Donald P.; 1963-1964
3 7 James, Homer; 1964
3 8 Jones, Howard O.; 1960-1964
3 9 Layman, Forrest; 1964
3 10 Lenning, John; 1964
3 11 Lima, Peru Office; 1963
3 12 Love, Larry; 1962-1964
3 13 Mercer, Wanda Ann; 1963-1964
3 14 Mitchell, Ralph W.; 1962-1964
3 15 Mooneyham, W. Stanley; 1964
3 16 Offering Envelopes sent to Churches; 1964
3 17 Pell, Norman; 1964-1964
3 18 Piatt, Daniel; 1962-1964
3 19 Pollock, John; 1946, 1963-1964
3 20 Prayer Letters; 1961
3 21 Prayer Letters; 1962
3 22 Prior, Eva; 1963-1964
3 23 Prospective Personnel; 1963-1964
3 24 Receipt Letters; 1964
3 25 Riggs, Charles; 1964
3 26 Root, Robert; 1959-1967
3 27 Ross, Richard; 1962-1964
3 28 Rowlandson, Maurice L.; 1962-1965
3 29 Schochenmaier, Jerry; 1963
3 30 Shea, George Beverly; 1961-1964
3 31 Smith, Tedd; 1963
3 32 Smyth, Walter Herbert; 1962-1964
3 33 Stam, Jacob; 1964
3 34 Sydney, Australia Office; 1963
3 35 Team Committee; 1963-1964
3 36 Vangioni, Fernando V.; 1963-1964
3 37 Wahlen, L. M.; 1964
3 38 Ward, Charles; 1963-1964
3 39 White, John Wesley; 1963-1964
3 40 Wilson, George; 1959-1964
3 41 Wilson, Grady; 1962-1964
3 42 Wilson, Jean S.; 1964
3 43 Wilson, Thomas Walter Jr.; 1962-1970
3 44 Winnepeg, Canada Office; 1963-1964
3 45 Worldwide Pictures; 1964
3 46 Zavitz, Lance; 1964
Christian Workers
4 1 Brannon, Clifton W.; 1964
4 2 Burleson, Jimmy; 1963-1964
4 3 Ellis, Perry; 1964
4 4 Evans, Robert; 1964
4 5 Harper, M. Redd; 1963
4 6 Krupp, Nate; 1963-1964
4 7 Laurin, Roy L.; 1964
4 8 McCloud, Melvina; 1963
4 9 Nelson, Norm; 1963-1964
4 10 Raybold, George R.; 1963-1964
4 11 Rice, John R.; 1962
4 12 Robertson, Arnie; 1962-1964
4 13 Riggs, Peter; 1963
4 14 Roubles, Ray; 1962-1963
4 15 Schneider, Peter; 1963-1964
4 16 Shufelt, J. Stratton; 1963-1964
4 17 Stokes, Robert; 1962-1964
4 18 Summers, Donald; 1963-Spring 1964
4 19 Swanson, George Claire; 1962
4 20 Mar 1959-Jan 1962
4 21 Jul 1962
4 22 Aug 1962
4 23 Aug 1962
4 24 Sep 1962
4 25 Oct 1962
4 26 Nov 1962
4 27 Dec 1962-Jun 1963
4 28 Jun 1963
4 29 Jul-Dec 1963
4 30 Jan 1964
4 31 Feb 1964
4 32 Mar 1964
4 33 Apr 1964
4 34 May 1964
4 35 Jun 1964
4 36 Jul 1964
4 37 Aug 1964
4 38 Sep-Oct 1964
4 39 Nov 1964-Jan 1965
5 15 Research Request; 1962-1964
5 16 Sunday Companion Articles; 1960-1961
Crusade Files
5 17 Buncombe County Evangelistic Crusade, 1963 (Lane Adams)
5 18 Miami, Florida Riverside Baptist Church Revival, 1963 (Cliff Barrows)
5 19 Southern California Crusade, 1963 (Joe Blinco)
5 20 Bethesda Methodist Church - Gastonia, North Carolina, 1963 (Joe Blinco)
5 21 United Crusade - Michigan, 1963 (Joe Blinco)
5 22 Forest Home Conference - California, 1963 (Joe Blinco)
5 23 Lake Junaluska Assembly - North Carolina, 1963 (Joe Blinco)
5 24 American Baptist Men's Conference - Los Angeles, 1963 (Joe Blinco)
5 25 Southern Minnesota Crusade, 1963 (Joe Blinco)
5 26 Corona del Mar Church Retreat - California; 1963 (Joe Blinco)
5 27 Northside Baptist Church - Florida, 1964 (Joe Blinco)
5 28 First Methodist Church - Florida, 1964 (Joe Blinco)
5 29 United Gospel Crusade - British Honduras, 1964 (Joe Blinco)
