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Table of Contents

Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

General Historical Background of Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Historical background, Position descriptions and Biographies

    Walter H. Smyth
    Sterling Huston
    Henry Holley
    Blair Carlson
    Tom Phillips
An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

  1. Walter Smyth (163.8 cubic feet)
    1. Correspondence (99.7 cubic feet)
      1. General (13.2 cubic feet)
      2. Team (23.8 cubic feet)
        1. Team correspondence
        2. Team matters
      3. International Office (13.4 cubic feet)
      4. Billy Graham speaking engagement schedules (5.6 cubic feet)
      5. Board (1.2 cubic feet)
      6. Overseas offices (.9 cubic feet)
      7. Secretary (Eva Prior) (23.5 cubic feet)
      8. Blair Carlson (.9 cubic feet)
      9. Miscellaneous (7.9 cubic feet)
      10. Untitled files (9.3 cubic feet)
    2. Crusade files (38.9 cubic feet)
    3. Crusade invitations (12.2 cubic feet)
    4. Crusade manuals & notebooks (4.1 cubic feet)
    5. Crusade Guidance Portfolios (1.8 cubic feet)
    6. Evangelism congresses and conventions (6.2 cubic feet)
    7. John Corts' 1979 Florida West Coast Crusade files (.9 cubic feet)

  2. North American Ministries (73.1 cubic feet)
    1. Sterling Huston (56.4 cubic feet)
      1. Crusade files (52.6 cubic feet)
      2. Miscellaneous files (1.8 cubic feet)
      3. Crusade invitations (2.0 cubic feet)
    2. Tom Phillips (17.7 cubic feet)
      1. General (.1 cubic feet)
      2. Elwyn Cutler (2.8 cubic feet)
      3. Jeannie Hickman (1.3 cubic feet)
      4. Crusades (13.5 cubic feet)

  3. International Ministries (98.7 cubic feet)
    1. Henry Holley (42.3 cubic feet)
      1. General files (1.0 cubic feet)
      2. City reports (1.3 cubic feet)
      3. Crusade general files (10.8 cubic feet)
      4. Crusade counseling files (1.2 cubic feet)
      5. Early crusades files (.8 cubic feet)
      6. Evangelism congresses files (.5 cubic feet)
      7. Honor America Day files (.5 cubic feet)
      8. Billy Graham Center files (.4 cubic feet)
      9. International crusade files (25.4 cubic feet)
      10. Amsterdam ‘83 files (.1 cubic feet)
      11. Amsterdam ‘86 files (.3 cubic feet)
      12. Montreat files (8 cubic feet
    2. Blair Carlson (47.7 cubic feet)
      1. Crusade function files (12.3 cubic feet)
      2. Crusade files (31.3 cubic feet)
      3. Country files (1.7 cubic feet)
      4. International Ministries (1.3 cubic feet)
      5. Personal correspondence (1.1 cubic feet)
    3. Bob Williams: Vozrozhdeniye '95 files (.7 cubic feet)

  4. Audio tapes
  5. Photographs
Other Information Which Will Be Helpful to the User of This Guide

Lists of Audio Tapes, Negatives, Oversize Materials, Photo Albums, Photographs, and Slides in This Collection (Location Records)
    Audio Tapes
    Compact Disc
    Oversize Materials
    Photo Albums
Container Lists

Collection 17
[September 7, 2018]

BGEA: Crusade Activities
Records; 1946-2015
556 Boxes (180 RC, 348 DC, 8 index card boxes), Audio Tapes, Compact Disc, Negatives, Oversize Materials, Photographs, Photo Albums, Slides (352 cubic feet)

Brief description: Correspondence, reports, minutes, crusade files, and other administrative records, along with audio tapes, oversize materials, photographs, and video tapes, which document the activity of the BGEA's domestic and international crusade planning division, headed by Vice- President Walter H. Smyth, who supervised the mechanics of organizing a Billy Graham crusade. Crusade files contain information about planning, arrangements, scheduling special events, executive committees, follow-up, the School of Evangelism, etc. In addition to Smyth's files are those of division directors of the North American Ministries (Sterling Huston and Tom Phillips) and International Ministries (Blair Carlson, Bob Williams), and crusade directors (Henry Holley and Blair Carlson), who oversaw international crusades between the 1970s and '90s, including those in Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain (England and Scotland), Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Russia, and Taiwan (Smyth's files also document these crusades). The collection contains numerous petitions from cities asking Graham to preach in their communities. There is more information in many of these files on Graham's crusades than on those of associate evangelists.


The BGEA retains the copyright to their materials and their permission is needed for quotation. BGEA permission is also required to copy photos, audio recordings, or films in this collection, as well as paper records in any restricted files. The Archives staff will provide the form needed to request copying permission. Paper records in files not otherwise restricted may be copied. For quotation permission, contact the BGEA at

The following folders are closed until the indicated date.  (276-14 means box 276, folder 14)
331-1, 537-1, 537-2, 547-9                                         Until 1/1/2019
329-3, 364-1, 547-10                                                  Until 1/1/2020
334-19, 396-5, 542-2, 549-6, 550-3                            Until 1/1/2021
276-14, 546-1, 550-5                                                  Until 1/1/2022
541-4, 542-1, 542-3, 544-1, 546-3, 546-9                  Until 1/1/2023
512-17, 542-5, 543-2, 545-7, 549-4, 556-1                Until 1/1/2024
543-3, 544-2, 556-2                                                    Until 1/1/2025
549-2, 550-4, 555-6, 555-7, 556-3, 556-4, 556-5       Until 1/1/2026
547-12, 555-2                                                              Until 1/1/2027
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555-5                                                                           Until 1/1/2030
545-4, 546-2                                                                Until 1/1/2031
543-4                                                                           Until 1/1/2032

Anyone using the folder 390-6 until December 31, 2039, must sign an agreement that they will maintain the confidentiality of this folder. No material in these folders may be copied during that time.

All materials in this collection are on deposit from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and may not be copied without written permission from the BGEA.  Any researcher who wishes to request permission must get the required form from the Archives staff.  It is the responsibility of the researcher to fill out the form and send it to the BGEA.


Historical Background

Because a knowledge of the organizational history of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association would be helpful in using this collection, a brief history of the BGEA is available. Ask the Archives staff to see a copy or visit using your Internet browser. Also helpful for the use of this collection is a BGEA staff list (following the Scope and Content section) and glossary (, which is also available from the staff.

Position Descriptions

The principle BGEA individuals whose activities are reflected in this collection are those supervising the overall crusade ministries of the BGEA (Walter Smyth), domestic crusades (Sterling Huston and Tom Phillips) or international crusade directors (Henry Holley, Blair Carlson, and Bob Williams) responsible for specific evangelistic events; the titles of these divisions and positions have evolved over the years.

Beginning in 1964, Walter Smyth's title was Vice President of Crusade Organization and Team Activities. In this post he was responsible for the direction of crusades for Billy Graham and his associates, concerts, one-day meetings, etc., as well as for personnel assignments in connection with the Team Office and crusade preparation. He also supervised the activities of the various crusade directors who were directly responsible for individual crusades. Smyth was located in the Team Office in Atlanta, Georgia, where it remained until 1976, when Graham announced that it would be integrated into the Minneapolis headquarters; Smyth's title was then Vice President of International Relations & Crusade and Team Activities. That same year Smyth's position was subdivided into the Vice President of International Ministries (in which capacity he continued until 1987 followed by Robert Williams) and the Vice President of North American Ministries (which Sterling Huston began in 1994).

In 1977 International Ministries and North American Ministries were designated as separate divisions. Smyth was given oversight of International Ministries (in which capacity he continued until 1987, followed by Robert Williams in 1993). Sterling Huston had been in charge of North American crusades since 1974; in 1986 he added oversight of Team Activities, and in 1994 he became Vice President of North American Ministries. Tom Phillips was Senior Crusade Director between 1987 and 1994.

The positions held by Sterling Huston leading up to overseeing the North American Ministries included crusade coordinator, personnel assistant for associate evangelist crusades, director of associate crusades, director of North American crusades. In most each of these he supervised the crusade directors for various crusades.

The crusade director, represented predominantly in this collection by Henry Holley, Blair Carlson and Tom Phillips, was responsible to help assess the suitability of a community for a BGEA crusade, represent the BGEA to both crusade committees and civic, business and religious leaders in the community, assist local crusade committees, supply direction and information based on extensive BGEA experience, and coordinate BGEA Team plans and activities when they arrived for the crusade.


The five key BGEA figures whose records comprise this collection are Walter Smyth, Sterling Huston, Henry Holley, Blair Carlson, and Tom Phillips. Brief information about their responsibilities within the BGEA is included in the addendum following the Scope and Content notes. More extensive biographical information on these men follows, compiled from official BGEA biographical sketches.

The key figure in the administration of the BGEA's International Ministries & North American Ministries between 1965 and 1987 was Walter H. Smyth.
Full name Walter H. Smyth
Birth October 26, 1912, in Springfield, Pennsylvania
Parents Walter Arthur and Mary Hazlett Smyth
Marital Status Married Ethel Ray Harbach in 1948
Children Evelyn Behrens (1936), Walter Robert (1949), Daniel Ray (1952), Elizabeth Louise (1954), Barbara Lee (1955)
Education Drexel Institute, Philadelphia
Ordination 1945 by Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia
6-1/2 years Publication manager for Curtis Publishing Co., and Serving and Waiting (PSB)
2-1/2 years Associate pastor, Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia
7 years Associated with Percy Crawford, Philadelphia
Director of Philadelphia Youth for Christ
1942-1950 Vice President, Youth for Christ
1948 Delegate at World Congress on Evangelism, Beatenberg, Switzerland
1950 or '51-1987 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1951-1957 Director of Billy Graham Evangelistic Films, Washington, DC
1957 Coordinated group reservations for the 1957 New York Crusade
1958 Opened office in Melbourne for the upcoming Australian crusades
1965-1977 Vice President, Crusade Organization and Team Activities (Atlanta) and Vice President, International Ministries
1972 Accompanied Graham to secret visit with IRA leader in Ireland 1977. Delivered a humanitarian gift and preached in Bucharest. Also opened discussions which led to Graham's visit to Romania in 1985.
1983 Chairman of Amsterdam '83
1986 Chairman of Amsterdam '86
1987 Retired in May
1987 Consultant to the BGEA
1965 John Brown University, Honorary Doctorate of Divinity
1983 Walter H. and Ethel H. Smyth Scholarship Fund established at Wheaton College Graduate School for furloughing missionaries
Other significant information
Ruling elder at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Another figure whose administrative papers are interwoven throughout Collection 17 records was Sterling Huston.
Full name Sterling W. Huston
Birth May 19, 1936, in Perham, Maine
Parents Walter and Florence Tupper Huston
Marital Status Married Esther Volonino in 1965
Children Son and daughter
Ordination 1982 in Rochester, New York
1953 Graduated from Washburn (Maine) High School
1958 B.S., University of Maine, Orono
1959 M.S., University of Maine, Orono
1959-1960 University of Rochester, New York
1984 Roberts Wesleyan College, Honorary Doctor of Divinity
1958-1961 Eastman Kodak Company, industrial engineer
1966- Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1966-1969 Crusade coordinator
1969-1971 Personnel assistant for Associate crusades
1972-1973 Director of associate crusades
1974- Director of crusades for North America, 1974-
1983 Amsterdam '83 speaker
1986 Amsterdam '86 speaker
1994 Chair of North American Conference for Itinerant Evangelists '94
Other significant information
Served on the boards of several organizations such as Bethany Home in Rochester, New York and Evangelism Explosion
Published The Billy Graham Crusade Handbook (1983) and Crusade Evangelism and the Local Church (1984)

The figure whose administrative papers comprise a large portion of the documentation of international crusades in Collection 17 records is crusade director Henry Holley.
Full name Henry Holley
Birth September 18, 1927
Marital Status Married to Bettie Lee Haun on September 3, 1949
Children Two daughters and a son
Conversion 1956
Ordination To the gospel ministry By Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia
1946-1949 University of Houston (majoring in administration, law, management and leadership motivation)
1952 US Military Leadership Training Schools
1953 US Military Justice School, Newport, RI
1945-1966 US Marine Corps, administrator with final rank of master sergeant
1966- Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1966- Special assistant to Billy Graham
1966-1970 Associate director of 1966 London, 1967 Tokyo, and 1970 New York Crusades
1968-1971 Director of Counseling and Follow-up, 1968-1969 Australia & New Zealand and 1971 Central Kentucky Crusades
1970, 1979 Honor America Day director
1972-1994 Crusade director for 1972 Kingston (Jamaica), 1973 Seoul, 1974 Rio de Janeiro, 1975 Taipei, 1975 Hong Kong, 1977 Manila, 1978 Singapore, 1980 Japan, 1984 Seoul, 1990 Hong Kong, Mission 94 (Tokyo)
1983 Amsterdam '83 Director of Development
1986 Amsterdam '86 Executive Assistant to Chairman
1986-1987 Crusade supervisor for 1986 Mission France and 1987 Mission Helsinki
1992 North Korea visit project director
1994 Senior Team Consultant for the 1994 Atlanta Crusade
1998 Senior Team Consultant for Franklin Graham Crusades
Other significant information
Holley's earliest crusade involvement was in the capacity of crusade associate in the 1965 Hawaii prior to official joining the BGEA.
In the 1968 Australia Crusades and several subsequent, Holley was one of the instructors conducting the Christian Life and Witness classes at selected crusades, but his duties were focused primarily as Special Assistant to Billy Graham and on administrative aspects of a crusade.

The other crusade director whose records figure prominently in Collection 17 is Blair Carlson.
Full name Blair Truett Carlson
Birth March 17, 1952, in Oak Park, Illinois
Parents Donald C. and Marguerite E. Carlson (Swedish missionaries to China and Hong Kong (1938-1978)
Marital Status Elizabeth Ann Reitz, 1988
Children Megan Elizabeth (1994) and Eleanor Ann (1999)
1967-1970 Hong Kong International School
1970-1974 Wheaton College, BA in Art/Anthropology
1968-1969 Local ground staff, Pan Am, Hong Kong
1971-1974 Tour guide for Holy Land and European Tours
1974- Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1974-1995 Crusade associate for Billy Graham domestic and international crusades in Norfolk, Virginia (1974), Hong Kong (1975), Taipei (1975), Manila (1977), Oslo (1978), Stockholm (1978), Singapore (1978), Sydney (1979), Mexico City (1980), Tokyo (1994), Global Mission Oceania (1995)
1974-1983 Crusade associate for conferences: ICOWE in Lausanne (1974), CODE '76, COWE in Pattaya, Thailand (1980), Amsterdam '83
1978-1991 Crusade associate for Billy Graham's mission tours: Poland (1978), Czechoslovakia (1982), German Democratic Republic (1982), Soviet Union (1982, 1984, 1991), China (1988)
1979-1984 Assistant to Vice President International Ministries (Walter Smyth)
1982- International crusade director: Blackpool, England (1982), Nassau, Bahamas (1982), Mission England in Liverpool and Sunderland, England (1984), Sheffield, England, with satellites (1985), Paris (1986), Helsinki (1987), Mission 89 (London), Berlin '90, Mission Scotland (1991), Vozrozhdeniye '92 (Moscow), Pro Christ '93 (Germany), Sydney (1996), Festival '99, Perth Scotland (1999), Celebrate Jesus '99, Jamaica
1989-1992 Director of European Ministries

Tom Phillips is the other crusade director overseeing the BGEA's domestic crusades.
Full name Thomas K. Phillips
Birth October 19, 1947, in Corinth, Mississippi
Parents John Thomas and Dorothy Lorene Conn Phillips
Marital Status Married to Ouida Jean Jobe, 1967
Children Cara Elizabeth (1971), Molly Faith (1975), Matthew Thomas (1978)
1966-1970 University of Mississippi, BA in Biology and English
1970-1974 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, MDiv
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, DMin
1998 Belhaven College, Jackson, Mississippi, DDiv
1968 Evangelistic Nautical Ministry
1969-1970 Pastor of Otuckaloafa Baptist Church
1970-1994 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1970-1974 Coordinator of Counseling & Follow-up
1971-1974 Street evangelist in Louisville, itinerant evangelist in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana
1975-1994 BGEA Director of Counseling & Follow-up Administration
1975- BGEA Christian Life & Witness class instructor
1976- BGEA Small Group Bible Study training instructor
1978 BGEA Assistant Crusade Director
1979-1980 BGEA Resident Crusade Director
1981-1986 BGEA Crusade Director
1982- BGEA School of Evangelism instructor
1985-1987 BGEA Director of Peaks to Plains Thrust, seven crusades in five states
1987-1989 BGEA Director of Program, Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove
1987-1994 BGEA Senior Crusade Director
1988- Member of the Billy Graham Center's Institute of Strategic Evangelism's Advisory Committee
1989-1994 BGEA Director of Counseling & Follow-up
1992-1994 Program director for the North American Conference for Itinerant Evangelists
1994-1995 Coordinator for Promisekeepers counselor training
1994-2000 President & CEO of International Students, Inc.
2001- BGEA Vice President of Training (Cove, Schools of Evangelism, Counseling & Follow-up)
Other significant information
Developed or authored, independently or with others, evangelism and discipleship materials
Served on the boards of the Greater Tacoma Christian Outreach Fellowship, Chrysalis Leadership Foundation, East Gates Ministries, Horizon International; also on executive committees of Mission America and the US Lausanne Committee
Consultant to Youth for Christ in Tacoma, Washington

Scope and Content

The general focus of the collection is the crusade evangelism of Billy Graham, ranging from 1950 to 1995. (The files of associate evangelist crusades are mostly in Collection 13.) There is some documentation of pre-1960 crusades, but the bulk of the collection covers the time period from the early 1960s to the 1990s. Materials in this collection emphasize the crusade-coordinating activity of the BGEA, telling the story of evangelistic meetings beginning with the 1957 New York Crusade and covering five decades into the mid-1990s. The span of the documents for any given Billy Graham crusade reveals the process of supervising the mechanics of organizing an event from the time the first invitation to hold a crusade was received from a particular community until the crusade office was closed and the final audit report was published in the newspaper. Files for each crusade deal with many details, such as planning and arranging for the crusade site, scheduling, consulting with the local committees, publicity, special events, executive committees, follow-up, the School of Evangelism, etc. The documents in the collection are written predominantly in English, although substantial portions of those for international crusades, such as in Hong Kong and Japan are in Chinese and Japanese.

The collection is organized around the individuals who served as crusade directors and supervisors of crusade directors. The principle person whose activity and supervision is documented in this collection is Walter Smyth. The activities of several other BGEA figures are also recorded, including crusade directors Sterling Huston, Henry Holley, Blair Carlson, Tom Phillips, Bob Williams, Elwyn Cutler, and their respective secretaries (Eva Prior was Smyth's secretary, and Cathy Wood, Huston's).

The collection is comprised of three series of documents, corresponding to 1) Walter Smyth's initial oversight of both domestic and international crusades, and the subsequent division of the crusade or Team Office into 2) North American Ministries and 3) International Ministries. The largest of these series is the records of Walter Smyth who supervised the BGEA's crusade activities over four decades. The other figures whose records are included fall under either the North American Ministries (Sterling Huston, Tom Phillips) or International Ministries (Henry Holley, Blair Carlson, Bob Williams) sections. Huston oversaw planning for associate evangelists' crusades and later Billy Graham's crusades, while Holley and Carlson as crusade directors were responsible for one international Billy Graham crusade at a time. (John Corts also served as the crusade director for the 1979 Florida West Crusade and his records are included at the end of Smyth's series.) Many of the documents include a short list in the upper right hand corner which seem to indicate other folders in which related material or a duplicate appears. Many of the series are further subdivided into smaller units. The accessions received from the BGEA also included numerous artifacts, largely souvenir and promotional items for various crusades such as clothing (scarfs, shirts, ties, hats), jewelry, paper weights, tote bags, etc., (most of which were transferred to the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove). Crusade files were often accompanied by clippings, articles, press releases and other media coverage of a crusade. In many cases these clippings were relocated into the BGEA clipping file in Collection 360. Audio tapes and video tapes were reallocated to Collection 26 and Collection 113.

The collection is subdivided into the following five series:

  1. Walter Smyth (163.8 cubic feet)
  2. North American Ministries (89.5 cubic feet)
    1. Sterling Huston
    2. Tom Phillips
  3. International Ministries (98.7 cubic feet)
    1. Henry Holley
    2. Blair Carlson
    3. Bob Williams
  4. Audio Tapes
  5. Photographs
These series are further outlined with their subseries:
  1. Walter Smyth (163.8 cubic feet)
    1. Correspondence (99.7 cubic feet)
      1. General (13.2 cubic feet)
      2. Team (23.8 cubic feet)
        1. Team correspondence
        2. Team matters
      3. International Office (13.4 cubic feet)
      4. Billy Graham speaking engagement schedules (5.6 cubic feet)
      5. Board (1.2 cubic feet)
      6. Overseas offices (.9 cubic feet)
      7. Secretary (Eva Prior) (23.5 cubic feet)
      8. Blair Carlson (.9 cubic feet)
      9. Miscellaneous (7.9 cubic feet)
      10. Untitled files (9.3 cubic feet)
    2. Crusade files (38.9 cubic feet)
    3. Crusade invitations (12.2 cubic feet)
    4. Crusade manuals & notebooks (4.1 cubic feet)
    5. Crusade Guidance Portfolios (1.8 cubic feet)
    6. Evangelism congresses and conventions (6.2 cubic feet)
    7. John Corts' 1979 Florida West Coast Crusade files (.9 cubic feet)
  2. North American Ministries (89.5 cubic feet)
    1. Sterling Huston (71.8 cubic feet)
      1. Crusade files (66.2 cubic feet)
      2. Miscellaneous files (1.8 cubic feet)
      3. Crusade invitations (3.8 cubic feet)
    2. Tom Phillips (17.7 cubic feet)
      1. General (.1 cubic feet)
      2. Elwyn Cutler (2.8 cubic feet)
      3. Jeannie Hickman (1.3 cubic feet)
      4. Crusades (13.5 cubic feet)
  3. International Ministries (98.7 cubic feet)
    1. Henry Holley: Correspondence & crusade files (50.3 cubic feet)
      1. General files (1.0 cubic feet)
      2. City reports (1.3 cubic feet)
      3. Crusade general files (10.8 cubic feet)
      4. Crusade counseling files (1.2 cubic feet)
      5. Early crusades files (.8 cubic feet)
      6. Evangelism congresses files (.5 cubic feet)
      7. Honor America Day files (.5 cubic feet)
      8. Billy Graham Center files (.4 cubic feet)
      9. International crusade files (25.4 cubic feet)
      10. Amsterdam '83 files (.1 cubic feet)
      11. Amsterdam '86 files (.3 cubic feet)
      12. Montreat files (8 cubic feet)
    2. Blair Carlson: Correspondence & crusade files (47.7 cubic feet)
      1. Crusade function files (12.3 cubic feet)
      2. Crusade files (31.3 cubic feet)
      3. Country files (1.7 cubic feet)
      4. International Ministries (1.3 cubic feet)
      5. Personal correspondence (1.1 cubic feet)
    3. Bob Williams (.7 cubic feet)
      1. Vosrozhdeniye 95 files (.7 cubic feet)
  4. Audio tapes
  5. Photographs

The numerous accessions which make up this collection were usually received in some disorder, with little supporting information that showed the relation of the various accessions to each other. Therefore, the overall arrangement of the collection was provided by the archivist. Order of each series has been retained where order existed. Although the accessions for the most part were received in recognizable and good order, no attempt was made to eliminate every deviation from this and researchers will find in a few cases that files do not appear in their anticipated alphabetical order.

The following descriptions further illuminate the specific contents of these series and their subseries. Although the majority of the collection is described only to the box level, the first twenty-five boxes are described by individual folder titles (see CONTAINER LIST near the end of this guide).

Series 1: Walter Smyth files (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Arrangement: Walter Smyth's files are subdivided into seven subseries, outlined as follows:

    1. Correspondence (99.7 cubic feet)
      1. General (13.2 cubic feet)
      2. Team (23.8 cubic feet)
        1. Team correspondence
        2. Team matters
      3. International Office (13.4 cubic feet)
      4. Billy Graham speaking engagement schedules (5.6 cubic feet)
      5. Board, 1961-1987 (1.2 cubic feet)
      6. International offices, 1961-1982 (.9 cubic feet)
      7. Secretary (Eva Prior) (23.5 cubic feet)
      8. Blair Carlson, 1976-1983 (.9 cubic feet)
      9. Miscellaneous (7.9 cubic feet)
      10. Untitled files (9.3 cubic feet)
    2. Crusade files (38.9 cubic feet)
    3. Crusade invitations (12.2 cubic feet)
    4. Crusade manuals & notebooks (4.1 cubic feet)
    5. Crusade Guidance Portfolios (1.8 cubic feet)
    6. Evangelism congresses and conventions (6.2 cubic feet)
    7. John Corts' 1979 Florida West Coast Crusade files (.9 cubic feet)
Dates: 1957-1987.
Volume: 161.9 cubic feet
Notes: Included in Smyth's records are the correspondence files of his secretary Eva Prior and assistant Blair Carlson. The Correspondence subseries comprises over half the series.

Subseries 1.1.1. General correspondence
Arrangement: Subdivided into four subunits, the first (1960-1977) arranged alphabetically by subject or proper name, with most folder titles in the second consisting of just an alphabet letter. The second subunit (1961-1977) is arranged alphabetically. The third subunit (1978-1983 with the bulk 1978-1980) is arranged alphabetically. The fourth and largest subunit (1972-1987, bulk 1980-1984), arranged alphabetically, does not include files for the letters A, B, or C.
Date range: 1960-1984
Volume: 13.2 cubic feet
Boxes: 92-94, 97-100, 307-325 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, inter-office memos, reports, forms
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, individuals corresponding to the folder title, key figures in the non-BGEA organization corresponding to the folder title, BGEA colleagues like Don Bailey and Henry Holley, other BGEA staff, and assorted American and international church leaders and evangelists.
Notes: Administrative correspondence, the first and third subseries being more specific for organizations or persons, with the second more general, related to maintaining or establishing contacts, responding to offers of services or requests for assistance, responding to referrals from other BGEA staff, requests for participation in events by BGEA Team members, a significant portion of which appears to be inquiries about possible visits by Billy Graham to a community or institution which he was unable to make. The first subunit of administrative correspondence includes files for organizations like African Enterprise, American Bible Society, Baptist churches, Campus Crusade for Christ, and the BGEA's World Wide Pictures, and Grason, and people such as Don Bailey, Walter F. Bennett, Billy Graham, Dennis Clark (World Evangelical Fellowship), A.J. Dain, Dave Foster (Eurovangelism), Richard Halverson (primarily the newsletter Perspective), Sterling Huston, Lawrence Nerheim, Smyth's communication (with Bailey, with Layman, with Prior and with Root), and Herbert J. Taylor. Folder titles include Controversial, Counsel (as in spiritual counsel), Human Interest, Officials (as in local, state and national government officials), Prayer Requests, Referrals (from Don Bailey and Forrest Layman), and Strange. In the third subsection (for which files for the letters A,B and C are not included), for each letter D-Z there are files (some correspondence and others reference) for specific individuals according to letter (among them are Lewis Drummond, Joni Earekson, Paul Eshleman, Nilson Fanini, Michael Green, Os Guiness, Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Akira Hatori, Don Hoke, Tom Houston, David Howard, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Torrey Johnson, Samuel Kamaleson, Kenneth Kantzer, Billy Kim, Gilbert Kirby, Festo Kivengere, Jim Kraakevik, John Kyle, Gordon Landreth, Floyd McClung, Samuel Moffett, Stan Mooneyham, Stephen Olford, J. Edwin Orr, Nene Ramientos, Cliff Richard, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Bill Shoemaker, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, John Stott, Corrie ten Boom, J. Christy Wilson) and a general file bringing together various individuals for that letter. Also sprinkled throughout there are also files with subject headings (such as death, disabled, films, information, insurance, inventory, media, military, missionaries, politics, prisons, radio, schools, strange, etc.), and a few organizations (including Evangelism Explosion, assorted Foundations, Fuller Seminary, Haggai Institute, assorted Hotels, Lausanne Committee, Moody Bible Institute, National Religious Broadcasters, OC Ministries, assorted Organizations (CONELA, Free the Siberian Seven, MAF, Navigators, PTL, Scripture Union, World Vision, Youth for Christ, Youth With a Mission), 700 Club, Samaritan's Purse, World Council of Churches, and others).

Subseries Team correspondence: 1960-1985
Arrangement: By time period (1960-1983, 1980-1985), within each time span alphabetically by name of the Team member, within each name chronologically with most recent first
Date range: 1960-1985
Volume: 19.5 cubic feet
Boxes: 75-92, 161 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Domestic, international
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, reports, telegrams, publicity material, financial records and reports, statistics
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, BGEA administrators and staff, associate evangelists. This series reads like a BGEA who's who and brings together many BGEA figures; among them the following have more substantial or multiple files: Joel Aarsvold, Akbar Abdul-Haqq, Lane Adams, John Akers, Jeff Anderson, Don Bailey, Dave Barr, Cliff Barrows, Jerry Beavan, L. Nelson Bell, Barry Berryman, Martha Bridges (nee Warkentin, Graham's secretary; also one folder under Warkentin), Bill Brown, Werner Burklin, Russ Busby, Blair Carlson, George Clark, Sundar Clarke, John Corts, Robert Cunville, A. Jack Dain, Ted and Millie Dienert, John Dillon, Paul Eshleman, Bob Evans, Robert Ferm, Leighton Ford, Billy Graham (alphabetized under "Billy,") Walter Grist, Alexander Haraszti, Henry Holley, Sterling Huston, Howard Jones, V. Sam Jones, Forrest Layman, Carol Lindsay, Jim Matthis, Ken McVety, Stan Mooneyham, Norm Mydske, Victor Nelson, Dan Nuesch, Rosemary Phillips (Mission England office), Charles Riggs, Maurice Rowlandson (BGEA's London office), Peter Schneider, Gil Stricklin, Harvey Thomas, Helen Verco (BGEA's Australian office), Charles Ward, Harry Williams, Stephanie Wills, George Wilson, Grady Wilson, Jean Wilson (BGEA's London office), T.W. Wilson.
Subjects: The BGEA's evangelistic meetings and outreach, internal administration and finances, contacts with religious, political and civic leaders. To assess the particular issues which might correspond with a particular individual, the researcher should consult the BGEA guide to determine the sphere of their responsibility. As an example, Dave Barr worked in World Wide Pictures, particularly related to its international distribution; therefore, his files document WWP and the BGEA's film ministry.
Notes: Some of these files are extensive and thoroughly record the activities and responsibilities of the corresponding person. The two subseries overlap somewhat, with the second being more recent and more concentrated on a few key BGEA individuals. Many of the memos include a short list in the upper right hand corner which seem to indicate other folders in which related material or a duplicate appears, accompanied by a short summary of the contents of an attached document.
Exceptional items: Folder 75-18 contains a transcript of Akbar Abdul-Haqq's comments during a dialogue in 1965 at Ball State University on anthropology, philosophy and religion. John Akers, Special Assistant to Billy Graham, was involved in conducting research to prepare Graham for crusades and meetings with religious, political and civic leaders, and in planning and details of his international visits, like that to Eastern Europe and Russia or with the Pope; his files reflect this involvement. Folder 75-28, for example, includes late-1980 first-draft manuscripts of messages Graham would deliver in Poland and Hungary.

Subseries Team matters
Arrangement: Roughly alphabetical according to subject
Date range: 1962-1982
Volume: 4.3 cubic feet
Boxes: 94-96, 162-163 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Memos, correspondence, duplicated documents for general distribution
Correspondents: Smyth, Bailey, and Prior are the key authors of the documents
Notes: This series documents outline routine arrangements and policy for the BGEA Team, including such diverse subjects as awards granted to members, requests for permission to serve on the boards of other organizations, finances, etc. Many of the memos include a short list in the upper right hand corner which seem to indicate other folders in which related material or a duplicate appears, accompanied by a short summary of the contents of an attached document. Many documents are duplicated for distribution, whether memos about an event or a change in someone's responsibility, or a policy document. Folder titles of more substantial files or set of files include Bios, Films, Finance, General, Policy & Procedures, Prep Team, Schedules (1964-1976), Team Prospects (1964-1981), Team Meetings (1962-1978), the last three being the most substantial. Box 162 includes planning files for the 1981 Team and Staff Conference (TASC) and files about the Canadian Agape evangelistic television program overseen by (John Wesley White) and corresponding traveling concert ministry. The subseries is rounded out with files about BGEA's associate evangelists and the program of coordinating their ministry.
Exceptional items: Folder 94-50 includes a statement by Tom Skinner at the 1969 US Congress on Evangelism in Minneapolis denying allegations that black delegates at the meeting were advocating revolt and opposition to Billy Graham.

Subseries 1.1.3.: International Office correspondence
Arrangement: Subdivided into two subunits, the first alphabetically by country name within a continent (1961-1981, 1962-1981) and the second alphabetically by crusade (1967-1982, bulk 1980-1981). For each country there may be a series of files. The subseries by continent is further divided into two subunits, each enumerating various continents.
Date range: 1960-1982
Volume: 13.4 cubic feet
Boxes: 138-150, 161-162 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Domestic and international, including Africa (Liberia), Asia (Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan), Europe (Ireland, Vatican), Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, China, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland), North America (Canada, Mexico), South America (Brazil)
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, telegrams, articles, reports, lists, schedules, statistics
Correspondents: Smyth, Eva Prior, Sterling Huston, Don Bailey, John Dillon, Alexander Haraszti (in the Eastern Europe section), Blair Carlson, other BGEA staff and associate evangelists, and Christian leaders and missionaries throughout the world
Notes: The files in the first subunit, although geographically oriented, revolve primarily around a crusade or major event, including the following: 1976 Pan African Christian Leadership Assembly, 1975 Hong Kong Crusade, the 1977 Good News Festival and 1972 Nagaland Crusade in India, the 1967 Tokyo Crusade and 1980 Japan Crusades, the Korea '73 Crusade, the 1977 Metro-Manila Crusade, the 1978 Singapore Crusade, 1975 Taipei Crusade, Euro '70 in Dortmund, 1972 visits to Belfast and Dublin, 1981 visit with the Pope at the Vatican, 1971 European Congress on Evangelism, 1965 Lower Mainland Crusade (Vancouver), 1967 Centennial Crusade (Winnipeg), Graham's 1974 participation in the first International Baptist Congress of Evangelism (for Spanish-speaking people), and Geração 79 (Generation 79 Youth Congress sponsored by Youth for Christ) in Sao Paulo. There is a special subsection devoted to Eastern Europe (also includes China) especially to Poland in 1978, Hungary in 1981, among others; these files document visits by Billy Graham or his representatives rather than extended crusades; while they record meetings of shorter duration, their significance comes from their occurring during the Cold War period. For several of the crusades there are preliminary planning reports which crusade director Henry Holley submitted to Smyth.

The second subunit by continent seems to have more correspondence with national church leaders, including Festo Kivengere of Uganda (folder 162-26, see also folder 100-32), P. Octavianus of Indonesia (folder 144-74), Juan Isais of Mexico (folder 145-44), and David MacLagan of Scotland (folder 146-58), much of it relating to coordinating a visit by or message from Billy Graham, involvement of other BGEA evangelists or staff, request for financial support or an invitation to a crusade or conference, or coordinating arrangements for showing World Wide Pictures films. The geographical coverage is much more widespread, including files for regions (Central Africa, West Africa, East Africa, etc.) and many countries on each continent (boldfaced are more substantial):

A third subunit, organized by crusade according to country, is very similar to the one preceding it and appears to possibly be an extension of it. Much of the correspondence relates to arrangements, particularly those for entering and visiting in foreign countries, such as Graham's visit with the Pope in 1981 or his travel to the Soviet Union in 1982. The files also document ongoing contacts within countries (such as with Michael Green, Tom Houston, Gilbert Kirby, Gordon Landreth, David Maclagan,) which in some cases develop into crusades. Domestic crusades documented include the 1980 Central Indiana Crusade, 1980 Northern Alberta (Edmonton) Crusade, 1980 Las Vegas-Reno Crusade, 1981 Baltimore Crusade, 1981 American Festival of Evangelism, 1981 Southern Alberta (Calgary) Crusade, 1981 San Jose/Bay Area Crusade, 1982 New England Crusade. The Eastern Zone (predominantly Eastern Europe) section makes up a significant portion of the subseries, documenting media coverage and contacts, as well as communication with church leaders and government representatives in countries including Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Turkey, USSR, Vatican, and Yugoslavia. Other areas or countries covered include West Germany, Indonesia, Islands (Caribbean), Mexico (boxes 147 and 148 contain additional information about the 1981 Congreso Nacional Mexico in Mexico City and Villahermosa), "Other" (consisting of small files corresponding with countries throughout the world including those mentioned in the previous series and Argentina, China, Nepal, New Guinea, Norway, Sweden, Uganda, Wales), Sri Lanka (concerning a crusade Graham intended to hold in Colombo but had to cancel, box 148), Thailand (concerning the 1980 Consultation on World Evangelization), and the United Kingdom. This last portion of the subseries is the largest, spanning boxes 148, 149 and 150 and documenting invitations for Graham to conduct crusades in Great Britain, including in Birmingham in the later 1970s, contacts in Ireland and Scotland, Graham's 1980 visits to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the 1982 Blackpool Crusade, and the process leading up to Mission England in 1984 and 1985); most of the Blackpool files relate to the crusade itself. Also see folders 396-4 and 8 (various) and folder 397-3 (Mission 89) relating invitations for Graham to conduct other international meetings, and folders 484-4,5 for the 1993 Columbus Crusade.
Exceptional items: Folder 143-69 titled "Photos" contains photocopies of images taken during Graham's visit to Poland in 1978, of which Smyth was also a part.

Subseries 1.1.4: Billy Graham speaking engagement schedules
Arrangement: Three subunits according to state (alphabetical), school (alphabetical by state), and miscellaneous (alphabetical). A fourth subunit consists of chronologically arranged schedule notebooks.
Date range: 1961-1977
Volume: 5.6 cubic feet
Boxes: 121-126 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Domestic and international, Vietnam for Graham's visit to US troops
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, notebooks
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, Willis Haymaker, BGEA staff, pastors, Christian leaders, lay people, students, college representatives (presidents, chaplains, etc.)
Notes: The documents in this subseries record contact between the BGEA and churches, organizations, educational institutions ((high schools, colleges, technical schools), and individuals to arrange speaking engagements by Billy Graham. The files in the miscellaneous subunit represent a broad spectrum of associations. Among them are groups files under the rubric of "Clubs" (such as the Boy Scouts of America, Chambers of Commerce, Nurses Christian Fellowship), Disabled, Ecumenical, Indians, Jewish, Medical, branches of the U.S. military service, Organizations (Campus Crusade, Christian Business Men's Committee, Christian Women's Clubs of America, International Christian Leadership, Youth for Christ), Prisons, Radio & TV, Rock festivals, Roman Catholic, Sports. A number of the letters are written to Billy Graham, while the reply comes from Walter Smyth or another BGEA staffperson. The schedule notebooks consist of typed pages which list dates, location of meeting being considered, and short description of communication (in person, by phone or correspondence) with Graham (or his associates) about the event whether in person or by correspondence.

Subseries 1.1.5: BGEA Board files
Arrangement: Mixed with no reordering done by the archivist
Date range: 1961-1987
Volume: 1.2 cubic feet
Boxes: 126-127 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Correspondence, telegrams, meeting agenda and minutes, reports to the BGEA board
Correspondents: Board members (Alan Emery, EV Hill, Maxey Jarman, Bill Mead, Harold John Ockenga, Robert Van Kampen, William Walton), Walter Smyth, Billy Graham, Joel Aarsvold, Alexander Haraszti, Sterling Huston, Eva Prior
Notes: The series consists of Smyth's office's interaction with BGEA board members, including a record of their deliberations (both in official meetings and at other times), business, and committee work, as well as matters requested by board members from Smyth or Graham. Some of the files seem only marginally related to board matters if at all, but may have been inadvertently intermingled with the Board files prior to shipping.

Subseries 1.1.6: International (or Overseas) Offices
Arrangement: Alphabetical by country or region
Date range: 1962-1982
Volume: .9 cubic feet
Boxes: 128 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Latin America, Mexico, New South Wales or Sydney (Australia), Spain, Switzerland
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, reports, minutes, financial reports, press releases, articles of incorporation and by-laws
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, international office directors, staff, and officers, board members (London: Maurice Rowlandson and Jean Wilson; France: Andre Thobois and John Winston; Germany: Werner Burklin; Hong Kong: V. Samuel Jones; Latin America: Norm Mydske; Australia: Barry Berryman)
Notes: These are Smyth's files related to the BGEA's offices throughout the world. Documented is interaction between the offices and the BGEA headquarters, coordination of crusades or programs, publication of foreign language versions of DECISION, broadcast of Hour of Decision, distribution of World Wide Pictures films, etc. The France, London, Germany, and Sydney sections are much more substantive than the others. The documents corresponding to some countries (India, Italy, Japan, Norway, Philippines) were not generated by a BGEA office there but are rather about magazine, television, or film distribution there.

Subseries 1.1.7: Secretary's (Eva Prior) files (?)
Arrangement: Three subunits arranged chronologically, alphabetically within each
Date range: 1959-1987
Volume: 23.5 cubic feet
Boxes: 100-121 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Administrative letters, correspondence, memos, reports, promotional literature, photocopies of articles and clippings
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, John Akers, Dave Barr, Blair Carlson, Alexander Haraszti, Luis Palau, Maurince Rowlandson, BGEA staff, national and international Christian leaders. Many of the documents are under Eva Prior's signature, so these may be her files.
Notes: Prior's correspondence files comprise one of the more substantive units in the correspondence subseries. As would be expected, many of the subjects are very routine administrative ones like Address changes, Employment, Referrals, etc. The folder titles cover a broad range of subjects, personal and organizational names, including Evangelical figures and agencies. A few BGEA staff names appear throughout, but for the most part the persons with corresponding files are outside the Graham organization. Some anomalies appear in the folder titling, such as the American Bible Society being filed with other folders related to "Bible," or files like "Articles of incorporation" or "By-laws" appearing where the heading might be presumed to be "Corporation." People: Isaac Ababio, Myron Augsburger, Henderson Belk, Walter F. Bennett, Lowell Berry, Cyril Black, John Bolten, Michael Cassidy, Ken Chafin, Billy Kim, Gilbert Kirby, Paul Little, Luis Palau, Smyth's communication with BGEA associates, William Thomas, I. Ben Wati. Organizations: Africa Enterprise (Michael Cassidy), Campus Crusade for Christ, Christianity Today, Consultation on Overseas Evangelistic Strategy (COES), International Christian Leadership, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Overseas Crusades. Subjects: Address changes, Automobiles, Awards, Black (as in African Americans), Chapel, Christmas parties, Churches (subdivided into various denominations, cults, etc.), Constructive criticism, Counseling & Follow-up, Drugs, Ecumenical, Employment, Evangelistic endeavors, Evangelistic organizations, Films, Foreign, Gifts, Prisoners or Prisons, Radio & television, Schools (Christian colleges), Seminars (Schools of Evangelism), Strange, Television
Exceptional items: A series of files in box 101 deals with the African American community, church and their involvement in crusades. Some files in the 1981-1987 subunit date back to 1962. A second subunit is smaller in size but parallel's the previous unit, including files for the BGEA's England and German offices. A third unit appears to be a continuation of Prior's files, following the same outline of the previous two subseries, perhaps the beginning of an integration of the three. Some of the folders are as much reference files with photocopies of newspaper clippings or magazine articles about a subject as a compilation of memos and correspondence. Within the subseries there are a few small series, such as archbishops of the Church of England (Box 116) in Great Britain and elsewhere, contacts with celebrities (Box 116), controversies (Box 117, typically disagreement about Billy Graham's doctrine, methodology or associations), deaths (Box 117 of BGEA staff, family members and friends) U.S. presidents (Box 118), local and national government officials (Box 120), and schools (Box 121, primarily theological schools and seminaries). Like the earlier subseries, this one contains folders corresponding to a broad spectrum of subjects, Christian leaders, lay people, and organizations.