5 30 Blinco Crusade - New York, 1964 (Joe Blinco)
5 31 University of Miami, 1964 (Joe Blinco, Akbar Haqq)
5 32 Bibletown Bible Conference - Florida, 1964 (Joe Blinco)
5 33 Forest Home Christian Conference Center - California, 1964 (Joe Blinco)
5 34 Chicagoland - Northwest Area Crusade, 1964 (Joe Blinco)
5 35 Elmwood Ave. Baptist Church - New York, 1963 (Irv Chambers)
5 36 United Crusade - Indiana, 1963 (Lee Fisher)
5 37 Easter Sunrise Service - Pasadena, 1963 (Leighton Ford)
5 38 Paw Creek Presbyterian Church - North Carolina, 1963 (Leighton Ford)
5 39 Laymen Penetration Week - North Carolina, 1963 (Leighton Ford)
5 40 Park Street Church - Boston, 1964 (Leighton Ford)
5 41 Halifax Crusade - Nova Scotia, 1964 (Leighton Ford)
5 42 Alamance County Evangelistic Crusade, 1964 (Leighton Ford)
5 43 Greater London Crusade, 1954
5 44 India Tour, 1956; Report, 1959
New York Crusade, 1957
5 45 Correspondence; 1957-1958
5 46 Reports; n.d.
47 Sydney Crusade, 1959; Reports, 1962
5 48 Little Rock Rallys, 1959
5 49 Indianapolis Crusade, 1959; Procedure Manual
5 50 African Tour, 1960; News releases
5 51 Australia Crusade, 1961; News Releases
Greater Miami Crusade, 1961
5 52 Church Bulletin News; 1960-1961
5 53 Correspondence; 1960- 1961
5 54 Correspondence; n.d.
North of England Crusade, 1961
5 55 Map; n.d.
5 56 News Releases; 1961
5 57 All Ulster Crusade, 1961; News Release
Upper Midwest Crusade, 1961
5 58 Evaluation; n.d.
5 59 Miscellaneous; 1961; n.d.
5 60 Miscellaneous; n.d.
Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961
5 61 Crusade Bulletin; 1961
5 62 News Releases; 1961
South American Tour, 1962
5 63 Clippings; 1962
5 64 Correspondence; 1962
5 65 Miscellaneous; n.d.
5 66 News Releases; 1962
6 1 Schedules; 1962; n.d.
Greater Chicago Crusade, 1962
6 2 Church Bulletin News; 1961-1962
6 3 Correspondence; 1962
6 4 Crusade Bulletin; 1961-1962
6 5 Miscellaneous; n.d.
6 6 News Releases; 1961-1962
6 7 Prayer Posters; n.d.
6 8 Central California Crusade, 1962; News Releases
El Paso Area Crusade, 1962
6 9 Bulletins; 1962
6 10 Correspondence; 1962-1963
6 11 Century 21 Rally. 1962; Correspondence, 1962, n.d.
Orient Tour, 1963
6 12 Correspondence; 1962
6 13 Handbook; 1963
6 14 Germany and France Crusades (Cancelled, 1963); 1962-1963
Southern California Crusade, 1963
6 15 Church Bulletin News; 1962-1963
6 16 Correspondence; 1963
6 17 Crusade Bulletin; 1962-1963
6 18 Miscellaneous; n.d.
6 19 News Releases; 1963
6 20 Prayer Posters; n.d.
6 21 Statistics; 1963
6 22 Team News Bulletin; 1963
6 23 World's Fair, 1964; 1962-1964; n.d.
6 24 Birmingham, Alabama Rally, 1964
6 25 Arizona Crusade, 1964; Correspondence; 1964
6 26 San Diego County Crusade, 1964
Central Ohio Crusade, 1964
6 27 Correspondence; 1963-1964
6 28 Crusade News; 1964
Greater Omaha Council Bluffs Crusade, 1964
6 29 Church Bulletin News; 1964
6 30 Correspondence; 1963-1964
6 31 Crusade Bulletin; 1964
6 32 Prayer Posters; n.d.
Greater Boston Crusade, 1964
6 33 Church Bulletin News; 1964
6 34 Correspondence; 1964
6 35 Crusade Bulletin; 1964
6 36 Miscellaneous; n.d.