Subseries 1.1.8: Blair Carlson's files
Arrangement: Assorted
Date range: 1976-1983
Volume: .9 cubic feet
Boxes: 164 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Domestic and international
Type of documents: Correspondence, crusade materials, resources like Bible study guides
Correspondents: Carlson, Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, BGEA staff
Notes: This brief subseries contains many copies of materials which may appear elsewhere in the collection, such as several Henry Holley reports in preparation for crusades (1978 Singapore and 1991 Buenos Aires although the report was written almost a decade earlier) and crusade samples. Also included is an alphabetically arranged subsection of files corresponding to continent and country names, ranging from Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and North America. All these materials relate to contacts in the countries or crusades in which Carlson was assisting with the setup and administration, or Graham's travels being coordinated through the division such as his 1982 Moscow visit.

Subseries 1.1.9: Miscellaneous correspondence & crusade files
Arrangement: Alphabetical (because they were received largely unordered, the archivist provided the arrangement)
Date Range: 1952-1984
Volume: 7.9 cubic feet
Boxes: 174-181 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Domestic and international
Type of documents: Correspondence, reports, crusade invitations, statistics, telegrams, memos, forms, etc.
Correspondents: Smyth, Eva Prior, Henry Holley, Sterling Huston, Cliff Barrows, Billy Graham, other BGEA executives and staff, community pastors, church and civic leaders
Notes: Much of this series relates to crusades or communication between the Smyth and his associates and overseas contacts, whether about possible crusades, other speaking engagements or events to which Billy Graham was invited or a participant, follow-up to previous events, the BGEA's international offices, distribution of DECISION magazine, or personal matters. File titles reflect a variety of emphases: document form (address book, charts, or correspondence), a theme (Roman Catholicism, choir, military), a BGEA division or affiliated organization (DECISION magazine, BGEA Ltd. in Australia, Billy Graham Benevolent Fund, or the Billy Graham Foundation, Billy Graham Center, Grason, Hour of Decision, Our Decision), foundational planning documents ("Basic Concept of Crusade Organization"), BGEA functions (accounting, giveaways, board meetings or report to the board), BGEA projects (coffee house or Christmas gift), staff (especially Henry Holley with reports and correspondence), or generic headings (current, pending). A handful of files came untitled and those titles given by the processor appear within brackets, including [untitled].

The predominant portion of the subseries consists of files related to crusades and other meetings to which Graham was invited to speak; these appear in two overlapping but distinct subsections as they were received. The first is further subdivided between domestic crusades/events (arranged alphabetically by state), international crusades, and evangelism congresses. The domestic section begins with Alaska files related to invitations for Graham to bring a crusade to one of the state's major cities, and other BGEA Team activities there. In other cases there are files related to a major crusade, including those in San Diego (1976), San Jose (1981), Calgary or Southern Alberta (1981), Toronto (1978), Halifax or Atlantic (1979), Florida West Coast or Tampa (1979), Chicago (1971), Northwest Chicago (1964), St. Louis (1973), New York City (1957), Pittsburgh (1968), and Tidewater Virginia or Norfolk (1974). There are a few non-crusade events documented too, such as like the Easter sunrise service in Miami (1972) or Graham's speaking to the Jaycees in Atlanta (1972), governors' prayer breakfasts in Atlanta (1972), and Springfield, Illinois (1972), Pilgrim Father's landing 350th anniversary (1970), US Congress on Evangelism (1969), receiving an award at West Point (1972), Billy Graham Day (1971), an Ohio Pastors Convocation (1963), a television Christmas special with Oral Roberts in Tulsa (1972), Grady Wilson Day in Sweetwater, Texas (1974), Expo '74 in Spokane (1974), Honor America Day (1970 and 1979), and Key '73. Among the international crusades represented are Nassau (1982), Rio de Janeiro (1974), Eurofest '75 in Brussels, Berlin (1966), All-Britain Crusade (1966), an attempted crusade in Jamaica (1964), Tokyo (1967), Korea (1973, 1984), Congreso Nacional Crusade in Mexico (1981), New Zealand (1969), and Manila (1977). Also documented are visits to Berlin and the Soviet Union (1982), again to the Soviet Union (1984), dedication of the Billy Graham Nagar in India (1980), the World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin (1966), the Lausanne Congress (1974), and Amsterdam '83.

The second crusade and speaking engagements subsection (also arranged alphabetically by state) is heavily domestic and weighted toward California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, and Texas (the canceled 1965 Heart 'O Texas Crusade in Waco). Invitations to Graham to bring a crusade to a community are more predominant in the second subsection, but also among them are crusade files such as for the BGEA's 25th anniversary celebration and crusade in Hollywood (1974), but also the Ethel Waters testimonial dinner (1972), the 1971 NAE (National Association of Evangelicals) meeting in Los Angeles, serving as grandmaster of the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena (1971), addressing the California legislature (1971), Honor America Day (1973), the presidential inauguration of Richard Nixon (1973), and a visit to Kent State University (1971) following the student riots there. International meetings documented include the Crusade of the Americas (1969) and follow-up evangelism congresses in the late 1960s and early '70s. A few files related to Graham's speaking engagements regardless of place are also included. Not all meeting files relate to Graham's participation, as in planning meetings for Amsterdam '83 at which Smyth was representing the BGEA.
Exceptional items: Folder 178-4 contains the draft text of Billy Graham's message to the 1982 World Conference of Religious Workers for Saving the Sacred Gift of Life from Nuclear Catastrophe in Moscow. Folder 180-26 includes a public relations booklet called "For the Inner City" on E.V. Hill's World Christian Training Center which was established as an evangelistic outreach to the African American community of South Central Los Angeles. Folder 180-59 consists of sermons from the School of Evangelism held in conjunction with the 1969 New Zealand Crusade.

Subseries 1.1.10: Untitled files
Arrangement: The files in this subseries were received in no apparent order and without file titles, appearing to have been destined to be filed in an established filing system, based on the notations in the upper right hand corners of the documents contained in them. Based on a cursory review of the files' contents, when possible a title was created (i.e., Eurofest, international, untitled, etc.) and the files have been arranged alphabetically according to these titles. Within each of these subgroups, the files have been arranged chronologically.
Date Range: 1962-1982
Volume: 9.3 cubic feet
Boxes: 181-189 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Domestic and international
Type of documents: Correspondence, reports, telegrams, memos, forms, etc.
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, Henry Holley, Sterling Huston, Cliff Barrows, Billy Graham, other BGEA executives and staff, community pastors, church and civic leaders
Notes: Like the previous subseries, much of this subseries relates to crusades or communication between the Smyth and his associates and overseas contacts, whether about possible crusades, other speaking engagements or events to which Billy Graham was invited or a participant, follow-up to previous events, the BGEA's international offices, distribution of DECISION magazine, or personal matters. Based on the filing key in the upper right hand corner of many documents and being available in multiple copies, it appears that documents were duplicated for filing with various points of access. In some cases pre-existing handwritten folder titles are crossed out; this was not done by the Archives staff but received that way. File titles created by the Archives staff appear within brackets. Based on the cursory review of the files' contents, the untitled folders have been given titles in brackets [ ] by the archivist where possible to reflect a predominant (although not exclusive) character of the file, although all of them were received without titles. If no aspect predominated, [untitled] was assigned as the title. The predominant crusades being referred to in the international files are those non-domestic crusades which occurred during this period: Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and Japan. Several files were titled but as they were integrated into the subseries they were retained there.
Exceptional items: Included in folders 182-5 and 6 are evaluations for the Schools of Evangelism in Pittsburgh (1968) and Kansas City (1967).

Subseries 1.2: Crusade files
Arrangement: Further subdivided into five units. The first (1957-1974) is arranged chronologically by crusade date with the files for each meeting in roughly alphabetical order; the second (1964-1986) is arranged alphabetically by country, continent or state name; the third (1961-1981) is arranged alphabetically by state; the fourth (1963-1987) is arranged chronologically by international crusade; the fifth (1977-1982), primarily alphabetically arranged, is limited to the 1982 New England Crusade, which is further subdivided into sections corresponding to the meetings in Springfield, Massachusetts, Hartford, Connecticut, and Boston. Within each subunit, there is usually a subseries of files for each crusade.
Date range: 1957-1987
Volume: 38.9 cubic feet
Boxes: 1-15, 24, 128-137, 150-160, 163-164 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List or the corresponding detailed folder list)
Geographic coverage: Domestic and international: continents or regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, and countries including Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Soviet Union, and Sweden. In some cases US states were interfiled with countries.
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, reports, promotional material, forms, statistics, form letters, schedules, lists, press releases, financial reports and audits, articles of incorporation and by-laws, committee minutes and products, materials for use in the crusade, promotional materials and kits distributed to the media, news releases and press clippings, sample materials. The New England Crusade files also include notebooks containing lists, completed attendance forms and completed questionnaires, and computer printouts (probably to generate mailings) listing name, address, phone number, church affiliation for the following categories: choir, counseling, nurture groups, prayer groups, ushers, as well as coordinators for several of the previous groups.
Correspondents: Smyth, Eva Prior, Billy Graham, Blair Carlson, Willis Haymaker, BGEA associate evangelists, crusade directors (1969 New York: Bill Brown; 1971 Northern California: Harry B. Williams), officers and administrators (1969 New York: Elmer Engstrom, Roger Hull; 1970 Northern California: W. Robert Stover, Lowell Berry; Chicago: Herbert J. Taylor, William Meyers, Robert Van Kampen), Forrest Layman, BGEA staff, committee chairs, community civic, business and religious leaders, domestic and national church leaders
Notes: The first subunit includes samples of printed materials taken from various crusades (box 24), including such items such as Crusade Bulletins, Crusade News, identification tags, posters, report forms, form letters, envelopes, programs, and tickets. The second subunit contains crusade subseries for a string of crusades, primarily in the 1970s, documenting the planning and preparation, physical logistics, involvement of BGEA Team and staff and local leadership, committee work, and the many details leading up to, during and after the crusade; there are similar folder headings for each crusade subseries; the "Controversial" and "Strange" files gather some of the more critical or unusual responses to the crusades; In most cases, a small Team section and Billy Graham section precede the bulk of each crusade subseries which is arranged alphabetically. In the fourth subseries, the files document crusade planning and scheduling, committee activities, public relations, follow-up. See the Container List of this guide for a list of each of the crusades documented. Use of closed circuit television to extend the reach of a crusade is documented in several crusades, including Euro '70 to incorporate centers throughout Europe and Mission Sheffield (1985) throughout Great Britain. A very small subsection at the end of the subseries consists of single files corresponding to various domestic crusades occurring between 1981 and 1983. The New England Crusade files appear to have been those of the crusade office; in the case of the Hartford Crusade, rather than documenting the BGEA side of crusade planning and implementation, this subseries documents the local-level operation of the crusade office. The Boston portion of the subseries relates primarily to Christian Life & Witness Classes, Co-Labor Corp, and Counseling and Follow-up.
Exceptional items: Items worth noting include the itinerary and background material gathered together for a trip the Team took to the Orient in 1963 (folder 1-29) and press releases and reports for the Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism held in 1968 (folders 1-35,36). Also in these files are materials dealing with Graham's 1962 evangelistic tour of several South American cities (folders 2-1 through 2-9), records which have to do with the organization of the 1966 World Congress on Evangelism (folders 11-29 through 11-51), and reconnaissance reports on various European cities made in 1973 in preparation for the 1975 Eurofest (all of box 15). The general correspondence file (folder 1-1) has in it some personal letters as well as some correspondence relating to the administrative structure of the BGEA. A Discussion of Revised Techniques in Crusade Organization (folder 1-14) by Jerry Beavan is a very interesting report that contains suggestions for changes in the way crusades were run.

Subseries 1.3: Crusade invitations
Arrangement: Correspondence (1961-1978) arranged alphabetically by state, notebooks (1970-1993) arranged chronologically by the dates of invitations for specified communities
Date range: 1961-1993
Volume: 12.2 cubic feet
Boxes: 16-24, 50-56 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List) or the corresponding detailed folder list)
Geographic coverage: Correspondence from all fifty states of the U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii), Canada. Notebooks for: Fresno, CA; San Diego, CA; San Jose, CA; Rocky Mountain Region; Tampa, FL; Atlanta, GA; Boise, ID; Wichita, KS; Louisville, KY; Baltimore, MD; Detroit, MI; Jackson, MS; Charlotte, NC; Albuquerque, NM; Reno, NV; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Oklahoma City, OK; Pittsburgh, PA; Nashville, TN; Houston, TX; Odessa, TX; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; Tacoma, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; Vancouver, BC
Type of documents: Letters, petition forms, memos
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, Sterling Huston, civic, business and church leaders
Notes: The correspondence consists of requests for Graham or an associate evangelist to hold meetings in a community or area, and replies from the BGEA to those requests. The notebooks are compilations, either received in or having been in notebooks, of invitations for a community or area, ranging from simple, single bound volumes to an elaborate six-volume package for the 1976 Southeastern Michigan Crusade in Pontiac. Some of the letters, were contained in plastic sheets in oversize notebooks, were removed from the notebooks to facilitate storage. The earliest processed portion of the collection also includes invitation notebooks which were interfiled among the folders for the particular crusade which emerged from them, including with the dates of the correspondence in parentheses: San Diego (1962) in folder 5-54, Omaha (1962) in folder 6-8, Colorado (1962-1963) in folder 7-68, Heart of American (Kansas City, 1962) in folders 12-80,81 and 13-1, Tulsa (1962 and 1965) in folders 51-23,24, and so on. Also see folder 125-12 which contains invitation letters urging Billy Graham in 1968 to visit and speak at Ohio State University the following year. See the Sterling Huston subseries in the North American Ministries series for additional invitations which come chronologically after these described here.

Subseries 1.4: Crusade manuals & notebooks
Arrangement: Alphabetical by folder title (often corresponds to crusade functions like visitation or ministers or prayer.
Date range: 1963-1986
Volume: 4.1 cubic feet
Boxes: 171-174, 497 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Compilations of crusade materials, policies, job descriptions, guidelines for organization
Notes: This series brings together a diversity of volumes, most compiled in notebooks or binders. Arrangement was provided by the archivist. Areas covered include crusade accounting, arrangements, counseling, crusade executive committee, finance, follow-up, ethnic groups, amd laymen's committee. Several volumes have a label identifying them with a particular crusade but the contents are generic with nothing in the volume being crusade-specific or even gives evidence of a date of the volume. A number of the volumes are oriented around a particular function or emphasis, such as integrating the crusade program at the congregational level (folders 171-16 to 29), laymen's ministry (folders 172-2 to 6), the activities of ministers (folders 172-11 to 16, folder 173-10), and office procedures. Many of the volumes correspond to a position within the local crusade organization. In some cases an earlier and later version of the policy manual are available, such as the 1963 and 1977 editions of the crusade accounting procedure manual (folders 171-5 and 6).
Exceptional items: Folder 171-7 is a 1970 version of an associate evangelist crusade manual; see also folder 172-17. Folder 171-8 contains Baltimore: A Panoramic View prepared by a Baltimore pastor in preparation for the 1981 crusade there. Folder 171-9 includes a bibliography of books or booklets about Billy Graham and a transcript of his 1973 White House Christmas message. The 1986 international manual (folder 172-1) focuses on the organization of the outreach to various ethnic groups within the context of a domestic crusade; the notebook includes appendices for work with speakers of Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian and Arabic; folder 172-1 and 173-15 (singles, youth, student). The notebooks in folder 172-7 resource notebooks for all the materials which can be ordered for use in the crusade, ranging from crusade films to Bible study materials to songbooks and sheet music to posters. Folder 173-11 consists of Sterling Huston's notebook "Responsibilities of Associate Crusade Music Coordinator." The notebook in folder 172-9 appears in the same binder as 172-7, but the contents are very different; this folder contains a variety of detailed documents with directions for setting up the crusade corporation and office, hiring a staff, complying with accounting standards, coordinating volunteers, publishing the crusade newsletter, and establishing a bulk mailing program. One notebook (folder 172-10 draws together the military, prison and usher's manuals for the 1986 Greater Washington DC Crusade; also see folder 173-15 which corresponds to singles, youth and students. Folders 172-18,19 and 173-1 to 6 appear to be Sterling Huston's notebooks for presentations at the earliest stages of establishing a local crusade committee and office. The notebook in folder 173-12 is unlike any other in that it doesn't contain policy statements or an outline of procedures but short broadcast outlines of the 15-minute broadcasts of Prayertime which was broadcast during a crusade, in this case prior to the 1972 Alabama Crusade in Birmingham and the 1971 Greater Southwest Crusade in Irving, Texas. Folder 173-19 consists of a "General Crusade Office Operation Procedures" notebook and was it was intended for use by crusade office managers; although it is not tied to a single crusade it appears to be from about 1967. The notebook in folder 174-1 (spanning from 1968 to 1975 but primarily coming from 1974 and 1975) is a valuable compilation of lists, including crusade offices and staffs, Team Office staff (spouses, addresses and birth dates), board of director lists for the BGEA's foreign affiliates, a budget and subsidies section (memos, financial reports, letters) subdivided for various parts of the world, and executive committee lists for events of the mid-1970s (i.e., Hong Kong crusade, Eurofest 75, and the Lausanne Congress). The remaining notebooks in the series are Smyth's planning notebooks (folders 174-2 through 6); several of these were stored in large notebooks and have been subdivided into several folders while retaining their order. Like the preceding notebook, with the exception of the 1969 Alaska crusade, these primarily document the period from 1974 to 1975. They consist of letters and memos, reports, financial reports, board minutes, etc., for the BGEA's foreign offices including Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, and Australia; each section is further subdivided by Finance, Correspondence, DECISION, Films, Information - General, Lists, Minutes, and Pending, although in some cases a section may be empty.

Subseries 1.5: Crusade Guidance Portfolios
Arrangement: Alphabetical, first by office, then by committee
Date range: 1973, 1980
Volume: 1.8 cubic feet
Boxes: 24, 170-171, 496 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Each volume is a compilation of duplicated material such including forms, statement of responsibilities, instructions, form letters, checklist forms, goal statements,
Notes: Each volume in this 1973 series corresponds to the local primary positions (Chairman, Ministerial First Vice-chairman, Administrative Second Vice-chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Office Secretary) or committees (Arrangements, Counseling, Field Work, Finance, Follow-up, Music, Operation Andrew, Prayer, Publicity, Visitation, Youth). Written, compiled or updated by Sterling Huston, they were given to local crusade committees to help explain most of the important crusade committees (along with form letters to use) and facilitate their organization. To see an earlier version of the same series, see Collection 13, box 27.

Subseries 1.6: Evangelism congresses and conventions
Arrangement: Into three subunits (the most substantial of which is the files for Amsterdam '83), with each alphabetically arranged: International Congress on World Evangelization (ICOWE or Lausanne Congress) in Lausanne, Switzerland, 1974; Consultation on World Evangelization (COWE) in Pattaya, Thailand, 1980; International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists (ICIE, Amsterdam '83), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1983
Date range: 1970-1984 (files span 1970-1974 for the 1974 Congress, 1974-1979 for the Lausanne Continuation Committee and Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization)
Volume: 6.2 cubic feet
Boxes: 165-170, 306 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, forms, reports, statistics, event samples, financial information, lists, promotional material, consultation samples, minutes, telexes,
Correspondents: 1974 Lausanne Congress (Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, Congress administrators and staff, Leighton Ford), 1980 COWE (Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, Dave Howard, Leighton Ford, Stan Izon, John Howell, Blair Carlson, other Consultation administrators and staff), Amsterdam '83 (Walter Smyth who chaired the executive committee and was a member of the program advisory committee, Eva Prior, Blair Carlson who assisted Smyth, Werner Burklin who was the Conference Executive Director, Leighton Ford who chaired the Program Committee, Mary Becker who was Smyth's secretary, and Paul Eshleman who was the program director)
Notes: These Lausanne Congress files reflect Smyth's administrative responsibilities for a meeting or his awareness or oversight of BGEA participation in the Congress, including Billy Graham's role in it. For example, Smyth was a member of the 1974 Lausanne Congress Planning and Administrative Committees, so his files include planning meeting minutes in the four years preceding the Congress. Smyth's Lausanne Congress records are actually subdivided into three subseries (there appears to be some overlap between the first two, but it is unclear what distinguishes them). The third, a very short subseries corresponding to the Continuation Committee and Lausanne Committee (LCWE) which emerged from it, documents the follow-up to the Congress and the development of the LCWE. These latter files don't document Smyth's ongoing participation but rather his being kept updated on developments on behalf of the BGEA. There are two collections directly related to this subseries: Records of the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization (Collection 46), and Records of the International Congress on World Evangelization (Collection 53).

The COWE files reflect Smyth's role as a BGEA liaison for the Consultation and attendance at the meeting in Thailand. A report by Henry Holley documents his efforts to do fund raising for the Consultation during a 1979 tour of Asian countries (folder 166-34). Smyth seems to have had a special interest in the participation of Eastern Europeans and was kept appraised of those who were accepted to join in the Consultation. Blair Carlson, who worked as an associate to Smyth in the BGEA, was loaned to the Consultation for administrative assistance in the Operations Department and his activities are documented through his reports. Also see the records of the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization (Collection 46) for extensive documentation of the 1980 meeting in Thailand.

The Amsterdam '83 series is especially significant as it documents Smyth's oversight and activity as chairman of the Conference. The files cover the full range of activity from developing policy and philosophy to everyday details, extensively documenting the preparation process, executive meetings and deliberations, the activities of various committees and subordinates, arrangements, invitations to participants, finances, public relations, coordination of BGEA involvement and support, and staffing. Amsterdam '83 is most substantially documented in the records of the Conference, Collection 253, while the subsequent conference, Amsterdam '86, is documented in Collection 560.
Exceptional items: Folder 169-6 contains an organizational chart for the Conference. Folder 169-31 contains a report (with attachments) from Samaritan's Purse on their distribution of clothing to participating evangelists and their financial assistance to program coordinated by evangelists. Folders 306-7 and 8 consist of the Executive Director's (Werner Burklin) report, while folder 306-9 is a compilation of "Critiques and Reports," a number of which are in response to the question "It is January 1, 1983 and time, personnel, finances, etc. are not limited. What would you do differently in your area of responsibility?"

Series 1.7: John Corts' 1979 Florida West Coast Crusade files
Summary: This subseries records a single crusade for which Corts was director
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Date range: 1978-1979
Volume: .9 cubic feet
Boxes: 137-138 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Tampa area
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, lists, meeting agenda and minutes, forms, financial and other reports, committee materials, survey questionnaires, press releases, promotional material, stadium contract, tax information
Correspondents: Corts, local crusade executives and committee chairs
Notes: These files document the planning and preparation for the crusade and Corts's oversight of the process as the top BGEA representative leading up to the crusade. Interaction with crusade committees and executives is recorded. There is some communication from the local Christians or the broader community, including complaints and criticisms (folders 137-93, 94).

Series II: North American Ministries (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Arrangement: Outlined below, the series is subdivided into two subseries reflecting Sterling Huston's activity as a crusade coordinator, director or supervisor of the division which carried out these functions in the domestic sphere, followed by files reflecting the activity of BGEA staff working on domestic crusades under the supervision of Tom Phillips. The files of Tom Phillips' associates are arranged by administrator or crusade. The series does not include Phillips' own working files.

    1. Sterling Huston (89.5 cubic feet)
      1. Crusade files (66.2 cubic feet)
      2. Miscellaneous files, 1970-1989 (1.8 cubic feet)
      3. Crusade invitations, 1973, 1984-1999 (3.8 cubic feet)
    2. Tom Phillips (17.7 cubic feet)
      1. General (.1 cubic feet)
      2. Elwyn Cutler (2.8 cubic feet)
      3. Jeannie Hickman (1.3 cubic feet)
      4. Crusades (13.5 cubic feet)

Date range: 1983-1999
Volume: 89.5 cubic feet
Geographic coverage: Domestic unless otherwise noted
Notes: These files thoroughly document BGEA crusades in the United States and Canada between the 1960s and into the 2000s, with a few international crusades also included. Huston's files are the only ones in this collection which include the evangelistic meetings conducted by BGEA associate evangelists; the balance of BGEA records related to associate evangelist meetings will be found in Collections 4, 12 and 13.

Subseries 2.1.1: Sterling Huston crusade files
Arrangement: Subdivided into two further subseries: the first (1965-1978) is arranged alphabetically by the state or Canadian province (boxes 45 and 46) in which the crusade was held; the second (1959-2002) chronologically. Within each subseries there are subseries consisting of a number of files for each crusade.
Date range: 1965-2002
Volume: 66.2 cubic feet
Boxes: 25-49, 56-73, 285-299, 498-531 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Predominantly U.S., but some Canada, and non-North American, such as the 1975 Hong Kong, 1975 Taipei, and 1977 Manila crusades.
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, reports, promotional material, forms, statistics, form letters
Correspondents: Sterling Huston, Walter Smyth, John Dillon, Don Bailey, associate evangelists, crusade directors, BGEA staff, and community civic, business and religious leaders
Notes: The files in boxes 26 through 49 intermingle those for Graham and his associate evangelists, because that is the way the files were received from the BGEA. There is substantially more information for Graham's crusades than there is for those of the associates. The files for the crusades conducted by associate evangelists appear to have been those of Don Bailey (see Collection 12, Team Office: Executive Assistant for Team Activities) and John Dillon (see Collection 13, Team Office: Field Director for Associate Evangelists), and bear enough resemblance with those in these two collections to strongly suggest that relationship. Within the subseries are further subseries for each crusade; each of these is arranged in much the same way with folder headings being largely standardized. The documents record the planning of the crusade, the many logistics, leadership provided by the community churches, statistics and the post-event follow-up and audit.
Exceptional items: Box 73 includes a small series of files documenting the Canadian AGAPE project, which consisted of the television program AGAPE featuring Canadians John Wesley White and George Beverly Shea, and concurrent multi-media evangelistic meetings and concerts featuring BGEA musicians and White, presumably to promote interest in and support of the show. The television program was launched in 1974 with BGEA support and was discontinued in mid-1978 due to lack of Canadian financial backing (despite a favorable viewer response and conversions). Lowell Jackson was the principal administrator, serving as project coordinator. Also see AGAPE files in box 162. Transcribed excerpts of Billy Graham's messages during the 1972 Charlotte Crusade are filed in folder 36-42. Graham's speech on "Indian Leadership in Indian Evangelism" to the 1975 Conference on Indian Evangelism and Christian Leadership (held in Albuquerque, New Mexico), filed in folder 34-72, is probably the most extensive document in the Archives of Graham's views on Native American evangelism.

Subseries 2.1.2: Sterling Huston miscellaneous administrative files
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Date range: 1950-1989
Volume: 1.8 cubic feet
Boxes: 1, 73-75 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List) or the corresponding detailed folder list)
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, forms, duplicated material, manuscripts
Correspondents: Sterling Huston, John Dillon, associate evangelist crusade coordinators, associate evangelists
Notes: The subseries consists of a mix of files from Sterling Huston and John Dillon, but are included here as files maintained by Huston. Among Huston's files are those related to the production of his book Crusade Evangelism and the Local Church, files on assistance given to individuals and organizations by various BGEA staff, and the development and infancy of the Billy Graham Center. Dillon's files relate to the ministries of associate evangelists, including memos sent to crusade coordinators and associate evangelists (1970-1986), associate evangelist schedules, and reference files on Christian musicians available for associate evangelist crusades.

Subseries 2.1.3: Crusade invitations
Arrangement: Chronological
Date range: 1973, 1983-2001
Volume: 3.8 cubic feet
Boxes: 280-284, 532-536 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Types of documents: Notebooks or files of loose letters from religious leaders, lay persons, and civic leaders inviting Billy Graham to conduct a crusade in their city, many but not all of which took place.
Geographic coverage: Notebooks for: Little Rock, AR; Jacksonville, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Minneapolis, MN; St. Louis, MO; Winston-Salem, NC; Albany, NY; Buffalo-Niagara, NY; Rochester, NY; Syracuse, NY; Cleveland, OH; Toronto, ON; Philadelphia, PA; Charleston, SC; Columbia, SC; Knoxville, TN, Nashville, TN; Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX; Salt Lake City, UT
Notes: These files of invitations are similar to those in the Walter Smyth crusade invitations subseries described above.

Subseries 2.2: Tom Phillips
Arrangement: By staff person (subseries 2.2.1: General, subseries 2.2.2: Elwyn Cutler, subseries 2.2.3: Jeannie Hickman) and crusade event (subseries 2.2.4).
Date range: 1977-1993 (bulk 1988-1993)
Volume: 17.7 cubic feet
Boxes: Boxes 442-485, 495 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Domestic
Types of documents: Correspondence, reports, forms, memos, financial reports, statistics, etc.
Correspondents: Tom Phillips, Sterling Huston, Elwyn Cutler, Steve Nelson, Jeannie Hickman, Dorothy Bennett, Pam Furlow, Pat Borgens, church and community leaders, BGEA staff
Notes: The files in this series consist of those who worked under Tom Phillips' supervision as crusade director, rather than of his personal administrative files. The files document a series of domestic crusades which took place between 1986 and 1992. The distinctions between the subseries are somewhat blurred, and most of these individuals worked together on several crusades and therefore have documents that appear in the various subseries. For this reason the subseries other than that for a series of domestic crusades between 1988 and 1993 (described below as subseries 2.2.4) are not described here further than at this series level; see the Container List for a breakdown by subseries. Elwyn Cutler is the primary crusade director reflected in this series. Among his files are a series of manuals in boxes 445, 446, 447 and 448 for coordinating various aspects of crusade planning and preparation such as "Collegiate Outreach" (folder 445-8) and "Finance Committee" (folder 446-6). Other crusades documented if only briefly include: 1983 Central Florida, 1984 British Columbia, 1985 Southern California, 1986 Washington DC, 1987 South Carolina, 1989 Arkansas, 1989 Mission Quebec. Although most of Jeannie Hickman's files appear in connection with specific crusades, there are a few which were more general, including sample materials for various events from this time period identified by crusade function. In most cities there was an aspect of community service tied into the crusade, predominantly during this time period either called Love In Action (folders 447-4, 452-14, 455-6,7,8, 458-8,9, 469-4 through 11, 470-1,2, 478-9,10, 484-9) or Feeding the Hungry in Jesus' Name (folders 454-1, 456-11). Interaction between crusade offices is documented in mailings sent to Cutler from the Arkansas Crusade (folders 450-13 to 22) and Mission Quebec offices (folders 451-1 to 8). Also documented through these various events are church leadership training rallies (folders 458-1,2,3, 477-7).
Exceptional items: A single file (folder 442-9) relates to the 1989 Evangelicazios Konferencia in Budapest at which Phillips was a participant and speaker. For the Pacific Northwest Crusade there are a few files related to the Love-in-Action program which addressed various community human needs such as hunger and homelessness. Folder update packet contains a copy of the Crusade Update newspaper which features short biographical sketches of many of the crusade staff. Folder 445-4 consists of the Lifestyle Witnessing notebook; see folders 454-2, 456-13, 458-7) for the seminars held in conjunction with crusades. Folder 452-8 refers to Roman Catholic involvement in crusades. Coordination with and involvement of the African American community is documented for the 1992 Pacific Northwest Crusade in folder 461-6.

Subseries 2.2.4: Crusades
Arrangement: Chronological, alphabetical within each event: 1988 Buffalo-Niagara, 1989 Central New York (Syracuse), 1990 Capital District (Albany), 1991 Washington State (Seattle, Tacoma), 1991 Northern New Jersey, 1991 Central Park (New York City), 1992 Pacific Northwest (Portland), 1993 Columbus. The 1992 Pacific Northwest Crusade files are further subdivided into four alphabetical subseries: Steve Nelson (crusade director), Jeannie Hickman (crusade office manager), Pam Furlow (secretary) and Pat Borgens.
Date Range: 1987-1993
Volume: 13.5 cubic feet
Boxes: 453-485, 495 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Correspondence, reports, statistics, memos, financial information, articles and press coverage, etc.
Correspondents: Tom Phillips, Steve Nelson, Elwyn Cutler, Jeannie Hickman, Dorothy Bennett, Pam Furlow, Pam Borgens, church and community leaders, BGEA staff
Notes: These files document the planning and preparation for the crusades for which Phillips was the senior director. The files themselves are those of Phillips's subordinates and those in the crusade office, including the on-site crusade director and his staff. The most substantially documented crusade is the 1992 Pacific Northwest Crusade (Portland, Oregon).
Exceptional items: Folders 464-3,4,5,6 document a church growth seminar conducted during the 1992 Pacific Northwest Crusade.

Series 3: International Ministries (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Arrangement: Subdivided into three subseries by crusade directors: Henry Holley, Blair Carlson, Bob Williams, outlined as follows:

    1. Henry Holley: Correspondence & crusade files (50.3 cubic feet)
      1. General files (1.0 cubic feet)
      2. City reports (1.3 cubic feet)
      3. Crusade general files (10.8 cubic feet)
      4. Crusade counseling files (1.2 cubic feet)
      5. Early crusades files (.8 cubic feet)
      6. Evangelism congresses files (.5 cubic feet)
      7. Honor America Day files (.5 cubic feet)
      8. Billy Graham Center files (.4 cubic feet)
      9. International crusade files (25.4 cubic feet)
      10. Amsterdam '83 files (.1 cubic feet)
      11. Amsterdam '86 files (.3 cubic feet)
    2. Blair Carlson: Correspondence & crusade files (47.7 cubic feet)
      1. Crusade function files (12.3 cubic feet)
      2. Crusade files (31.3 cubic feet)
      3. Country files (1.7 cubic feet)
      4. International Ministries (1.3 cubic feet)
      5. Personal correspondence (1.1 cubic feet)
    3. Bob Williams (.7 cubic feet)
      1. Vosrozhdeniye 95 files (.7 cubic feet)

Date range: 1957-1995
Volume: 90.7 cubic feet
Geographic coverage: International unless otherwise noted.
Notes: This series records Billy Graham's international crusades for which Holley and Carlson were crusade directors between the 1970s and 1995, and over which Bob Williams was the director beginning in 1993. Both Holley's and Carlson's files are further subdivided, documenting a few domestic crusades as well. At the center of the series are Holley's and Carlson's files documenting the series of Graham's crusades spanning from the 1960s into the 1990s. Taken along with Walter Smyth's and the North American Ministries series, these three series document most of Graham's crusades in the US and around the world. To incorporate meetings led by BGEA associate evangelists to the picture, also see Collections 4, 12 and 13.

Subseries 3.1: Henry Holley files (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Arrangement: Subdivided into subseries as outlined:

      1. General files (1.0 cubic feet)
      2. City reports (1.3 cubic feet)
      3. Crusade general files (10.8 cubic feet)
      4. Crusade counseling files (1.2 cubic feet)
      5. Early crusades files (.8 cubic feet)
      6. Evangelism congresses files (.5 cubic feet)
      7. Honor America Day files (.5 cubic feet)
      8. Billy Graham Center files (.4 cubic feet)
      9. International crusade files (25.4 cubic feet)
      10. Amsterdam '83 files (.1 cubic feet)
      11. Amsterdam '86 files (.3 cubic feet)
      12. Montreat files (8 cubic feet)

Date range: 1957-1994
Volume: 42.3 cubic feet
Boxes: 190-279, 299-306, 442, 488 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Some domestic but predominantly international

Subseries 3.1.1: Henry Holley general files
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Date range: 1967-1989
Volume: 1.0 cubic feet
Boxes: 190-192 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage:
Type of documents: Calendars, correspondence, telegrams, internal BGEA memos, reports, project proposals
Correspondents: BGEA staff and Team members, including Walter Smyth, Sterling Huston, George Wilson, T.W. Wilson, and with civic, religious and business leaders.
Notes: These documents range from personal notes to routine correspondence or form letters, whether from within the BGEA (sometimes to or from Holley while in other cases in which a letter was copied to him) or with contacts Holley had in the business, religious and civic spheres. The subjects of the communication range from expressions of thanks to coordinating meetings to reporting on crusade planning developments. This subseries also includes Holley's files (folders 191-4 through 18) related to BGEA Team meetings between 1967 and 1987, largely documenting arrangements and program; several of these files include reports submitted to or presented at the meeting. Intermingled with these are files corresponding to several other meetings in which Holley participated, like the 1972 Associate Crusade Coordinators' Seminar (folder 191-8) or the 1978 World Missionary and Evangelism Working Sessions (folder 191-14). The telegrams in folders 192-1 and 2 are related to arrangements, either from Holley or to him primarily by Mary Becker of the Minneapolis office.
Exceptional items: Folder 190-5 includes Holley's 1979 report on his financial development trip to East Asia on behalf of the 1980 Consultation on World Evangelization (COWE). Folders 191-1 through 3 document some preliminary thinking in the late 1980s on an international satellite mission as a means for global evangelism.

Subseries 3.1.2: Henry Holley city reports
Arrangement: International (alphabetical) and domestic (alphabetical).
Date range: 1969-1987
Volume: 1.3 cubic feet
Boxes: 192-195 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Primarily international in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, with several domestic in the US (Alaska, Houston, Washington DC)
Type of documents: Reports, correspondence, memos, lists, handwritten notes, maps, clippings, telegrams
Correspondents: Holley, Smyth, BGEA staff, contacts in countries under investigation
Notes: The most common feature of these files are Holley's reports (many but not all in a binder or notebook), submitted to Smyth following an investigation trip, assessing the suitability and conditions for holding a Billy Graham crusade there. The reports include relevant facts and demographics (including available facilities, churches and active Christian organizations, previous evangelistic meetings), key contacts, description of local support for such an enterprise, Holley's observations and recommendations. Accompanying the reports may be preliminary country information and demographics, maps, handwritten notes about meetings or gathered information, memos, correspondence and telegrams related to arrangements or contacts for Holley's trip, and preliminary crusade planning. Several exceptions to this are the Singapore and Washington DC files (folder 195-1 and 9) which contain no reports, the Hong Kong file (folder 193-3) which is more of Holley's status report on crusade preparations already underway, and the Australia or Germany files (folders 192-4, 195-7) which relate to the BGEA's Australian and German offices and operations than an anticipated crusade. The Indonesia file (folder 193-4) is an example of a location which Holley did not recommend for a crusade.

Subseries 3.1.3: Henry Holley: Crusade general files
Arrangement: Alphabetically by crusade function. Legal folders were filed together at the end of the subseries in boxes 213, 214 and 215 and therefore overlap boxes 195 through 212. Further divided into two subseries, the first primarily spanning 1970-1984 (boxes 195-215), the second 1975-1994 (boxes 299-306).
Date range: 1957-1994 (bulk 1970-1994)
Volume: 10.8 cubic feet
Boxes: 195-215, 299-306, 488 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Predominantly international with some early domestic
Type of documents: Duplicated crusade materials, typically the types of documents which comprise a crusade sample book
Notes: These files consist primarily of materials arranged according to crusade function rather than crusade event. Therefore, for example, Holley has brought together brochures printed for the various crusades he directed into one file (folder 195-11). There are a wide variety of functions documented, a few of which are hinted at in the Container List which follows in this guide. Among the main headings are Administration, Advertising, Arrangements, Badges, Biographical profiles, Brochures, Counseling, Crusade information folders, Crusade News, Crusade organization, Delegations, English committee, Equipment, Executive Committee, Extension, Films, Finance, Follow-up, Group booking, Hospitality, Hotel, Interpreters, Laymen, Livelink (satellite transmission), Local church, Logo, Media/Publicity, "Meet the Team," Men's Committee, Message ideas, Military, Ministers, Music, National Prayer Breakfast (Philippines), Nightly programs, Office procedures, Operation Andrew, Personal, Prayer, Press, Printing, Professionals, Programs, Publicity, Rallies, Reception, Samples, Schedules, School of Christian Writing, Schools of Evangelism, Security, Smyth reports, Statistical reports, Team, TV/Radio, Thank you letters, Tickets, Trip to Asia, Ushers, Visitation, Women's Committee, YES (Youth Evangelism Seminar), Youth. Among the exceptions to this general pattern are Holley's Address book (folder 196-4), Critical correspondence (folder 198-3), Message ideas and outlines (folder 204-9), and Personal (folder 207-3). Box 197 contains a series of files which consist of the BGEA's biographical sketches used for crusade press kits. The reports in folder 210-3 ("Smyth reports") are not reports generated by Smyth but rather those Holley either submitted to Walter Smyth or of which Smyth received a copy. Folder 302-18 consists of the Japanese-language copy an overview, "Who Is Billy Graham?" (prepared at the time of the Mission 94 in Japan) especially highlighting with text and photographs his relationships with American presidents and other world leaders, his stand on human rights issues, his response to international disasters, and his international crusades from the 1960s into the 1990s. The actual volume is filed in BGEA Photo Album XXVI (26), described in Location Record: Photo Albums. Copies (mostly black & white) of the album photos (mostly color) in the volume were also filed separately under appropriate Photo File folder titles.

Subseries 3.1.4: Henry Holley: Crusade counseling files
Arrangement: This subseries isn't obviously arranged nor was it reordered. These files do bring together material Holley had gathered on the counseling and follow-up aspect of a BGEA crusade. While this subseries is not a part of the previous series, it parallels the counseling portion of that subseries.
Date range: 1962-1978 (bulk 1967-1970)
Volume: 1.2 cubic feet
Boxes: 216-218 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Sample materials, form letters, memos, manuals, instructions to counselors and supervisors, job descriptions, newsletters, lecture notes and outlines
Notes: Notes from Christian Life & Witness classes (folders 217-1ff) appear to be from a class Holley participated in or observed, while notes in folders 218-3 and 218-4 from Bible discussion leadership training appear to be from sessions Holley himself taught. Co-Labor Corps material (folder 217-14) describes the role volunteers played in the processing of inquirer forms and cards and compiling statistics.
Exceptional items: Folder 216-1 consists of a small notebook produced by the BGEA which gathers crusade statistics between 1947 and 1971; the information in the notebook adds nothing new to already available information but does illustrate a tool that crusade staff had as a resource. Folder 218-5 contains material which documents the canvassing of a neighborhood to conduct a survey before a crusade to share the gospel door-to-door and ask questions to assess community attitudes to the crusade and evaluate the effectiveness of publicity material.

Subseries 3.1.5: Henry Holley: Early crusades files
Arrangement: Chronological
Date range: 1965-1971
Volume: .8 cubic feet
Boxes: 219-220 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: International and domestic crusades
Type of documents: Correspondence, crusade newsletters, promotional material, statistics, news releases, schedules, background information on local context, telegrams,
Correspondents: Holley, Forrest Laymen, local Christian and civic leaders,
Notes: These files span the time from Holley's earliest crusade involvement in Billy Graham's 1965 Hawaii Crusade through the series of international crusades in the 1970s and 80s.
Exceptional items: Folder 219-1 includes a letter written to Holley by Forrest Layman when Holley was still enlisted in the Marines but oversaw the Co-Labor Corps for Billy Graham's 1965 Hawaii Crusade. Folder 220-4 includes a newspaper for youth workers during the 1970 New York Crusade, very much capturing the graphic style of other Jesus People and counter-culture newspapers of the period. Folder 220-12 contains Billy Graham's reply to a published critique by the Conference of the Christian Student Movement in Rhineland and Westfalia (Germany) of Graham's position on social issues (the critique is included). Two interview transcripts (c. 1970) are also included.

Subseries 3.1.6: Henry Holley: Evangelism congresses files
Arrangement: Chronological
Date range: 1962-1983
Volume: .5 cubic feet
Boxes: 221-222 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: International and domestic evangelism congresses
Type of documents: Program materials, press releases, lists of participants, and congress papers, correspondence, memos, lists, telegrams
Correspondents: Holley
Notes: The congresses represented include the 1968 Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism, 1969 US Congress on Evangelism, 1971 European Congress on Evangelism, 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization, 1980 Consultation on World Evangelization, '80 Evangelization Crusade (series of evangelistic meetings in Korea), the 1981 American Festival of Evangelism, and the 1983 International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists (Amsterdam '83). Holley appears to attended these as a participant rather than as an administrator, although for the 1980 Consultation he traveled throughout East Asia (where many of the international crusades over which he was director were located) to raise funds to sponsor the meeting. The most heavily documented of the meetings is Amsterdam '83, for which Holley was director of development.

Subseries 3.1.7: Henry Holley: Honor America Day files
Arrangement: Small subseries has no apparent order
Date range: 1970-1979
Volume: .5 cubic feet
Boxes: 222-223 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Correspondence, lists, programs, planning materials, the text of Graham's message, telegrams, promotional material.
Correspondents: Holley, Sterling Huston, religious, political, entertainment and civic leaders
Background: This Honor America Day was held on July 4, 1979, sponsored by the American Historic and Cultural Society to "publically affirm that America is one nation under God, that our liberty is divinely given, and to call our country to turn in recommitment to the God-centered faith of our Founding Fathers." Holley was the BGEA's representative for coordinating Billy Graham's and the BGEA involvement in the event. Graham's role included serving as one of a number of directors of the event, at which he was the featured speaker. and which the BGEA strongly supported, especially by encouraging participating in the event by the religious community in the area near Washington DC. Although not funded by the BGEA, the organization supplied personnel, travel and some services from its Minneapolis office. Holley helped establish an inter-religious council to lend visible support to religious participation in the celebration.
Notes: Holley's files record his interaction with Society staff and executives, event planners and participants, and BGEA staff. One file (folder 223-5) records the event at Cody, Wyoming, which initiated the Society's 21-day series of events which ended with the Honor America Day celebration.
Exceptional items: Folder 222-11 contains Holley's report to Billy Graham a month before the event, outlining preparations, and folder 223-3 contains his early-March 1979 report to Walter Smyth.

Subseries 3.1.8: Henry Holley: Billy Graham Center files
Arrangement: Alphabetical by file title
Date range: 1970-1983 (bulk 1981)
Volume: .4 cubic feet
Boxes: 223-224 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Correspondence, reports, memos, proposals, handwritten notes, sample proposals for another campaign
Correspondents: Holley, fund-raising committee chairman William Walton, Bill Shoemaker
Background: Holley was appointed by Billy Graham to assist the Billy Graham Center in a 1981 fund-raising campaign for the Center by coordinating events in cities where Graham had held crusades during the 1970s. Holley was loaned to Wheaton College and reported to Center director Bill Shoemaker, who was coordinating the fund raising effort.
Notes: While including some background documents which record the earliest history of the Graham Center and its dedication on the campus of Wheaton College in 1980, the majority of the documents relate to the fund raising campaign Holley was involved in. Two files (folders 224-7 and 224-8 document a fund-raising campaign launched by Campus Crusade for Christ called Here's Life to raising $1 billion to fulfill the Great Commission. These files appear to have used as an example of another campaign.

Subseries: 3.1.9: Henry Holley: International crusade files
Arrangement: Chronological by crusade, further subdivided with alphabetically arranged files for each crusade
Date range: 1963-1994
Volume: 25.4 cubic feet
Boxes: 225-274, 276-279, 299, 442 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Japan, Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Japan
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, business cards, evangelistic tracts, reports (status, briefing, other), financial records, statistics, press kits and news releases, crusade samples, background orientation information, news clippings, blank stationary, official invitations to crusade events, Holley's report following an investigation trip to assess the suitability of a crusade in a location, and Holley's address card files.
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, Eva Prior, Blair Carlson, Billy Graham, BGEA executives and staff, missionaries in the country of the crusade, church officials and representatives, national political figures (including highest heads of state), civic and business leaders, crusade committee chairpersons, and representatives from the BGEA office if one was established in the country. Figures which stand out in the records of some crusades include: Korea '73 (Billy Kim)
Notes: The files in this large subseries cover the entire span of international crusades for which Holley served as crusade director. For Mission France (1986), Holley acted as a special representative of Walter Smyth while Blair Carlson filled the post of crusade director, while for the final crusade in the subseries, Mission 94 in Tokyo, Holley was again the crusade director. Holley's files document his coordination with the BGEA, with local officials and church representatives, and with crusade committees. Many of the documents for each crusade are in the corresponding national language. While in many cases, the materials are original documents, most of those for the 1967 Tokyo Crusade are photocopies. The most extensively documented crusades are the 1980 Japan Crusade (which occurred in a number of cities) and Mission 94 in Tokyo, followed by the 1977 Manila Crusade. In many cases, a School of Evangelism was held at the same time, so these are documented as well. Holley appears to have made it a practice of courtesy to provide various people with a commemorative photograph either in which they appeared or was representative of the significance of the event; some of the correspondence documents these and thanks expressed to Holley. There is often a file containing material which documents the responsibilities or activities of Holley's wife, Bettie. Boxes 245 and 246 contain Holley's correspondence files with various BGEA staff involved in some way in the crusade (Walter Smyth, Leighton Ford, Cliff Barrows, Holley's son Hank Holley, Millie Dienert, Don Bailey and Bob Williams). Holley's address card files cover his contacts in Manila, Singapore and Japan during the crusades in those countries between 1977 and 1980. The Mission 94 (Tokyo) subseries begins with an office arrangement list for the files; although some files were out of this order when received and other files are not listed there, this arrangement has been retained with several extra files inserted into it. A substantial number of files are included relating to the English Language Committee (ELC) which oversaw the targeting of the English-speaking community for the crusade.
Exceptional items: Folder 225-5 contains a small 1973 directory of "Christian Missions in Korea," including addresses, phone numbers, and contact persons. The two photo calendars in folder 225-6 were gifts to Holley from Korean evangelist Billy Kim, produced by Kim's mission, Christian Service, Inc., which include many photos depicting Korean culture, industry, religious practices, historical sites, and churches and other Christian events. Folder 227-1 contains an autographed book authored by the well-known Brazilian soccer player Pele; it is unclear whether this was presented to Holley or Billy Graham. Folder 227-9 records coordination of an appearance by the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury during Graham's 1974 Rio de Janeiro crusade. Folder 228-2 contains a photocopy of a booklet produced at the time of BGEA Associate Evangelist Roy Gustafson's crusade in Hong Kong in 1963. When President Chiang Kai-shek passed away in early 1975, preparations were already well underway for the Republic of China crusade later that year, so the collection includes material from his memorial service conducted by Billy Graham in Washington, DC; a transcript of Graham's remarks are included in folder 230-2 as is a letter of thanks to the Holleys from Madame Chiang Kai-shek; it is unclear whether any of the material in the file is for a similar commemoration in Taiwan. Folder 240-6 documents an event Holley participated in, the 100th anniversary of the Korean Church, perhaps due to his connections with Korean Christians and Billy Graham's 1973 crusade. Graham's transcribed statement upon his departure from Korea in 1973 is included (folder 225-7).

Subseries 3.1.10: Henry Holley: Amsterdam '83 files
Arrangement: Alphabetically by folder title
Date range: 1982
Volume: .1 cubic feet ( 2 folders)
Boxes: 275 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Planning meeting notebook, fund-raising proposal.
Background: Holley was the development director for the Amsterdam '83 meeting.
Notes: Folder 224-9 contains a notebook from the planning consultation held a year-and-a-half prior to Amsterdam '83, while folder 224-10 consists of the "Proposal for Implementing a Cash Fund-Raising Program for the ICIE" prepared by Holley in April 1982, submitted to Walter Smyth who was chairman of the conference.

Subseries 3.1.11: Henry Holley: Amsterdam '86 files
Arrangement: Alphabetically by folder title
Date range: 1985-1986
Volume: .3 cubic feet
Boxes: 275 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Type of documents: Correspondence, memos, reports, telegrams, handwritten notes, ICIE personnel and conference participant lists, a press kit, conference daily newspapers
Correspondents: Walter Smyth, Bob Williams, Werner Burklin, Eva Prior
Background: Holley served as a special assistant to the Amsterdam '86 chairman, Walter Smyth, to whom Holley also reported within the BGEA. Holley's job description is located in folder 275-3.
Notes: The files in this subseries reflect Holley's duties as requested by Smyth, which included overseeing arrangements and personnel matters. A participant list (as of February 15, 1986) is in folder 225-5, listing names in alphabetical order within selected countries (Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan), all of which were countries in which Holley had worked as a director of a Billy Graham crusade during the 1970s and early 1980s.

Subseries III.A.12: Henry Holley Montreat Files
Arrangement: Alphabetical; within the larger set of files, there is a subset labeled BGEA correspondence (although in fact almost all files contains BGEA materials, when they have BGEA in the title or not) and another subset labeled Personal Correspondence.
Date range: 1946-2015
Volume: 8.0 cubic feet
Boxes: 537-556
Geographic coverage: United States, China, North and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Outer Mongolia
Type of documents: Calendars, correspondence, telegrams, internal BGEA memos, reports, project proposals, magazine and newspaper articles
Correspondents: BGEA staff and Team members, along with civic, religious and business leaders. Lane Adams (folder 538-1), Cliff Barrows (folders 545-4, 554-2, 554-3; folder 545-4 contains a good deal of material about the 1995 marriage of Barrows and Ann Prince), Ken Barun (folder 545-5), L. Nelson Bell (folder 555-4), Eugene Bertermann (551-1), Bill Bright (folders 551-1, 3,4, which includes information on cooperation between the BGEA and Campus Crusade, see also Eddie Waxer), Sean Campbell (folder 545-7), Blair Carlson (551-5), Bill Clinton (folders 554-2, 555-3), Doug Coe (folder 551-5), Robert Coleman (folders 550-1, 550‑2), John Corts (folder 554-4), Arthur “Jack” Dain (folder 538-5), Clyde Dupin (551-6), Allan Emery (folder 545-9), Henry Go of the China Lutheran Hour (folders 547-4, 553-5, 554‑4), Billy Graham (folders 545-12, 550-1,2, 554-4), Franklin Graham (folder 546-1,2), Ruth Graham (folder 546-3), John Haggai (552-1), Joe Frank Harris (554-4), Everett Hunt of OMS (folder 546-4), Samuel V. Jones of the BGEA Hong Kong office (folder 538-7), Billy Kim (folders 546-6, 552-2, 555-5), Tom Landry (folder 546-7), Gordon Loux of Prison Fellowship (folder 546-7), C. Herbert McCarthy (546-7), Barry Moore (552-6), Preston Parrish (folder 546‑14), Dan Piatt (folder 553-1), John Pollock (folder 553-1), Paul A. Rader (554-4), Oral Roberts (folder 553-1), Paul Rees (folder 553-2), George Beverly Shea (folder 547-1), Gil Striklin (553-3), Eddie Waxer of Campus Crusade (folders 553-5, 554-1), George Wilson (folder 547-5), Grady Wilson (folders 547-6, 554-2), T. W. Wilson (folders 547-7, 555-4), Alfred Yeo of the Singapore Scripture Union.

Notes: These files were materials that were kept in the BGEA Montreat office after Holley retired. The material in this subseries reflects somewhat Holley’s early years in the BGEA as a trainer of counselors, crusade director and assistant to Graham in the Montreat office, but most of it is from later in his career when he was the BGEA staffer most concerned with Asian evangelistic campaigns and working on numerous special projects for both Billy and Franklin Graham. Also reflected in the subseries are both other ministry activities Holley was personally involved in and his very wide circle of friendships among missionaries and other Christian workers, businessmen, politicians and civic leaders in both the United States and East Asia. To get an idea of the range of his contacts, look at his responses to Christmas greetings in 1987 in folder 554-2.

The folders are labeled with the same names with which they were received, although some were put into new folders. This labeling was either done by Holley or other BGEA staff. Some folders are labeled “BGEA correspondence” and some labeled “Personal correspondence” (boxes 551-554), although, in fact, there is BGEA correspondence throughout the Personal correspondence files and mostly BGEA correspondence throughout all the files in the subseries. The Personal correspondence does have many reports from Holley’s friends in missions, ministry, the military and business on their current activities.

Biographical information on Holley, emphasizing his work with the BGEA, can be found in folders 546-8, 546-9, and 583-3.

When Holley first joined the BGEA, he helped train the volunteer counselors who spoke with inquirers at Graham’s evangelistic services and as a director of some evangelistic campaigns. Brochures, training materials and the internal newsletters of the BGEA staff (Our Decision) can be found in folders 537-4, 539-4, and 540-2. Folders 541-1 and 2 contain information on the organization of evangelistic crusades and on BGEA personnel policies. Folder 545-1 contains the text of lectures Holley gave when he was training counselors. Folder 556-6 contains various documents from the BGEA film subsidiary, World Wide Pictures, including publicity, catalogs, and a manual on how to set up a film premiere.

Later, Holley moved to Billy Graham’s personal office in Montreat, North Carolina, where he worked as an assistant to Graham. Folder 554-4 contains samples of letters by Graham associates L. Nelson Bell and T.W. Wilson thanking people for letters to Graham, turning down speaking engagements and requests for endorsements, and responses to criticism. There is also correspondence between Graham and foundation heads such as Bill Mead, James MacArthur, and J. Howard Pew. Apparently, Holley had these files to serve as examples for him when he was writing similar correspondence. Other related materials can be found in folders 537-5 (how to be a spokesperson) and 537-6 (BGEA annual reports and lists of board members). Folder 545‑9 holds brief notes from a somewhat later period to and from Allan Emery when Emery was president of BGEA. There are also many miscellaneous items, such as his letter of thanks to the armed forces in folder 538-4 for their participation in a search and rescue operation that occurred near Montreat in Black Mountain.

Holley continued to work on special projects for both Billy and Franklin Graham, even when he was most heavily involved in arranging BGEA evangelistic crusades in East Asia. For Billy Graham, for example, he was part of the group that Graham took with him when he gave the invocation at both the Democratic and Republican conventions in 1988 (folders 545-12, see folder 555-3 for his prayer at the 1980 Republican convention, folder 554-4 for copies of his prayers at the inauguration of Richard Nixon in 1969 and Ronald Reagan in 1989). For the 1983 and the 1986 International Conference of Itinerant Evangelists (also known as Amsterdam 83 and Amsterdam 86), Holley oversaw fundraising and was involved in other aspects of the planning as is reflected in various folders, such as 538-5. For the Amsterdam 2000 conference, he worked on inviting a North Korean delegation. (folder 549-3). Holley also worked on the possibility of Billy Graham attending the 1989 Lausanne II Congress in Manila and planned for the visit, which ultimately did not happen (folders 550-1, 550-2). He also tried to arrange a special tribute to BG on his 90th birthday at the Kennedy Center in Washington and the production of a special musical CD. (folders 556-1, 556-5). This did not happen. He was also from 1990 until 2008 the co-director for the so-called “Washington Project,” that is the arrangements for Billy Graham’s funeral and burial (folder 556-5, see also folders 545-7, 546-2).
Holley’s file on Billy Graham (folder 545-12) contains relatively little correspondence, but many newspaper clippings, reports, programs from events Graham was involved in, many which Holley attended or helped with; articles by Graham; text of his 1980 prayer at the funeral service for his mother Morrow (1981), thankyou letter from the prime minister of South Korea, Kim, Chong-p'il, for the 1973 Seoul crusade and asking for Graham’s help for winning support for the South Korean policy of outreach to the North Koreans

Holley’s general outline of special projects he did for Franklin Graham can be found in folders 546-1 and 546-2 as well as 545-7 contain correspondence and listings of Holley’s various special projects for Franklin Graham. Folders 546-1 includes Holley’s report on the 2010 Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, South Africa and the proposal for a BGEA world congress the same year in Singapore. Folder 555-5 contains Holley’s report on his trip to South Korea to investigate the possibility of a Samaritan’s Purse office in that country. Folder 545-7 also contains information on Holley’s fund-raising work for the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina. More on his work for the Library can be found in folders 541-4, and 542-1. His attempts to get the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award for Samaritan’s Purse are documented in folder 549-2.  Reports on his trups to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Outer Mongolia to investigate possible Franklin Graham visited there are contains in folders 546-1,2; 555-6,7; 556-3

Holley also had connections with other members of the Graham family. Folder 546-3 contains notes from Ruth Graham and articles about her, as well as a letter containing her reflections on the death of her father, L. Nelson Bell. Folder 537-1 contained information of Angel Ministries, the organization of Anne Graham Lotz. Folder 551-2 contains correspondence with Bonnie Barrows, daughter of Cliff Barrows, about her missionary activities.

Holley’s association with mainland China went back to 1945 when he was a U.S. Marine in that country in the aftermath of World War II. Folder 544-1 contains a copy of a scrapbook from his service there. He was the key person in arranging Billy Graham crusade in the Republic of China on Taiwan in 1973 and he helped plan for a Taiwanese delegation to the 1983 International Conference of Itinerant Evangelists (folder 543-1). Folder 554-1 contains a letter from Holley to Chiang Ching Kuo on behalf of Billy Graham, congratulating him on being elected president of the Republic of China. Among Holley’s close contacts on Taiwan was Henry Go, of the China Lutheran Hour radio broadcast. Folder 554-4 contain Go’s description of his visit in November 1988 to the mainland to investigate the possibility of cooperative radio ministry. There is more correspondence with Go in folder 553-5.

By the 1980s, Holley also became the BGEA’s main point person for contacts with the mainland People’s Republic of China from the 1980s into the 21st century. Reports on his travels to mainland China and ideas for the BGEA’s (and Samaritan’s Purse’s) work there can be found in folders 543-2, 543-3, 543-4, 545-5, 546-14. Folder 545-5 contains an evaluation of the Three-Self church. The same folder has Holley’s memo suggesting a separate division in the BGEA for China ministries. Folders 544-1 and 544-2 contain materials about the trips he made to China in 2007 and 2009 to arrange for visits to that country by Franklin Graham.

He was also one of the main persons involved in the BGEA work in North Korea. There is an interesting early letter from 1991 in folder 554-4 from Daniel Tse of Hong Kong Baptist University to Billy Graham encouraging him to visit North Korea, China, and Hong Kong (1991). Besides folders already mentioned (549-3, 546-1, 546-2, 545-7), there is additional material on Holley’s planning of Franklin Graham’s 2000 visit to North Korea in folder 549-3 and his 2009 visit in folder 555-2.

Holley was especially active in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s as the main BGEA crusade director of evangelistic campaigns in East Asia. This involved coordinating efforts of the local church and civic leaders supporting the campaign, overseeing all the physical, organizational and financial details necessary, handling problems, and serving as a cushion and explainer between the many cultures and traditions involved. His wide range of contacts is illustrated in almost every folder of the subseries. His own philosophy of crusade management is described by him in 2007 material in folder 543-2. See also folder 546-9 for his reports on his activities to C. Herbert McCarthy, BGEA Vice President of crusades, for 1993-2007. Folder 549-2 includes a memo to Franklin Graham from Holley on the organization of crusades and the way the team supports the evangelist. Other folders with general information on Holley’s direction of Asian evangelistic campaigns for both Billy Graham and Franklin Graham can be found in folders 547-9, 547-10 and 547-12.

See the following folders for information on Holley’s leadership in specific Billy Graham crusades and Franklin Graham Festivals or into his investigations of the feasibility of such meetings: Naga City/Bicol region, Philippines, 2011 (550-4); first planned as a Franklin Graham meeting, later became a Will Graham meeting), Hobart, Australia (Festival Tasmania), 2005 (549-6), Hong Kong, 1990 (554‑4), Kansai, Japan, 2010(folder 549-2), Manila, 1977 (548-1, 554-4), Melbourne 2005 (550-3), Seoul 1973 (554-4), Singapore 1978 (548-2,3), Taipei 1990 (554-4). Holley also helped with campaigns in other parts of the world. Folder 542-4 contains his 1982 report on whether a Billy Graham crusade should be held in Argentina.

Other miscellaneous items of interest: a sermon by Holley on prayer (folder 554-5); material on his part in arranging a Christian Laymen’s Workshop in 1962 (see also folder 544-4 and folder 49-44 in Collection 318); liaison with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s activities in Asia (folder 547-3); personal testimony of Dr. Sanguine You, chancellor of Myong Ji University in Seoul (folder 547-8); letter from Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas, responding to Holley’s congratulations on his election in 1986 (folder 554-2; see also folder 555-3).

Subseries 3.2: Blair Carlson files (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Arrangement: Subdivided into the following subseries: International Ministries general files, Personal correspondence, Country files, Crusade function files, Crusade files
Date Range: 1963-1995
Volume: 47.7 cubic feet

Subseries 3.2.1: Crusade function files
Arrangement: Alphabetical by function or activity
Date Range: 1967-1994
Volume: 12.3 cubic feet
Boxes: 335-366 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Some domestic but primarily international
Type of documents: Crusade samples, correspondence, memos, reports, statistics, publicity materials
Correspondents: Carlson, Henry Holley, Walter Smyth, other BGEA executives, community church leaders
Subjects: Evangelistic work, various aspects of crusade planning, execution and follow-up
Notes: This series parallels and somewhat overlaps Henry Holley's found in Subseries 3.1.3 (Carlson had worked under Holley's supervision and may have adopted this filing methodology from him). Carlson's files cover a later time period but there is some overlap between them; duplicates where noticed have therefore not been included here in the collection. Like the Holley files, Carlson's files are arranged to bring together samples, planning documents and some correspondence related to various specific functions of various crusades. The predominant categories include Administration, Arrangements, Children, Christian Life & Witness, Counseling, Finance, Follow-up, Group bookings, Media, Ministers, Music, Prayer, Satellite, Stewards, Team, Video, Women, Youth. International crusades are predominantly represented, including Mission 89, Manila (1977), Republic of China (1975 in Taipei), Hong Kong (1975), Mission England (1984-1985), Singapore (1978), Mission Helsinki (1987), Mission France (1986), Sydney (1979), Berlin (1990), Japan (1980), Mission Quebec (1990 in Montreal), Paris (1963), Rio de Janeiro (1973), Scotland (1991), and Vozrozhdeniye '92 (in Moscow). Of these, documentation for the later crusades, for which Carlson had more responsibility, predominate. Domestic crusades documented include Southeastern Michigan (1976 in Pontiac), Southern California (1963 in Los Angeles), Michiana (1977 in South Bend, Indiana), Southern California (1985 in Anaheim), Southern Alberta (1981 in Calgary), Greater Puget Sound (1983 in Tacoma), Central Florida (1983 in Orlando), Greater Las Vegas - Reno (1980), Alaska (1984 in Anchorage), Rochester (1988), Central New York (1989 in Syracuse), Buffalo-Niagara (1988), Golden Horseshoe (1988 in Hamilton, Ontario), New England (1982), Boise/Treasure Valley (1982), Southern New England (1985 in Hartford)
Exceptional items: Folder 340-9 in the Helsinki Crusade files labeled "church history" primarily contains background information on the church in Finland. Folder 345-5 contains counselor testimonies and reports. Folder 358-22 contains the report "Where Are They Now: Churches reflect on Mission England 1984."

Subseries 3.2.2: Crusade files
Arrangement: Chronological by crusade, further subdivided with files alphabetically arranged within each crusade subseries (the Mission France files seemed to be largely lacking the A-C portion which usually includes substantially more files for Administration, Advertising, Arrangements, Children, Christian Life & Witness. The Mission 89 files were lacking files related to the Christian Life & Witness, Counseling, Follow-up) Much of the Pro Christ '93 subseries was received unfoldered and was therefore arranged by the archivist.
Date Range: 1973-1993
Volume: 31.3 cubic feet
Boxes: 366-442, 488-494 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)

Geographic coverage: France, Finland, Germany, Great Britain (England, Scotland), Russia
Type of documents: Correspondence, forms, samples, memos, reports, minutes, financial records, statistics, publicity materials
Correspondents: Carlson, Smyth, Holley, Eva Prior (Smyth's secretary), Shelley Erickson (Carlson's secretary), Pam Thomson (Carlson's secretary) Bob Williams, Myriam van der Doef, BGEA executives and staff, national church leaders and ministers, civic and business leaders. In addition to these, for each crusade there is a group of those, primarily nationals in the country of the crusade, whose activities are traced through their correspondence, reports or memos:

Notes: Crusades documented include Mission England (1985 in Sheffield), Mission France (1986), Mission Helsinki (1987), Mission 89, Berlin '90, Scotland 1991, Vozrozhdeniye '92 (in Moscow), and Pro Christ '93 (in Essen but transmitted to German-speaking Europe as a component of Mission World). These files record Carlson's oversight and preparation for the crusades for which he served as director or associate. With the exception of the crusades in Great Britain (Mission England, Mission 89 and Scotland 1991), all occurred in non-English speaking countries, and a significant portion of this subseries is therefore written in French, Finnish, Swedish, German, and Russian (and various other languages of Russian minorities). In countries where the BGEA had an established foreign office (England, Germany), interaction and coordination with these offices is documented as well. Folders 396-4 through 12 record other activities by the International Ministries division, especially related to other missions being planned for Hong Kong, South Africa, South America and Spain. The predominantly recurring categories include Administration, Advertizing, Briefing, Children, Committees, Counseling, English-speaking Community, Executive Committee, Finance, Follow-up, Love in Action, Media, Ministers, Music, Personnel, Program, Samples, Satellite (also referred to as Livelink in some of the subseries), Statistics, Stewards, Team and Translation. Among some of the distinctive files which appear in the series are:

Some BGEA figures are have corresponding files not reflected in the Container List, including:

Exceptional items: A trainer's manual for Mission France appears in folder 375-9. Folder 382-6 contains a two-page summary of Billy Graham's 1954 visit to Helsinki. The Mission 89 files include some of the ministers follow-up report forms (see boxes 489-491), including the inquirer's name, address, date, age, phone, occupation or school, church referred to, minister, address and church mission coordinator; only A,B,C,D,F, and O were received, totaling approximately 7200 forms and all were retained. The Mission 89 files also included 239 site surveys for the placement of satellite dishes throughout Great Britain; the surveys were numbered ranging from 301 sequentially through 506 (in some cases there were multiple surveys for a single number. Entire reports were sampled (folder 407-7) while selected pages (cover page, venue details, price quotations, photos) were retained for all (folders 408-5,6,7,8). Also in the Mission 89 files are enrollment cards (see boxes 492-494) for choir members and stewards; the cards list information for name, address, church affiliation, availability for the various mission venues and relevant previous experience. A variety of briefing papers with background on the Russian context and church are included in folder 429-9. Among the Vozrozhdeniye '92 files are several files (folders 439-6,7,8) related to a follow-up event, Vozrozhdeniye '93, which utilized the satellite transmissions from the Pro Christ '93 meetings in Essen. Also see boxes 485, 486, and 487 on Vozrozhdeniye '95, held in conjunction with the 1995 Puerto Rico Crusade.

Subseries 3.2.3: Country files
Arrangement: Alphabetical by country name
Date Range: 1963-1992
Volume: 1.7 cubic feet
Boxes: 331-335 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographical coverage: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Benin, Burma, Canada, China, Denmark, Eastern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia), Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands), Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Liberia, Malawi, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand
Type of documents: Correspondence, reports, background information, press clippings and releases
Correspondents: Carlson, Holley, Smyth, Shelley Erickson (Smyth's secretary), Billy Graham, Barry Berryman, Warwick Olson, BGEA staff, Irwin "Shorty" Yeaworth, Alexander Haraszti, church leaders, business contacts
Notes: These files contain correspondence with contacts in various countries or letters about possible crusades. Some of the letters are written to Billy Graham and answered by Carlson or his associates. The largest part of the subseries, almost half, relates to China and Graham's visit there in 1988, originally scheduled for 1987, including planning documents, and background reports on the country (especially the religious climate). Another sizable section relates to two tours Carlson made, one in western Europe with Bob Williams in mid-1991 in anticipation of Billy Graham's Pro Christ '93 (in Germany), and an Eastern European tour in late-1991 with Williams and Walter Smyth and Bob Williams in anticipation of Pro Christ '93 and Graham's Vozrozhdeniye '92 (in Moscow), each exploring the possibility of extending the reach of these ministries via satellite.
Exceptional items: Folder 332-6 contains programs from various events in which Billy Graham participated during his 1988 visit to China. Folder 332-7 includes the text of Billy Graham's response to his hosts' toasts at the welcome banquet at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Folder 333-10 contains the results of a questionnaire conducted with over a thousand French adults about their religious views and practices along with an analysis of the results. Folder 333-11 includes a report prepared by Mike Evans for Walter Smyth and Billy Graham in preparation of Mission France.

Subseries 3.2.4: International Ministries files
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Date Range: 1963-1995 (bulk, 1987-1991)
Volume: 1.3 cubic feet
Boxes: 325-328, 366, 442 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Germany, Great Britain
Type of documents: Correspondence, clippings, articles of incorporation, handwritten notes, memos, background information, faxes, budgets, expense reports, financial records, reports, minutes, lecture notes
Correspondents: Carlson, Myriam van der Doef, John Corts, BGEA staff and executives, church leaders, business contacts
Notes: While somewhat general in nature, this series is heavily weighted toward the evangelistic outreaches in Germany (Pro Christ '93) and England (Mission 89). Folders 326-3 through 8 are financial records for Mission 89. The most recent documents in the subseries are reports on the 1995 Global Mission
Exceptional items: Folder 325-24 includes the formulation of the articles of incorporation for the Pro Christ '93 in Germany. Folder 327-9 contains notes from an evangelism course, possibly in Germany or Russia, at which Carlson was a presenter. Folder 327-10 consists of the contents of a notebook gathering together reports from regional representatives in preparation for Mission England in 1984. Folder 328-2 contains Harvey Thomas's report on sites explored for Spree '75, a follow-up to Spree '73 in London.

Subseries 3.2.5: Personal correspondence
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Date Range: 1985-1989
Volume: 1.1 cubic feet
Boxes: 328-330 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: US, international
Type of documents: Correspondence
Correspondents: Carlson, clergy, contacts, friends, BGEA staff
Notes: This subseries, identified by Carlson as "personal," consists of letters to and from him during the period when he was coordinating crusades in Great Britain, France, and Finland. The nature of the correspondence is expressions of thanks for assistance, updating friends on his and his wife's ministry, receiving information about ministry throughout the world, and answering questions about BGEA plans and activities. It was during this period that Carlson was married to Elizabeth Reitz, so his letters refer to plans for this event and their married life and ministry together.

Subseries 3.3: Bob Williams Vozrozhdeniye '95 files
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Date range: 1994-1995
Volume: .7 cubic feet
Boxes: 485-487 (click to see corresponding section of Container Box List)
Geographic coverage: Russia
Type of documents: Reports, sample materials, meeting materials and minutes
Notes: These files consist of sampled materials (affirmations, booklets, Christian Life & Witness materials, decision cards, Field Associates meeting notebooks, Billy Graham's Biblical Principles of Evangelism," ministers meetings notebooks, events newspapers, pamphlets and Gospel portions, posters, promotional calendars, reports) from the Vozrozhdeniye '95 event in Moscow, which utilized a satellite link with the 1995 Puerto Rico Crusade. The documents in the subseries is with few exceptions in Russian or minority dialects.

Series 4: Audio tapes (click to see corresponding Location Record description of individual recordings)
Date range: 1957-1980
Notes: Recordings of pre-crusade counseling and follow-up lectures, Christian Life & Witness classes, ministers' meetings, crusade services (1957 New York), radio promotional spots, and a small selection of non-BGEA recordings of sermons, music, mission reports, and lectures. The audio tapes in the collection are described more thoroughly in the Location Records which appear below in this guide. Collection 26 is the collection containing extensive crusade recordings.
Exceptional items: Tape T1 preserves a message by Dr. Graham to a group of ministers in preparation for the 1972 Charlotte Crusade (North Carolina), in which he outlined the power of the gospel and six results which a crusade can produce, and concluded with a challenge for a successful crusade. Printed transcribed excerpts from the 1972 Charlotte Crusade are filed in folder 36-42.

Series 5: Photographs (click to see corresponding Location Record description of photographs
Arrangement: Alphabetically by Photo File folder title.
Date range: 1949-1994, n.d.
Notes: Photographs (including black & white and color prints, negatives, slides, and prints in photograph albums) are described in Location Records below in this guide. The collection contains thousands of photographs of BGEA activities and staff, primarily its evangelistic crusades, Billy Graham and associate evangelists.


NOTE: Duplicates found during processing were discarded at the request of the BGEA. All artifacts were transferred to the Billy Graham Training Center - The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina. Also among the artifacts sent to the Archives were samples from other non-BGEA events, perhaps used as models for those created for BGEA crusades; these were discarded at the request of the BGEA.



These materials were received from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association from 1976-2003.