Atlantic Provinces Crusade, 1964
6 37 Miscellaneous; 1964
6 38 Correspondence; 1965
6 39 Colorado Crusade, 1965
6 40 Greater London Crusade, 1966; Memoes, 1966
6 41 All Britain Crusade, 1967
6 42 Heart of America Crusade, 1967; Correspondence, 1966
6 43 New Zealand Crusades, 1968; Correspondence, 1967
6 44 Euro 70; Correspondence; 1969-1970
6 45 United Crusade - California, 1963 (Roy Gustafson)
6 46 Colonial HIll Baptist Church - Georgia, 1963 (Roy Gustafson)
6 47 Camp of the Woods - New York, 1963 (Roy Gustafson)
6 48 Hampden DuBose Academy - Florida (Roy Gustafson)
6 49 Gospel Crusade - Michigan, 1963 (Roy Gustafson)
6 50 Napier Parkview Baptist Church - Michigan, 1963 (Roy Gustafson)
6 51 Gospel Center (Mrs. Irene A. Barclay) - Florida, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 52 Grace Baptist Church - Florida, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 53 First Missionary Church - Indiana, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 54 United Crusade - Sebring Florida, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 55 First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks - Florida, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 56 United Evangelical Crusade - New Jersey, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 57 Argentina, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 58 Calvary Baptist Church - Alabama, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 59 Holy Land Tour, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 60 World's Fair Crusade - New York, 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 61 Ocean City Summer Bible Conference - New Jersey; 1964 (Roy Gustafson)
6 62 Asbury Grove Methodist Camp Meeting - Massachusetts, 1964 (Gustafson)
6 63 National Negro Evangelical Leadership Conf. - Calif., 1963 (Howard Jones)
6 64 Havenscourt Colonial Church - California, 1963 (Howard O. Jones)
6 65 Moody Bible Institute - Chicago, 1964 (Howard O. Jones)
6 66 Asbury College - Kentucky, 1964 (Howard O. Jones)
6 67 Bethany C & MA Church - New York, 1964 (Howard O. Jones)
6 68 Wadsworth Ave. Baptist Church - New York, 1964 (Howard O. Jones)
6 69 Evangelical Literature Overseas Conference - Wheaton, 1963 (Dan Piatt)
6 70 United Crusade - Maryland, 1964 (John Wesley White)
6 71 The National Security Agency - Maryland, 1964 (John Wesley White)
6 72 Protestant Men's Brotherhood - Iowa, 1964 (John Wesley White)
6 73 Morden Crusade For Christ - Manitoba, 1964 (John Wesley White)
6 74 Community Church - Palm Springs, 1963 (Grady Wilson)
6 75 United Crusade - Los Angeles, 1963 (Grady Wilson)
6 76 United Crusade - Alabama, 1963 (Grady Wilson)
6 77 Grady Wilson Crusade - New York, 1963 (Grady Wilson)
6 78 University Baptist Church - Florida, 1964 (Grady Wilson)
6 79 Winona Lake Bible Conference - Indiana, 1964 (Grady Wilson)
Hour of Decision Radio Program Sermons
7 1 1964
7 2 Index; n.d.
7 3 Billy Graham; 1963
7 4 Alabama; 1963
7 5 Alaska; 1963
7 6 California; 1964
7 7 Florida; 1951-1964
7 8 Idaho; 1963
7 9 Illinois; 1964
7 10 Indiana; 1964
7 11 Iowa; 1963
7 12 Kansas; 1963
7 13 Kentucky; 1963-1964
7 14 Louisiana; 1963
7 15 Maryland; 1964
7 16 Massachusetts; 1962-1963
7 17 Michigan; 1964
7 18 Minnesota; 1964
7 19 Missouri; 1964
7 20 Montana; 1962
7 21 New Jersey; 1964
7 22 New Mexico; 1962
7 23 New York; 1965
7 24 North Carolina; 1964
7 25 North Dakota; 1963
7 26 Ohio; 1964
7 27 Oklahoma; 1964-1965
7 28 Oregon; 1964
7 29 Pennsylvania; 1964
7 30 South Dakota; 1963
7 31 Texas; 1963-1964
7 32 Utah; 1961-1965
7 33 Virginia; 1963
7 34 Washington; 1964
7 35 West Virginia; 1962-1964
7 36 Wyoming; 1964
7 37 Ontario, Canada; 1962
7 38 Quebec, Canada; 1964
7 39 Africa; 1962-1964
7 40 Ceylon; 1962-1963
7 41 Far East; 1961-1962
7 42 Guam; 1962-1963; n.d.