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Aarsvold, Joel Comptroller, 1967-198?, Vice President, Finance, 198?-
Akers, John Special assistant to Billy Graham, 1977-
Adams, Lane Associate evangelist, 1964-1973
Allen, Dan Internal auditor, ?-1998; Assistant to Vice president of Finance, 1998-
Anderson, Jeff Team office manager, 1981-?
Anderson, Wendell Manger of the Christian Guidance department, 1992-
Backlund, Larry Director of Schools of Evangelism, ?-
Bailey, Don Film representative, Billy Graham Evangelistic Film, 1954-5; general manager, radio station WFGW-WMIT, 1960-1969; executive assistant, BGEA Atlanta office, 1969-1977; director media and public relations, 1977-1985; retired in 1994
Barnette , Sherman WWP film coordinator, ?-?, crusade coordinator for JWW, 1990-1993; director of JWW crusades, 1993-
Barr, Dave With World Wide Pictures from 1952, served a number of years as the director of the Minneapolis WWP office. In charge of WWP's international work 1968-1989
Barrows, Cliff Director of music for the team, 1945- ; master of ceremonies for Billy Graham crusade, 1947- ; radio and television program director, 1950- ; president of World Wide Pictures, 1965-1970; BGEA board member, 1950- ; vice chairman of the board
Beavan, Gerald Public relations director; newscaster for the Hour of Decision; executive secretary, 1950-1957; director of crusade planning and organization
Beckstrom, Kersten Interim Editor of Decision, 1998-
Bell, Ralph Associate evangelist, 1965-
Bennett, Walter Advertising executive whose company handled the BGEA account, the radio and television programs
Berryman, William Barry BGEA representative in Australia and New Zealand, 1963-1966; executive director of BGEA, Ltd (BGEA's Australian affiliate, 1966-1981
Beukema, Harold Assistant director, BGEA World's Fair Pavilion, 1963-1965; Crusade associate, 1965-?
Berry, Lowell California businessman, helped organize the Schools of Evangelism
Blinco, Joseph Associate evangelist, 1954-1966
Borgens, Pat Crusade associate for the 1992 Pacific Northwest Crusade
Boyd, Forest Director of Communications, 1976-?
Brace, Debbie Director of Operations, World Wide Publications, 2000-
Bridges, Loren General manager of radio stations WFGW-WMIT, 1962-1964, 1972-73
Brown, William Billy Graham film ministry, 1952-6; associate crusade director, 1956-61; crusade director, 1961-1970; president of World Wide Pictures, 1970-1988; special assignments for Billy Graham, 1988-
Brownlee, James Director of Operations for World Wide Publications, 1992-2000
Bruce, David Special Assistant to Billy Graham, 1995-1998
Bruce, Kerri Administrative assistant in the Montreat office, 1995-1998; assistant to Larry Turner, 1998-
Burgin, Homer Security/Maintenance Supervisor in Minneapolis, 1976-1992
Burklin, Werner Evangelist-at-large with Youth For Christ, Executive Director of Amsterdam '83 and Amsterdam '86 conferences, Executive Director of the BGEA's German office, founded Werner Burklin Ministries (1989)
Busby, Russ Crusade photographer
Carlson, Blair T. Crusade associate (mainly for international crusades), 1975-1977; special assistant to the International Vice President, 1977-1988; director of international crusades, 1989?; also assisted with several of the BGEA's international conferences; director of various international crusades, 1988-1998; crusade director for Franklin Graham team, 1998-
Chafin, Kenneth L. Dean for Schools of Evangelism, 1970-?
Clark, George In charge of the production of the French and German editions of Decision, 1963-?; office manager of the Paris office of the BGEA, 1963-?
Conard, Bill Direct mail manager, 1993-1998, Amsterdam 2000 program director, 1999-
Corts, John Ronald Crusade associate, 1964-1980, 1983-1987; vice-president of operations and chief operating officer, 1987-
Cousins, Jack Crusade associate, 1968-?, manager of Minneapolis Field Ministries s office, 1998-
Cunville, Rieweh Robert Associate evangelist, 1978-
Cutler, Elwyn Domestic crusade director
Darling, Edward T. Executive secretary and Team manger, 1958-?
Dillon, John Field representative for World Wide Pictures, 1961-1964; director of associate crusades, 1964-1971; executive assistant to George Wilson, 1972-1973; director of associate crusades, 1974-1985; dean of Schools of Evangelism, 1980-1990
Doft, Donna Manager of the Billy Graham Response center (an 800 number) 1998-
Dugid, Wally Manager of Broadcasts and Productions in the Communication Division, 1997-
Durston, Fred Office Administrator for Field Ministries, ?-1998; supervisor of stewards and other assignments for Amsterdam 2000, 1998-
Edwards, Edna General manager of WFGW-WMIT, 1973-
Elder, Ann Editor of Alive, 1997-
Emery, Allan C., Jr. Member of BGEA board; President, BGEA
Engstrom, George Head of personnel for BGEA, 1954-?; Office manger for Minneapolis office
Engstrom, Ken Six years with World Wide Pictures, an assistant to John Corts for two years. Daily Radio Administrator for Decision Today, 1999-
Erickson, Shelley Secretary for Blair Carlson
Evans, Robert Worked for International Ministries, 198?-1992
Fasig, William Organist for Leighton Ford crusades, 1960-1970; director of audio engineering for Billy Graham crusades, 1975-
Featherstone, Robert President of Blue Ridge Broadcasting, 1972-75; consultant for radio station KAIM in Hawaii, 1988-1990; Special projects for Billy Graham, 1990-
Ferm, Lois Personal assistant to Billy Graham; resource coordinator; coordinator of the oral history project; liaison to the Billy Graham Center archives, 1973
Ferm, Robert Special assignment for Billy Graham, 1959-78; Co-editor of Decision, 1960-65; Associate editor, 1966-67; associate Team coordinator, 1961-64; dean of schools of evangelism, 1964-68; leading crusade pastors' conferences, 1964-73
Flessing, Roger Director of Communications, 1996-
Fischer, Lee Research assistant to Billy Graham
Ford, Leighton Associate evangelist, 1955-1987; BGEA board member, 1957-; Vice president of BGEA, 1958-?; program chairperson for the 1974 Lausanne Congress; chairperson of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, 1976; program chairman for Amsterdam 83
Graham, Billy Founder of BGEA; president, 1950-; BGEA board member, 1950-; President of Blue Ridge Broadcasting, 1974-77
Forsythe, Jerry Webmaster, 1996-
Furlow, Pam Crusade office secretary for the 1922 Pacific Northwest Crusade
Gibbs, Del General manager, KAIM, 198?-
Gillespie, Joseph E. Director of Ralph Bell crusades, 199?-
Goodman, Karen Supervisor of Winnipeg office, 199?-
Graham, Franklin Associate evangelist in the 1990s; vice chairman and his father's designated successor, 1995-
Greene, Richard Ass. Ed. of Decision, ?-1992; Director of Direct Mail, 1992; The Cove, 1992-
Grist, Walter R. Crusade director for Akbar Haqq, 1970-1978, 1981-1992 ; Director of Schools of Evangelism, 1978; Assistant Team office manager, 1979-1981
Gustafson, Roy Associate evangelist, 1959-
Gusn, Brandt General manager, radio station KAIM, 1967-?
Hagemen, Steve Director of Cove Camp program
Hall, Myrtle Crusade soloist, 1966-
Halstensgard, David Crusade coordinator for JWW, ?-1989
Hanson, Bradley Manager OF Information Services, 1997-
Haqq, Akbar Abdul Interpreter for Graham in India crusade, 1956; Associate evangelist, 1960-
Harrelson, Jim National director of Operation Christmas Child, 1998-
Haymaker, Willis Crusade director, 1949-70
Jeannie, Hickman, Crusade office secretary and office manager for domestic crusades in the late 1980s and early '90s
Holley, Henry Crusade associate, 1967-?; transferred from associate to Billy Graham crusades, 1974; international crusade director
Holmes, Mike Manager of the Building Services Dept. of Minneapolis office, 1993-
Houton, Doris head of Human Resources, Minneapolis, 1981-1995
Houts, Fred Supervisor of Computer operations department, 1967-
Hustad, Donald Crusade organist, 1961-67; assists on various crusades, 1967-
Huston, Sterling Crusade coordinator, 1966-69; personal assistant to the director for associate crusades, 1969-71; director of associate crusades, 1972-73; director of crusades for North America, 1974-
Innes, John Crusade organist, 1963-
Jackson, Sheryl Officer administrator for Franklin Graham Ministries, 1998-
Jackson, Stan Assistant to the President, 2000-
James, Bill Director of Direct Mail, ?-1992
Jensen, Richard General Manager of WFGW-WMIT, 1969-1972
Johnson, Emily Christian guidance department supervisor, 1971-1992
Jones, Howard Associate evangelist, 1958-1992; director for Billy Graham Relief Fund for Africa, 1973-?
Jones, V. Samuel Crusade director for Akbar Haqq, 1966-69, organizer of BGEA film crusades, 1969-1972; managing director for BGEA in Hong Kong, 1972-1981 Died October 21, 1998
Keeney, Dan Manager of Technical Services, 1998-
Kroeker, Helen Worked in Canadian office, 1972-1992
Laframboise , Bob Manager of Strategic Projects, 1997-
Layman, Forrest Worked in counseling and follow-up department, 1963-65; executive assistant for Team activities and crusade planning, 1965-1969
Little, Danny Crusade coordinator of FG and JWW, 199?-
Love, Larry Associate evangelist
Lenning, John Counselor trainer; crusade coordinator for associate evangelists; producer, Hour of Decision, 1959-
Mariano, Michael Daily Radio Administrator, 1998-
Marshall, Rick Crusade director, 199?-
Mathias, James F. Administrative assistant, 1971-72; Counseling and follow-up administrator, 1972-1976; Team office Manager, 1976-1981?
Maughon, Grover Grady Wilson crusade associate; Director of Franklin Graham Crusades, 1993-1998
Mayer, Dorothy Special Services, 1979-1995
McCarthy, Herb Crusade support Services for Franklin Graham Ministries, 1998-
McDonald, James Crusade soloist, 1965-?
McGowan, Steve Manger of Distribution Services, 1996-
McGregor, John Executive Director of Associate Evangelists Ministry, 9/99-
McVety, Kenneth Director of the BGEA's Tokyo office, 1968-?; editor of the Japanese version of Decision.
Mickelson, Paul Crusade organist, 1950-1957
Miller, Jerry Director of operations of the Cove, 1987-198?; Director of the Cove, 198?-1996; Vice President of the Cove, 1996-
Mitchell, Ralph In charge of spiritual counseling for people who write or call the BGEA for assistance, 1953-1974(?)
Mooneyham, W. Stanley Special assistant to Billy Graham, 1964-1967; coordinating director of the World Congress on Evangelism, 1966; vice president in charge of international relations, 1967-69; coordinating director of the Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism, 1968
Nelson, Stacy Materials/Technical Support Specialist for Franklin Graham Ministries, 1998-
Nelson, Steve Crusade associate, crusade director. Returned to BGEA as assistant to Sterling Huston and crusade director in June (?) 1995
Nelson, Victor Crusade preparation, 1961-65; director of Schools of Evangelism, 1967-1974; executive assistant of Minneapolis office, 1968- Died 1999
Odom, Taylor Director of Operations at the Cove, 1998-
Ovikian, Michael Worked in BGEA pavilion at the World's Fair, 1964-65; BGEA representative in Latin America
Palms, Roger C. Assistant editor of Decision, 1973-76; Editor, 1976-January 2, 1998
Peters, Keith Senior producer of Decision Today, 1998-
Phillips, Tom Coordinator and director of counseling and follow-up administration, 1970-1994; Assistant Crusade Director, 1978; Resident Crusade Director, 1979-1980; Crusade Director, 1981-1986; Senior Crusade Director, 1987-1994; Director of programing at the Cove, 1987-1989; Christian Life & Witness instructor, 1975- ; small group Bible study training instructor, 1976- ; School of Evangelism instructor, 1982- , Vice President of Training (Cove, Schools of Evangelism, Counseling & Follow-up), 2001- .
Piatt, Dan Counseling and follow-up work, 1958-; director of BGEA pavilion at the World's Fair, 1964-65; crusade director, 68-?
Prior, Eva Secretary to Walter Smyth
Reardon, Tex Various responsibilities relating to media 1978(?)-1991; 1992- Assist with NACIE '94 and other projects
Richardson, Jack Director of Development Ministries, ?-1996
Riggs, Charles Counseling and follow-up, 1954-1957; director of counseling and follow-up, 1957-; crusade director, 1964-
Robinson, David Manager of Distribution Services, ?-1996
Root, Robert Administrative assistant in counseling and follow-up, 1957-1962; executive assistant to Walter Smyth, 1962-64; Minneapolis office Manager, 1964-1965
Ross, Richard Director and producer of Hour of Decision
Rowlandson, Maurice Director of BGEA, Ltd (BGEA's British affiliate), 1961-1987
Scholle, Steve Director of Operational Serivces/General Counsel, 2000-
Scroggins, Noble W. Spiritual counselor, 1973; director of Schools of Evangelism, 1974-1978? ; director of spiritual counseling and follow-up departments, 1974-1981
Sellers, Neil Executive Director of the Cove, 1996-
Shea, George Beverly Soloist at Billy Graham crusades and radio programs, 1947-
Shedd, Kaleem International Manager of Operation Child, 1998-
Simers, Ron Acting Director of Development Ministries, 1997-1998, Director of Development Ministries, 1998-
Smith, Tedd Crusade pianist, 1950- ; composed musical scores for some of the films of World Wide Pictures
Smyth, Walter Director of Billy Graham Evangelistic Films, 1951-1957(?); coordinator of group reservations for the 1957 New York crusade; crusade director, 1958-1965; vice president of crusade planning and Team activities, 1964-1976(?); vice president for international relations and for crusade and team affairs, 1976(?)-1987
Thomson, Pam Blair Carlson's secretary
Turner, Larry Crusade director, 1968-87; director of the Cove, 1987-19?; Field Ministries, 198?-, Crusade director for Franklin Graham crusades, 1998-
van der Doef, Myriam Blair Carlson's administrative assistant on several European missions in the late 1980s and early '90s.
Vangioni, Fernando Associate evangelist, 1962-?
Ward, Charles Director of BGEA activities in Latin America, 1961-67; crusade associate, 1967-70; Coordinator of film and television outreach overseas, 1970-?
Waters, Ethel Guest soloist at crusades, 1957-1977
Werner, Barry World Wide Pictures Director of Operations, ca. 1997-
White, John Wesley Associate evangelist, 1964-
Wilken, Terry TV Telephone Ministry director, ?-1998
Williams, Harry Boyd Crusade director, 1963-1973, director of special projects; 1974-?
Williams, Ralph Christian Guidance department Manager, 1966-1992
Williams, Robert Joined BGEA in 1972, worked in WWP, ICWE, crusade associate, crusade director, counseling administrator; Director of International Ministries, 1993-
Wilson, George Business Manager, 1950-1987; secretary-treasurer, 1950-1962; managing editor of Decision, 1960-1987(?); treasurer of the BGEA, 1962-1987; vice-president, 1962-66; executive vice president, 1966-1987
Wilson, Grady Associate evangelist, 1947-87; BGEA board member and vice president, 1950-1987; served as BGEA's representative on various boards; served as president for a time of Grason Company; served on the board of the BGEA subsidiaries the Blue Ridge Broadcasting Company, the Black Mountain Broadcasting Company, and the Christian Broadcasting Company. He also was often part of the Hour of Decision radio program, particularly in its early years.
Wilson, T. W. Associate evangelist and advisor to Graham, 1956-2001; president of Blue Ridge Broadcasting, 1963-1972, 1977-?; chairman of the board of Christian Broadcasting Company, 1965-?
Wirt, Sherwood Editor of Decision, 1958-1976
Yerry, David Head, Human Resources, Minneapolis, 1995-2000; Director of Administrative Services, 2000-
Zavitz, Lance News secretary, 1961; director of crusade news bureau, 1961-1965

Accession: 76-13, 77-7, 82-177, 00-69
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

T1 - Message by Dr. Billy Graham to ministers in Charlotte, North Carolina, in preparation for the 1972 Crusade in that city. Message date, ca. 1972.

T2 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 1A by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-up.

T3 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 1B by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-up.

T4 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 2A by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up. "Workers Together with God."

T5 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 2B by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-up.

T6 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 3 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up. 2 copies.

T7 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 4A by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up. "Bringing a Person to Christ."

T8 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 4B by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up. "Bringing a Person to Christ."

T9 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 4 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T10 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 5 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-up. "Follow-Up." 3 copies.

T11 - Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lesson 6 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up. 3 copies. One copy contains part of Lesson 1.

T12 - Central California Crusade, 1962. Fresno, California. May 22, 1962. First Baptist Church. Lesson 1 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T13 - Central California Crusade, 1962. Fresno, California. May 22, 1962. A.M. Lesson 1 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T14 - Central California Crusade, 1962. Fresno, California. May 22, 1962. P.M. Lesson 1 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T15 - Central California Crusade, 1962. Fresno, California. May 22, 1962. Lesson 2 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up. 2 copies. One copy has short piece of Lesson 1 at the beginning of the reel.

T16 - Central California Crusade, 1962. Fresno, California. May 22, 1962. A.M. Lesson 3 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up. "Counseling for Restoration."

T17 - Central California Crusade, 1962. Fresno, California. June 12, 1962. A.M. Lesson 4 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T18 - Central California Crusade, 1962. Fresno, California. June 20, 1962. A.M. Lesson 5 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up. "Follow-Up."

T19 - Central California Crusade, 1962. Fresno, California. May 22, 1962. Excerpts for "Prayer Time." Radio programs including singing by George Beverly Shea.

T20 - Southern California Crusade, 1963. Los Angeles, California. Lesson 1 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T21 - Southern California Crusade, 1963. Los Angeles, California. Lesson 2 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T22 - Southern California Crusade, 1963. Los Angeles, California. Lesson 3 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T23 - Southern California Crusade, 1963. Los Angeles, California. Lesson 4 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T24 - Southern California Crusade. 1963. Los Angeles, California. Lesson 5 by Charles Riggs on Counseling and Follow-Up.

T25 - Tape of letters dictated by George Beverly Shea in late spring or early summer of 1965.

T26 - BGEA Atlanta Team Office Christmas Party, 1966. Carol singing and talks by Gil Stricklin, Walter Smyth, Jackie Edwards, Forrest Layman, Eva Prior, Lane Adams, and Robert Ferm.

T27 - Pacific Northwest Crusade, 1968. Portland, Oregon. Talks given at the School for Evangelism. "Preparation for a Crusade" by Walter Smyth; "Evangelism through the Local Church" by D. James Kennedy; and "Organizing the Congregation for Continuous Evangelism" by D. James Kennedy. 3 copies.

T28 - Lessons 1-4 by Charles Riggs on Church Centered Lay Evangelism, Counseling and Follow-Up. Lesson 1: Mission of the Church. Lesson 2: Preparation for the Task. Lesson 3: Getting to Know the Scripture. Lesson 4: Witnessing.

T29 - Lesson 5-6 by Charles Riggs on Church Centered Lay Evangelism, Counseling and Follow-Up. Lesson 5: Securing a Commitment. Lesson 6: Follow-Up.

T30 - Relay Counseling Lessons by Charles Riggs. Lesson 1: General Procedures. Lesson 2: Counselor Qualifications.

T31 - Relay Counseling Lessons by Charles Riggs. Lesson 3: The Scriptures and Counseling. Lesson 4: Counseling the Unconverted.

T32 - Relay Counseling Lessons by Charles Riggs. Lesson 5: Counseling for Restoration. Lesson 6: Follow-Up.

T33 - Counselor Training Lessons by Dan Piatt. Lesson 1: Qualifications. Lesson 2: Witnessing. Lesson 3: Follow-Up. Lesson 4: Procedures. 14 copies.

T34 - Christian Life and Witness Class. Session 1 taught by Robert Glockner. "The Purpose of Counseling and the Qualifications of the Counselor."

T35 - Christian Life and Witness Class. Session 2 taught by Robert Glockner. "Preparation of a Counselor."

T36 - Christian Life and Witness Class. Session 3 taught by Robert Glockner. "The Witness of the Counselor."

T37 - Christian Life and Witness Class. Session 4 taught by Robert Glockner. "Counseling the Inquirer."

T38 - Two renditions of "How Great Thou Art."

T39 - Radio spots announced by Cliff Barrows for the World Wide film "The Restless Ones."

Non-BGEA Audio Tapes:

T40 - Abilene Bible Conference, 1963. Abilene, Texas. Sermons on I Chronicles 4:10, "Request Granted"; I Chronicles 29:10-13, "Hand of God"; I Chronicles 4:9; II Samuel 5:17, "Sound in the Mulberry Tree."

T41 - Abilene Bible Conference, 1963. Abilene, Texas. Sermons on Revelation 2:8-11; Revelation 2:16-17; Revelation 2:18-29; Revelation 3:1-6.

T42 - Talk given by a western missionary to S. Vietnam on the situation there after 1963.

T43 - Selections from musical numbers sung at the evening service of the Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts. April 5, 1964. Soprano solo: "The Unveiled Christ," Ruby Slaven. Offertory Anthem: "Open My Eyes," Chancel Choir, Ruby Slaven. Tenor solo: "Is Your All on the Altar," Ralph Simons.

T44 - "Hymn History" Radio program broadcast. July, 1965.

T45 - Talk on the situation for missionaries in South Vietnam by three Western missionaries to that country: Rev. Oral Steinkamp (?), Rev. Louis Meyers, and Rev. Hans Leroy Josephson. August 22, 1965.

T46 - Talks given at a Bible conference held in Montreat, North Carolina, in 1966. Dr. Howard G. Hageman - "An Urban Ministry"; "Trouble in the Church."

T47 - Talks given at a Bible conference held in Montreat, North Carolina, in 1966. Dr. Howard G. Hageman - "A Campus Ministry"; "Ministerial Recruitment."

T48 - Talks given at a Bible conference held in Montreat, North Carolina, in 1966. Dr. Howard G. Hageman - "It's Bad for Business"; Dr. Frederick B. Speakman - "About My Friend Nicodemus."

T49 - Talks given at a Bible conference in Montreat, North Carolina, in 1966. Dr. Ernest Campbell - "John 10:7-14"; Dr. Ernest Campbell - "The State of Preaching in the American Church."

T50 - Lecture by Louie Evans, Jr. on "Building Church Membership Maturity."

T51 - Christmas Carols.

T52 - Sacred Music, vocal and instrumental.

T53 - Instrumental music.

NOTE: Audio tapes T54 through T83 are 10" reel-to-reel, 3-3/4 ips, editing recordings, approximately one hour long, of the Billy Graham New York Crusade services in Madison Square Garden; see below:

T54 - May 29, 1957. 60 minutes.

T55 - May 30, 1957. 60 minutes.

T56 - May 31, 1957. 60 minutes.

T57 - June 1, 1957. 60 minutes.

T58 - June 2, 1957. 60 minutes.

T59 - June 3, 1957. 60 minutes.

T60 - June 4, 1957. 60 minutes.

T61 - June 5, 1957. 60 minutes.

T62 - June 6, 1957. 60 minutes.

T63 - June 7, 1957. 60 minutes.

T64 - June 8, 1957. 60 minutes.

T65 - June 9, 1957. 60 minutes.

T66 - June 10, 1957. 70 minutes.

T67 - June 11, 1957. 71 minutes.

T68 - June 12, 1957. 67 minutes.

T69 - June 13, 1957. 65 minutes.

T70 - June 14, 1957. 63 minutes.

T71 - June 15, 1957. 60 minutes.

T72 - June 16, 1957. 58 minutes.

T73 - June 18, 1957. 71 minutes.

T74 - June 19, 1957. 62 minutes.

T75 - June 20, 1957. 65 minutes.

T76 - June 21, 1957. 69 minutes.

T77 - June 22, 1957. 61 minutes.

T78 - June 23, 1957. 70 minutes.

T79 - June 24, 1957. 65 minutes.

T80 - June 25, 1957. 62 minutes.

T81 - June 26, 1957. 60 minutes.

T82 - June 26, 1957. 52 minutes.

T83 - July 5, 1957. 77 minutes.

T84 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, approx. 45 minutes. Billy Graham speaking at a ministers' meeting, May 6, 1975. The topic of the message is moral deterioration in America and catastrophes which should wake up the people. One side.

T85 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, approx. 60 minutes. Ministers' meeting in preparation for the 1976 Pacific Northwest Crusade in Seattle, Washington. Graham speaking on what to expect at the Crusade and living by the demands of the gospel. March?, 1976. Two sides.

T86 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, approx. 45 minutes. Graham speaking at a ministers' meeting in Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. March 9, 1976. The topic is communicating the Gospel. One side.

T87 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, 60 minutes. Tape 1 of minutes of ministers' meeting in San Diego, California, in preparation for August crusade. April 1, 1976. Graham speaking about awakening/revival. Two sides.

T88 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, approx. 25 minutes. Tape 2 on same occasion as T87.

T89 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, 3 minutes. Six 30-second spots with various testimonies and an invitation to the Graham Crusade at the King Dome, Seattle, Washington. April or May, 1976.

T90 - Reel-to-reel, 3-3/4 ips, approx. 60 minutes. Closing session of Code '76, August 15, 1976, Aztec Center, San Diego University. Speaker unknown: "The Giving of Gifts." One side.

T91 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, approx. 45 minutes. Graham speaking at a banquet for the Economic Club of the University of Detroit during its 100th anniversary. Subject is the rising evangelicalism in the United States, followed by a question and answer period. October 11, 1976. One side.

T92 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips. Side 1: 60 minutes. Phil Tanyon (sp?), former Chief of Police in Detroit speaking at Junior Economic Club on "Role of Detroit Police Department in the Criminal Justice System and Need for Legislative Reform." N.d. Side 2: Governor Jimmy Carter campaigning for the presidency, speaking in Detroit (Economic Club?). October 15, 1976.

T93 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, approx. 8 minutes. Sixteen 30-seconds spots with various testimonies and an invitation to the Graham Crusade at Pontiac Metropolitan Stadium in Detroit. September or October, 1976.

T94 - Reel-to-reel, 7-1/2 ips, 6 minutes. Six 1-minute spots. Billy Graham asking for prayer support through prayer partners for the Detroit Crusade. 1976.

T95 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, 90 minutes. Ministers' meeting or seminar at the Cincinnati Convention Center prior to the Tri-State Billy Graham Crusade of October, 1977. David DuPlessis speaking on Christ as the Head of the Church and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Two sides.

T96 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, approx. 90 minutes. Continuation of T95. DuPlessis speaking on being baptized in the Spirit and speaking in tongues. Dr. Jerry R. Kirk's response to DuPlessis, hurt because the latter's topic went beyond the area of agreement within the Crusade executive committee which they had agreed not to deal with. Several exchanges between the two men, both very apologetic, with good will in the end. Two sides.

T97 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, 90 minutes. Meeting at the Cincinnati Convention Center prior to the Tri-State Billy Graham Crusade of 1977. Mrs. Millie Dienert addressing prayer groups on the subject of prayer. Miss Dulsey Smith, soloist. Two sides.

T98 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, 90 minutes. Meeting at the Cincinnati Convention Center prior to the Tri-State Billy Graham Crusade of October, 1977. Leighton Ford speaking on Back to Basics of Life. Harry Causey, soloist. Two sides.

T99 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, 90 minutes. Meeting at the Cincinnati Convention Center prior to the Tri-State Billy Graham Crusade of 1977. Ray Stedman speaking on the Functioning of the Body of Christ. Rob Reider, soloist. Two sides.

T100 - Reel-to-reel, 3-3/4 ips, 90 minutes (copied from a damaged cassette). Meeting at the Cincinnati Convention Center prior to the Tri-State Billy Graham Crusade of October, 1977. Tom Skinner speaking on being ready for the Spirit to work--the Spirit is ready, do we have options ready? Two sides.

T101 - Cassette, 7-1/2 ips, 17 minutes. "The Crusade Story," recorded October 8, 1979. Reasons for a crusade and a typical crusade described. One side.

T102 - Cassette, 12 minutes, two sides. Tape accompanies slide series (see SLIDE BOX 21: S5-128) to promote the BGEA's Operation Andrew program as a means to encourage Christians to invite their friends to a Billy Graham crusade. One side of the cassette includes an audible pulse for advancing the slides; the reverse side has an inaudible pulse embedded for use with programed audio-visual equipment. 1980.


Accession 94-34
Type of Material: Compact disc
The following items are located in the COMPACT DISC FILE.

CD1 - Hymns in Japanese, featuring four pieces from the crusade songbook, including "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name," "Majesty," "It Is Well With My Soul,"and "He's Still King of Kings." Each selection is performed as a choral piece with combined parts and then repeated four times to isolate the vocal parts (soprano, alto, tenor, base), totaling twenty tracks. No booklet or liner notes are included. From folder 278-29.

DVD1 - Promotional film for the Billy Graham Library, showing the planned layout and exhibits and film from various sources about Graham’s life and ministry, with a long segment on Ruth Bell Graham’s life and ministry. This video in its entirety is included in DVD1. From Folder 541-4.  8 minutes.  April 13, 2006

DVD2 - Promotional film about the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, near Ashville, North Carolina and in particular the planned Visitor Ministry Center.  From folder 542-2. 6 minutes.  Nd.

DVD3 - Video of the fund-raising dinner held in Atlanta, Georgia for the Billy Graham Library to be built in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Aming the participants in the program were Cliff Barrows, George Beverly Shea, Henry Holley, Franklin Graham, Cameron Alexander, Andrew Young and Governor Sonny Perdue. From Folder 541-4. 32 minutes. 2006.


Accession: 82-177, 94-34
Type of material: Negatives
The following items are located in the NEGATIVE FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below. All the negatives are black and white, unless otherwise noted.

BGEA: INDIA CRUSADE (RANNY, KOTTAYAM, MAVELKARI, MADRAS), JANUARY 1973. Akbar-Haqq's India Crusade (Ranny, Kottayam, Mavelkari, Madras); January, 1973.

BGEA: (TOKYO). Shots of the crusade executive committee, an interview with Dr. Honda for DECISION magazine, office staff, and a women's meeting at which Bettie Holley was the featured speaker. 44 color images. Taken from folder 276-25, 276-41, and 277-22.


Accession: 76-13, 82-177, 88-104, 88-135, 89-89, 94-34, 94-95, 00-69, 11-54, 16-18, 17-19
Type of material: Oversize Materials
The following were transferred to the BILLY GRAHAM TRAINING CENTER unless otherwise noted:

Advertising campaigns (OS29). Photocopies of crusade posters for the 1983 Central Florida Crusade in Orlando, 1983 Sacramento Crusade, 1986 Greater Washington (DC) Crusade, and the 1986 Northern Florida (Tallahassee) Crusade.

Blueprints (OS 29). 1973 Korea (seating arrangement and ground plan), 1975 Republic of China, 1975 Hong Kong (series of eight), 1984 Mission England in Ipswich, 1985 Mission England (Sheffield), 1990 Hong Kong, Scotland 1991, Mission 94 (Tokyo, series of seven from folder 276-27), and schematics for an unidentified crusade. Also includes a blueprint version of the 1992 Pacific Northwest Crusade arrangements committee's planning calendar, taken from folder 462-7. The Scotland 1991 venue was taken from folder 419-1.

Braille version in Finnish of Billy Graham's Steps to Peace With God (OS29). Relocated from among the Mission Helsinki materials.

POSTERS (arranged chronologically in folders by decades):

1952 GREATER HOUSTON CRUSADE (OS 29). Poster promoting the 4-week series of meetings in the Sam Houston Coliseum. Printed green, black, and brown on what is now browned paper with torn corner, 12.5" x 19". (Previously Accession 1991.0068 in the BGC Museum collection.)

1953 ASHEVILLE CRUSADE (OS 29). Poster promoting the 2-week series of meetings in the City Auditorium. Printed red, yellow, and black on white, 18.5" x 12.75" with a torn corner. (Previously Accession 1991.0069 in the BGC Museum collection.)

1961 Philadelphia Crusade (OS 29). Poster.

1962 Chicago Crusade (OS 29). Poster. (Previously Accession 1984.0858 in the BGC Museum collection.)

1963 FRANCE TOUR (OS 29). 1963. Poster promoting meetings in Porte de Clignancourt (a Paris neighborhood) from May 12-19. 10.25" x 15". (Previously Accession 1990.0080 in the BGC Museum collection.)

1967 Korea Crusade (OS 29). Poster (1).

1970 East Tennessee (Knoxville) (OS 29). Posters (2), one promoting "An Evening of Sacred Music" featuring George Beverly Shea, Cliff Barrows and Tedd Smith.

1973 St. Louis (OS 29). Poster (1), promoting a prayer breakfast featuring Tom Landry and St. Louis Cardinals football players.

1973 Korea Crusade (OS 29). Posters (5) promoting crusade meetings, a prayer rally; a young adults meeting, and others. The posters include little if any English.

YES '73 (Youth Evangelism Seminar, held in conjunction with the Upper Midwest Crusade ) (OS 29). Posters (2) advertising the seminar and concerts by YES '73 featured artists the Gamble Folk.

SOLUTION ’74  15” x 22” green and black poster annouing a Billy Kim (nonBGEA) evangelsitic campaign in Atlanta, Georgia.  From folder 552-3

1974 Rio de Janeiro Crusade (OS 29). Posters (5), advertising the crusade, soliciting prayer for the crusade, and advertising Christian Life & Witness classes. All posters are in Portuguese. One additional poster is of a b&w photograph of a soccer match in Maracaña [Stadium] the venue for the crusade in Rio de Janeiro.

1975 Republic of China Crusade (OS 29). Posters (8) promoting the crusade meetings in Taipei, encouraging prayer for the crusade, and another with a full-color photograph of Billy Graham attached. All but one of the posters includes some English but is largely in Chinese; one is entirely in English.

1975 Hong Kong Crusade (OS 29). Posters (7) advertizing crusade meetings, a youth meeting, encouraging prayer for the crusade, promoting the showing of the crusade film about the 1973 Korea Crusade, and announcing the Christian Life & Witness classes. Each of the posters includes some English but is largely in Chinese.

1977 Metro Manila Crusade (OS 29). Posters (10), in English or probably in Tagalog, including schedules for counselor training classes, announcing Hour of Decision's May 1977 worldwide telecast and a music team event, advertising crusade meetings, advertizing the music team's evening program prior to the crusade, advertizing youth rallies in June and October 1977, advertizing Ruth Graham's Women's Fellowship meeting prior to the crusade, advertizing showing of a Billy Graham crusade film with blanks for time and location to be filled in, advertizing Billy Graham television broadcasts prior to the crusade, soliciting prayer for the crusade, and advertizing a pre-crusade Chinese Gospel rally featuring Billy and Ruth Graham, Myrtle Hall, Roy Gustafson, and T.W. Wilson.

1977 Poland Crusade (OS29). Poster (1). Text entirely in Polish.

1978 Singapore Crusade (OS 29). Posters (12), promoting a women's rally featuring Henry Holley's wife, promoting youth rallies, advertizing showing of a Billy Graham crusade film with blanks for time and location to be filled in, encouraging prayer for the crusade, advertizing the crusade meetings, promoting August prayer rallies prior to the crusade, October prayer rallies prior to the crusade, promoting Operation Andrew Night, promoting daily and specials days of prayer for the crusade, and promoting crusade prayer meetings with blanks for time to be filled in. Each of the posters consists of a combination of English and Chinese.

1979 Sydney (OS 29). Poster (1) promoting the Operation Andrew program for the crusade.

1980 Japan Crusades (OS 29). Posters (33) promoting crusade meetings in Osaka, Tokyo, Okinawa, Fukuoka, and Hiroshima, encouraging prayer for crusades in Osaka, Fukuoko and Okinawa, promoting Leighton Ford's crusade in Nagoya, promoting musical concerts by Graham's music team in Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Osaka, advertizing a women's pre-crusade meetings in Osaka and Tokyo featuring Millie Dienert, Myrtle Hall and Betty Holley, promoting the Christian Life & Witness training classes in Osaka and Fukuoka, and promoting a pre-crusade briefing session "Vision Presentation" in Fukuoka with blanks for date and time to be inserted. Posters include very little English and are predominantly in Japanese.

1982 Blackpool Crusade (OS 29). Poster (1) advertizing the crusade meetings.

1984 Mission England (OS 29). Posters (16) advertising the crusade meetings, including the promotional campaign featuring the phrase lines "Life. Can anyone make sense of it?" Two of the posters are in an oversized format. Posters in announcements for prayer meetings, promoting involvement in the crusade program in northwest England centered in Manchester, promoting a video presentation at a location with details to be filled in, advertising crusade meetings in Ipswich and Bristol, promoting involvement in crusade activities centered in Bristol in South West England and South Wales, and one designed for use in bus transportation advertizing crusade meetings in Ipswich.

1984 100th Anniversary of the Korean Church (OS 29). Posters (3) promoting the evangelistic meeting during the anniversary celebration and the anniversary celebration itself. The posters include little if any English.

1985 South Florida Crusade (Ft. Lauderdale) (OS 29). Posters (6) promoting the "Break Away Rally" for young people, urging prayer for the crusade, promoting a laymen's prayer breakfast featuring Dr. Kenneth Cooper, promoting a series of women's prayer seminars featuring Millie Dienert, promoting a series of rallies for senior citizens featuring Grady Wilson, Bev Shea and John Innes, and promoting a series of women's prayer rallies featuring Bonnie Barrows and soloist Darise Hails.

1985 Mission England: Sheffield (OS 29). Posters (4) promoting the crusade meetings and two posters probably used during the Sheffield meetings advertising World Wide Pictures' films The Prodigal and Cry From the Mountain.

1986 Mission France (OS 29). Posters (3) promoting crusade meetings and a series of pre-crusade meetings featuring Cliff Barrows, a drama team and assorted musicians. One of the posters came from folder 373-1

1986 Greater Washington DC (OS29). Poster (1) urging prayer for the crusade.

1987 Rocky Mountain (OS29). Posters (3) promoting crusade meetings and prayer, including one in Spanish.

1987 Mission Helsinki (OS 29). Posters (8) advertising the crusade meetings (in Finnish, Swedish and English), advertising the World Wide Pictures film Caught in Finnish: Kujanjuoksu. Separate versions of the crusade poster are in English only, Finnish only or Swedish only, while one version of the film promo is in English and Finnish and the other is only in Finnish except for the film title and credits. Several of the posters comes from folders 366-6 and 10.

1989 Mission 89 (OS29). Posters (6) promoting crusade meetings, prayer and children's meetings. Several posters came from folders 389-10,14 and 402-9

1990 Berlin (OS 29). Poster (1) featuring a German variation on the Mission England campaign, replacing the phrase "Life. Can Any anyone make sense of it?" with "Leben."

1990 Capital District (Albany, NY, OS29). Posters (2) advertising a special music program and training meetings.

1990 Hong Kong (OS29). Posters (10) promoting crusade and training meetings and prayer. Posters are in Chinese or English.

1991 Washington State (OS29). Poster (1) promoting prayer for the crusade.

1991 Scotland 1991 (OS29). Posters (8) promoting crusade and training meetings, prayer. Among these are several featuring the slogan "Does life have any meaning?"

1991 Central Park Rally (NY City, OS29). Poster (1) urging prayer for the one-day meeting. From folder 397-2.

1991 Buenos Aires (OS29). Posters (3) promoting the crusade meetings, prayer, and a women's meeting featuring Anne Graham Lotz.

1992 Pacific Northwest (OS29). Poster (1) promoting a crusade youth rally from folder 453-2.

1992 Vozrozhdeniye '92 (Moscow, OS29). Posters (2) promoting crusade meetings. Text is in Cyrillic.

1993 Columbus (OS29). Posters (5) promoting crusade meetings, youth rallies, prayer and a children's Operation Andrew program. Some of the posters came from folders 485-9 and 17.

Mission 94 (Tokyo) (OS29). Posters (8): Two full-color and two two-color (blue and red on white, green and black on white), two measuring 11¾" x 16½ " promoting the crusade (one in English) and related activities. Three full-color measuring 14¼" x 20¼" (two identical with location sticker attached to one) promoting the crusade. One full-color measuring 28½" x 40½" promoting the crusade. Posters taken from folders 276-19, 276-43, and 278-28.

1995 Vozrozhdeniye '95 (Moscow, OS29). Posters (7) promoting crusade meetings and prayer (using the motif from Vozrozhdeniye '92) in various languages including Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Moldovan, and Ukranian. The meetings were satellite transmissions of the Puerto Rico crusade.

1995 Greater Sacramento (OS29). Poster (1) promoting crusade Rock Your World Concert.

2005 Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade (OS 29). Poster.


Accession: 76-13, 77-5, 82-177, 85-175, 86-3, 88-92, 88-130, 89-81, 89-91, 89-136, 91-13, 91-52, 91-95, 91-105, 91-106, 92-23, 94-34, 94-95, 96-13, 97-62, 00-69, 01-44, 01-73, 05-29, 17-19
Type of material: Photographs
The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

ABDUL-HAQQ, AKBAR. Portraits of Associate Evangelist Abdul-Haqq, with Billy Graham, with translator in Korea, two autographed photos to Billy Graham, one of his family, 1962-1973, n.d. 8 b&w.

ADAMS, LANE. Portraits and others of BGEA associate evangelist Adams, n.d.. 11 b&w, 1 color.

AGNEW, SPIRO. Billy Graham playing golf with Agnew at the Quail Hollow Country Club, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1969. 7 b&w, 11 color.

ALI, MOHAMMED. Photographs of Ali with Billy and Ruth Graham and others at the Grahams' home in North Carolina, 1979. 3 b&w, 2 color.

ALL INDIA INSTITUTE ON EVANGELISM, NEW DELHI, INDIA; NOV 7-13, 1970 (OVERSIZE). Dr. Akbar Abdul-Haqq, chairman. 70 b&w.

ANDERSON, JOHN B. Photo autographed to Billy Graham, n.d., 1 b&w.

ARMSTRONG, LOUIS. Billy Graham with Armstrong on Joey Bishop's TV show, 1968. 3 b&w, 1 color.

AUSTIN, LLOYD. Austin, chairman of the board of the Security First National Bank, Los Angeles, California, speaking with Billy Graham, n.d.. 1 b&w.

BAPTISMS. Various baptism scenes in and along the River Ob in Siberia, n.d.. 10 b&w.

BARROWS, CLIFF. Portraits, press photos, and candid shots of Barrows; also includes several of Barrows with Billie Barrows, several of Barrows directing a crusade choir, and one large color transparency of Barrows on crusade platform with Kim Wickes. 1983, n.d. 30 b&w, 30 b&w.

BELGANO, FRANK N JR. Billy Graham with Belgano, n.d.. 1 b&w.

BELL, L NELSON (DR). Portraits, Bell (father of Ruth Graham Bell) with wife and family, n.d.. 6 b&w.

BELL, RALPH. Portraits of Associate Evangelist Bell, 1965-1978. 4 b&w.

BERRY, LOWELL. Portraits of businessman Berry, who helped organize the Schools of Evangelism, n.d. 2 b&w.


BGEA: CHRIST FOR GREATER LOS ANGELES REVIVAL; SEP 25-NOV 20, 1949. Graham preaching; the tent at the corner of Washington and Hill Streets; sign on the tent; Gil Dodds, George Wilson, and others as if in the starting blocks for a sprint. 9 b&w.

BGEA: BOSTON CRUSADE; DEC. 31, 1949-JAN. 16, 1950. Ruth and Billy Graham; overview of Boston Garden auditorium; the crowd on closing night. 5 b&w.

BGEA: COLUMBIA CRUSADE; FEB 19-MAR 12, 1950. Aerial view of the stadium; crusade crowds; a prayer service; Columbia Township Auditorium; other meetings. 20 b&w.

BGEA: GREATER PORTLAND GOSPEL CRUSADE; JUL 28-SEP 4, 1950. Miracle Tabernacle, Ruth Graham speaking, George Beverly Shea, Jim Vaus; Billy Graham speaking at Oregon State Penitentiary, Graham at the Multnomah Hotel Personality Board with his photo among others on the board. 28 b&w.

BGEA: ATLANTA CRUSADE; OCT 29-DEC 3, 1950. A speaker, construction workers in prayer, photos include Morgan Blake, an early convert of Graham, Robert G. Lee, and others. 8 b&w.

BGEA: MEMPHIS CRUSADE; MAY 20-JUN 20, 1951. Governor Fielding Wright (MS), Sheriff Jimmy Thompson (Shelby County, TN), and Billy Graham by an airplane, June 7, 1951; Crump Stadium, closing night, June 20, 1951; 3 b&w.

BGEA: HOLLYWOOD BOWL CRUSADE; SEP 16-OCT 6, 1951. Overview of crusade; Graham at informal party with actors Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Pat O'Brien, and others. 2 b&w.

BGEA: GREENSBORO CRUSADE; OCT 14-NOV 26, 1951. Tabernacle interior, crowds outside listening, Graham with Mayor Robert Frazier and Mayor Pro Tem Boyd Morris of Greensboro on November 11, 1951. 17 b&w.

BGEA: WASHINGTON, DC CRUSADE; JAN 13-FEB 18, 1952. Platform and audience. 3 b&w.

BGEA: HOUSTON CRUSADE; MAY 4-JUN 8, 1951. Shots of Graham, including standing near a plane, waving, snapshot of Graham. 3 b&w.

BGEA: PITTSBURGH CRUSADE; SEP 7-OCT 5, 1952. Billboard on a bridge advertising the crusade and the empty crusade auditorium. 2 b&w.

BGEA: KOREA VISIT; DEC 1952 (two folders). Grady Wilson, David Morken, Billy Graham, Maj. Gen. Thomas W. Herren, Bob Pierce, and others. 576 b&w.

BGEA: PENTAGON VISIT; 1952. Graham speaking and the audience. 6 b&w.

BGEA: CHATTANOOGA CRUSADE; MARCH 15-APRIL 14, 1953. Crusade crowds, Billy Graham with members of crusade committee, Billy and Ruth Graham with L. Nelson and Virginia Bell. 9 b&w.

BGEA: ST. LOUIS REVIVAL; APR 19-MAY 16, 1953. Kiel Auditorium, choir, Cliff Barrows, and George Beverly Shea. 4 b&w.

BGEA: DALLAS CRUSADE; MAY 31-JUN 28, 1953. Advertising for the Crusade, crowd in the Cotton Bowl Stadium. 13 b&w, 1 color.

BGEA: DETROIT CRUSADE; SEP 27-NOV 1, 1953. Construction of a tower-like structure, groundbreaking and construction of the tabernacle, meeting in the tabernacle at the State Fair Grounds, Cliff Barrows performing "Daniel in the Lions' Den" for a children's meeting, meeting in Briggs Stadium. 21 b&w.

BGEA: LONDON CRUSADE, GREATER; MAR 1-MAY 22, 1954. Billy Graham with various other men; crusade executive committee with Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea. Billboards for the crusade; poster outside St. Tristran-of-the-West. Billy and Ruth Graham disembarking at Southampton. Graham arriving at Waterloo Station on February 24; crowds at the station; Donn Moomaw, former All-American U.C.L.A. football player, helps Graham through crowd. Graham at first press conference on February 25. Harringay Arena; Graham preaching; buses and traffic for children's meeting on March 20. Inside a radio station with a man at work. Hyde Park in April, Graham speaking. Trafalgar Square on April 3, Cliff Barrows leading singing and Graham speaking. White City Stadium, Roy Rogers riding a horse; Roy and Dale Evans Rogers greeting a crowd. White City Stadium on May 22, Graham in a raincoat; the crowd (people coming forward). Wembley Stadium, closing meeting on May 22, Graham speaking from under an improvised canopy; the crowd (people coming forward). Graham outside 10 Downing Street after visiting Sir Winston Churchill. 64 b&w.

BGEA: HELSINKI RALLY; JUN 1954. Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea, Cliff and Billie Barrows, and many others at a long banquet table. 2 b&w.

BGEA: NASHVILLE CRUSADE; AUG 22-SEP 19, 1954. Billboard advertising the crusade at Vanderbilt Stadium. 4 b&w.

BGEA: BAYLOR UNIVERSITY VISIT; NOV 1954. Billy Graham's nose is tweaked by an interesting character (Larry Barnes?) as he becomes a member of the Noze Brotherhood (?) of Baylor. 1 b&w.

BGEA: ALL-SCOTLAND CRUSADE; MAR 21-APR 30, 1955. Billy Graham shaking hands with a child in a crowd; speaking to workers at John Brown's shipyard. 101 b&w.

BGEA: LONDON CRUSADE; MAY 14-22, 1955. Crowds at Wembley Stadium. 13 b&w.

BGEA: EUROPEAN TOUR; JUNE-JULY, 1955. Two snapshots from the rally in Nurmberg, Germany. 2 b&w

BGEA: TORONTO EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE, GREATER; SEP 18-OCT 9, 1955. Billy Graham and others at the International Airport examining a map; exterior of the CNE Coliseum; Graham preaching; the audience and choir queue for a meeting at Maple Leaf Gardens. 18 b&w.

BGEA: INDIA TOUR; JAN 17-FEB 13, 1956. Billy Graham on a lawn with Indian clergy (?) wearing long red and white robes and crosses; small parade of a uniformed group bearing red flags with hammers and sickles, Graham with them; Graham walking in the country with a crowd behind him; Graham speaking from outdoor platforms. 7 color.

BGEA: LOUISVILLE CRUSADE; SEP 30-OCT 28, 1956. Graham and the steering committee for the crusade. 5 b&w.

BGEA: HONG KONG RALLIES, FEB 14-15, 1956. Shots of planning meeting, presumably for the 1956 rallies. Depicted in the shots are BGEA representative Dan Piatt, IFES representative David Adeney, and Chinese participants. 6 b&w.

BGEA: NEW YORK CRUSADE; MAY 15-SEP 1, 1957. 28 b&w. Graham meeting with President Eisenhower; Crusade office from the street and inside; large group of children hearing a Bible reading by Dale Evans Rogers; lines waiting to get into Madison Square Garden; inside Madison Square Garden; visit of Billy Graham’s mother, Morrow Graham, to the crusade; Graham and Nixon praying together during crusade service; street rally on Wall Street; aerial view of Yankee Stadium showing the crowd a half-hour before the special July 20 meeting; farewell sermon in Times Square, September 1.

BGEA: SAN FRANCISCO BAY CITIES CRUSADE; APR 27-JUN 15, 1958. 4 b&w. Servicemen with heads bowed, at an outdoor meeting; two buildings in San Francisco. Graham visiting inmates at San Quentin Prison, Graham standing on a cliff overlooking Golden Gate Bridge.

BGEA: CHARLOTTE CRUSADE; SEP 21-OCT 26, 1958. Cliff Barrows directing choir as people come forward during the invitation; people outside the area; additional seating for the service outside. 10 b&w, 2 color.

BGEA: INDIANAPOLIS CRUSADE; OCT 6-NOV 1, 1959. Billy Graham backstage; Cliff Barrows directing choir rehearsal; George Beverly Shea singing in the Coliseum; Coliseum; Shea singing while Barrows leads the audience; Graham speaking; outdoor meeting, Monument Circle; Mr. Stug (?) speaking; Barrows leading singing; Graham. Final day, outside meeting; Barrows with microphone; radio and TV tower; close-up of a counselor at work. 1 b&w, 16 color.

BGEA: AFRICA TOUR; JAN 12-MAR 13, 1960. 5 b&w. Includes photos of Graham departing by plane from New York for Monrovia, Liberia; Graham receiving a decoration from President V. S. Tubman of Liberia; Graham speaking to a crowd in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

BGEA: BAPTIST WORLD CONVENTION VISIT, RIO DE JANEIRO; JUL 3, 1960. Baptist World Convention in Rio de Janeiro. Meeting in stadium with a view toward the field and platform. 1 b&w.

BGEA: BERLIN CRUSADE, SEPT. 26-OCT. 2, 1960. Shots of the crusade meetings in front of the pre-Nazi era Reichstag. 1960. 3 b&w.

BGEA: MIAMI CRUSADE, GREATER; MAR. 5-26, 1961. Pictures of the city from the Miami News Bureau; aerial view of Bayfront Park Auditorium, Bayfront Park and Yacht Basin; street view of Municipal Auditorium; inside view of empty Auditorium; an Orange Bowl crowd with bands covering the field; a night concert at a park band shell; billboard advertising crusade; crusade crowds and platform; executive committee including Willis Haymaker and Charlie Riggs. 11 b&w.

BGEA: NORTH OF ENGLAND CRUSADE; MAY 29-JUN 17, 1961. Committee meeting, April 17, 1961 (at Swansea?): E.C. Hill, Jerry Beavan, R. Emrys Davies, D. G. Richards, W. Beale, K. Symonds, A. J. Chilcott. Swansea High Street Station, Cliff Barrows, Davies, George Beverly Shea, Leighton Ford, Tedd Smith, Chilcott, Walter Smyth, Hill, Don Hustad, Dan Piatt, Calvin Thielman, Symonds; also at a train station, Graham in a train window and on a platform in a crowd--includes Graham, Ford, Smyth, Piatt, Barrows, R. W. Wyse, and R. H. Turvey (?). Executive committee of the crusade (see the photo folder for the names of the 19 committee members). At an airport: Barrows, Smyth, Tedd Smith, Hustad, Ford, Piatt, Shea, Thielman (?), Turvey, and Symonds (?). At a banquet, committee members: Wyse, Piatt, Ford, Barrows, K. MacKenzie, Smyth, and J. Neville Knox. Office work related to the crusade: Piatt, Wyse, and Smyth working with maps for the Landline Relays, secretaries, mailing rooms, sorting; Smyth and Piatt in most pictures. Stadium arrangements, on site: Smyth, Piatt, Ford. A counselor- training session in a well-filled auditorium, each participant with briefing materials. Advertisement on buses for the crusade held at Maine Road Stadium; crowds outside Stadium; inset of Graham speaking on a panoramic view of the Stadium. Individuals at Stadium platform: Graham, Ruth Graham, Ruth and Billy together, Ford, Shea, Barrows, Piatt with Barrows, Smyth, Wyse, MacKenzie, possibly Davies, and several unidentified people; several of these same people seated or singing on the platform. Crowds in the Stadium coming forward in the rain; Graham and Ford with escort in the Stadium; choir rehearsal in Stadium directed by Barrows; instruction session for ushers in the Stadium (?). Graham in a doorway. Landline Relays; crowds at factories, fields, construction sites, including a place called Laing. Graham preaching and speaking with people; Smyth, Barrows, and Shea also present in some pictures. Outdoor meeting in a park; Graham preaching and greeting people; a band; Smyth present; queues outside auditorium. A relatively small meeting in an auditorium; on stage are Smyth, Symonds, Wyse, Graham, MacKenzie, and others. 100 b&w.

BGEA: ALL-ULSTER CRUSADE; JUN 26, 1961. Mr. William Fitch; Mr. Murray. 2 b&w.

BGEA: UPPER MIDWEST CRUSADE; JUL 9-16, 1961. Aerial views of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds; 75,000 at closing meeting, July 16, 1961. 2 b&w.

BGEA: UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA VISIT; JUL 14, 1961. Billy Graham speaking from platform and also informally with students. 7 b&w.

BGEA: PHILADELPHIA CRUSADE, GREATER; AUG 20-SEP 17, 1961. Closing meeting at Philadelphia Stadium on Sunday, September 17, 1961; full stands and parking lots; some lots; some aerial views. 6 b&w.

BGEA: CHICAGO CRUSADE, GREATER; MAY 30-JUN 17, 1962. Graham speaking with students during visit to University of Chicago, receiving the Guttenberg Award, attending the Chicago Rotary club luncheon. 10b&w.

BGEA: SOUTH AMERICA TOUR; SEP 25-OCT 28, 1962. Billy Graham on a rock overlooking a valley and across to a mountain peak; Graham with various unidentified people; Graham with Frederico and Alicia Munoz (sp.?); Graham seated at a desk with two men in Buenos Aires. [Places Graham is known to have visited: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Rosario, Argentina; Asuncion, Paraguay; Montevideo, Uruguay; Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, and Brasilia, Brazil]. 6 b&w, 1 color postcard.

BGEA: EL PASO AREA CRUSADE; NOV 4-11, 1962. Billy Graham and unidentified man outside a building; Graham with another speaker (interpreter?) overlooking a small church congregation (mostly Hispanic); formal photo, unidentified woman. 3 b&w.

BGEA: HELL GATE STATION VISIT; 1962. Aerial view of the city with Hell Gate Station circled; street scene; Billy Graham walking on street; Graham talking with a group on the street; Graham on the street with "young gang leaders in East Harlem"; Graham before a group; Graham seated talking with an informal group. 9 b&w.

BGEA: NAVAL ACADEMY VESPER SERVICE; DEC, 1962. Christmas vesper service at the Naval Academy, Anapolis, Maryland. 1 color.

BGEA: TEXAS BAPTIST EVANGELISM CONFERENCE; JAN, 1963. Billy Graham speaking, with choir, at conference in Dallas, Texas. 1 b&w.

BGEA: PHILIPPINES TOUR; FEBRUARY 28-MARCH 17, 1963. Pictures of the visit Walter Smyth and Don Piatt made to the Philippines in 1962 to arrange for the evangelistic rallies of the next year. 9 b&w.

BGEA: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CRUSADE, LOS ANGELES; AUG 15-SEP 8, 1963. Committee meeting with Walter Smyth and Dan Piatt; Leighton Ford; Supervisor Kenneth Hahn talking with Lee Thomas; five men in an office studying a marked wall map. Men in prayer for the crusade; a church in prayer, other church services. Participants of the Seminary Training Program of the Graham Southern California Crusade (see one of the photos for the names of the 48 participants). Door-to-door literature distribution advertising crusade. Welcoming group at a train station, Smyth among them. View of the empty Coliseum, "Billy's first view of the Coliseum"; Smyth and Graham and others in Coliseum "three days before opening date"; Smyth with two men in Coliseum; stage set-up, night, nearly empty; night meeting, security officer with dog. A parking lot in the sun. A family picnicking outside the Coliseum. View through fence and gates of crowd waiting to enter Coliseum. Filled Coliseum in the evening. Crusade choir; group of ushers; other crusade personnel receiving instructions; behind the scenes office work. Roy and Dale Evans Rogers singing. People in the audience: youth, foreigners, etc. Graham preaching; Graham speaking to people who have come forward, evening session. Counselors with inquirers: children and young people of different races, some using sign language (work with the deaf). Group of men listening to reading of Bible. Six men at a Bible study in a bedroom. Older women at a luncheon. Elderly woman holding the arm of a young man (the patient) in an ambulance. Graham meeting people, crusade ground at night. Grady Wilson. Graham with Judge Thomas Griffeth, T. M. Chambers, Kenneth Hahn, Fire Chief Keith Klinger; Graham with R. N. Hogan, Hahn, Charles E. Fuller; Hahn presenting Graham with a County of Los Angeles certificate; Graham shaking hands with Hahn's son, Jim. Graham at a press conference with Hahn. Night scene outside Church of the Open Door. Baseball game, billboard announcing "With Us Tonight Is/A Bigger Attraction/Than the Dodgers and Giants/Seated With Mr. O'Malley/Is/Billy Graham/He Roots Only For Man And God." (Many of these photos were meant to be used in the unpublished book God in the Coliseum by Lee Thomas). 115 b&w.

BGEA: HOLLYWOOD VISIT; SEP 19, 1963. Graham in Hollywood for filming of The World's Greatest Showman about Cecil B. DeMille (newspaper photocopy, Graham at lunch with Barbara Stanwyk and Betty Hutton). Graham with two men holding a large book entitled The World's Greatest Legends. Graham with a man and woman beside an old camera marked C. B. DeMille. Graham posing or talking with various celebrities (?); scene of the luncheon; Graham in a dressing room reading a script; Graham looking around the set, talking with producers, looking over a script, receiving instructions, acting. 26 b&w.

BGEA: PENTAGON VISIT; DEC 16, 1963. Billy Graham in the pulpit; Graham talking with people. 4 b&w.

BGEA: NASA VISIT, HOUSTON, TX; JAN 31, 1964. Billy Graham touring NASA; Richard S. Johnston (Chief of Crew System Division) shows Graham a mock-up of an Apollo spacecraft. Johnston has Graham sample space food. Johnston and Joe W. Schmitt (Suit Technician) explain the spacesuit and helmet to Graham; Graham has coffee with astronauts Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr., Walter Marty Schirra, Jr., and Edward H. White, II, at their offices at Ellington Field. 5 b&w.

BGEA: HOUSTON BAPTIST COLLEGE; JAN 31-FEB 1 (?), 1964. Billy Graham speaking outdoors at the college during the Laymen's Leadership Institute. 1 b&w.

BGEA: HARVARD UNIVERSITY VISIT; FEB 18-19, 1964. Billy Graham talking to a group of Harvard students informally--students seated in an armchair. 1 b&w.

BGEA: BIRMINGHAM EASTER RALLY; MAR 19, 1964. John Corts, Charles Riggs, Dotson Nelson, and Gilbert Guffin meet together in an office; banquet group photo--above four included, many unidentified persons; formal portrait of Mr. Hodd. Billy Graham on platform with Arthur P. Cooke, J. L. Ware, and John Drew. View of the choir and Cliff Barrows leading; views of the 35,000-person crowd, "the largest integrated audience in the state's history"; crowd responding to the invitation. 13 b&w.

BGEA: ARIZONA CRUSADE, APR 24-26, 1964. 1 b&w.

BGEA: SAN DIEGO COUNTY CRUSADE; MAY 1-10, 1964. Notebook: "The Invitation and Support for the Proposed Billy Graham Crusade, San Diego County-Wide and Baja, and Baja, California, Summer--1964"; invitational letters in the notebook; aerial views of Balboa Stadium taken on March 28, 1964, and Graham's visit to the USS Constellation on May 3, 1964. 21 b&w, 3 color.

BGEA: NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR; JUN 26, 1964. "Billy Graham Day," June 26, 1964, at the fair; Graham receiving the Gold Award of 1963 of the George Washington Carver Memorial Institute from Senator Jacob Javits; also on the platform are Robert Moses, William Rowe, and Dan Piatt. 5 b&w, 1 color.

BGEA: BOSTON CRUSADE, GREATER; SEP 18-27, OCT 5-11, 1964. Indoor meeting; closing meeting outdoors in Boston Commons; crowd and bandstand (Billy Graham speaking). Barrows(?) leading singing, view from the bandstand out. 62 b&w.

BGEA: LOS ANGELES VISIT; FEB 1, 1965. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, unveiling ceremony of a bronze plaque commemorating the largest attendance, on September 8, 1963, for a single event at the Coliseum. Pledging the flag: Graham, Kenneth Hahn, and audience. Graham speaking, Hahn seated; Graham with: Roger Arnebergh (L. A. city attorney); A. E. England (president of the Coliseum Commission); Hahn (L. A. County Supervisor), and Robert Reeves (Councilman of Hawthorne); Hahn and R. N Hogan (local clergyman); Hahn and William Nichols (general manager, L. A. Memorial Coliseum Commission). Graham with Robert Hardon (L. A. County Superintendent of Building Services), Hahn, Rev. Lawrence Donnelly. Hahn talking with Jack Benny. On steps in front of the Coliseum, electronic billboard announcing the "history-making record crowd" of 1963, Graham with Hahn, and Graham with John S. Gibson (L. A. City Councilman), Arnebergh, England, and Hahn. Graham and Hahn posing by the plaque; with Charles Runnels, George Hill, Hahn, and John D. Hahn; with Rev. Walter Wentworth, Hahn, and Rev. George Hahn; with Hahn and England; with an unidentified man; with his team--Piatt, Barrows, Grady Wilson, and Don Hustad. 21 b&w.

BGEA: HAWAII CRUSADE, GREATER; FEB 14-21, 1964. Billy Graham's arrival in Hawaii, receiving a lei and kiss from young Hawaiian girl; Police Chief Dan Liu with Graham; aerial photo of the filled stadium. 2 b&w.

BGEA: MONTGOMERY CRUSADE; JUN 13-20, 1965. Cupola on a building with a clock and two flags, Billy Graham with people who have come forward, crusade choir area, crusade crowd, vandalism of two different billboards advertising the crusade at the Cramton Bowl. 8 b&w, 4 color.

BGEA: SEATTLE RALLY; JUL 11, 1965. Outdoor meeting, Billy Graham speaking to a crowd, crowd mingling (counseling?), different outdoor settings, filled indoor stadium, people at the front, Graham at the podium. 5 b&w.

BGEA: COLORADO CRUSADE, DENVER; AUG 27-SEP 5, 1965. Overall view of the filled stadium. Billy Graham speaking. Buses loading. Display of notebooks and books, e.g. An Invitation to Dr. Billy Graham and his Team for a Colorado Crusade. Two letters of invitation and support, one from the Temporary Steering Committee and the other from the Denver Post religion editor, November 7, 1962. Letter of invitation to Graham for the crusade from Bishop Glenn Randall Philips, November 7, 1962. 15 b&w.

BGEA: HOUSTON CRUSADE, GREATER; NOV 19-28, 1965. View from the rafters of the Astrodome of first Sunday service, inquirers coming forward; circular platform; Graham's going to the Kiwanis and Rotary club meeting in Houston, crusade crowds, Graham meeting with members of the Crusade committee. Many are proof sheets and contain multiple images. 38 b&w.

BGEA: UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON; (NOV?), 1965. Graham speaking with students. 1 b&w.

BGEA: PENTAGON; DEC 13, 1965. Luncheon at the Pentagon: General Freeman (Chief of Staff, USAF), General Harold K. Johnson (Chief of Staff, US Army), and Billy Graham. 1 b&w.

BGEA: NASHVILLE VISIT; 1965. Billy Graham with three unidentified men. 1 b&w.

BGEA: FLORIDA VISIT; FEB-MAR, 1966. Billy Graham at studio of radio station WKIS in Orlando, Florida, February, 1966. Graham beside a swimming pool in Miami Beach, Florida, March 28, 1966. 1 b&w, 1 color.

BGEA: HARLEM CRUSADE, JUL 31-AUG 4, 1966. Graham with a group of young people. 1 b&w.

BGEA: LONDON CRUSADE, GREATER; JUN 1-JUL 2, 1966; SEP 19-20, 1966. Billboard advertising the Crusade in Earl's Court, June 1-31. Billy Graham in press conference. People entering Earl's Court, advertised until July 1. Earl's Court filled. Graham in the Soho district on a Friday night speaking to a crowd of "strippers, drunks, prostitutes, and ordinary bystanders," car exiting through crowds. Youth night at Earl's Court, June 20. Graham speaking with youth, "beatniks." Graham speaking at a breakfast with members of the Houses of Parliament, June 28. Wembley Stadium, July 2, final service of the crusade. Graham preaching, talking with a reporter, and with two men at the door of No. 10 Downing Street. September follow-up rally in London's Royal Albert Hall. 51 b&w.

BGEA: MADURAI (TAMIL NADU) INDIA CRUSADE; SEP 25-OCT 2, 1966. Photos include Akbar-Haqq preaching in Madurai. 9 b&w.

WORLD CONGRESS ON EVANGELISM; OCT 26-NOV 4, 1966. Parade with the banner of the World Congress on Evangelism and posters for various countries, Billy Graham in front line. Graham seated on stage with Haile Selassie, Otto Sibelius, and Carl F. Henry. On the Tiwaneo River in Ecuador's jungle, Waorani Indians Gikita M. Komi and Yaeti M. Kimo, holding blow guns, talking with Rachel Saint of the Wycliffe Bible Translators. Miss Saint showing Komi and Kimo a German city. 7 b&w.

BGEA: PUERTO RICO CRUSADE; MAR 19-26, 1967. Opening meeting, March 19. View of choir and pulpit. View from choir through stadium, people on the field for the invitation. Graham with an interpreter, Rev. Anthony Collazo, night meeting, March 23. Sunrise service, closing meeting, March 26, overview of stadium, sun rising, women in long white dresses walking onto the field in a cross formation. 7 b&w.

BGEA: HEART OF AMERICA CRUSADE; SEP 8-17, 1967. Letter of invitation to Graham from John M. Dalton, Governor Missouri. In a church, Graham at one pulpit and a black minister at another. Dr. John Williams (?) joins them. Aerial views of the Municipal Stadium, baseball game in progress. The crusade on Sunday, September 10. The crusade on Sunday, September 17. 9b&w.

BGEA: INDIA TOUR, NORTHEAST; 1967. Photos include a picture of Decision magazine in the far-remote hills of Nagaland (near the Chinese border). 17 b&w.

BGEA: TOKYO CRUSADE, OCT. 20-29, 1967. Shot of crusade meeting in Budokan Hall. 1 b&w.

BGEA: INDIA TOUR. RANNY (KERALA), INDIA, OCT. 31-DEC. 10, 1967 (AKBAR ABDUL-HAQQ). Photos include pictures of the evening rally. 27 b&w.

BGEA: SYDNEY CRUSADE; APR 20-29, 1968. Forrest Layman speaking at Southland "Youth-quake," outdoor meeting on March 31, Graham not present; Rev. Fred Nile, Barry Berryman, Dr. Victor Nelson, Dr. Ernest Watson, Alex Gilcrist; in crusade office, Dr. Robert Ferm of the BGEA. Bishop A. J. Dain, Vice Chairman, and Nile, Assistant Crusade Director. 7 b&w.

BGEA: PACIFIC NORTHWEST CRUSADE; MAY 17-26, 1968. Billy Graham at Negro Ministers Meeting, Graham at luncheon with ministers and on the street in the community. 14 b&w.

BGEA: EASTERN AIRLINES PRO-AM GOLF CLASSIC; MAY 29, 1968. Billy Graham and professional golfer Gary Player on the golf course. 21b&w, 9 color.

BGEA: ROBERT KENNEDY'S FUNERAL; JUN 8, 1968. Billy Graham as part of honor guard at casket of Senator Robert F. Kennedy at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, June 8, 1968. 1 b&w.

BGEA: HEMISPHERE CRUSADE; JUN 13-16, 1968. Aerial view of Alamo Stadium, Billy Graham preaching, military personnel at the Crusade. Nuns at the Crusade. 13 b&w, 3 color.


BGEA: VIETNAM TOUR; DEC 22, 1968. Billy Graham and T. W. Wilson visiting U.S. troops of the Phu Bai, Vietnam, area for a Christmas worship service, December 22, 1968. Graham arriving at Hue Phue Pai airport on an Air Force Lear jet and being met by CTG Richard G. Stillwell. Graham and Stillwell boarding helicopter for flight to XXIV Corp headquarters Stillwell, Graham, and Col. Clayton Day, Chaplain, leaving the helicopter pad. Graham with Stillwell outside his office. Introduction to MG Clifford Drake. Graham, Stillwell, and Wilson at an informal briefing before the service. Graham and Stillwell arriving at the amphitheater in the rain. Stillwell, Wilson, and Graham on the platform, singing carols; Stillwell reading Scripture. Soloist James McDonald singing. Graham preaching. Troops praying. Two hospital patients, PFCs Tom Brooks and Archie Swilley, in attendance. Graham talking with troops after the service. Graham leaving amphitheater. Graham by fireplace decorated for Chanukah and Christmas with U.S. and other flags. Graham. Graham with MG Davis, with MG Drake, with MG Melvin Zais, with three officers, and with a Vietnamese priest (probably Catholic, not Buddhist). Zais, Graham, and Stillwell at a table. Graham receiving a plaque from Stillwell to commemorate his visit. Graham and Stillwell (prior to departure?). Wilson, Graham, and Stillwell. Chaplain Day, Graham, and others. Close-ups of Graham. Listening on pilot's earphones. Vietnamese Buddhist monk (or priest) and Vietnamese army officer. Graham's soloist, James McDonald, meeting with troops and talking with two MP's. 63 b&w.

BGEA: NEW ZEALAND CRUSADE; FEB 29-MAR 2, 1969. Ruth and Billy Graham receiving a traditional Maori welcome on the day of their arrival in Auckland. Graham preaching. The Kinsfolk singing. Follow-up group at work. 9 b&w, 4 color.

BGEA: NEW YORK CRUSADE; JUN 13-22, 1969. Billy Graham, Walter Smyth, and Bill Brown with other members of the Executive Committee prior to the crusade. Madison Square Garden filled. Viewers in extra TV room. People responding to the invitation, with an inset of Graham in Yankee Stadium. Crusade counselor talking with a sailor and girl. 9 b&w.

BGEA: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CRUSADE; SEP 26-OCT 5, 1969. Aerial view of the crusade in Anaheim stadium and parking lots. Teenagers stuffing envelopes. 40 b&w.


BGEA: MIAMI ROCK FESTIVAL VISIT; JAN, 1970. Billy Graham speaking from the platform of the Miami Rock Festival. View of crowd looking toward platform. Graham in an interview. Graham speaking with people at the Festival. 9 b&w.

BGEA: WHITE HOUSE WORSHIP SERVICE; MAR 15, 1970. Richard Nixon standing before podium in a White House room filled with morning worshipers and a choir. Billy Graham speaking. Richard and Pat Nixon with Graham. The Nixons, Graham, and the choir in a White House hallway. The Nixons with Graham and another guest at a reception. 8 b&w.

BGEA: NEW YORK CRUSADE; JUN 24-28, 1970. "Billy's Back!" billboard advertising crusade. 1 b&w.

BGEA: LOUISIANA CRUSADE; OCT 21-25, 1970. View of audience, platform, and people coming forward, with many umbrellas up. 1 b&w.



BGEA: BREAKFAST MEETING, LONDON, ENGLAND; NOV 18, 1970. Breakfast meeting at Grosvenor Lane, London, England, November 18, 1970. Billy Graham with Sir Cyril Black and His Excellency the Apostolic Delegate to Great Britain at the breakfast. 2 b&w.

BGEA: MAVELIKARA (KERALA), INDIA; DEC 1-6, 1970. 84 b&w.

BGEA: ROSE BOWL PARADE; JAN 1, 1971. Ruth and Billy Graham riding in the Grand Marshall car of the 1971 Rose Bowl Parade. 2 color.

BGEA: KUNNANKULUM CRUSADE; FEB 16-20, 1971. 53 b&w.

BGEA: CALICUT (KERALA) CRUSADE; MAR 2-7, 1971. 15 b&w.


BGEA: CHICAGO CRUSADE, GREATER ; JUN 3-13, 1971. Ministers meeting at the Hilton Hotel, September 18, 1970; overview of audience. Graham with Rev. William and Joel Hayes at the meeting. Signboard advertising the crusade. Young children in the audience. Audience on youth night. Closing night audience in McCormick Place. The book, edited by Sherwood E. Wirt and Mavis R. Sanders. Aerial view of Legion Field with football game in progress. 15 b&w.

BGEA: SALUTE TO AMERICAN DAY; JUL 1971. Billy Graham riding in the Grand Marshall convertible. 1 b&w.

BGEA: CONGRESS ON EVANGELISM COMMITTEE; SEP 15-17, 1971. Billy Graham attending the meeting. 1 b&w.

BGEA: GREATER SOUTHWEST CRUSADE, IRVING, TX; SEP 17-26, 1971. 1971. A night meeting inside the stadium. 1 b&w.

BGEA: BILLY GRAHAM DAY, CHARLOTTE, NC. Richard Nixon addressing crowd before the unveiling of plaque. Nixon and Billy Graham shaking hands in front of plaque honoring Graham. Nixon and Graham waving to the crowd. 5 color.

BGEA: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS MEETING, CHICAGO, IL; JAN 23-26, 1972. Billy Graham at the 1972 NAB meeting in Chicago. Entering a meeting; speaking; receiving a plaque; at a reception. 9 b&w.

BGEA: DELHI INSTITUTE CRUSADE; APR 1972. Photos include those of the Resource Leaders Institute. 94 b&w.


BGEA: SHENANDOAH APPLE FESTIVAL, WINCHESTER, VA; MAY 1972. Billy Graham riding in Grand marshal convertible of the Festival parade. 3 color.

BGEA: BELFAST VISIT; JUN 1972. Billy Graham and Arthur and Sherrie Blessit tour parts of Belfast. Praying on street and giving stickers to children between Falls Road and Shankill Road, the "No Go Area." Witnessing in a pub on Falls Road. Graham speaking in a lecture hall at Queen's College. 7 b&w.

BGEA: DUBLIN VISIT; JUN 1972. Billy Graham in Dublin speaking at Prime Minister Jack Lynch luncheon. Graham meeting Lynch, J. F. Dempsey, Most Rev. Dr. A. A. Buchanan, Miss M. Hamilton Reid, and Most Rev. Dr. Ryan. 4 color.

BGEA: CLEVELAND CRUSADE; JUL 14-23, 1972. Billy Graham's visit to Cleveland the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church. Two black marchers carrying signs. Graham, Howard Jones, and Odie M. Hoover, pastor of the church, in front of the church. Graham with a young black parishioner on the street. Graham and Hoover with other black ministers. Graham speaking in the church and autographing bulletins. Graham and two interviewers on show, Rap. Crusade counselors at work. 15 b&w.

BGEA: JAMMU (INDIA) CAMPAIGN; NOV 7-12, 1972. 42 b&w.


BGEA: WEST POINT MILITARY ACADEMY; 1972. Billy Graham at West Point with Lt. Gen. Knowlton and a cadet; speaking to reporters from porch in front of office; at head table at a banquet. 7 b&w.

BGEA: INDIA CRUSADE (RANNY, KATTAYAN, MAVLEEKAN, MADRAS); JAN 1973. Photos include those of the crowds, the women's sections, Mavelikara Rally, the decision times, Men's sections, platform of Rev. Willis Miller, Rev. and Mrs. Haqq, Sr., Dr. Akbar Haqq, Bishop I.P. Andrews, and Jacob Prabhu. 25 b&w.


BGEA: SOUTH AFRICA CRUSADE, JOHANNESBURG; MAR 12-22, 1973. The audience of the Johannesburg Crusade meeting; Billy Graham preaching. 2 color.

BGEA: KOREA CRUSADE; MAY 1973. Photos include those of Crusade; Holston Girls School, and Rev. Man Jei Kim, chairman for Taejon Crusade; Mr. Young Pil Kim, General Secretary of the Y.M.C.A., Mr. Chae Kyung Oh, Mr. E. Otto DeCamp, Rev. Keyong Kim, and Rev. Walter R. Grist. 12 b&w.

BGEA: ATLANTA CRUSADE; JUN 18-24, 1973. Overview of crusade meeting. 1 color.

BGEA: UPPER MIDWEST CRUSADE, ST. PAUL, MN; JUL 13-22, 1973. Overview of crusade crowd and platform. 1 b&w.


BGEA: ST. LOUIS CRUSADE, NOV 2-11, 1973. Executive Committee and individuals: Clarence C. Barksdale, President of the First National Bank of St. Louis; Thomas F. Lofgren, Vice President of Manchester Bank; Philip Lichtenstein, Chairman of the Board of ABC Bank of St. Louis; Ethan A. H. Shepley, Jr., Executive Vice President of Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis. Women's Bible studies. Men's banquet or prayer breakfast. Four sheets of proofs; speakers and head table; filming interview of main speaker; pastry line; guests, listening and praying; young people sitting in doorway during program. Church services and other gatherings; speakers; singers; audiences; literature table, etc. Gateway Arch in St. Louis and unidentified buildings. Overview of crusade crowd. Graham on KTVI show with Mardean Fielding and others. 75 b&w.



BGEA: TUTICORIN (INDIA) CRUSADE; FEB 12-17, 1974. 182 b&w.


BGEA: CALOOCAN AND DAVAO, PHILIPPINES ONE WAY '74; MAR 6-13, 1974. Photos include those of Mr. Walter Grist, Dr. Akbar Haqq, One Way '74, Mr. Donald Bailey, Mayor Samson of Caloocan and members of the Caloocan committee, and the 28th Foundation Day of Wesleyan High School. 90 b&w, 20 color.

BGEA: KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY, MANHATTAN, KS; MAR 1974. Graham at the London Lectures of Kansas State. Speakers seated across platform; Graham seated on platform shaking hands with students. 3 b&w.

BGEA: TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, HOLLYWOOD, CA; SEP 19-21, 1974. Crowd at the Hollywood Bowl for the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Celebration. 1 b&w.


BGEA: GUNTUR (INDIA); OCT 1974. Photos include part of the Executive Committee of Guntur: Bishop Anandaro Samuel, Dr. Haqq, Bishop I. P. Andrews, Dr. Devasahayam, Chairman. 104 b&w.

BGEA: TIRUVALLA (INDIA); OCT 1974. Photos include: Fifth All India Institute on Evangelism, Resource Leaders of the Institute, Bishop M. M. John, Bishop I. P. Andrews, Bishop Mar Apren. 11 b&w.

BGEA: KONPUR (INDIA); OCT 29-NOV 4, 1974. 95 b&w.

BGEA: NAGPUR (INDIA) CRUSADE; NOV 6-11, 1974. 47 b&w.

BGEA: BOMBAY (INDIA); NOV 13-18, 1974. 125 b&w.

BGEA: COIMBATORE CRUSADE; FEB 18-23, 1975. 298 b&w.

BGEA: ALLAHABAD (INDIA); FEB 25-MAR 2, 1975. 171 b&w.

BGEA: ARUKA VALLEY (INDIA); MAR 6-9, 1975. Photos include various pictures of the Aruka Valley tribe. 69 b&w.

BGEA: NEW MEXICO CRUSADE, ALBUQUERQUE, NM; MAR 16-23, 1975. Aerial views of the city, interior and exterior shots of the auditorium of the University of New Mexico--Albuquerque. 3 b&w.

BGEA: MISSISSIPPI CRUSADE; MAY 11-18, 1975. Billy Graham and Mississippi Governor Bill Waller, autographed by the governor. 1 b&w.

BGEA: CAPITOL CITY REACHOUT (LEIGHTON FORD), FRANKFORT, KY; SEP 26-OCT 3, 1976. State Capitol Building; sports center; Garnett Hulette, Herman Bowers. 4 b&w.

BGEA: POONA (INDIA); OCT 23-26, 1975. Photos include scenes of Shipleys, Bombay, Hong Kong, Committee members, choir, meetings, reception, decisions, crowds, Council churches, platform leaders, children, Poona Ladies' Meeting, Akbar-Haqq preaching, Poona dedication, Marathi choir, youth meeting at St. Mary's; Soanes family, Rev. Pather family, Rev. Joseph family, Bishop Andrews. 407 b&w.




BGEA: REPUBLIC OF CHINA CRUSADE, OCT. 29-NOV. 2, 1975. Events depicted include the crusade meetings and participants, the crusade office, Billy Graham and associates (Walter Smyth, Grady Wilson, Henry Holley, Cliff Barrows), visit to the tomb of Chiang Kai-shek, a meeting for women at which Ruth Graham spoke, a church meeting at which Billy Graham spoke, and of a television broadcast of the crusade. 27 b&w, 26 color.

BGEA: HONG KONG CRUSADE, NOV. 12-16, 1975. 14 b&w, 18 color.Shots of crusade meetings, pre-crusade events, a women's meeting at which Ruth Graham and Bettie Holley spoke, Billy Graham and associates (Grady Wilson, Walter Smyth, Henry Holley), and Graham's tour of the city and floating boat community. Several scenes of crusade services, with Billy Graham and his interpreter Dr. Daniel Tse.
1 color. Aerial shot of the Government Stadium and the South China Stadium filled with people during the crusade

BGEA: PACIFIC NORTHWEST CRUSADE (Seattle, WA), May 9-16. 1 color. Ovrhead shot of the crowd in the Kingdome at night.

BGEA: HUNTSVILLE (AL) REACHOUT (LEIGHTON FORD); APR 17-24, 1977. Huntsville buildings Von Braun Civic Center; crusade committee; Charles Richardson, Hugh Chambliss, Mario Bottesini. 13 b&w.

BGEA: CAPE COD REACHOUT (LEIGHTON FORD), HYANNIS, MA; JUL 10-17, 1977. Kennedy Memorial Skatting Rink; Sagamore Bridge; crusade committee; August K. Viekman, Charles Murphy. 7 b&w, 1 pencil sketch of Charles Murphy.

BGEA: HUNGARY CRUSADE, SEP 3-10, 1977. 3 color. Scenes of Graham speaking in Debrecen and Tahi, Hungary.

Ferdinand E. Marcos receiving Henry Holley, crusade director; Rev. Nene Ramientos, general chairman; and Rev. George Castro, general secretary. Holly and Castro meeting Cardinal Jaime Sin. Meetings at various churches. Bishops LaVerne Mercado, William Cannon, and Cornelio Ferrer with Holley and Castro. Airport arrival of BGEA: music team: Cliff Barrows, George Beverly Shea; Tedd Smith, Bill Fasig; also present: Caleb Loo, Blair Carlson. Office groups, Judge Isaac S. Puno, Jr., Rev. Florentino de Jesus, Rev. Fred M. Magbuna, Jr., Jun Vencer, and others already mentioned. Various meetings at the Cheers Executive Center. Concert by BGEA: Music Team at the Philippines International Convention Center, May 28, 1977. Presentation to Charles Barrows (father of Cliff). Inside and outside views of PICC. Views of Rizal Park. 85 b&w, 1 color.

BGEA: INDIA TOUR, DECEMBER 1977. Visit to victims of devastating cyclone which killed thousands in Andhra Pradesh, India. 1 b&w.

BGEA: POLAND CRUSADE: OCTOBER 6-16, 1978. Scenes of Ruth Graham and Myrtle Hall meeting with various Christian women groups. 19 b&w.

BGEA: SINGAPORE CRUSADE: DECEMBER 6-10, 1978. Scenes of the stadium during a crusade meeting, Billy Graham, and women's rally at which Cliff Barrows spoke. 9 b&w, 3 color.

BGEA SINGAPORE CRUSADE, DEC 6-10, 1978 (OVERSIZE). 1 color of filled stadium during the crusade.

BGEA: NORTHERN ALBERTA CRUSADE (EDMONTON), Aug 10-17, 1980. 1 color. Shot of an inquirer meeting with a counselor after one of the crusade services.

BGEA: JAPAN CRUSADES, 1980. Crusade meeting in Tokyo and logo sign, Henry Holley with Rev. Ken Horiuchi along with survey shots at the Nessei Stadium in Osaka (from folder 267-3). 15 b&w, 12 color.

BGEA: VILLAHERMOSA CRUSADE, Mar 13-15, 1981. 1 color. Scene of the inquirers and counselors on the field after the service.

BGEA: SOUTHERN ALBERTA CRUSADE (CALGARY), AUG 23-30, 1981. Picture of the crowd at one of the crusade services.

BGEA: SAN JOSE/BAY AREA CRUSADE, SEP 27-OCT 4, 1981. 1 color. Picture of the crowd at one of the crusade services.

BGEA: MISSION ENGLAND, MAY 12-JULY 28, 1984. Shots of the venue and crusade meetings, press conference, Graham's appearance on the Good Morning, Britain television program, Cliff Barrows, and the crusade Co-Labor Corps. 11 b&w, 17 color.



BGEA: MISSION FRANCE, SEPT.20-27, 1986. Shots of the crusade venue, meetings, Billy and Ruth Graham, and crusade and church leaders. 1 photo from folder 373-1. 5 b&w, 5 color.

BGEA: MISSION FRANCE, SEP 20-27, 1986 (OVERSIZE). 1 color.

BGEA: ROCKY MOUNTAIN CRUSADE; 1987. Views of Mile High Stadium in Denver, 1987. 3 color.

BGEA: CHINA VISIT, APR 13-28, 1988. Billy and Ruth Graham's tour of China to Mrs. Graham's childhood home in Huaiyin, Jiangsu Province, including church meetings, Billy Graham's meeting with Premier Li Peng, and associate Blair Carlson. 3 b&w, 11 color.

BGEA: MOSCOW VISIT, JUN 11-12, 1988. Shots of Graham with Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie, a dinner meeting with Russian government and religious leaders along with Graham's associates (Blair Carlson, Walter Smyth, John Akers), and Archbishop Runcie greeting Soviet Union's Andrei Gromyko. 3 color.



BGEA: MISSION 89, JUNE 14-JULY 2, 1989. Shots of a reception for Billy Graham and crusade and church leaders (Gavin Reid, Cliff Richard), the Co-Labor Corp handling the clerical tasks during the campaign, T.W. Wilson, Blair Carlson, Norm Cousins, the crusade office and staff. 4 b&w, 13 color.

BGEA Mission 89, JUN 14-JULY 2, 1989 (OVERSIZE). 1 color.

BGEA: BERLIN '90, MARCH 10, 1990. Shots of Billy Graham, crusade meetings and events, crusade staff and Graham's associates (Blair Carlson, T.W.Wilson), and German church leaders. Of special interest are shots of Graham at the Brandenburg Gate and former Berlin Wall, and in front of the pre-Nazi era Reichstag Parliament Building, the site of Graham's evangelistic meeting. Also included from folder 414-3 are several Polaroid shots of crusade staff, and from folder 412-5 several shots including Walter Smyth and German leaders. 19 b&w, 50 color.

BGEA: CAPITAL DISTRICT CRUSADE (ALBANY, NY), JULY 8-15, 1990. Sampling of snapshots from the leaders rally and training sessions in preparation for the crusade, including Sterling Huston, Cliff Barrows, John Innes, Tom Phillips, and community crusade leaders. 32 color.

BGEA: WASHINGTON STATE CRUSADE, APRIL 4-7, 1991. Sampling of snapshots from the leaders rally and training sessions in preparation for the crusade, including Billy Graham, Sterling Huston, Cliff Barrows, John Innes, Steve Nelson, community crusade leaders. 37 color.

BGEA: NEW YORK CRUSADE, CENTRAL PARK, 1991. View of crowd, 1991. 1 b&w.

BGEA: NORTHERN NEW JERSEY CRUSADE, SEPT. 3-7, 1991. Shot of crusade meeting in the Meadowlands Sports Complex. From folder 460-1. 1 color.

BGEA: BUENOS AIRES CRUSADE, NOV. 13-17, 1991. Wide-angle shot of crusade stadium during one of the daytime meetings. Photo reproduced with Billy Graham's signature as a commemorative gift. 1 color.

BGEA:  NORTH KOREA VISIT, March 31-April 14, 1992.  Scenes form Billy Graham’s visit to North Korea, including meeting with President Kim Il-Sung. Henry Holley and  John Akers are in several of the photos. 27 color.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST, SEPT. 23-27, 1992. Sampling of snapshots from the leaders rally and training sessions in preparation for the crusade, including Sterling Huston, George Beverly Shea, Cliff Barrows, Joe Aldrich, community crusade leaders. 40 color.

BGEA: VOZROZHDENIYE '92, MOSCOW, OCT. 23-25, 1992. Shots of training meetings, crusade leaders (Viktor Hamm, Blair Carlson), Billy Graham's meetings with Russian leaders Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachov. Also includes a group picture of the 1991 School of Evangelism at which Robert Coleman was an instructor (and is pictured with the group), and several candid and publicity portrait shots of unidentified musician (possibly Noel Tredinnick) and director who participated in a special music event leading up to the evangelistic campaign meetings in Moscow (from folder 430-8). 33 b&w, 9 color.

BGEA: PRO CHRIST '93, ESSEN, GERMANY, MAR. 17-21, 1993. Shot of Graham standing before a satellite dish used to transmit his messages throughout German-speaking Europe. 1 b&w.

BGEA: COLUMBUS CRUSADE, SEPT. 22-26, 1993. Shots of the stadium filled with crusade crowds, Billy Graham and Sterling Houston. 4 color. Several from folder 276-30.

BGEA: MISSION 94 (TOKYO). Shots of setup in the Tokyo Dome (9), the Hosanna Ensemble performing traditional Japanese music at a pre-crusade event (1), a women's meeting at which Bette Holley was the featured speaker, and a gathering of crusade executive committee members including Henry Holley and Blair Carlson (9). 21 color. Taken from folders 276-25 and 27, 277-22, and 278-28.

BGEA: GREATER SACRAMENTO CRUSADE, OCT. 18-22, 1995. Shots of the CSUS Football Stadium in Sacramento, dated May 8, 1992, possibly recon photos, and of National Day of Prayer Breakfast in Sacramento, dated May 7, 1992. 4 color.

BGEA:  NORTH KOREA VISIT, July 31-August 3, 2000.  Scenes form Franklin Graham’s visit to North Korea, including meeting with Kim Kye Gwan, forien minister. Henry Holley is in several of the photos 34 color

BILLY GRAHAM LIBRARY – FUNDRAISER, April 13, 2006.  Scenes from the fundraising dinner held in Atlanta, Georgia, including group shots, pictures of Billy Graham greeting various guests, and of the various speakers at the dais.  Among the people in the pictures are Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows, George Beverly Shea, Henry Holley, Franklin Graham, Cameron Alexander, Andrew Young and Sonny Perdue.  58 color.

BGEA: CRUSADES (UNIDENTIFIED) Scene of a filled arena to which Billy Graham is speaking. N.d. 1 b&w.