7 43 Haiti; 1960
7 44 Iceland; 1964
7 45 India; 1962
7 46 Malaya; 1962
7 47 Mexico; 1962-1963
7 48 Pakistan; 1961-1964
7 49 South America; 1961-1964
7 50 Sweden; 1964
7 51 Military; 1961-1964
7 52 Alabama; 1964
7 53 Arkansas; 1964
7 54 California; 1964
7 55 Colorado; 1964
7 56 Delaware; 1964
7 57 Georgia; 1964
7 58 Illinois; 1964-1965
7 59 Indiana; 1964
7 60 Iowa; 1964
7 61 Louisiana; 1964
7 62 Maine; 1964
7 63 Maryland; 1964
7 64 Massachusetts; 1964
7 65 Michigan; 1964
7 66 Missouri; 1964
7 67 New Jersey; 1954
7 68 New York; 1964-1965
7 69 North Carolina; 1964
7 70 Oklahoma; 1964
7 71 Oregon; 1964
7 72 Pennsylvania; 1964
7 73 South Carolina; 1964
7 74 Texas; 1964
7 75 Utah; 1964
7 76 Vermont; 1964
7 77 Wisconsin; 1964
7 78 Wyoming; 1964
Single Meetings
7 79 Alabama; 1963-1964
7 80 Arkansas; 1962-1963
7 81 California; 1962-1965
7 82 Connecticut; 1963
7 83 Delaware; 1963-1964
7 84 District of Columbia; 1962-1965
7 85 Florida; 1963-1965
7 86 Georgia; 1963-1965
7 87 Illinois; 1963-1965
7 88 Indiana; 1963-1964
7 89 Iowa; 1964
7 90 Kansas; 1964
7 91 Kentucky; 1963-1964
7 92 Maine; 1963-1964
7 93 Maryland; 1963-1964
7 94 Massachusetts; 1963-1964
7 95 Michigan; 1962-1965
7 96 Minnesota; 1963-1964
7 97 Mississippi; 1964
7 98 Missouri; 1963-1964
7 99 Montana; 1963
7 100 New Hampshire; 1964
7 101 New Jersey; 1964
7 102 New Mexico; 1964
7 103 New York; 1962-1965
7 104 North Carolina; 1964
7 105 North Dakota; 1964-1965
7 106 Ohio; 1963-1965
7 107 Oklahoma; 1964
7 108 Pennsylvania; 1963-1965
7 109 Rhode Island; 1961-1965
7 110 South Carolina; 1964
7 111 Tennessee; 1964-1965
7 112 Texas; 1963-1964
7 113 Virginia; 1964-1965
7 114 Washington; 1964
7 115 West Virginia; 1962-1963
7 116 Wisconsin; 1962-1964
7 117 Wyoming; 1964
7 118 Britain; 1961-1962
7 119 India; 1961
7 120 Mexico; 1961
7 121 South America; 1962-1964
7 122 Sweden; 1963
7 123 Switzerland; 1961
7 124 New Brunswick; 1964
7 125 Ontario; 1962-1965
Invitations Declined
7 126 Alabama - Iowa; 1963-1964
7 127 Kansas - Missouri; 1963-1964
7 128 Montana - Ohio; 1963-1964
7 129 Oklahoma - Wyoming, Canada; 1962-1965
My Answer column
8 1 Jan 1961-Jan 1962
8 2 Jan-Mar 1962
8 3 Aug 1955-Dec 1960
8 4 1956-1961
8 5 1961-1962
8 6 1962-1964
8 7 1964
8 8 n.d.
8 9 n.d.
8 10 n.d.
9 1 Mar 1957-May 1959
Special Projects
9 2 American Judaism; 1949-1961; n.d.
9 3 Characteristics of New Housing; 1954
9 4 Hilburn Manuscript; 1960
9 5 Layman Institute Speeches; 1960
9 6 Miscellaneous; n.d.
9 7 "Revival in Campina Grande"; 1962; n.d.
Roman Catholicism
9 8 1948-1963
9 9 n.d.
True Revival
9 10 Correspondence; 1959-1961
9 11 Manuscripts; n.d.
Words of Life
9 12 n.d.
9 13 n.d.
10 1 Jan 1959-Dec 1967
10 2 Jan 1968-Mar 1971
10 3 Apr 1971-Aug 1980; n.d.
10 4 All Britain Crusade - School of Evangelism; 1967; n.d.
10 5 Atlanta Office; 1965-1966
Greater London Crusade, 1966
11 2 1965-1966
11 3 Articles by Ferm; 1965; n.d.
11 4 East End Meeting; 1964-1966
11 5 School of Evangelism; 1966
11 6 Heart of America Crusade; 1962-1963; n.d.
11 7 Pacific Northwest Crusade; 1975; n.d.
11 9 Pittsburgh Crusade--School of Evangelism; 1968
11 10 Southeastern Michigan Billy Graham Crusade; 1975-1976; n.d.
11 11 Sweden; 1970-1976; n.d.
11 12 Greater San Diego Crusade; n.d.

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