BGEA: TEAM & STAFF. Assorted group shots (posed and candid shots) of staff (in some cases with other unidentified people). Included are shots at dinners, meetings, special events, overseas trips, and on the production set of the Hour of Decision television program. Among those depicted are Billie Barrows, Cliff Barrows, Gerry Beavan, Bill Brown, Colleen Townsend Evans, Leighton Ford, Billy Graham, Ruth Graham, Mordecai Ham, Willis Haymaker, Don Hustad, Don Piatt, Charlie Riggs, Lorne Sanny, George Beverly Shea, Tedd Smith, Walter Smyth, George Wilson, Grady Wilson, T.W. Wilson, and Sherwood Wirt. There is one shot of Minneapolis office staff. Also included is a cartoon drawing with pasted in photographed heads of the Team at the time of the 1957 New York Crusade. 5 color, 63 b&w. (NOTE: Photos of individual staff are filed according to their name.)

BISHOP, JOEY. Billy Graham with Bishop on his TV show, 1968. 12 b&w, 8 color.

BLEDSOE, TOM. Portrait of Bledsoe, n.d.. 1 b&w.

BLINCO, JOSEPH. Shots of Associate Evangelist Blinco. 7 b&w, 3 tinted.

BLOUNT, WINTON. Billy Graham with Blount, the U. S. Postmaster General, and Marvin Watson, Washington, D.C. 1969. 1 b&w.

BOWLES, JOHN (SKIPPER). Billy Graham with Bowles, President of Rexall Drug, Los Angeles, California, Bowles family at the Graham's: 1972, n.d.. 1 b&w, 5 color.

BRANDT, WILLIE. Billy Graham with Chancellor Brandt of Germany, 1970. 1 b&w, 1 color.

BRODY, SIDNEY. Billy Graham with Brody, of Brody Investment Company in Beverly Hills, California, n.d.. 1 b&w.

BROWN, WILLIAM. Includes publicity portrait of Brown (WWP president) and with his wife; n.d. 8 b&w.

BRYANT, BEAR. Billy Graham with Coach Bryant, Birmingham, Alabama, 1972. 2 b&w

BURNS, GEORGE. Billy Graham with comedian Burns. N.d. 3 b&w, 1 color.

BUSH, GEORGE HERBERT WALKER. Bush at prayer breakfasts, crusade in Washington, D.C., meeting with Billy Graham, and his presidential inauguration, including shots with Graham. N.d. 4 b&w, 6 color.

BYRD, HARRY FLOOD, JR. (SEN.). Billy Graham with Senator Byrd, 1972, n.d.. 2 color.

CARSON, JOHNNY. Billy Graham with Carson, 1968, 1972. 10 b&w, 6 color.

CARTER, JAMES E. "JIMMIE" (PRES). Carter with Billy Graham before microphones, one of which reads "WYZE" and one with his wife and Billy Graham at a crusade; 1973. 3 b&w, 2 color.

CASH, JOHNNY. Singer with his family, n.d. 1 color.

CAUGHT (Motion Picture). Publicity stills from the 1987 production. From folder 347-1. 6 b&w.

CAVETT, DICK. Billy Graham with Cavett, 1972. 7 b&w, 2 color.

CHAFIN, KENNETH. Shots of Chafin who was dean for BGEA Schools of Evangelism. N.d. 1 b&w.

CHAMBERS, IRV. Portraits of Chambers (evangelist and Leighton Ford assistant), n.d.. 4 b&w.

CHIANG, KAI-SHEK. Billy Graham with Chiang Kai Shek, n.d.. 4 b&w.

CHICAGO, IL. 1962? 2 b&w.

CHRISTIAN LAYMAN’S WORHSOP.  Portrait photos of the speakers at the 1962 Christian Laymen’s Workshop, including Howard E. Butt, Homer Ferguson, Robert Finley, W. C. Jones, Norman Grubb, Walter Judd, Boyd Leedom, Don Piatt, Samuel.M. Shoemaker, Merwin H. Silverthorn. 27 b&w.

CLINTON, WILLIAM JEFFERSON. Shots of Graham offering the invocation at Clinton's inauguration in 1993 and with his wife Ruth and Bill and Hillary Clinton at an unidentified reception or banquet. 1993, n.d. 2 b&w, 1 color.

CONGRESS ON EVANGELISM, KANSAS CITY; SEP 16, 1970. Dr. John W. Williams, Grady Wilson, and Billy Graham at the conference. James Weston, Graham, and Wilson at the conference. Graham, Williams, and Bill Bright standing in a pulpit holding up "one way" t-shirts. Jack Sparks is standing with them.3 b&w.

CRY FROM THE MOUNTAIN. (Motion Picture) Publicity stills from the 1985 production. From folder 347-1. 6 b&w.

CONNALLY, JOHN (GOV). Billy Graham with Texas Governor John Connally, 1968, 7 b&w.

CORTS, JOHN. Publicity portrait photo. N.d. 1 b&w.

CRAWFORD, PERCY. Shots of evangelist Crawford, including one with Ruth Crawford and Billy and Ruth Graham. N.d. 2 b&w.

CRISWELL, W.A. (REV). Billy Graham with Rev. Criswell, 1972, n.d.. 1 b&w, 1 color.

CUNVILLE, ROBERT. Publicity portrait photo. 1979. 1 b&w.

DALEY, RICHARD J. (MAYOR). Billy Graham with Mayor Daley, n.d.. 1 b&w.

DEYNEKA, PETER, JR. Publicity portrait photo. N.d. 1 b&w.

DOUGLAS, MIKE. Billy Graham with talk show host Douglas, 1968. 6 b&w, 4 color.

EBAN, ABBA. Billy Graham with Israel's Foreign Minister Abba Eban, 1969. 1 b&w.

EISENHOWER, DWIGHT DAVID (PRES). Billy Graham with President Eisenhower and Dr. Edward Elson, Pastor at the National Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C., President and Mrs. Eisenhower, one autographed, 1955-1968, n.d. Also includes several shots of Graham with Eisenhower's grandson David and granddaughter-in-law Julie Nixon. 15 b&w.

ELIZABETH II, QUEEN OF ENGLAND. The Queen, Billy Graham, and Betty Ford ; Graham and at Queen after Graham preached at Sandringham Palace. 1980, 1984. 1 b&w, 5 color.

ENGSTROM, ELMER. Billy Graham with Engstrom, President of RCA, and Howard Jones, n.d.. 3 b&w.

EXPLO '72, DALLAS, TX; JUN 17, 1972. Eddie (?) and Paul (?), directors of Explo '72. Overview of crowd in a night meeting. Crowds on the lawn. Billy Graham speaking from an open platform. Close-ups of the audience. A car with every imaginable Christian bumper sticker at the time. 6 b&w, 4 color. Also includes one portfolio with 2 shots of the auditorium, a thank you note to Billy Graham, and 2 color shots of the meeting's directors.

EVANS, COLLEEN TOWNSEND. Billy Graham with Townsend, n.d.. 4 b&w.

FASIG, WILLIAM. Shots of BGEA musician and crusade audio engineer. N.d. 3 b&w, 1 color..

FERM, ROBERT. Shots of Billy Graham special assistant to administrator. N.d. 3 b&w.

FERM, LOIS. Shots of Billy Graham personal assistant, including portrait and with husband Robert; n.d. 6 b&w.

FERRÉ, LUIS A.. Billy Graham in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on January 5, 1972, with Ferre who was governor of Puerto Rico. 1972. 1 color.

FISHER, GEOFFREY LORD. Billy Graham with Fisher, former archbishop of Canterbury, England, 1955. 1 b&w.

FISHER, LEE. Portraits of Fisher (Billy Graham's research assistant), 1962?. 3 b&w, 3 color.

FIVE "J"S QUINTET. N.d. 1 b&w.

FLINT, DR. Billy Graham with Dr. Flint, n.d. 1 b&w.

FOR PETE'S SAKE. (Motion Picture) Actors Robert Samson, Pippa Scott, Johnny Jensen, Al Freeman Jr. and others in still shots from the film; also pictured are BGEA: staff members Howard Sanden, Dave Barr, and Frank Jacobson, 1966?. 48 b&w.

FORD, GERALD (PRES). President Ford golfing with Graham, 1964. 1 b&w, 3 color.

FORD, LEIGHTON. Associate Evangelist Ford, one with Dr. James Henry Hutchins, chairman of Rose Bowl Easter Sunrise Service, 1963. 7 b&w, 2 color.

FOREST HOME CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE CENTER. Banquet hall at the conference center during a dinner. N.d. 1 color.

FOSTER, DAVE. Publicity portrait shot. N.d. 1 b&w.

FRASER, SIR HUGH. Billy Graham with Fraser. N.d. 1 b&w.

FROST, DAVID PARADINE. Billy Graham with talk show host and commentator Frost. N.d. 7 color.

FULLER, CHARLES E. Billy Graham with evangelist Fuller, 1967. 1 b&w.

GANDHI, INDIRA. Billy Graham with India's Prime Minister Gandhi, 1972. 1 b&w.

GLENN, JOHN HERSCHEL JR (SENATOR). Billy Graham with former astronaut and Senator Glenn, n.d. 1 b&w.

GO,  HENRY.Scenes from the visit of Go (dirctor of Taiwan’s China Lutheran Hour radio rogrpam) to Nanjing to discuss the possible duplication of Christian cassettes in China.  Includes his visit to the San Shi Church with Han Wenzao and Stephen Tsui. November 1988.  10 color.

GOLDEN, HARRY L. Billy Graham with Golden and Father Cuthbert Allen, 1963. 1 b&w.

GRAHAM, FRANKLIN.  Franklin Graham and friend at a public event, perhaps a crusade.  6 b&w. 1970

GRAHAM, RUTH BELL. Pictures of her as a girl and young woman, portrait photos, informal snapshots, several snapshots, bound by a plastic circular spine, into simple albums of Mrs. Graham with her young children - Virginia, Anne, Ruth and probably Franklin. 1943?, 1948, 1949, 1963?, 1987, n.d. 54 b&w, 4 color.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: 1940s. Graham with Al Smith in front of Williston Hall, 1943

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: 1950s. Portrait, preaching and candid photos of Graham. Included are Graham receiving award at William Jewell College, Frank Salisbury standing in front of the portrait he painted of Graham for Cambridge in 1955, meeting with Syngman Rhee, standing with Grady Wilson and Bob Pierce, being awarded an unidentified honorary degree, on the film set with wife Ruth for an unidentified movie, and with a party of 3 other golfers. 53 b&w and 1 color.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: 1960s. Portrait, preaching and candid photos of Graham. Included are shots in Chicago, New Zealand, Australia, while golfing, receiving an honorary citizenship of Nashville, visiting Marine base at Camp Lejeune in 1962, with the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, during appearance on the Today Show on June 11, 1968, and with the mayor of Miami. 56 b&w, 57 color.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: 1970s. Portrait, preaching and candid photos of Graham. Included is Graham meeting with a crusade committee. 84 b&w, 47 color.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: 1980s. Portrait, preaching and candid photos of Graham. Included are Graham assisting with a food drive in Baltimore, several proof sheets and single photos of Graham preaching to a congregation in a large church. 14 b&w, 2 color.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: 1990s. Portrait, preaching and candid photos of Graham. Included are shots in Korea, Russia, with Hurricane Andrew victims, and the 1991 Central Park Rally in New York City (1 from folder 460-1). 21 b&w, 7 color.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: N.D. Portrait, preaching and candid photos of Graham. 275 b&w, 69 color.


GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN III (FRANKLIN GRAHAM). Franklin Graham and friend at a public event, perhaps a crusade 1970; publicity portrait shots, identical in black & white and color. 1990. 7 b&w, 1 color.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN w/ FAMILY MEMBERS. Shots of Billy Graham with various family members, primarily with his children or his parents. One shot with his father includes Senator Frank Carlson of Kansas, 1952-1993, n.d.. 316 b&w, 47 color.

GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN W/ RUTH BELL GRAHAM. The Grahams together, usual taken as candid shots. waving while riding on a boat in the Hong Kong harbor. 1975. 51 b&w, 22 color.

GRAHAM FAMILY. Group photos of Frank and Morrow Graham with their children and grand children; Virbinia and L. Nelson Bell with their children and grandchildren, Ruth and Billy Graham with their children and grandchildren. 1962, 1964, 1970. 4 color.

GREER, BEN. Billy Graham with Greer, WFMY News Director, 1951. 1 b&w.

GRIFFIN, MERV. Billy Graham with talk show host Griffin, 1972. 4 b&w, 2 color.

GRUENTHER, ALFRED M.. Billy Graham with Gruenther of the Red Cross, 1958. 1 b&w.

GUMBEL, BRYANT. Billy Graham with talk show host Gumbel; n.d.. 1 color.

GUSTAFSON, ROY. Portraits of Associate Evangelist Gustafson, 1961, 1962, n.d.. 6 b&w, 1 color.

HAIG, ALEXANDER (OVERSIZE). n.d.. 1 color.

HALL, MYRTLE. Shots of crusade soloist. N.d. 4 b&w.

HALVARSON, HILDING. Halvarson with family; n.d. 1 b&w.

HAM, MORDECAI FOWLER. Evangelist Ham with Billy Graham and his father, n.d.. 2 b&w.

HAMILTON, JACK. Billy Graham with entertainer Hamilton, n.d.. 1 b&w.

HAN, CHUL-HA. Portrait, n.d. 2 b&w.

HARRISON, BOB. Billy Graham with Associate Evangelist Harrison; n.d.. 2 b&w.

HARVEY, PAUL. Billy Graham golfing with journalist and radio announcer Harvey, 1967. 4 color.

HATORI, AKIRA. Billy Graham with missionary and evangelist Hatori at the Tokyo Congress, 1970. 3 b&w.

HAYMAKER, MR & MRS WILLIS. Shots of BGEA crusade director. N.d. 12 b&w, 4 color.

HELMS, JESSE. Billy and Ruth Graham with Senator and Mrs. Helms, 1972. 5 b&w, 5 color.

HENRY, CARL F H. Henry posing on a park bench. 1940s or 50s. 1 b&w.

HERREN, THOMAS. Billy Graham with Major General Herren, 1952. 2 b&w.

HOLLEY, HENRY.  Shots of crusade director Holley include those with his wife and with Billy Graham and with Franklin Graham outside of Holley’s home; visit of a Taiwanese delgation to Georgia in 1985 including a visit with the governor of Georgia Frank Harris; photos of Holley’s and Walter Smyth’s visits to Taiwan in 1985 and 1986.  Holley with Hong businessman Hari Harilela.  1975, 1985, 1986, N.d. 28 b&w, 40 color, 1 color transparency.

HOLLEY, HENRY. Shots of crusade director Holley include those with his wife and with Billy Graham. N.d. 27 b&w, 3 color, 1 color transparency.

HOOVER, J. EDGAR. Billy Graham with Hoover at FBI Headquarters, 1969. 1 color.

HOPE, ROBERT "BOB". Photos including one autographed by Hope, golfing with Billy Graham, and with Ruth Graham and unidentified woman. N.d. 2 b&w, 3 color.

HULL, ROGER. Billy Graham with Hull at a New York Crusade, n.d., 1 b&w.

HUSTAD, DONALD. Portrait of crusade organist Hustad, 1962?. 7 b&w. 1 color.

HUSTON, STERLING. Publicity portrait shot. 1987. 2 b&w.

INNES, JOHN. Musician Innes, n.d.. 6 b&w, 3 color.

INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON WORLD EVANGELIZATION, LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, 1974. Shots of congress leaders and speakers (Billy Graham, Paul Little, A. Jack Dain, Don Hoke, Festo Kivengere, Cliff Barrows, John Stott), musical guests, translation facilities, , participants and facilities. 18 b&w.

IVEY, GEORGE M. Billy Graham with Ives, 1964. 1 b&w.

JOHN PAUL II, POPE. Billy Graham with the Pope. 1993, n.d. 4 b&w, 3 color.

JOHNSON, LYNDON BAINES (PRES). President Johnson with Billy Graham, 1964-1976, n.d.. 17 b&w, 20 color.

JOHNSON, TORREY. Billy Graham with Johnson, 1946-1948. 9 b&w.

JONES, BOB, JR. An academic convocation involving Billy Graham, Bob Jones Jr., and Torrey Johnson, possibly the 1948 commencement at Bob Jones University at which Graham received an honorary doctor of humanities degree. 4 b&w.

JONES, HOWARD O. Associate evangelist Jones; One picture of Jones with Billy Graham. 1988, n.d. 3 b&w, 1 color.

JONES, THOMAS V. Billy Graham with Jones, n.d.. 1 b&w.

KENNEDY, EDWARD M. Billy Graham with Kennedy, n.d.. 1 b&w

KENNEDY, JOHN FITZGERALD "JACK" (PRES.). President Kennedy with Billy Graham, 1962? 4 b&w.

KERR, CORNELIUS. Billy Graham with Kerr, 1967. 1 color.

KIM IL SUNG. Kim meeting Billy Graham during Graham's visit to North Korea in 1992. 1 b&w.

KIM, BILLY (JANG HWAN).  N.d., 1973  Kim and Billy Graham sitting together, photo autogrpahed by Kim to Henry Holley3 b&w. 1 color

KING, CORETTA SCOTT. King with Billy Graham at Martin Luther King, Jr.'s grave site in 1993. 1 b&w.

KING, MARTIN LUTHER, JR.. Martin Luther King, Jr., with Billy Graham; ca. 1960. 4 copies of the same b&w photo.

KING, MARTIN LUTHER, SR.. Martin Luther King Sr. with Billy Graham, ca. 1960. 2 b&w.

KNIGHT, GOODWIN J. Billy Graham with Knight, n.d.. 1 b&w, 2 color.

KOLLECK, TEDDY (MAYOR). Billy Graham with Kolleck, Mayor of Jerusalem, 1969. 3 b&w.

LAYMAN, FORREST. Layman, n.d.. 3 b&w.

LENNING, JOHN. Publicity portrait shot. 1986. 1 b&w.

LI PENG. Premier of China Li with Billy Graham, Ruth Graham, and others. 1988? 1 color.

LINDSAY, JOHN. Billy Graham with New York City mayor Lindsay, 1969. 1 b&w.

LINKLETTER, ART. Billy Graham with Linkletter, n.d.. 4 b&w.

LIU, DAN. Billy Graham and Liu in Honolulu, 1967. 1 color.

LIVERMORE, (CANON) THOMAS LESLIE. Two portraits of Livermore, one portrait of Mrs. Livermore (?). N.d. 3 b&w.

LOTZ, ANNE (GRAHAM). Publicity portrait shot and snapshot at the age of 6 months. 1948, n.d. 2 b&w.

LOVE, LARRY. Love, n.d.. 5 b&w.

LOWE, ALLEN J. Lowe, General Manager of the Sheraton Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio, with Billy Graham and baseball pitcher Bob Feller. 1970. 1 color.

MAMOU, JIMMY. Publicity portrait photo, 1980. 1 b&w.

MARSHALL, RICK. Publicity portrait shot, 1980. 1 b&w.

MASON, BABBIE. Publicity portrait photo. N.d. 1 b&w.

MATHIS, JAMES F. N.d. 1 b&w.

McCALLIE, DR. Billy Graham with McCallie, Chattanooga, Tennessee, n.d.. 1 b&w.

McMAHAN, W THOMAS. Passport-style photo of McMahan. N.d. 1 b&w.

McMAKIN, ALBERT V. Billy Graham and McMakin, a life-long friend, n.d.. 1 b&w.

MEARS, HENRIETTA. 1 b&w. Billy Graham with woman who is probably Henriette Mears. Picture may have been taken at Forest Home conference grounds. Ca. Late 1940s or early 1950s.

Billy Graham and Israeli prime minister Meir, 1969. 2 b&w of same photo.

MERIWETHER, DELANO. Billy Graham with Meriwether, world record holder of one hundred yard dash. 1972. 1 color.

MINDER, JOHN (REV). Signed portrait of Minder, n.d.. 1 b&w.

MITCHELL, CURTIS. Billy Graham with Mitchell, a fitness trainer, n.d.. 1 b&w.

MITCHELL, RALPH. Graham and Mitchell, n.d.. 3 b&w.

MOONEYHAM, STANLEY. Mooneyham; n.d. 2 b&w.

MUNTZ, JOHN PALMER. Muntz with Graham, 1959. 1 b&w.

NELSON, STEVE. Publicity portrait photos. N.d. 3 b&w, 1 color.

NELSON, VICTOR (DR). Portrait of Nelson, 1962. 1 b&w.

NIXON, RICHARD MILHOUS (PRES). Nixon playing golf with Billy Graham and others; Nixon, with Graham and with his wife and Mrs. Graham, apparently at a crusade, Nixon and Graham at the Pittsburgh Crusade, Nixon visiting the Graham home, golfing with Graham, 1956-1972, n.d.. 38 b&w, 13 color.


O'BRIEN, HUGH. Actor O'Brien as Wyatt Earp, Sheriff of Dodge City, with Billy Graham, n.d.. 2 b&w.

OCKENGA, HAROLD. Ockenga with Billy Graham, with Graham and Charles Fuller, and with unidentified men, c. 1954. 2 b&w, 1 color.

OETGEN, JOHN, OSB. Father Oetgen with Billy Graham, 1963. 1 b&w.

OIL TOWN, USA. (Motion Picture) Cindy Williams, Colleen Townsend, and other characters from the film in various locations, n.d.. 4 b&w.

OSEI-MENSAH, GOTTFRIED (REV). Speaking. N.d. 2 b&w of same image in different sizes..

PALAU, LUIS. Evangelist Palau with Billy Graham, n.d.. 1 b&w.

PALMER, ARNOLD. Billy Graham golfing with Palmer, n.d.. 4 b&w, 7 color.

PALMS, ROGER. Publicity portrait shots. 1981, 1988. 3 b&w.

PENNINGTON, PONZI. Singer Pennington with family and with Billy Graham, n.d. 1 b&w.

PHILBIN, REGIS. Television talk-show host Philbin with Billy Graham, n.d.. 2 b&w.

PIATT, DAN.  BGEA staff; Piatt with his wife Meln.d.  9 b&w, 2 color.

PIERCE, ROBERT. Pierce with Billy Graham and Korean children, babies, and Graham and Grady Wilson, 1952. 3 b&w.

PLAYER, GARY. Billy Graham with Player at the Pro-Am Golf Tourney in Atlanta, Georgia, and with Player's family, 1968. 4 b&w, 6 color.

PRAYER BREAKFAST, PRESIDENTIAL, WASHINGTON, DC; FEB 5, 1954. Audience and speakers' table at the prayer breakfast. Included at the speakers' table are Chief Justice Earl Warren, Conrad Hilton, President Dwight Eisenhower, Abraham Vereide, George Beverly Shea, E.J. Mack, Senator Frank Carlson, Vice President Richard Nixon, Senator Alexander Wiley, Congressman Charles Bennett. 1 b&w. [This undated photograph was assigned the date of 1954 by the archivist based on its most closely corresponding to the speakers' table list for the annual prayer breakfast for that year (see Collection 459, box 349). While not all those at the speakers' table are listed in the 1954 program, no other annual conference prayer breakfast speakers list more closely correlates with those depicted.]

PRAYER BREAKFAST, PRESIDENTIAL, WASHINGTON, DC; FEB 27, 1961. Ninth annual Breakfast of International Christian Leadership at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC. Before entering dining room: President John F. Kennedy and Billy Graham with various groups of guests, including Abraham Vereide and Commerce Sec. Luther H. Hodges. Invocation by Judge Boyd Leedom; at the speakers' table: Defense Sec. Robert S. McNamara, William C. Jones, Graham, Kennedy, Sen. Frank Carlson, Leedom, V.P. Lyndon B. Johnson, Sen. John Stennis, and Treasury Sec. Dean Rusk; Kennedy speaking; Graham speaking. Kennedy speaking at the first Ladies Breakfast, same day, in the Mayflower Hotel; also: Graham, LBJ and Ladybird Johnson. 38 b&w.

PRAYER BREAKFAST, PRESIDENTIAL, FEB 7, 1963; Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC; Speaker of the House John W. McCormack, Billy Graham, and Pres. John F. Kennedy,

and Lyndon B. Johnson. 1 b&w, 1 color.

PRAYER BREAKFAST, PRESIDENTIAL; FEB 5, 1964. Bill Jones, Billy Graham and Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson; Graham speaking with Robert McNamara, Sec. of Defense; Pres. Johnson and Graham at the table; Graham speaking from podium at the table. 5 b&w.

REAGAN, RONALD (PRES). Billy Graham with Reagan and Mrs. Reagan, and presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Graham. 1969-1983. 6 b&w.

RHODES, FRED. Rhodes with Billy Graham, 1972. 1 b&w.

RICE, JOHN R. Rice with Billy Graham, 1955. 1 b&w.

RIGGS, CHARLES. BGEA staff Riggs. 1984, n.d.. 2 b&w.

RIVERS, MENDEL. U.S. Representative (South Carolina) Rivers, with Billy Graham, n.d.. 2 b&w.

ROBERTS, ORAL. One photo of Roberts preaching, others with Billy Graham, 1972. 3 b&w, 2 color.

ROBLES, RAY. Portraits of Robles, n.d.. 2 b&w.

ROGERS, ROY, & DALE EVANS. Roy and Dale with Graham, with Ruth and Billy Graham, and Dale with Team children, 1952-1971. 3 b&w.

ROOT, BOB. BGEA staff Root, n.d.. 4 b&w, 2 color.


SANDERS, NORMAN. BGEA staff Sanders. N.d. 3 b&w.

SANDERS, O. S.. Sanders, n.d.. 3 b&w.

SCHNEIDER, PETER. Schneider with Billy Graham and in his home in Berlin, Germany, 1966. 1 b&w, 1 color.

SCOFIELD, WILLARD. Publicity portrait shot, 1980. 1 b&w.

SHEA, GEORGE BEVERLY. Portrait and others of Shea, n.d. 11 b&w, 7 color.

SHORE, DINAH. Billy Graham with talk show host Shore; n.d.. 5 b&w, 4 color.

SMITH, ROBERT. Smith with Billy Graham, n.d.. 1 b&w.

SMITH, TEDD. Portraits of Smith; 1961, n.d.. 5 b&w, 2 color.


SMYTH, WALTER. Assorted publicity portrait shots, Smyth with Dr. J. H. Hutchins, chairman of Easter Sunrise Committee, Smyth with Ralph Eaton, Phoenix, AZ Crusade, 1963-1966, n.d.. 28 b&w, 3 color.

SOUTHERN, DAN. BGEA staff Southern. 1980. 2 b&w.

STAHLMAN, JIMMY. Billy Graham with Stahlman, n.d.. 1 b&w.

STEWART, JAMES. Billy Graham with actor Jimmy Stewart on the Queen Mary, 1954. 2 b&w.

STEWART, S A. "Cathedral in the Sky" with Billy Graham and Stewart, 1951. 1 b&w.

STILLWELL, RICHARD G (GEN). General Stillwell with Billy Graham in Vietnam, 1951. 1 b&w.

STOKER, CARROLL. WFMY staff with Billy Graham, 1970. 1 b&w.

STOKES, CARL B.. Cleveland mayor Stokes with Billy Graham, 1962. 6 b&w, 1 color.

TALMADGE, HERMAN E (GOV). Talmadge with Billy Graham, and 2 portraits, n.d.. 3 b&w.

TAYLOR, HON. ROSS AND EVELYN. The Taylors with Builly Graham, 1964, n.d.. 1 b&w.

TCHIVIDJIAN, STEPHAN. Publicity portrait shot. 1989. 1 b&w.

TENG, PHILIP (REV). N.d. 1 b&w.

THATCHER, MARGARET. Great Britain's Prime Minister Thatcher with Billy Graham at 10 Downing Street in London, n.d. 1 color.

TOLBERT, WILLIAM (PRES). Inauguration of Tolbert as President of Liberia. Included in photos are Billy Graham, Mrs. Nixon, and other notables, 1963-1972. 4 b&w, 13 color.

TROOP, JOCK. N.d. 1 b&w.

TORNQUIST, EVIE. BGEA crusade vocalist Tornquist. N.d. 1 b&w.

TRUMAN, HARRY S. (PRES). Billy Graham with President Truman, n.d.. 4 b&w.


VAIL, TOM. Vail with Billy Graham. 1 color.

VALENTI, JACK. Valenti, President of Motion Picture Producers of America, with Billy Graham and Linda Robb, 1968. 1 color.

WALLACE, GEORGE (GOV.). Alabama governor Wallace with Billy Graham, n.d.. 1 b&w.

WALTON, BILL. Walton with Billy Graham, n.d.. 1 color.

WATERS, ETHEL. Crusade vocalist Water practicing with the a crusade choir. N.d. 6 b&w.

WEISS, BENJAMIN. N.d. 2 b&w.

WEST, BEN (MAYOR). West with Billy Graham, n.d.. 2 b&w.

WESTON, JAMES. Weston with Billy Graham, 1970. 4 b&w.

WHITE, JOHN WESLEY. Portrait and others of Associate Evangelist White, 1964, 1983. 11 b&w.

WHITNEY, ELEANOR. B. Whitney signed a copy of the Good News Bible, American Bible Society, for the BGEA. 1963?. 5 b&w.

WILLIAMS, ROBERT. 1974, 1982, n.d. 3 b&w.


WILSON, GEORGE McCONNELL. N.d. 17 b&w, 1 color.

WILSON, GRADY. Portraits of Wilson, scenes of Wilson preaching, Grady with Billy Graham on the 1952 visit to Korea. 1952, 1970, n.d.. 76 b&w, 2 color.

WILSON, THOMAS W. Portrait of Wilson, n.d.. 13 b&w, 5 color.

WINDSOR, PRINCESS MARGARET. The princess with Billy Graham, 1966. 6 b&w.

WIRT, SHERWOOD E. N.d. 5 b&w.

WOOLMAN, C E. Woolman with Billy Graham, n.d.. 1 b&w.

WORLD WIDE PICTURES. Sleeve covers for videotape versions of three WWP films Caught, Joni, and The Prodigal. 1992. From folder 484-24. 3 b&w. Used for the back panel of the crusade panel of the 1992 Pacific Northwest Crusade bulletin.

WU, GOVERNOR. Wu with Billy Graham, 1952. 1 b&w.

WYCKOFF, PAUL JR. N.d. 1 b&w.

YARBROUGH, JOHN (DR). Yarbrough with Billy Graham, n.d.. 1 b&w.

YELTSIN, BORIS. Yeltsin meeting Billy Graham. N.d. 1 b&w.

YOUTH FOR CHRIST EUROPEAN TRIPS; 1946-1948. Scenes from 1946 trips (Torrey Johnson, Billy Graham, Charles Templeton, Stratton Shufelt) and 1947-1948 (Billy Graham and Cliff Barrows). In addition to the people mentioned above, these photos also include images of George Wilson, Gavin Hamilton, and J. Wesley Hartzel. Other photos are of the 1946 departure from the airport and preaching at various places in England, 1946-1948. 19 b&w, 2 OS.


GRAHAM, WILLIAM FRANKLIN AND RUTH BELL. Photos of Ruth and Billy Graham together, 1960-1993. 34 b&w, 4 color.

ZAIS, MELVIN (GEN). Zais with Billy Graham, 1968. 1 b&w.


Accession: 86-3, 93-116, 94-34, 97-62, 00-69
Type of material: Photograph Albums
The following items are located in the PHOTO ALBUM FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM I: Youth for Christ Conference; March 26-28, 1947. 48 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM II: Follow-Up Program after 1952 Billy Graham Crusade in Washington, D.C.; also includes correspondence and other miscellaneous materials. 8 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM III: Washington D.C. 1952 Campaign Follow-Up; also includes correspondence and other miscellaneous materials. 8 b&w (albums II and III are nearly identical).

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM IV: Newspaper clippings and photos of the 1953 Chattanooga Crusade; 20 photos b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM V: Billy Graham's 1956 Asia Tour. 121 photos b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM VI: Billy Graham and crowd scenes from the 1958 Caribbean Crusade. 82 photos b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM VII: Billy Graham and the 1959 Little Rock Tour.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM VIII: Billy Graham and crowd scenes from the 1959 crusades in Australia and New Zealand. 28 photos b&w.

PHOTO ALBUM IX: 1961 Presidential Prayer Breakfast; held under the sponsorship of International Christian Leadership at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., with 950 guests present. 19 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM X: 1966 Great American Awards, WSB Radio; includes Billy Graham.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XI: Billy Graham 1967 meeting with England's Princess Margaret. 8 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XII: Billy Graham in Vienna, Austria; August 1969. 32 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XIII: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Photo Book for 1969. 3 color, 20 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XIV : BGEA Photo Book for 1972.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XV: Dr. and Mrs. Graham's visit to former prisoners of war; Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, VA; March 2, 1973. 15 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XVI: Billy and Ruth Graham at the 1976 San Diego Crusade.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XVII: Billy Graham and 1977 Good News Festival, Madras, India. 44 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XVIII: Presented to Billy Graham by Philippines President Ferdinand E. Marcos and the First Lady Imelda Romaldez Marcos; 1977. 52 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XIX: Book of photos given to Billy Graham while he was in Poznan, Poland; October 10, 1978; from Zbigniero Krzyzanski. 10 color, 28 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XX : The Ninety-first Inaugural Ball; Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce; included in the photos are Billy Graham and a number of TV celebrities; January 19, 1979. 10 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XXI : Given at closing service in Czechoslovakia--Bratislava; November 2, 1982; photos were taken the night before in Brno and prepared as a surprise presentation. 24 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XXII: Romania - Oradea, Speranta Baptist Church, given to Billy Graham at close of service; photos cover 1970-1985 in the life of the church. Many pictures of Joseph Tson and one of Alexander Harastzi, but none of Graham's or his 1985 visit. 58 color, 52 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XXIII: Arena used in the Tokyo Crusade; October 5, 1991. 14 color.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XXIV: Now, When I was in Hollywood... by Billy Graham; n.d.. 36 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XXV: Billy Graham's appearance on the TV show This is Your Life on 11/13/57, 30 b&w.

BGEA PHOTO ALBUM XXVI. English version of the overview portfolio,"Who Is Billy Graham?," (prepared at the time of the Mission 94 in Japan) featuring Billy Graham's ministry, especially highlighting with text and photographs his relationships with American presidents (Bill Clinton at his 1993 inauguration, George Bush, Ronald Reagan giving Graham the presidential Medal of Freedom, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy), other world leaders (Russia's Boris Yeltsin, North Korea's Kim Il Sung, China's Li Peng, Israel's Yitzhak Rabin, Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, Germany's Helmut Kohl, England's Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II, and Coretta Scott King), his stand on human rights issues, his response to international disasters and human needs (the 1989 Northern California earthquake, food distribution following Hurricane Andrew in Florida, foot distribution during the 1985 Anaheim crusade, in India's Andhra Pradesh following the devastating cyclone in 1977), his international crusades from the 1960s into the 1990s (1990 Hong Kong, 1991 Buenos Aires, 1993 Pro Christ '93 (Mission World), Vozrozhdeniye '92 in Moscow, 1991 Central Park in New York City, 1973 Johannesburg, 1979 Sydney, 1967 Tokyo, 1980 Japan), Graham's meeting with American students, with Chinese children at the Great Wall, and with his wife Ruth and his children. Of the 44 photographs, 34 are of Graham or his crusade meetings and associated events. In addition, there are several images of books he has written or publications featuring articles about him. 4 b&w, 40 color. Copies (mostly black & white) of the photos (mostly color) in the volume were also filed separately under appropriate Photo File folder titles. A photocopy of the Japanese-language version is in folder 302-18.


Accession: 82-177, 00-69
Type of material: Slides
The following items are located in the SLIDE FILE. All of the slides are in color, unless otherwise noted.

SLIDE FILE BOX 14: S1-4. Northeast India Crusade (Kohima, Nagaland), 1967.

SLIDE FILE BOX 21: S5-128. Slide series comprising a presentation to promote the Operation Andrew program, featuring scenes from the 1980 Central Indiana (Indianapolis) Crusade and including Bill Jefferson as one of the characters. Slides are accompanied by narration on an inaudible or audible-pulse embedded cassette tape (see T102 in this collection).

NOTE: The following list is only described to the box level; boxes 25 through 49 were also described only at this level when added earlier. However, folder title descriptions were provided for the first twenty-four boxes when the collection was initially processed. Please see the concluding pages for this expanded list of folder titles for boxes 1 through 24.

NOTE: The list immediately following only describes boxes 1 through 536 at the box level. However, folder title descriptions were provided for the first twenty-four (24) boxes when the collection was initially processed. Please see the Addendum of this guide for this expanded list of folder titles for boxes 1 through 24.

Box Folders Description of first folder / last folder Dates
1. Walter Smyth files; 1952-1988
1. Correspondence: 1952-1988
1. General; 1960-1983
97 20 Africa Enterprise / Brochures 1960-1977
98 20 Campus Crusade for Christ / Halverson 1961-1974
99 20 Human interest / Walter Smyth & Bob Root 1961-1975
100 20 Strange / World Wide Pictures, Grason, Miscellaneous files 1961-1977
92 10 A / J 1961-1977
93 17 K / Z 1961-1977
1978-1983 (bulk 1978-1980)
93 35 A / M 1978-1983
94 23 N / Z 1979-1980
1972-1987 (bulk 1980-1984)
307 15 D / Drummond 1980-1985
308 26 Drysdale / Flagg 1980-1984
309 26 Flavell / Guiness 1980-1984
310 26 H / Hogue 1978-1984
311 20 Hoke / Hughes 1978-1984
312 29 Human interest / Joseph 1978-1984
313 32 K / Kyle 1977-1985
314 25 L / Lyon 1976-1987
315 25 M / McGann 1975-1987
316 40 McGuill / National Religious Broadcasters 1975-1986
317 20 Neve Trust / Organizations (EMA) 1980-1984
318 26 Organizations (Free the Siberian Seven) / PTL 1981-1987
319 41 Paisley / Questionable 1977-1987
320 26 R / Roberts 1980-1984
321 28 Robertson / Sergey (folder 321-20 empty) 1980-1986
322 37 Sheets / Telecasts (folder 322-16 empty) 1980-1984
323 34 Telexes / Van Capelleveen (folders 323-25,32 empty) 1972-1987
324 35 Van Eeghen / Wiley (folder 324-8 empty) 1980-1975
325 21 Williams / Zegarra 1980-1984
2. Team, 1960-1988
a. Correspondence, 1960-1988
75 19 Aarsvold / Akers 1962-1988
76 41R Akers / Berryman (folder 76-2 is restricted) 1960-1981
77 31R Berryman / Brownville (folder 77-7 is restricted) 1961-1980
78 50R Burklin / Evans (folder 78-12 is restricted) 1961-1982
79 38 Fasig / Gustafson 1961-1981
80 38 Hager / Jones (V. Sam) 1961-1982
81 54 Jones (V. Sam) / Mydske 1961-1981
82 39 Nelson / Richardson 1962-1981
161 24 Riggs / Rowlandson 1960-1981
83 43 Rowlandson / Thomas 1961-1981
84 28 Thomas / Williams 1964-1981
85 23 Williams / Wilson (T.W.) 1961-1982
86 5 Wilson (T.W.) / Wirt 1963-1976
86 8 Aarsvold / Akers 1980-1985
87 15 Akers / Burklin 1976-1985
88 14 Burklin / Dillon 1980-1985
89 13 Eshleman / Jones (V. Sam) 1980-1984
90 14 Lindsay / Rowlandson 1980-1985
91 14 Rowlandson / Williams 1980-1985
92 5 Williams / Wilson 1982-1984
b. Team matters; 1962-1982
94 65 Articles & statements / Travel 1965-1981
95 47 Travel / 1968 Team meeting 1964-1981
96 66 Team Meetings: General / Team retreat 1962 1962-1978
162 50 Team & Staff Conferences: Correspondence / Associate evangelists: Finance 1965-1982
163 49 Associate evangelists: Finance / Shipping 1962-1981
3. International Office correspondence, 1960-1982
By continent, 1960-1982
138 47 PACLA: Committee / Delegates 1972-1977
139 7 PACLA: Media / Liberia 1971-1977
139 144 General: Contacts / Korea: Team 1961-1981
140 103 Korea: General / Philippines: Officials 1967-1981
141 94 Philippines: Personnel / Taiwan: Taipei 1962-1981
141 19 Euro '70: Lists / Schedule 1969-1970
142 85 Euro '70: Schedule / European Congress on Evangelism: Frankfurt 1967-1981
Eastern Europe
142 57 Eastern bloc: Contacts / Hungary: Thank you letters 1966-1981
143 83 Hungary: Contacts / Poland: Closed crusades 1965-1981
North America
143 48 Canada: Closed / Canada 1964-1967
161 6 Mexico: Committee / Nuevo Laredo 1972-1974
South America
161 12 Brazil: Arrangements / Fact sheet 1978-1979
143 7 Brazil: Team / General 1976-1979
162 23R South America (Brazil): Team / Closed crusades (folders 162-22 restricted) 1976-1981
162 10R Paul Hopkins - Billy Graham speaking engagements (folders 162-24,28 restricted) 1967-1981
144 50 General: Committee / Zimbabwe 1967-1981
144 64 Afghanistan / Sri Lanka 1961-1981
145 14 Taiwan / Vietnam 1969-1979
145 16 Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands: Australia / Tonga 1966-1981
145 11 Caribbean: West Indies / Dominican Republic 1962-1980
145 38 Central America: Mexico / Mexico visas 1969-1981
145 16 South America: Invitations / Brazil 1961-1981
145 89 Lists / Italy 1960-1981
146 112 Rome / Yugoslavia 1960-1991
146 11 Middle East / Miscellaneous 1965-1981
By crusade, 1967-1981 [bulk 1980-1981]
Domestic crusades
146 13 1980 Central Indiana / 1981 Baltimore 1980-1981
147 7 1981 Festival of American Evangelism / 1982 New England Crusade 1981
International crusades
147 159 Eastern Zone: General / Mexico: Charles Ward 1965-1981
148 112 Mexico: Team / United Kingdom: January 1981 1962-1981
149 105 England: Team / Blackpool 1967-1982
150 15 Blackpool / Miscellaneous 1974-1982
4. Billy Graham speaking engagement schedules, 1961-1977
States, 1961-1977
121 8 Alabama / California: L 1961-1974
122 40 California: Los Angeles / Iowa 1962-1974
123 47 Kansas / Ohio 1961-1974
124 26 Oklahoma / Wyoming 1963-1974
Schools (by state), 1964-1974
124 13 General: A / General: L 1964-1974
125 20 General M / Military 1964-1974
Miscellaneous, 1962-1974
125 28 Camps / Military 1962-1974
126 20 News / Sports 1962-1974
Schedule notebooks, 1970-1977
126 9 Associate evangelists / Billy Graham 1970-1977
5. BGEA Board files, 1961-1987
126 5 Coy / Emery 1971-1982
127 87R Hill / Team communication (folders 127-1,3, 13, 14,17,18, 26 restricted) 1961-1987
6. BGEA overseas offices, 1962-1982
128 117 General / Uruguay (folder 128-112 restricted) 1962-1982
7. Eva Prior's files (?), 1959-1987
1959-1981 (bulk 1963-1979)
100 52 A / Baker 1961-1981
101 100 Banks / Christian Stewardship Council 1961-1981
102 105 Christian World Liberation Front / Counseling & Follow up 1959-1979
103 79 Counseling & Follow up / Evangelistic endeavors 1960-1981
104 104 Evangelistic endeavors / Foreign: India 1961-1981
105 105 Foreign: India (especially Nagar) / Gilchrist 1961-1981
106 88 Gili / Immigration 1961-1981
107 74 Incorporation / O'Sullivan 1962-1980
108 65 Overseas Crusades / Referrals: Bill Brown 1961-1979
109 73 Referrals: Robert Ferm / Sheets 1961-1981
110 71 Sheldon / Television 1961-1981
111 62 Television / Youth for Christ 1961-1981
111 2 A / Airlines 1980-1981
112 24 Akers / Crusade requests 1979-1981
113 32R Cunville / M (folder 113-17 restricted) 1978-1981
114 22 May visit / Palau 1976-1981
115 22 Prisons / Subscriptions 1979-1981
116 23 Switzerland / XYZ 1979-1981
1961-1987 (bulk, 1981-1987)
116 40 A / Colson 1963-1987
117 61 Communism / Deaths 1963-1987
118 63 Deaths / Haraszti 1963-1987
119 98R Haraszti / Maps 1961-1987
120 91 Masseur / Publishers 1961-1987
121 92 Questionable endorsements / Z 1961-1987
8. Blair Carlson's files, 1976-1983
164 40 Trip: Blair's file / Cities & Countries: Taiwan 1976-1983
9. Miscellaneous correspondence & crusade\events\speaking engagements files, 1952-1984
175 93 Address book / Crusades (domestic) & events: 1967 Centennial (Toronto) 1957-1981
176 90 Crusades (domestic) & events: 1970 Honor America Day / Spokane 1956-1981
177 72 Crusades (domestic) & events: Key '73 / Crusades (international) 1969 New Zealand 1960-1984
178 93 Crusades (international): 1977 Manila / Crusades (domestic) Hawaii 1962-1984
179 71 Crusades (domestic) Idaho / DECISION: Galley proof cutback 1961-1981
180 6 DECISION: Index / Spanish TV report 1961-1979
174 54 Media: Associate crusades / Press credentials 1961-1981
180 5 Staff: Barton / Butt 1963-1978
181 38 Staff: Cho / Untitled 1952-1981
10. Untitled files (titled by archivist where possible): 1962-1982
181 5 England / Eurofest '75 1974-1980
182 15 Hong Kong / International offices 1967-1982
183 11 International offices / International: 1975 1965-1982
184 12 International: 1975-1977 / 1977 1975-1980
185 10 International: 1977 / 1977-1980 1977-1980
186 11 International: 1977-1980 / 1978-1979 1977-1980
187 11 International: 1978-1979 / 1979-1981 1978-1981
188 7 International: 1980 / Untitled: 1977 1966-1982
2. Crusade files (for boxes 1 through 15 and 24, see extended folder-level description at end of guide), 1957-1986
1. 1957-1974
1 34 1957 New York: Miscellaneous materials / 1974 Rio Grande: Publicity materials 1957-1974
2 45 1962 South American Tour: Correspondence / 1962 Seattle rally: World's Fair information 1958-1964
3 62 1962 Central California: Correspondence / 1963 Southern California: Platform 1958-1965
4 61 1963 Southern California: Pre-crusade / 1964 Birmingham: Preliminary budget 1961-1968
5 74 1964 Greater Birmingham: Press conference / 1964 San Diego: Statistics 1962-1968
6 77 1964 San Diego: Team / 1965 Hawaii: Radio & TV 1961-1967
7 96 1965 Hawaii: Schedules / 1965 Houston: Correspondence 1958-1968
8 67 1965 Houston: Correspondence / 1966 London: Automobiles 1963-1967
9 55 1966 London: BG's actual schedule / Evaluations 1963-1967
10 61 1966 London: Events / Special engagements 1961-1971
11 78 1966 London: Stadiums / 1967 Puerto Rico: Support 1963-1970
12 81 1967 Puerto Rico: Team / 1967 Heart of America: Invitation 1961-1969
13 75 1967 Heart of America: Invitation / 1968 Pacific Northwest: Team 1962-1969
14 97 1968 Pacific Northwest: Team / 1968 Pittsburgh: WHS appointments 1964-1971
15 17 1975 Eurofest: Aalborg / Zagreg 1973
24 8 Crusade printing samples 1965-1972
2. 1964-1986
163 42 Africa / South America 1964-1986
164 6 Sweden / USSR 1974-1982
3. 1961-1981 (bulk, 1969-1973)
1972 Alabama (Birmingham)
128 18 Birmingham / Exec 1963-1972
129 48 Financial statements / Volunteers 1963-1972
1969 Southern California (Anaheim/Orange County)
129 48 Team / Ministers 1964-1970
130 28 Ministers / Volunteers 1964-1970
130 53 1971 Northern California (Oakland): General / Women 1967-1971
130 1 1970 Honor America Day 1973
1973 Atlanta
130 59 Team correspondence / Share 1964-1974
131 7 Smyth engagements / BG letters 1967-1973
131 69 1971 Chicago: Chicago / Chicago China Council 1962-1981
131 33 1971 Central Kentucky (Lexington): Committee / Supporters 1965-1973
131 30 1970 Louisana
131 30 Team / News media 1967-1971
132 15 Nitely meetings / Volunteers 1969-1971
132 9 1970 Pilgrim 350th Anniversary (Plymouth, MA): General / Smyth engagements 1970-1971
132 48 1973 Upper Midwest (Minneapolis): General / Smyth (closed) 1966-1981
132 57 1973 St. Louis: Team memo / Volunteers 1965-1974
132 2 1981 American Festival of Evangelism: General / BG engagements 1981
132 1 1964-1965 New York World's Fair 1964-1965
1969 New York
132 28 Committee / Committee prospects 1961-1969
133 45 Committee / Volunteers 1966-1970
133 42 1970 New York: Team memo / Volunteer 1969-1971
133 43 1972 Charlotte: Team / Volunteer 1968-1972
1973 Central Caroline (Raleigh)
133 22 Committee / Films 1971-1973
134 20 Groups / Volunteers 1971-1973
134 67 1972 Northern Ohio (Cleveland): General / Volunteers 1967-1973
1970 East Tennessee (Knoxville)
134 42 Complete speaking engagements / News media info 1967-1974
135 22 Nitely meetings / Volunteers 1969-1971
135 88 1971 Greater Southwest (Dallas): Austin / Women's meetings 1964-1972
135 18 Explo '72: BG speaking engagements / Tragedy 1970-1973
4. 1963-1987
1968 Australia & New Zealand
150 55 Committee / Office (folder 150-33 is empty) 1963-1968
151 35 Offices / Speaking engagements 1962-1969
151 77 1969 Australia & New Zealand: Team / Speaking engagements 1967-1970
152 47 Euro '70 (1970 Dortmund): Team / Intinerary 1966-1973
152 52 Spree '73 (1973 London): Committee / Cambridge 1972-1980
153 51 1974 Rio de Janeiro: Committee / Volunteers 1972-1975
153 37 1975 Eurofest (Brussels): Europe / Support 1973-1977
154 71 1978 Scandinavian Tour (Sweden & Norway): Team / TV 1969-1979
1979 Sydney
154 68 Committee / Smyth speaking engagements 1969-1979
155 7 Pre-crusade / Volunteers 1977-1979
1980 Japan
155 82 BG schedule / Committee (music) 1973-1981
156 19 Committee (Prayer) / Team fact sheet 1980-1981
156 37 1982 Blackpool: Committee / Visitation 1981-1983
1982 USSR visit
156 14 Appreciation / Hotel refund 1981-1983
157 18 Immigration / Visit May 1982 1981-1982
157 35 1982 Bahamas: General / Notebook 1982-1983
1984 Mission England
157 8 Fact sheet / Archives 1980-1985
158 73 Arrangements / Photos 1980-1986
159 61 Prayer program / "This Trip" 1981-1985
1985 Sheffield
159 41 Ford / School of Evangelism 1983-1986
160 7 School of Evangelism / Livelink manual 1984-1986
160 11 1986 Mission France: Arrangements / Samples 1986
160 24 1987 Mission Helsinki: Notebook / Youth 1987
160 25 Assorted domestic crusades: San Jose / Alberta 1981-1983
5. 1982 New England Crusade Offices files, 1977-1982
136 5 Springfield (Massachusetts) Crusade 1982, n.d.
136 75 Central Connecticut Crusade: Board of directors / Coordinators 1977-1982
137 59 Boston Crusade: Arrangements / Telephone survey 1981-1982
3. Crusade invitations, 1961-1993
1. Correspondence, 1961-1978
50 102 Alabama / Montana 1961-1978
51 81 Nebraska / Utah 1961-1975
52 53 Virginia / Canada: Saskatchewan 1963-1975
2. Notebooks, 1970-1993
52 4 Charlotte / Florida West Coast 1970-1976
16 2 Southeastern Michigan 1972
17 2 Southeastern Michigan 1971-1972
18 2 Southeastern Michigan 1972
19 3 Greater Mississippi / Greater Rocky Mountain Region 1972-1974
24 1 Greater Rocky Mountain Region 1974
20 7 Greater Rocky Mountain Region / Odessa (TX) 1972-1974
21 2 Odessa / Greater Mississippi 1974
22 2 Pacific Northwest Crusade / Greater San Diego 1974-1975
23 4 Cincinnati 1974-1975
53 5 Central Florida 1976
54 12 Central Florida / Nashville Central South 1976-1978
55 13R Baltimore / Cleveland (folder 55-13 restricted) 1978-1992
56 4R Columbus / Atlanta (folders 56-3,4 restricted) 1991-1993
4. Crusade manuals & notebooks, 1963-1986
497 1 Coordinator's Resource manual 1972-1973
171 29 Crusade Accounting Procedure / Follow-up 1963-1985
172 19 International / Office: Follow-up 1971-1986
173 18 Office: Initial plan / Visitation 1967-1986
174 6 Planning notebooks 1968-1975
5. Crusade Guidance Portfolios, 1973, 1980
170 13 Chairman / Operation Andrew 1973
171 4 Prayer / Youth 1973
496 2 Associates crusades: Officers / Committees 1980
6. Evangelism congresses and conferences, 1970-1984
    1974 International Congress on World Evangelization (ICOWE), Lausanne, 1970-1977
165 73 8/22-25/72 meeting / Finance 1970-1977
166 11 Planning / Miscellaneous 1972-1974
    Lausanne Committee, 1974-1979
166 19 General / Mexico meeting 1974-1979
    1980 Consultation on World Evangelization (COWE), Pattaya, Thailand, 1975-1981
166 47 General / Miscellaneous (folder 166-31 empty) 1975-1981
    1983 International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists, Amsterdam, 1981-1984
167 68 BG speaking engagement / Follow-up 1981-1984
168 53 Follow-up - Office staff 1981-1985
169 52 Office staff - Travel 1981-1984
170 23 VSP-Volunteers, Arrangements-Team 1981-1984
306 3 Reports notebook 1 / Critiques & reports notebook 1983
7. John Corts' 1979 Florida West Coast Crusade files, 1978-1979
137 14 Administrative Committee / Denominational heads 1978-1979
138 36 Executive Committee / Youth Committee 1978-1979
2. North American Ministries; 1959-2002
1. Sterling Huston files, 1959-2002
1. Crusade files, 1959-2002
By state, 1965-1978
25 88 Alabama / Arizona (incl. 1972 Birmingham, 1974 Phoenix, 1977 Decatur, 1977 Huntsville, AL (LF), 1977 Montgomery, AL (GW)) 1972-1977
26 80 Arizona / California (incl. 1974 Phoenix, 1974 Los Angeles, 1978 Concord, CA (JWW), 1978 Fairfield, CA (JWW)) 1973-1978
27 69 California (incl. 1974 Los Angeles, 1976 San Diego, 1977 Riverside, CA (JWW), 1976 San Bernadino, CA (JWW) 1973-1977
28 67 California / Florida (incl. 1976 San Diego, 1977 Greeley, CO (JWW)) 1973-1978
29 65 Georgia / Indiana (incl. 1977 South Bend, 1978 Clarksville, GA (GW) 1970-1978
30 69 Indiana / Kentucky (incl. 1977 South Bend, 1977 Mason City, IA (GWW), 1977 Wellman, IA (HJ), 1978 Ft. Campbell, KY (GW), 1976 Frankfort, KY (LF) 1973-1978
31 90 Massachusetts / Michigan (incl. 1976 Detroit, 1977 Cape Cod, MA (LF) 1974-1976
32 60 Michigan / Minnesota (incl. 1976 Detroit, 1976 Brainerd, MN (JWW), 1976 Fergus Falls, MN (JWW), 1975 Hibbing, MN (JWW), 1975 Virginia, MN (JWW) l972-1976
33 75 Maryland / Mississippi (incl. 1975 Jackson, 1976 Camdenton, MO (JWW) 1975-1976
34 94 Montana / New Mexico (incl. 1978 Las Vegas, 1975 Albuquerque, 1978 Helena, MT (JWW) 1975-1978
35 88 New Mexico / North Carolina (incl. 1975 Albuquerque, 1977 Asheville, 1977 Western New Mexico (JWW) 1972-1977
36 79 North Carolina / Ohio (incl. 1977 Asheville, 1972 Charlotte, 1976 Langdon, ND (RB) 1971-1977
37 94 Ohio (incl. Cincinnati Tri-State, 1972 Cleveland 1972-1977
38 71 Ohio / Tennessee (incl. 1972 Cleveland, 1978 Memphis Mid-South, 1977 Ironton, OH (GW), 1978 Ontario, OR (RB), 1977 Milmark, SD (JWW) 1968-1978
39 84 Tennessee / Texas (incl. 1978 Memphis Mid-South, 1971 Dallas-Ft. Worth, 1977 Brenham, TX (JWW) 1965-1978
40 99 Texas (incl. 1971 Dallas-Ft. Worth, 1975 Lubbock, 1978 Gonzales, TX (GW), 1975 Greenville, TX (JWW) 1971-1978
41 62 Texas / Virginia (incl. 1975 Lubbock, 1974 Norfolk Tidewater, 1975 Paris, TX (GW), 1975 Danville, VA (GW) 1972-1975
42 98 Virginia (incl. 1974 Norfolk Tidewater, 1976 Williamsburg, 1978 Pulaski, VA (GW) 1974-1978
43 66 Washington (state) (incl. 1976 Seattle, 1977 Aberdeen, WA (GW) 1974-1977
44 64 Washington (state) (incl. 1976 Seattle) 1976
45 63 Washington (state) / Ontario (incl. 1978 Toronto, 1976 Wenatchee, WA (JWW), 1978 Wheeling, WV (JWW), 1978 Cody, WY (JWW), 1977 Port Alberni, BC (RB) 1970-1978
46 44 Ontario (incl.1978 Toronto) 1972-1978
47 40 Hong Kong / Manila 1975-1977
48 39 Manila 1977
49 42 Manila / Taipei 1975-1977
By date, 1959-2002
56 45 1978 Mid-America (Kansas City): Ad Hoc Committee / Statistics 1974-1979
1979 Florida West (Tampa)
56 31 Ad Hoc Committee / Hotels 1973-1982
57 19 Information / Statistics 1975-1979
57 60 1979 Nashville Central South: Ad Hoc Committee / Tickets 1975-1986
1979 Milwaukee
57 13 Ad Hoc Committee / Finance 1974-1979
58 44 Ministers / Tickets 1978-1979
58 49 1979 Atlantic (Halifax): Ad Hoc Committee / Tickets 1975-1986
1980 Central Indiana (Indianapolis)
58 27 Administrative Committee / Participants 1959-1981
59 32 Personnel / Youth 1974-1982
59 54 1980 North Alberta (Edmonton): Administrative Committee / Tickets 1978-1981
59 32 1980 Reno: Ad Hoc Committee / Share partners 1979-1981
60 51 1980 Las Vegas: Ad Hoc Committee / Tickets 1978-1982
1981 Baltimore
60 39 Ad Hoc Committee / Large Donor reception 1975-1982
61 21 Leaders' rallies / General 1975-1982
61 59 1981 Southern Alberta (Calgary): Ad Hoc Committee / Tickets 1975-1984
1981 San Jose/Bay Area
61 15 Ad Hoc Committee / Ministers 1975-1982
62 42 Music / Tickets 1980-1982
62 55 1981 Houston-Gulf Coast: Ad Hoc Committee / Tickets 1965-1982
1982 New England
62 2 Associate ministries / Satellite cities 1981-1982
63 8 Burlington, VT / Information notebook 1972-1982
1982 Boston
63 48 Ad Hoc Committee / Publicity 1976-1988
64 9 Reports / Tickets 1979-1982
64 53 1982 Boise-Treasure Valley: Ad Hoc Committee / Volunteers 1980-1983
1982 Spokane-Inland Empire
64 38 Ad Hoc Committee / Officials 1973-1985
65 13 Official documents / Tickets 1981-1983
65 1 1982 University of North Carolina 1982
65 53 1983 Orlando-Central Florida: Ad Hoc Committee/ Tickets 1976-1984
1982 Tacoma-Puget Sound
65 16 Ad Hoc Committee / Special outreach 1981-1983
66 38 Ushers / Statistics 1975-1986
66 49 1983 Oklahoma: Oklahoma / Statistics 1982-1984
1983 Sacramento
66 7 Ad Hoc Committee / Invitations 1981-1983
67 48 Counseling & Follow-up / Arrangements 1981-1985
67 55 1984 Alaska (Anchorage): Ad Hoc Committee / Statistics 1979-1984
68 51 1984 Vancouver: Ad Hoc Committee / Workers' rallies 1979-1985
1985 Ft. Lauderdale-South Florida
68 49 Ad Hoc Committee / Samples 1982-1988
69 6 Schedule / Statistics 1984-1985
69 52 1985 Hartford-Southern New England: Ad Hoc Committee / Statistics 1983-1986
1985 Anaheim-Southern California
69 13 Ad Hoc Committee / Finance 1978-1989
70 45 Laymen / Statistics 1978-1986
1986 Greater Washington (DC)
70 17 Ad Hoc Committee / Ministers 1975-1982
71 51 Music / Mailing list 1973-1987
1986 Tallahassee-North Florida
71 20 Ad Hoc Committee / Youth 1983-1987
72 34 Audit / Information folder 1984-1990
72 52 1987 Denver-Rocky Mountain: Ad Hoc Committee / Team speaking engagements 1984-1991
73 1 1987 Montana (Billings) 1985-1987
73 1 1987 Wyoming (Cheyenne) 1985-1987
73 1 1987 Greater Red River (Fargo, ND) 1985-1987
73 8 AGAPE program: Budget / Schedules 1974-1978
1987 South Carolina (Columbia)
285 28 Ad Hoc Committee / Controversial 1976-1989
286 21 Crusade information seminars / Statistics 1976-1989
1987 Sioux Empire (Sioux Falls)
286 1 Denver: Satellite cities 1986-1989
287 2 Part 2 / Part 3 1987
1988 Buffalo-Niagara (Buffalo)
287 3 Ad Hoc Interim Steering Committee / Executive Committee 1985-1989
288 25 General / Congregational chairmen 1977-1989
289 26 Controversial / Tickets 1986-1988
1988 Hamilton, ON
498 32 Ad Hoc Interim Steering Committee / Briefing Report 1981-1989
1988 Rochester
289 2 Ad Hoc Interim Steering Committee / Administrative Committee 1983-1987
290 13 General / Operation Andrew 1980-1989
291 21 Special Outreach / Leaders' rallies 1987-1988
292 11 Media / School of Evangelism 1987-1989
293 4 Share partners / Tickets 1987-1988
1989 Arkansas (Little Rock)
293 19 Administrative Committee / Audit 1974-1989
294 27 BG speaking engagements / Statistics 1984-1989
1989 Central New York (Syracuse)
294 4 Ad Hoc Interim Steering Committee / General 1982-1987
295 25 General Committee / Information seminars 1987-1989
296 16 Leaders' rallies / Tickets 1981-1989
1990 Mission Quebec (Montreal)
499 26 Announcement Luncheon / Executive Committee 1989-1991
500 13 Administrative Committee / Youth 1988-1991
1990 Capitol District (Albany)
296 5 Administrative Committee / General Committee 1978-1989
297 25 Team / Office staff 1988-1990
298 13 Official documents / Tickets 1988-1992
1990 Long Island
298 25 Audit / Administrative Committee 1985-1991
299 10 Executive Committee / Special Outreach 1988-1989
1991 Washington State Crusade (Tacoma)
500 2 Arrangements / Finance (Correspondence) 1990-1991
1991 Washington State Crusade (Seattle)
500 26 Ad Hoc Committee / Official Documents 1990-1992
501 7 Prayer Broadcasts, etc. / Statistics 1975-1991
1991 Northern New Jersey Crusade (East Rutherford, NJ)
501 25 Ad Hoc/ Interim Steering Committee / Publicity 1985-1992
502 4 Reports to File and Team Members / Share Partners 1985-1991
1991 Central Park Rally (NYC)
502 15 Briefing Report / Special Outreach 1974-1992
503 24 Transportation / Urban Catalyst Concept 1956-1992
1992 Philadelphia Crusade
503 1 Administrative Committee 1991-1993
504 7 Executive Committee / Nominating Committee 1988-1994
505 26 Team / Office Staff 1988-1993
506 9 Official Documents / Statistics 1988-1993
1992 Pacific Northwest Crusade (Portland, OR)
506 7 [Portland - Unfoldered] / Team 1991-1993
507 30 Arrangements / Roman Catholics - Jewish 1990-1994
508 5 Samples / Statistics 1991-1994
1993 Pittsburgh Crusade
508 17 Administrative Committee / Audit 1975-1993
509 16 BG-SE / Statistics 1978-1994
1993 Columbus Crusade (Columbus, OH)
509 14 Briefing Report / Crusade Update 1992-1994
510 15 Decision Magazine / Statistics 1985-1996
1994 Northeastern Ohio Billy Graham Crusade (Cleveland, OH)
510 7 Ad Hoc Committee / Team 1989-1994
511 33 Team Fact Sheet / Statistics 1991-1995
1994 Atlanta Billy Graham Crusade
511 3 Ad Hoc Committee / General 1989-1994
512 19 Executive Committee / Bible Nurture Groups 1992-1995
513 18 Budget / Statistics 1989-1994
1995 Mission Ontario (Toronto)
513 11 Announcement / General Committee 1974-1995
514 25R Houston, Sterling / Youth 1991-1999
1995 Greater Sacramento Crusade
514 3 Ad Hoc/ Interim Steering Com. / General Committee 1991-1995
515 25R General / Official Documents 1987-1996
516 7 Publicity / Billy Graham Crusade 1983 1982-1995
1996 Greater Twin Cities Campaign (Minneapolis)
516 10R Ad Hoc/ Interim Steering Com. / Deaf/ Head of Hearing 1978-1996
517 23R Men / Statistics 1981-1996
1996 The Carolina’s Crusade (Charlotte)
517 4R Ad Hoc/ Interim Steering Com. / Team 1994-1997
518 24R General / Statistics 1990-2000
1997 South Texas Crusade (San Antonio)
519 23R Ad Hoc/ Interim Steering Com. / Official Documents 1996-1998
520 6R Participants / Church Leaders Packet 1996-1997
1997 Bay Area Crusade (San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland, CA)
520 11R Arrangements / Report to the File and Team Members 1995-1999
521 2R Church Leaders Packet / Profile 1997
1997 San Jose Crusade
521 23R Ad Hoc Interim Steering Com / Statistics 1995-1999
1997 San Francisco
522 8R Ad Hoc Committee Interim Steering / Statistics 1996-1997
1997 Oakland
522 10R Executive Committee / Statistics 1996-1997
1998 National Capital Region Mission (Ottawa, Ont.)
522 7R Ottawa, Ontario, Canada / General Committee 1965-1998
523 28R Team / National Capital Region - Billy Graham Mission [Notebook] 1998-1999
1998 Tampa Bay Crusade
524 28R Ad Hoc/ Interim Steering Com. / Statistics 1995-1999
1999 Indiana Crusade (Indianapolis)
525 26R General / Statistics 1980-2001
1999 St. Louis Crusade
526 20R Ad Hoc/ Interim Steering Com. / [St. Louis - Church Leaders] 1984-2000
527 8R Information / Statistics 1990-2000
2000 Middle Tennessee Crusade (Nashville)
527 21R General Committee / Profile 1999-2001
2000 Jacksonville, FL Crusade
528 21R Ad Hoc/ Interim Steering Com. / Statistics 1975-2001
2001 Greater Louisville Crusade
529 20R General / Committee 1970-2001
530 18R Share Partners / Support 1964-2001
2001 Central Valley Crusade (Fresno, CA)
530 6R Executive Com. / Arrangements 2001-2002
531 14R Prison / Statistics 1964-2001
2002 Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Mission
531 1R Cincinnati 1977-2002
2002 Mission Metroplex (Dallas - Fort Worth, TX)
531 3R Dallas [1 of 3] / Dallas [3 of 3] 2000-2002
2. Miscellaneous administrative files; 1970-1989
1 3 General Correspondence / BG Evangelistic Film Ministry 1950-1966
73 5 Correspondence / Process 1982-1986
74 25 Resources / Evangelists' schedule 1970-1989
75 10 Glenmary Research Center / NRB convention 1972-1988
3. Crusade invitations, 1973, 1983-2001
280 3 Charleston / Tallahassee 1973, 1984
281 3 Columbia / Albany 1984-1988
282 2 Syracuse / Buffalo-Niagara 1986-1987
283 4 Little Rock / Charlotte (folders 283-2 and 3 restricted) 1988, 1995
284 4 Charlotte / Jacksonville (folders 284-1,2,3,4 restricted) 1995-1999
532 5 An Urgent Invitation to Dr. Billy Graham [Notebook - Knoxville, TN] / Invitation to Philadelphia [Notebook 2 of 2] 1983-1989
533 6R [Winston-Salem, NC - Invitation Letters] / Invitation Letters St. Louis [Notebook 1 of 3] 1990-1998
534 5R Invitation Letters St. Louis [Notebook 2 of 3] / Invitation Letters Indianapolis [Notebook 2 of 2] 1997-1998
535 5R Invitation Letters Indianapolis / Invitation Letters Jacksonville, FL [Notebook] 1997-2000
536 2R [Invitation Letters Dallas/ Ft. Worth, TX - Notebook 1 of 2] / [Invitation Letters Dallas/ Ft. Worth, TX - Notebook 2 of 2] 2001
2. Tom Phillips, 1977-1993
1. General, 1984-1993
442 1 Evangelizacios Konferencia (Budapest, 1989) conference notebook 1984-1993
2. Elwyn Cutler, 1977-1991
442 2 Advertising 1985 / Advertising & Publicity Albany 1985-1990
443 15 Advertising / Audits 1984-1990
444 13 Audits / International Committee 1987-1988
445 3 Legal / Legal Buffalo & Niagara 1986-1989
445 1 Lifestyle Witnessing notebook 1980s
445 3 Arrangements / Counseling & Follow-up 1977-1990
446 6 Finance Committee / Finance Committee E 1979-1987
447 10 Deaf / Operation Andrew 1991
448 8 Prayer / Youth & student 1978-1989
448 1 Master notebook part 1 1984-1988
449 9 Master notebook part 2 / Travel 1983
3. Jeannie Hickman, 1978-1992
449 2 Announcement luncheon / BGEA: Basic Concept of Crusade Organization 1978-1992
450 22 BGEA: General - Crusades: Arkansas materials 1984-1992
451 15 Crusades: Mission Quebec / Office manual 1987-1990
452 18 Office procedures / Samples 1987-1991
453 7 Samples / World Wide Pictures 1987-1990
4. Crusades, 1987-1993
1988 Buffalo-Niagara
453 4 Administration notebook contents / Arrangement notebook contents 1988
454 10 Feeding the Hungry in Jesus Name / Programs 1988
455 2 Team notebook / Weather 1988
1989 Central New York (Syracuse)
455 8 General, Announcement / Platform party room notebook 1988-1989
495 1 Finance: Ledger (also data for the Capital District Crusade in Albany) 1988-1990
456 5 Printing / Visitation 1989-1991
1990 Capital District (Albany)
456 12 Advertising / Platform seating 1990
457 9 Printing / Training materials 1988-1990
1991 Washington State (Seattle, Tacoma)
457 4 Accounts / Chief Printing 1991
445 1 Disability ministries committee 1991
458 10 Church Leaders Rally / Printing 1991
459 10 Printing / Workmen's Comp 1991
1991 Northern New Jersey
459 4 Arrangements / Platform seating 1991
1991 Central Park Rally
460 8 Arrangements / Westchester mobilization 1990-1991
1992 Pacific Northwest (Portland)
Steve Nelson
460 2R Access / Advertising (folders 460-9,10 restricted) 1991
461 10R Advertising / Arrangements Committee (folders 461-1 through 10 restricted) 1991-1992
462 8R Arrangements Committee / Arrangements final summit list (folders 462-1 through 8 restricted) 1992
463 16R Arrangements Committee / Churches (folders 463-1 through 16 restricted) 1992
464 14R Churches / Council of Reference (folders 464-1 through 14 restricted) 1992
465 17R Counseling & Follow-up / Crusade signs (folders 465-1 through 17 restricted) 1991-1992
466 16R DECISION / Finance (folders 466-1 through 16 restricted) 1991-1992
467 10R Finance / General (folders 467-1 through 10 restricted) 1991-1992
468 9R General / Insurance (folders 468-1 through 9 restricted) 1991-1992
469 11R Lead breakfast / Love In Action (folders 469-1 through 11 restricted) 1992
470 9R Love In Action / Men's Committee (folders 470-1 through 9 restricted) 1991-1992
471 20R Men's Committee / Pastors' Committee (folders 471-1 through 20 restricted) 1991-1992
472 19R Pastors' Committee / Publicity Committee (folders 472-1 through 19 restricted) 1991-1992
473 29R Purchase orders / Statewide (folders 473-1 through 29 restricted) 1989-1992
474 23R Statewide / Youth Committee (folders 474 -1 through 23 restricted) 1987-1992
475 1R Youth for Christ (folders 475-1 restricted) 1992
Jeannie Hickman files
475 12R Administrative: Executive committees / Executive committee packets (folders 475-2 through 13 restricted) 1990-1992
476 12R Articles / Finance (folders 476-1 through 12 restricted) 1990-1992
477 7R Finance / Leaders' rallies (folders 477-1 through 7 restricted) 1991-1992
478 10R Leaders' rallies / Love In Action (folders 478-1 through 10 restricted) 1991-1992
479 15R Mailing list / Operation Andrew (folders 479-1 through 15 restricted) 1988-1992
480 8R Pastors / Production notebook (folders 480-1 through 8 restricted) 1991-1992
481 14R Programs / Visitation (folders 481-1 through 14 restricted) 1991-1993
482 2R Walter Bennett / Youth (folders 482-1,2 restricted) 1992
Pam Furlow files
482 11R Approved bills - Updates (folders 482-3 through 13 restricted) 1991-1993
Pat Borgens files
482 3R Hotel reservations - Team packets (folders 482-14,15,16 restricted) 1992-1993
1993 Columbus
482 13R Administrative Committee - Automobiles (folders 482-17 through 29 restricted) 1992-1993
483 10R Badges - Forms (folders 483-1 through 10 restricted) 1992-1993
484 29R Insurance notebook - Programs (folders 484-1 through 29 restricted) 1992-1993
485 1 Project plans - Youth poster 1992-1993
3. International Ministries, 1957-1995
1. Henry Holley files, 1957-1994
1. General files, 1967-1989
190 6 Calendars / Correspondence: Walter Smyth 1967-1987
191 19 International satellite outreach / Organizational chart 1967-1989
192 2 Telexes 1986-1987
2. City reports, 1969-1987
192 3 Alaska / Buenos Aires 1969-1987
193 8 Gothenburg / Manila 1972-1986
194 4 Mission England / Singapore 1973-1987
195 9 Singapore / Washington DC 1975-1987
3. Crusade general files, 1957-1994
195 5 Administration: Office procedures / Administration: Printing 1973-1980
196 16 Administration: Printing / Biographical profiles: Barrows 1968-1984
197 30 Biographical profiles: Bennett / Briefing Billy Graham 1973-1980
198 6 Brochures / Counseling lists 1973-1980
199 4 Counseling literature / Counseling manuals 1967-1984
200 7 Counseling promotion / Crusade organization 1962-1985
201 8 Delegations / Film: Hiding Place 1965-1985
202 6 Finance Committee / Follow-up (North America): Bible discussions 1970-1984
203 8 Follow-up: Co-labor Corps / Logo 1968-1985
204 9 Media/Publicity: Film showings / Message ideas & outlines 1967-1985
205 5 Military / Music: Concert 1973-1984
206 4 Music: Crusade songbooks / Nightly programs 1957-1980
207 5 Office procedures & staff / Press conferences 1972-1985
208 5 Press kits / Press releases (international) 1973-1984
209 14 Printing: Calling cards / School of Christian Writing 1965-1987
210 8 Schools of Evangelism (international) / Team: Engagements 1967-1981
211 12 Team: Folders / Ushers 1967-1985
212 5 Visitation / Ushers 1966-1985
213 18 Administration / Ministers Information Bulletin (domestic) 1973-1980
214 4 Ministers Information Bulletin (international) / Printing: Crusade stationary 1970-1985
215 4 Production schedule / Schedule of events 1975-1978
299 6 Administration 1963-1992
300 30 Administration / Counseling 1968-1994
488 2 Articles of incorporation / Advertising 1975-1989
301 5 Counseling 1973-1994
302 18 Counseling / Billy Graham 1973-1994
303 17 Group booking / Mission News 1978-1994
304 9 Mission World / Operations 1960-1994
305 18 Prayer / Team 1972-1994
306 6 Team / Youth 1972-1994
4. Crusade counseling files, 1962-1978
216 14 Crusade statistics notebook / Christian Life & Witness: Promotion 1962-1978
217 14 CL & W: Notes / Co-Labor Corps 1962-1972
218 12 Co-Labor Corps / Project (Committee org.) 1967-1978
5. Early crusades files, 1965-1971
219 9 1965 Hawaii / 1969 Auckland (NZ) 1965-1969
220 12 1969 Christchurch (NZ) / Billy Graham interview transcripts, 1970 1969-1971
6. Evangelism congresses, 1962-1983
221 8 1969 Asian-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism / Amsterdam '83 1968-1983
222 2 Amsterdam '83 1983
7. Honor America Day, 1970-1979
222 9 Arrangements/logistics / Report on preparations 1970-1979
223 5 Samples / Plains Indian Museum dedication 1979
8. Billy Graham Center, 1970-1983
223 1 Correspondence, memos, notes, reports 1975-1981
224 8 Dedication program / Here's Life master plan 1970-1983
9. International crusades, 1963-1994
225 2 1967 Japan Crusade 1974-1981
Korea '73
225 8 Correspondence / Miscellaneous 1967-1975
226 4 Proposed letter to mayor of Seoul / Statistics 1973
227 15 legal 1974 Rio de Janeiro: Autographed book / Telegrams 1973-1975
1975 Hong Kong
228 12 Background / Samples 1963-1979
227 3 legal Christian Life & Witness / Information Bulletins 1975
226 1 Samples 1973
229 9 Samples / Stationary 1975
1975 Republic of China:
230 9 Background / Media kit 1975-1977
231 7 Notes / Statistics 1975
232 3 legal Clippings scrapbook / Report 1975
1977 Metro-Manila:
233 12 Background / Correspondence: G 1976-1977
234 18 H / Correspondence (unsorted) 1974-1980
235 17 Finance / School of Evangelism: Financial records 1975-1980
236 10 SOE: Travel scholarships / UCCP withdrawal 1976-1977
227 2 legal Articles of incorporation / Letterhead logo sketches 1976
1978 Singapore:
237 7 Address & date book / Correspondence 1969-1981
238 9 Correspondence (personal) / Personal 1978
239 7 Preparation report / Team correspondence 1978
240 5 legal Articles of incorporation / Samples 1978-1984
1980 Japan:
General crusade files
241 6 Background / Correspondence 1979-1982
242 11 Correspondence notebook / Statistics & programs 1979-1980
243 2 Team info notebooks / Transmittal records 1980
244 13 General / To do 1980
245 9 Walter Smyth / Miscellaneous: N-Z 1976-1980
246 16 Travel / Tokyo Team hotel 1978-1980
247 8 legal Administrative committee / Arrangements: Blueprint Plan 1979-1980
248 10 legal BG briefing / Counseling lecture notes 1979-1980
249 6 legal Counseling: Letters, charts, etc. / Crusade organization 1978-1980
250 10 legal Delegations / Finance/Treasurer reports 1979-1980
251 6 legal Follow-up / Fukuoka arrangements 1979-1980
252 8 legal Fukuoka counseling/follow-up / Fukuoka publicity 1978-1980
253 17 legal Fukuoka Operation Andrew / Memo to secretary 1979-1980
254 7 legal Memo by secretary / Music hymn books & sheets 1979-1980
255 17 legal Nagoya / Operation Andrew 1979-1980
256 15 legal Osaka / Pamphlets 1979-1980
257 12 legal Prayer / Publications 1979-1980
258 14 legal Publicity / Schedule (BG) 1979-1980
259 11 legal Team addresses / Team schedule 1979-1980
260 22 legal Team transportation / Finance Committee 1979-1980
261 8 General Affairs Committee / Statistics (folder 261-1 empty) 1979-1980
261 27 Activity reports / Publicity 1979-1980
262 7 Reception / Youth 1980
1 Hiroshima 1979-1980
2 Nagoya 1980
262 22 Administration / Press relations 1979-1980
263 17 Publicity / Youth Committee 1979-1980
263 12 Administration / Biographies 1979-1981
264 21 Brochures / Executive Committee: General Secretary 1978-1980
265 18 Executive Committee lists / Ministers Committee 1979-1980
266 14 Ministers PIB [Pastor's Information Bulletin] / Operation Andrew: Slide presentation 1979-1980
267 29 Package program / Team bags 1979-1980
268 17 Team engagements / Youth Committee 1978-1980
268 1 Sapporo 1979-1980
268 6 Administration / Brochures 1980
269 32 Business cards / Youth 1979-1980
1986 Mission France
270 7 Background / Correspondence: Nov-Dec 1985 1984-1986
271 6 Correspondence: January / October 1986 1986
272 14 Correspondence: August-September 1986 / Satellite program\ 1983-1986
Mission 94 (Tokyo)
276 46R Administration / English Language Committee (folder 276-14 is restricted) 1991-1994
277 52 English Language Committee / Dr. Honda 1992-1994
278 37 Hotel / Printing 1992-1994
279 38 Printing / Youth 1992-1994
299 4 Advertising / US Embassy 1993-1994
273 index cards Holley's address card file: 1977 Manila Crusade, 1978 Singapore Crusade 1977-1978
274 index cards Holley's address card file: 1978 Singapore, 1980 Japan 1978-1980
100th anniversary of Korean Church
240 1 General 1984
442 100th anniversary: Planning chronology of daily events 1984
10. Amsterdam '83 files, 1982
275 2 Consultation notebook / Fund-raising proposal 1982
11. Amsterdam '86 files, 1985-1986
275 11 Activity reports / Publications, Bettie Holley notes



  12. Montreat files, 1967-2015
537R 6 Angel Ministries -- BGEA:Board/Comm.[See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1967-2003
538 7 BGEA Correspondence: A-C -- BGEA Correspondence H-K 1967-1982
539 6 BGEA Correspondence: Misc. -- BGEA Correspondence: Our Decision 1967-1982
540 7 BGEA Correspondence: P-T -- BGEA Correspondence 1946-1982
541R 4 BGEA Organizational Development -- BG Library Atlanta Fundraiser [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1963-2007
542R 6 BG Library Atlanta Fundraiser -- Cambodia: BGEA/Crusades/Develop/Loc/Asia [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1982-2008
543R 4 China -- China Ministry- BGEA [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1985-2009
544R 4 China Oct. Trip -- Christian Layman's Workshop [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1960-2009
545R 12 Christian Life and Witness Classes -- Correspondence: Graham, Billy [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1967-2015
546R 14 Correspondence: Graham, Franklin -- Correspondence: R [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1972-2015
547R 12 Correspondence: S -- Festivals- Franklin Graham Miscellaneous [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1958-2011
548 3 Flip Chart: Manila -- Flip Chart: Singapore 1977-1978
549R 7 Hilton Humanitarian Prize (SP/Franklin Graham) -- I.S.M. Committee: Henry Holley [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1949-2010
550R 5 Manila: Henry Holley -- Okinawa, Japan: BGEA/Crusades/Develop/Loc/Asia [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1986-2010
551 7 Personal Correspondence: A-B -- Personal Correspondence: E-F 1968-1982
552 6 Personal Correspondence: G-H -- Personal Correspondence: N 1968-1982
553 5 Personal Correspondence: O-P -- Personal Correspondence: W 1966-1982
554 5 Personal Correspondence: W-Z -- Personal Correspondence 1969-1991
555R 7 Press Kit- 1985 -- Thailand: BGEA/Crusades/Develop/Loc/Asia [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1970-2014
556R 6 "The Tribute"- Kennedy Center -- World Wide Pictures [See Restriction Page for a list of closed folders] 1966-2010
2. Blair Carlson files
1. Crusade function files, 1967-1994
335 18 Administration : General / Printing schedule & lists 1971-1990
336 10 Administration: Priority office checklist / Arrangements: Administration 1975-1990
337 18 Arrangements: Badges / Platform doctor 1975-1992
338 18 Arrangements: Security / Children: Finnish material 1980-1982
339 10 Children: French material / Christian Life & Witness: Forms 1975-1989
340 11 Christian Life & Witness: Materials / Church Mission Committee: Checklist 1974-1989
341 13 Church Mission Committee: Handbooks / Computer system 1978-1989
342 10 Computer / Counseling: Chairman 1978-1992
343 10 Counseling: Checklist / Counselor letters 1973-1989
344 6 Counseling Manuals / Living in Christ (Other) 1980-1989
345 7 Counseling: Living in Christ (French) / Materials: Youth 1967-1989
346 18 Counseling materials: Steps to Peace With God / Fact sheets: 1969-1991
347 9 Film / Finance materials: Bank 1977-1990
348 22 Finance materials: Brochures / Follow-up materials: Miscellaneous materials for nurturing new Christians 1977-1990
349 14 Follow-up: Miscellaneous / Gallup 1978-1990
350 13 Billy Graham / Group bookings: Reservation forms 1977-1992
351 16 Group bookings: Tickets / Media: Luis Palau press kit 1973-1991
352 15 Media: Press briefing / News information kit 1967-1989
353 23 Media: Press office notebook / Ministers: Ministers' meeting 1978-1990
354 8 Ministers meeting: Schedules / Briefing 1975-1990
355 8 Ministers: Bulletin / Music: England 1976-1991
356 11 Music: France / Prayer: Information 1974-1992
357 9 Prayer: Information / Programs: Finland and France 1974-1991
358 24 Programs: France / Reports: Mission England 1977-1992
359 10 Roman Catholic / Satellite: Materials 1982-1990
360 12 Satellite: Media / Stewards: Chairman 1972-1992
361 18 Stewards: Materials / Team: Information 1975-1991
362 8 Team: Letter Berlin / Schedule 1978-1990
363 12 Team: Welcome information / Urban Task Group 1978-1992
364 10R Urban Task Group / Video: Mission England reports (folder 364-1 restricted) 1978-1994
365 16 VIP receptions: Administration / Women: Chairperson 1973-1992
366 13 Women: Home prayer program / Youth: Mission Sheffield rallies 1974-1991
2. Crusade files, 1973-1993
Mission England (1984-1985)
366 1 Task Groups notebook 1984-1985
Mission France (1986)
366 1 Administration 1986-1987
367 14 Advertizing / English community 1985-1987
368 10R English speaking contacts / Executive Committee: Chairman (folders 368-1,10 restricted) 1985-1987
369 9 Executive Committee: Committee list / France: Conference centers 1984-1986
370 16 French delegation / Media: Press releases 1984-1986
371 12 Media: Committee / Ministers meeting: Transport 1984-1986
372 19 Music / Programme: Participants 1983-1986
488 1 Personnel info for US in Paris 1984-1985
373 6 Publicity / Satellite 1983-1986
374 13 Satellite: Manual contents / Team: Billy Graham schedules 1984-1986
375 10 Team: Holley / Translations 1984-1986
376 3 Translation: Task force / Videos 1985-1986
Mission Helsinki (1987)
376 23 Administration: Area committee meeting / Schedule 1986-1987
377 27 Administration: Weekly reports / Arrangements: Site survey 1986-1987
378 13 Arrangements: Sound system / Caring for New Christians (CNC or CFNC) English 1987
379 31 Caring for New Christians: Principals / Church Mission Committee: Church workers training 1987
380 37 Church Mission Committee: Handbooks / Counseling: Manuals 1986-1987
381 30 Counseling: Materials / Finance: July '87 1986-1987
382 29 Finance: August '87 / Media 1986-1987
383 25 Media: Advertising / Team: Fact sheet 1986-1987
384 20 Team: Hotel / Personnel: Lehtinen 1987
385 18 Team: Personnel: Lenning / Youth: Materials 1985-1987
Mission 89
385 5 Administration: General / Miscellaneous 1987-1989
386 25 Administration: Originals / Arrangements: Schedule 1988-1990
387 8 Arrangements: Security / Stadium: Crystal Palace 1988-1989
388 7 Arrangements: Stadium: West Ham / Stadium notebook 2 1988-1989
389 17 Arrangements: Transport / Churches: Lists 1988-1989
390 8R Commemorative booklet / Counseling: Committee materials (folder 390-6 restricted) 1988-1990
391 9 Counseling: CL & W manuals / Hugh Osgood letters 1988-1989
392 11 Counseling: Counselors list / Discovery groups: Requests 1987-1990
393 12 Discovery groups: Requests / Finance: July '88 report 1988-1989
492 Choir enrollment cards: A-I 1989
493 Choir enrollment cards: J-S 1989
494 Choir enrollment cards: T-Z, Stewards enrollment cards: C-Y 1989
394 12 Finance: August '88 report / July 13-31, 1989 1988-1989
395 8 Finance: August '89 / Follow-up: Video orders 1988-1989
489 Follow-up report forms: A-B 1989
490 Follow-up report forms: C 1989
491 Follow-up report forms: D,F,O 1989
396 13R Follow-up: Personnel printouts / International Ministries: Mission World (folder 396-5 restricted) 1987-1990
397 10 International: schedule / Letters to Billy Graham: Dealt with 1986-1989
398 7 Livelink: Agreement / General A 1988-1989
399 7 Livelink: General B / Military 1988-1989
400 8 Livelink: Originals / Statistics A-C 1988-1989
401 5 Livelink: Statistics C-G / London briefing report 1989
488 1 Livelink letterhead bromides 1989
402 12 Love in Action / Media: Perspective 1988-1989
488 1 Media information packet 1989
403 8 Media: Report / Programme: Nightly 1988-1989
404 10 Programme: Participants / Samples: Area newspapers 1988-1989
405 20 Samples: Burroughs / Programme & music 1989
406 25 Samples: Programme & music / Satellite: Follow-up 1987-1989
407 8 Satellite: Info / France 1987-1989
408 8 Satellite: Ireland / Site surveys selected pages 351a-377 1988-1989
409 6 Satellite: Site surveys selected pages 378-399 / Team: Bios 1984, 1989
410 16 Team: Briefing / Notes & Quotes 1987-1990
411 9 Team: Passport info / Women: File A 1984-1989
412 4 Women: File B / Youth: Materials 1987-1989
Berlin '90
412 1 Administration 1990
413 4 Advertizing / Arrangements: Reichstag 1990
414 4 Arrangements: Reichstag / Calendar events 1989-1991
415 10 Church prayer life / Maps 1990-1991
416 11 Media / Press releases 1990
417 15 Program info / VIP: Lists, [Untitled] 1987-1992
417 1 Untitled 1990-1991
418 4 Untitled 1990
Scotland 1991
418 1 Advertising 1991
419 5 Arrangements / Church meetings 1985-1991
420 16 Committee structure / Media 1989-1991
421 10 Media: Press releases / Prayer 1990-1991
OS31 1 Media/Public Relations report 1991
422 10 Program committee / Stadium: Arrangements 1987-1991
423 10 Stadium: File / Visitation 1989-1991
424 6 Youth 1991
424 5 Untitled 1990-1991
425 1 Untitled 1990
Vozrozhdeniye '92
425 11R Administration / Briefing (folders 425-2 through 12 restricted) 1988-1992
426 13R Briefing report for Billy Graham / Churches (folders 426-1 through 13 restricted) 1991-1992
427 28R Classical music / Executive committee July 10 (folders 427-1 through 28 restricted) 1991-1992
428 12R Executive committee Sept 4 / General correspondence (folders 428-1 through 12 restricted) 1988-1992
429 15R General info / Sam Hanchett: Lists (folders 429-1 through 15 restricted) 1991-1993
430 17R Sam Hanchett: Manuscripts files / Logo (folders 430-1 through 17 restricted) 1989-1992
431 14R Love in Action / Moscow Updates (folders 431-1 through 14 restricted) 1991-1992
432 8R Music / Organizational committee (folders 432-1 through 8 restricted) 1991-1992
433 15R Orthodox / Prayer letter (folders 433-1 through 15 restricted) 1991-1992
434 9R Press / Program: Participants (folders 434-1 through 9 restricted) 1991-1992
435 11R Rally / Schedules (folders 435-1 through 11 restricted) 1990-1992
436 15R School of Evangelism / Team: Mikhail Morgulis (folders 436-1 through 15 restricted) 1973, 1991-1992
437 11R Team: Neil Nielson / Transition in Europe and Russia (folders 437-1 through 11 restricted) 1991-1992
438 11R Translation / Video (folders 438-1 through 11 restricted) 1988-1992
439 14R VIP invitations / Youth School of Evangelism (folders 439-1 through 15 restricted) 1991-1993
439 1 Untitled (folder 439-15 restricted) 1992
440 8R [Untitled] (folders 440-1 through 8 restricted) 1992
Pro Christ '93
440 9R Background / Contacts (folders 440-9 through 17 restricted) 1989-1993
441 21R Correspondence / Report (folders 441-1 through 21 restricted) 1990-1992
442 5R Satellite / Video (folders 442-1 through 5 restricted) 1991-1992
442 1 Mission World notebook 1991
3. Country files, 1963-1992
331 12R Argentina / China (folder 331-1 restricted) 1986-1989
332 11 China: Blair's notes / Media 1986-1989
333 11 China: Media / France 1963, 1984-1992
334 21R Germany / South Africa (folder 334-19 is restricted) 1985-1992
335 4 Spain / Thailand 1987-1992
4. International Ministry files, 1967-1995
325 7 Advertizing / Budget and cash flow 1987-1991
326 10 Cities investigated / General correspondence 1988-1990
327 10 General correspondence / Mission England 1983-1995
328 2 Organizational structure for future crusades / Spree '75 1973, 1991
366 1 Statistics & Walter Smyth diary 1967-1987
442 1 Contacts & hotels roadbook 1984
5. Personal correspondence; 1985-1989
328 4 A / D 1985-1989
329 7R E / M (folder 329-3 restricted) 1985-1989
330 8 N / Z 1985-1989
3. Bob Williams: Vozrozhdeniye '95, 1994-1995
485 9 Affirmations / Christian Life & Witness course 1994-1995
486 23 CWC Satellite sessions / Stationary 1994-1995
487 8 Vozrozhdeniye News / Walking With Christ pamphlets 1994-1995


(Arranged primarily in box/folder number order with individual folders identified for boxes 1 through 24 only. For a full list for boxes 1 to 536, described only at the box level, return to the Box List of the Collection 17 guide.)

1. Walter Smyth files
2. Crusade files
1 4 New York Crusade, 1957 / Misc. Materials 1957
1 5 San Francisco Bay Cities Crusade, 1958 / Misc. Materials 1958
1 6 Charlotte Crusade, 1958 / Misc. Materials 1957
Australia and New Zealand Crusades, 1959
1 7 Correspondence 1958-1960
1 8 Training Manual n.d.
1 9 Wheaton Crusade, 1959 / Correspondence 1959
1 10 Appointments Calendar 1960
1 11 Africa Tour, 1960: Press Releases n.d.
1 12 New York City Spanish-American Crusade, 1960; Answers to Questions Most Frequently Asked.
1 13 National Capital Crusade, 1960 - Correspondence 1959-1960
1 14 A Discussion of Revised Techniques in Crusade Organization And Operation 1960
North of England Crusade, 1961:
1 15 Advertising Materials 1961
1 16 Budget n.d.
1 17 Church bulletins 1960-1961
(Manchester) Crusade; 1961:
1 18 Correspondence 1960-1961
1 19 Correspondence; Relays 1961
1 20 Crusade Bulletin 1961
1 21 Forms 1961
1 22 Minutes 1960-1961
1 23 New Releases 1961
1 24 Reservations 1961
1 25 All Ulster Crusade, 1961 - Correspondence 1960-1961
1 26 Upper Midwest Crusade, 1961 - Bulletins 1961
1 27 Greater Philadelphia Crusade, 1961 - Correspondence 1961
1 28 Greater Chicago Crusade, 1961 - Correspondence 1961-1962
1 29 Oriental Tour, 1963 - Miscellaneous Materials 1962-1963
1 30 Southern California Crusade, 1963 - Accountant's Report 1964
1 31 Southern California Crusade, 1963 - Correspondence 1963
1 32 Arizona Crusade, 1964: Ministers' Meeting Packets 1964
1 33 San Diego County Crusade, 1964: Open House Guest Book 1964
1 34 Team Expense Books 1964
1 35 Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism, 1968 - Press Releases 1968
1 36 Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism, 1968 - Reportage 1967-1969
1 37 Rio Grande Crusade, 1974 - Publicity Materials 1974
South American Tour; 1962:
2 1 Correspondence 1959-1961, n.d.
2 2 Correspondence No. 2 1961-1963, n.d.
2 3 General 1960-1962, n.d.
2 4 Immigration No. 1; Misc. Materials 1961
2 5 Immigration No. 2 1961
2 6 Itinerary No. 2 1962, n.d.
2 7 Newspaper Clippings No. 2 1962
2 8 Schedules 1961-1962, n.d.
2 9 Team No. 1 1961-1962, n.d.
Greater Chicago Crusade, 1962:
2 10 Arrangements 1962, n.d.
2 11 Audit Report 1964
2 12 Budget 1962
2 13 Chicago Ministers Breakfast Meeting 1962
2 14 Church Bulletin News 1961-1962
2 15 Committees 1961-1962
2 16 Crusade Bulletin 1961-1962
2 17 Crusade Materials 1961-1962
2 18 Crusade News Bureau 1961-1962
2 19 Crusade Song Book 1962
2 20 Executive Committee Minutes 1958-1962
2 21 Finance Committee Agenda/ Reports 1961-1962, n.d.
2 22 Finances 1961-1962
2 23 General 1957-1961, n.d.
2 24 General 1961-1962, n.d.
2 25 Hospitality 1962
2 26 Illinois Bell Telephone Co 1961
2 27 Information 1962, n.d.
2 28 Inter-Office Memos 1961-1962, n.d.
2 29 Interviews 1962, n.d.
2 30 Invitations 1962
2 31 Kit and General 1962
2 32 Lists n.d.
2 33 McCormick Place 1961-1962, n.d.
2 34 Mills, Wesley (Professional & Executive Groups Committee) 1962, n.d.
2 35 Newspaper Clippings 1961-1964, n.d.
2 36 Platform 1962
2 37 Platform Arrangements 1964
2 38 Pre-Crusade 1962
2 39 Pre-Crusade Meeting Requests 1962
2 40 Student Committee 1962
2 41 Television 1962, n.d.
Seattle Rally, 1962:
2 42 Information 1962, n.d.
2 43 Invitations n.d.
2 44 Team 1962, n.d.
2 45 World Fair Correspondence 1961-1962, n.d.
3 1 Central California Crusade, 1962: Correspondence, Lists, Bulletins 1962, n.d.
3 2 Central California Crusade, 1962: Finance n.d.
El Paso Crusade, 1962:
3 3 Associates and Personnel 1962, n.d.
3 4 Correspondence 1961
3 5 Correspondence 1963, n.d.
3 6 General No. 1 1961-1962, n.d.
3 7 General No. 2 1962, n.d.
Southern California Crusade, 1963:
3 8 Administrative Committee 1963
3 9 Advertisements 1963
3 10 Agendas and Reports 1962-1963
3 11 Appreciation 1963, n.d.
3 12 Arrangements 1962-1963, n.d.
3 13 Audit 1964
3 14 Billy Graham-Appointments 1963, n.d.
3 15 Billy Graham-Speaking Engagements Accepted 1963
3 16 Billy Graham-Speaking Engagements Refused 1963, n.d.
3 17 Breakfast 1963
3 18 Budget 1962-1964, n.d.
3 19 Choir 1963, n.d.
3 20 Church Bulletin News 1962
3 21 Church of the Open Door 1962-1963, n.d.
3 22 Committee Correspondence 1963-1964, n.d.
3 23 Committee Members-Prospective 1962-1963
3 24 Committees-General 1963
3 25 Correspondence 1965
3 26 Counseling and Follow-Up Correspondence 1963
3 27 Counseling and Follow-Up Minutes 1963, n.d.
3 28 Counseling and Follow-Up Reports 1963, n.d.
3 29 Crusade Bulletin 1962-1963
3 30 Crusade Engagements-Team 1963
3 31 Crusade Materials 1963
3 32 Crusade Organization 1962
3 33 Crusade Seminary Program 1963, n.d.
3 34 Dinner Meeting-L.A. Faculty Center USC (W & E Smyth) 1963
3 35 Dinner Meetings 1963
3 36 East Sunrise Service 1963, n.d.
3 37 Evaluations 1963, n.d.
3 38 Executive Committee 1962-1963, n.d.
3 39 Finance Reports 1962-1963, n.d.
3 40 General Crusade Committee 1963
3 41 Group Delegations 1963
3 42 Invitations 1958-1959, n.d.
3 43 Johnson, Edward L. 1962-1963
3 44 Lists 1963
3 45 Lists-General Crusade Committee 1962
3 46 Lists-Miscellaneous 1963
3 47 L. A. Memorial Coliseum 1964, n.d.
3 48 Los Angeles Story 1963-1965
3 49 Mailing Lists-Memos 1963, n.d.
3 50 Maps n.d.
3 51 Mimeo-Letters 1963, n.d.
3 52 Ministers Meeting 1963
3 53 Ministers-Wives 1963, n.d.
3 54 Minutes 1960-1963
3 55 Miscellaneous LA Chamber of Commerce directors & staff executives 1961-1963
3 56 News Releases 1962, n.d.
3 57 Newspaper Clippings 1963, n.d.
3 58 Nightly Program/Correspondence 1963, n.d.
3 59 Nightly Programs 1963
3 60 Office Staff 1961-1963, n.d.
3 61 Official Documents 1962-1963
3 62 Platform 1963, n.d.
4 1 Pre-Crusade 1963
4 2 Pre-Crusade-Immediate 1962-1963
4 3 Schedules-Closed 1963
4 4 Seminary Program-Correspondence 1962-1963, n.d.
4 5 Seminary Program-Schedules 1963, n.d.
4 6 Share Partners 1963
4 7 Speaking Engagements-Closed/W. Smyth 1961-1962, n.d.
4 8 Team and Personnel 1963, n.d.
4 9 Wires 1963
4 10 Youth Committee 1963
Greater Birmingham Crusade 1964
4 11 Accounts Paid 1964
4 12 Acknowledgment of Film Request (Consent to supply Birmingham) 1964
4 13 Acknowledgment of Film Request (Unable to supply Birmingham) 1964
4 14 Acknowledgment of Request for Seats - regrets, not furnished Birmingham 1964
4 15 Advertising 1964, n.d.
4 16 Alabama Newspapers (Outside Birmingham) 1964
4 17 Appreciation 1964
4 18 Arrangements 1964, n.d.
4 19 Bannon, Carol 1963-1964
4 20 Birmingham News 1964
4 21 Birmingham Newspapers 1964
4 22 Birmingham Newspapers - Miscellaneous 1964
4 23 Birmingham Post Herald 1964
4 24 Budget 1964-1967
4 25 Car Assignment (Team) for Parking Passes 1964
4 26 Choir 1964, n.d.
4 27 Church Bulletin News - Vol. I, No. 1 complete mailing sent to Pastors 1964
4 28 Church Bulletins 1964
4 29 Colleges 1964, n.d.
4 30 Committees 1968
4 31 Correspondence 1964, n.d.
4 32 Crusade Bulletin 1964
4 33 Crusade Materials 1964
4 34 Crusade News-Easter Program 1964
4 35 DEAF 1964
4 36 Dinner with the Arthur Cooks-Team personnel 1964
4 37 Evaluations 1964
4 38 Executive Committee List 1964
4 39 Executive Committee-Minutes 1964
4 40 Film Report 1964
4 41 Film Reports 1964
4 42 Freight 1964
4 43 Gifts 1964
4 44 Group Delegations 1964, n.d.
4 45 Information 1963-1964
4 46 Letter to United Church Women-Mrs. McKerall 1964
4 47 Letter to Usher Captains; 1964
4 48 Lists 1964
4 49 Lists-Executive 1964
4 50 Mailings 1964
4 51 Memorandum re Passes 1964
4 52 Mimeographed Letters 1964
4 53 Ministers Comm 1964
4 54 News Releases 1964
4 55 Newspaper Clippings (Mailed to Board Members, etc.) 1964
4 56 Office Staff 1964
4 57 Platform 1964
4 58 Platform passes and Car passes 1964
4 59 Postage 1962
4 60 Prayer Program 1964, n.d.
4 61 Preliminary Budget 1964
5 1 Press Conference 1964
5 2 Press Data Sheet-Schedule of Events 1964
5 3 Press Pass 1964
5 4 Press Release by Dr Graham 1964
5 5 Press Release for Newspapers (Goldenrod) 1964
5 6 Press Release for Radio or TV (Goldenrod) 1964
5 7 Quotations 1964
5 8 Radio Coverage, Pastor's Notice 1964
5 9 Schedules 1964
5 10 Speaking Engagements 1964
5 11 Sun Newspapers 1964
5 12 Team News Sheet 1964
5 13 Ushers 1964
5 14 Volunteers 1964
Arizona Crusade, 1964:
5 15 Arrangements 1964
5 16 Billy Graham Speaking Engagements 1963-1964
5 17 Committees 1964
5 18 Correspondence 1962-1964, n.d.
5 19 Crusade Materials 1963-1964
5 20 Finances 1963-1964
5 21 Information 1963-1964, n.d.
5 22 Minutes 1965
5 23 Newspaper Clippings 1963-1964, n.d.
5 24 Personnel 1964
5 25 Schedules 1963-1964
San Diego County Crusade, 1964:
5 26 Administrative Committee 1963
5 27 Advertisements 1964
5 28 Appreciation 1964
5 29 Arrangements 1963-1964, n.d.
5 30 Associates 1964
5 31 Billy Graham - Speaking Engagements Accepted 1964
5 32 Billy Graham - Speaking Engagements Pending 1962-1963
5 33 Billy Graham - Speaking Engagements Refused 1963-1964
5 34 Church Bulletin News 1964
5 35 Church Facilities Offered 1963
5 36 Committees - General 1963-1964
5 37 Correspondence 1962-1968
5 38 Counseling and Follow-up 1963-1964
5 39 Counseling and Follow-up; Materials/Reports
5 40 Crusade Bulletin 1963-1964
5 41 Crusade Materials - 1 1963-1964
5 42 Crusade Materials - 2 1964
5 43 Executive-Agenda and Reports 1964
5 44 Executive Minutes 1963-1964
5 45 Finance reports No. 1 1963-1964, n.d.
5 46 Finance reports No. 2 1963
5 47 Finances No. 3 1964
5 48 General Crusade Committee 1963-1964, n.d.
5 49 Groups Delegations 1964
5 50 Hospitality 1963, n.d.
5 51 Hotels 1963
5 52 Incorporation 1963
5 53 Information 1962
5 54 Invitations and Support for Proposed B. G. Crusade 1962
5 55 Lists-Executive 1963-1965
5 56 Lists-General Crusade Committee 1963-1964
5 57 Lists-Military Committee No. 1 1963-1964
5 58 Maps 1963-1964
5 59 Military Committee 1964
5 60 Military No. 2 1963-1964
5 61 Ministers Retreat No. 1 1964, n.d.
5 62 Ministers Retreat No. 2 1964
5 63 News Releases 1964
5 64 Newspaper Clippings No. 1 1964
5 65 Newspaper Clippings No. 2 1964
5 66 Newspaper Clippings No. 3 1964
5 67 Newspaper Clippings No. 4 1963-1964
5 68 Nightly Programs 1964
5 69 Office 1964
5 70 Prayer Program 1963-1964
5 71 Pre-Crusade Speaking Engagements 1963-1964
5 72 Schedules 1963
5 73 Share Partners 1964
5 74 Statistics 1964
6 1 Team and Guests 1964, n.d.
6 2 Volunteers-Talent or Testimony 1963-1964
Greater Omaha-Council Bluffs Crusade, 1964:
6 3 Audit 1964-1965
6 4 Budget 1964
6 5 Committees 1964
6 6 Crusade Materials 1964, n.d.
6 7 General 1964
6 8 General 1962, n.d.
6 9 Information No. 1 1963-1964, n.d.
6 10 Information No. 2 1963-1964
6 11 Newspaper Clippings 1964
6 12 Personnel 1964
6 13 Schedules 1964
6 14 Speaking Engagements 1961-1964
6 15 Statistics 1964
Central Ohio Crusade, 1964:
6 16 Audit 1964
6 17 Committees 1963, n.d.
6 18 Correspondence 1961-1963, n.d.
6 19 Finances 1964
6 20 Information 1961-1964, n.d.
6 21 Newspaper Clippings 1963-1966, n.d.
6 22 Newspapers 1964
6 23 Pending 1963-1964
Greater Boston Crusade, 1964:
6 24 Audit 1964-1965, n.d.
6 25 Budget 1964
6 26 Committees (Executive) 1964, 1973
6 27 Correspondence (General) 1963-1964
6 28 Correspondence (Team) 1964-1965
6 29 Counseling and Follow-up 1964
6 30 Crusade Materials 1964, n.d.
6 31 Finances 1964-1966, n.d.
6 32 Hotels 1964
6 33 Information 1963-1964, n.d.
6 34 Ministers Retreat 1964
6 35 News Releases 1964
6 36 Newspaper Clippings 1964
6 37 Pending 1964
6 38 Radio and Television 1964
6 39 Schedules 1964
6 40 Speaking Engagements 1964
6 41 Speaking Engagements 1964
6 42 Statistics 1964
6 43 Kentucky Baptist Convention, 1964: General 1964-1965
Greater Hawaii Crusade, 1965:
6 44 Advertising 1965
6 45 Appreciation Letters 1965
6 46 Arrangements 1965
6 47 Audit 1965-1967
6 48 Billy Graham-Appointments 1965
6 49 Billy Graham-Schedules 1964-1965
6 50 Billy Graham-Speaking Engagements 1964-1965
6 51 Budget 1964
6 52 Church Bulletin News 1964-1965
6 53 Committees (Administrative) 1964
6 54 Committees (Executive) 1964
6 55 Committees (Finance) 1964
6 56 Committees 1964, n.d.
6 57 Correspondence (General) 1962-1965, n.d.
6 58 Correspondence (Team) 1963-1966, n.d.
6 59 Crusade Bulletins 1964-1965
6 60 Crusade Materials 1964-1965
6 61 Finances 1964-1965
6 62 Finances (Statements) 1964-1965
6 63 Hotels 1964
6 64 Hotels (Sheraton) 1964-1965
6 65 Incorporation 1964
6 66 Information 1963-1965, n.d.
6 67 Insurance 1964
6 68 Itineraries 1965
6 69 Lists 1963
6 70 Mobile 1964-1965
6 71 News Releases 1964
6 72 Newspaper Clippings 1965
6 73 Nightly Programs 1965
6 74 Other Islands 1964-1965, n.d.
6 75 Pending 1965
6 76 Personnel 1964-1965
6 77 Radio and TV 1964
7 1 Schedules 1964-1965
7 2 Speaking Engagements 1964-1965
7 3 Statistics 1965
Alabama Tour, 1965:
7 4 Advertising 1965
7 5 Appreciation 1965
7 6 Correspondence (Committee) 1965
7 7 Correspondence 1965, n.d.
7 8 Information 1965
7 9 News Releases 1965
7 10 Newspaper Clippings 1958-1965
7 11 Personnel 1965
7 12 Schedules 1965
Copenhagen Crusade, 1965:
7 13 Advertising 1965
7 14 Appreciation 1965
7 15 Arrangements 1965
7 16 Billy Graham (Special Engagement) 1965
7 17 Budget 1965
7 18 Committees 1965
7 19 Committees (Counseling) 1965
7 20 Committees (Executive) 1965, n.d.
7 21 Committees (Preparatory) 1964
7 22 Correspondence (General) 1965
7 23 Correspondence (Team) 1964-1965
7 24 Crusade Materials 1965
7 25 Information 1964-1965, n.d.
7 26 News Releases 1965
7 27 Pending 1965
7 28 Personnel 1965, n.d.
7 29 Quotations 1965
7 30 Schedules 1965
7 31 Speaking Engagements 1965
7 32 Statistics 1965
Greater Montgomery Crusade, 1965:
7 33 Appreciation 1965
7 34 Arrangements 1965
7 35 Automobiles 1965
7 36 Billy Graham Schedule 1965
7 37 Billy Graham Special Engagements 1965
7 38 Budget and Finance 1965, n.d.
7 39 Committees 1965
7 40 Correspondence (General) 1965
7 41 Crusade Information Services 1965
7 42 Crusade Materials 1965
7 43 Hotels 1965
7 44 Insurance 1965
7 45 Newspaper Clippings 1965
7 46 Nightly Meetings 1965
7 47 Personnel 1965
7 48 Publicity 1965
7 49 Schedule 1965
7 50 Security 1965
7 51 Sound 1965, n.d.
Colorado Crusade, 1965:
7 52 Automobiles 1965
7 53 Billy Graham (Misc. Requests) 1965, n.d.
7 54 Billy Graham (Schedule) 1965
7 55 Billy Graham (Speaking Engagements) 1965
7 56 Church Bulletin News 1965, n.d.
7 57 Committees 1965
7 58 Committees (Executive) 1965
7 59 Committees (Steering) 1962, n.d.
7 60 Correspondence (General) 1961-1963, n.d.
7 61 Correspondence (Team) 1962-1967
7 62 Crusade Bulletins 1964-1965
7 63 Crusade Information Service 1965, n.d.
7 64 Finances 1965
7 65 Groups 1965
7 66 Hotels 1965
7 67 Information 1962
7 68 Invitation-General 1960-1962
7 69 News Releases 1964
7 70 Newspaper Clippings 1964-1965, n.d.
7 71 Official Documents 1964
7 72 Pending 1963-1965
7 73 Personnel 1965, n.d.
7 74 Schedules 1965
7 75 Seminars 1964-1965, n.d.
7 76 Speaking Engagements 1965
7 77 Statistics 1965
Greater Houston Crusade, 1965:
7 78 Advertising 1965
7 79 Appreciation 1965-1966, n.d.
7 80 Arrangements 1965-1966, n.d.
7 81 Audit 1965
7 82 Automobiles 1965
7 83 Billy Graham - Appointments 1965
7 84 Billy Graham - Misc. Requests--Courtesies, Gifts, etc. 1965, n.d.
7 85 Billy Graham - Schedule 1965, n.d.
7 86 Billy Graham - Special Engagements 1964-1965
7 87 Budget 1965
7 88 Church Bulletin News 1965
7 89 Co-laborers 1965
7 90 Committees (Executive) 1965, n.d.
7 91 Committees (Executive) Minutes 1965
7 92 Committees (General) 1965
7 93 Committees 1964-1965, n.d.
7 94 Controversial 1964-1968
7 95 Correspondence (General) 1963-1967
7 96 Correspondence 1965, n.d.
8 1 Correspondence 1965
8 2 Correspondence (Team) 1965, n.d.
8 3 Counsel 1965-1966
8 4 Counselor Training Classes 1965, n.d.
8 5 Crusade Bulletin 1965
8 6 Crusade Information Service 1965
8 7 Crusade Materials No. 1 1965, 1965
8 8 Crusade Materials No. 2 1965
8 9 Finances 1965
8 10 Gifts 1965
8 11 Groups 1965, n.d.
8 12 Hotels 1965
8 13 Information 1963-1965, n.d.
8 14 Insurance 1965
8 15 Lists 1963-1964
8 16 Message 1965
8 17 Ministers Meeting 1965
8 18 Newspaper Clippings 1963-1965, n.d.
8 19 Newspapers 1965-1966
8 20 Nightly Programs 1965
8 21 Office Staff 1965
8 22 Official papers 1965
8 23 Pending 1964, n.d.
8 24 Personnel-Guests 1965
8 25 Prayer 1964, n.d.
8 26 Press 1965
8 27 Press Conference 1965
8 28 Radio and Television 1965
8 29 Regional 1965
8 30 Schedules 1965, n.d.
8 31 Seminars 1964-1965, n.d.
8 32 Speaking Engagements 1965, n.d.
8 33 Statistics 1965
8 34 Taxes 1965
8 35 Tickets 1965
8 36 W. Haymaker 1963
Southern Piedmont Crusade, 1966:
8 37 Appreciation 1966
8 38 Arrangements 1965, n.d.
8 39 Automobiles 1966
8 40 Billy Graham Schedule 1966
8 41 Billy Graham (Speaking Engagements) 1965-1966
8 42 Budget 1965-1966
8 43 Committees (Executive) 1965-1966
8 44 Committees 1966, n.d.
8 45 Correspondence (Committees) 1964-1967
8 46 Correspondence (Team) 1965-1966, n.d.
8 47 Crusade Bulletin 1965-1966, n.d.
8 48 Crusade Information Service 1966
8 49 Films 1965
8 50 Finance 1965-1966
8 51 Groups 1965-1966
8 52 Lists 1965-1966
8 53 Nightly Programs 1966
8 54 Official Document 1965
8 55 Personnel 1965, n..d.
8 56 Schedules 1966
8 57 Seminar 1965-1966
8 58 Speaking Engagements 1965
Greater London Crusade
8 59 Advertising 1964-1966, n.d.
8 60 Appreciation 1966
8 61 Arrangements 1966
8 62 Arrangements 1963-1966, n.d.
8 63 Arrivals and Departures 1966
8 64 Articles 1966
8 65 Attorneys 1964
8 66 Audit 1966
8 67 Automobiles 1964-1966, n.d.
9 1 Billy Graham - Actual Schedule 1966-1967
9 2 Billy Graham - Appointments 1964-1966, n.d.
9 3 Billy Graham - Articles (Requests) 1964-1966, n.d.
9 4 Billy Graham - London Schedule (BBC) 1966
9 5 Billy Graham Messages 1966
9 6 Billy Graham (Misc. Requests) 1965-1966
9 7 Billy Graham (Radio and TV) 1964-1966
9 8 Billy Graham (Schedules) 1965-1966, n.d.
9 9 Billy Graham Special Engagements (Complete) 1966
9 10 Billy Graham Special Engagements (Declined) 1966
9 11 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1964-1965
9 12 Billy Graham Special Engagements (Master Copies) 1966
9 13 Billy Graham (Special Engagements-1966) 1966
9 14 Billy Graham Special Engagements (Pending) 1965-1966
9 15 Billy Graham Special Engagements (Schools) 1965-1966
9 16 Budget 1964-1965
9 17 Church Bulletin News 1965-1966, n.d.
9 18 Church Bulletins and Brochures 1964-1966
9 19 Co-laborer 1966, n.d.
9 20 Committees (Administrative) "Action" 1966
9 21 Committees (Arrangements) "Special Purposes" 1966
9 22 Committees (Council of Reference) 1964-1965
9 23 Committees (Counseling and Follow-up) 1966, n.d.
9 24 Committees (Evangelism) 1964, n.d.
9 25 Committees (Executive) 1965-1966, n.d.
9 26 Committees (Executive) Minutes 1964-1966
9 27 Committees (Executive) National 1967
9 28 Committees (Films) 1964-1966, n.d.
9 29 Committees (Finance) 1966, n.d.
9 30 Committees (Finance) Minutes and Agenda 1964-1966
9 31 Committees (Finance) Reports and Statements 1965-1966, n.d.
9 32 Committees (Group Delegations) 1964-1966
9 33 Committees (Misc.) 1965-1966, n.d.
9 34 Committees (Music) 1965, n.d.
9 35 Committees (Music); Misc. 1966, n.d.
9 36 Committees 1963-1966, n.d.
9 37 Committees (Prayer) 1966
9 38 Committees (Prayer); Minutes and Agenda 1965-1966
9 39 Committees (Public Relations and Publicity) Minutes and Agenda 1964-1967
9 40 Committees (Publicity) Public Relations 1964
9 41 Committees (Spiritual Prep.) 1964-1965, n.d.
9 42 Committees-Ushers (Stewards) 1966, n.d.
9 43 Committees (Visitation) 1966
9 44 Committees (Youth) 1965-1966, n.d.
9 45 Correspondence (Committees) 1963-1966, n.d.
9 46 Correspondence (General) 1963-1967, n.d.
9 47 Correspondence (Team) 1965-1966, n.d.
9 48 Correspondence and Reports 1966, n.d.
9 49 Counsel 1966
9 50 Counseling and Follow-up Relays 1966, n.d.
9 51 Crusade Bulletin 1965-1966, n.d.
9 52 Crusade Materials 1965-1966
9 53 Disabled 1966
9 54 Employment Inquiries 1964-1966
9 55 Evaluations 1966, n.d.
10 1 Events n.d.
10 2 Films-Materials 1966, n.d.
10 3 Films-Minutes and Agenda 1964-1966
10 4 Films-Reports 1965-1966
10 5 Finance 1966
10 6 Finance-Misc. Accounts 1964-1966
10 7 Follow-up 1966, n.d.
10 8 Gifts 1966
10 9 Groups 1965-1966, n.d.
10 10 Groups - Special 1966, n.d.
10 11 Hotels (Carlton) 1964, n.d.
10 12 Hotels (Kensington Palace) 1965-1966
10 13 Hotels 1964-1966, n.d.
10 14 Hotels (Royal Garden) 1965
10 15 Hour of Decision 1964
10 16 Human Interest 1968?
10 17 Incorporation 1964
10 18 Industry 1966, n.d.
10 19 Information 1964
10 20 Insurance 1964-1971
10 21 Lists 1966
10 22 London - Controversial 1965-1966, n.d.
10 23 London - East End 1964-1965
10 24 Mailing List 1966
10 25 Maps 1965
10 26 Mimeo 1966
10 27 Ministers Meeting 1965-1966, n.d.
10 28 Minutes and Agenda 1965-1967
10 29 Misc. Requests 1966
10 30 News Releases 1965-1966, n.d.
10 31 Newspaper Clippings 1964-1966
10 32 Newspapers and Magazines 1964-1966, n.d.
10 33 Nightly Meetings 1966, n.d.
10 34 Office Space and Staff 1964-1966
10 35 Organizations 1965
10 36 Pending 1964-1965, n.d.
10 37 Personnel (Guests) 1965, n.d.
10 38 Personnel 1965-1966, n.d.
10 39 Photographers 1966
10 40 Platform 1966
10 41 Police 1966
10 42 Press Conference 1964
10 43 Public Relations 1964-1966, n.d.
10 44 Publications 1965
10 45 Publicity 1961-1966, n.d.
10 46 Publishers 1965-1966
10 47 Radio and TV 1965-1966
10 48 Referrals (John Wesley White) 1966
10 49 Referrals 1966
10 50 Relays 1964-1966
10 51 Roman Catholic; 1966, n.d.
10 52 Schedules 1966, n.d.
10 53 Seminars 1965-1966, n.d.
10 54 Share Partners 1965-1966, n.d.
10 55 Shipments 1966
10 56 Speaking Engagements (Joe B.) 1964-1966, n.d.
10 57 Speaking Engagements 1964-1966, n.d.
10 58 Speaking Engagements (Leighton Ford) 1964-1966
10 59 Special Engagements (Musical Team) 1965-1966, n.d.
10 60 Special Engagements - Outlying Areas 1965
10 61 Special Engagements - Outlying Areas 1964-1966
11 1 Stadiums-Earls Court, Wembley 1965-1966, n.d.
11 2 Statistics 1966, n.d.
11 3 Supporters 1966
11 4 Taxes 1966
11 5 Team, On Arrival 1966
11 6 Trade Unions 1965
11 7 Travel Information 1964
11 8 Volunteers 1965-1966, n.d.
11 9 World's Work 1965-1966
Berlin Crusade, 1966:
11 10 Arrangements 1966
11 11 Billy Graham (Schedule) 1966
11 12 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1965-1966
11 13 Committee (Executive) 1966
11 14 Controversial (folder empty] n.a.
11 15 Counseling and Follow-up 1966
11 16 Groups 1966
11 17 Hotels 1966
11 18 Information 1963-1965
11 19 News 1966
11 20 Office Employees 1966, n.d.
11 21 Pending 1964
11 22 Personnel 1965-1966
11 23 Radio 1965
11 24 Schedule 1963-1965
11 25 Seminar 1966
11 26 Special Engagements 1964-1966
11 27 Team 1964-1966
11 28 Team Expense 1970
World Congress on Evangelism, 1966:
11 29 Applications 1965-1966, n.d.
11 30 Applications 1965-1966, n.d.
11 31 Arrangements 1964-1966
11 32 Articles 1966, n.d.
11 33 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1966
11 34 Budget 1966
11 35 Committees 1965-1966, n.d.
11 36 Congress News 1966-1967
11 37 Contacts 1966-1967
11 38 Controversial 1966
11 39 Evaluations 1967
11 40 Hotels 1965-1966
11 41 Human Interest 1970
11 42 Information 1964-1966, n.d.
11 43 Materials 1966
11 44 Minutes 1964-1966
11 45 [untitled] 1964-1965 1964-1965
11 46 Personnel 1965-1966, n.d.
11 47 Press C.I.S. 1966
11 48 Schedule 1966, n.d.
11 49 Schedule (Program) 1966
11 50 Team 1964-1969
11 51 Travel Expense 1966
Puerto Rico Crusade, 1967:
11 52 Appreciation 1967
11 53 Arrangements 1966-1967
11 54 Billy Graham (Appointments) 1967
11 55 Billy Graham (Schedule) 1967
11 56 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1965-1967
11 57 Budget 1966, n.d.
11 58 Committee (Executive) 1967
11 59 Committees 1965
11 60 Committees (Music) 1967, n.d.
11 61 Controversial 1967
11 62 Crusade Bulletin 1966-1967
11 63 Crusade Information Service 1967
11 64 Crusade Materials 1967
11 65 General 1966-1967
11 66 Groups 1966-1967
11 67 Hotels 1966-1967
11 68 Information 1965-1966, n.d.
11 69 News 1967
11 70 Nightly Meetings 1967
11 71 Office 1967
11 72 Official Documents 1966
11 73 Personnel 1966-1967, n.d.
11 74 Schedule 1966-1967
11 75 Special Engagements 1966-1967
11 76 Stadium 1966
11 77 Statistics 1967
11 78 Support 1965
12 1 Team 1965-1967, n.d.
12 2 "The Story" 1967
All Britain Crusade, 1967:
12 3 Appreciation 1968
12 4 Arrangements 1967, n.d.
12 5 Automobiles 1967
12 6 Billy Graham and Team Schedules 1967
12 7 Billy Graham (Appointments) 1967
12 8 Billy Graham (Misc. Requests) 1967
12 9 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1966-1967
12 10 Church Bulletin News (Crusade News Digest) 1966-1967
12 11 Closed Circuit Television 1964-1967, n.d.
12 12 Committees (Counseling and Follow-up) 1966-1967
12 13 Committees (Executive and Exec. Correspondence.) 1967, n.d.
12 14 Committees (Executive - Minutes) 1966-1967, n.d.
12 15 Committees 1967, n.d.
12 16 Committees (Finance) 1967
12 17 Committees (Follow-up) 1967
12 18 Committees (National) 1967
12 19 Committees (National - Minutes) 1967
12 20 Committees (Prayer) 1967
12 21 Committees (Publicity) 1967
12 22 Committees (Ushers) 1967
12 23 Committees (Youth) 1967
12 24 Controversial 1967
12 25 Correspondence (Committees) 1967-1968
12 26 Correspondence (General) 1966-1967, n.d.
12 27 Correspondence (Team) 1967
12 28 Crusade Bulletin 1967
12 29 Crusade Materials 1967
12 30 Evaluation 1968
12 31 Films 1967
12 32 Groups 1967
12 33 Hotels 1966-1967, n.d.
12 34 Human Interest 1967
12 35 Land Lines 1967
12 36 Maps 1962, n.d.
12 37 News 1967, n.d.
12 38 Nightly Meetings 1967
12 39 Personnel 1966-1967
12 40 Personnel (Guests) 1967
12 41 Problems 1967
12 42 Publicity 1967
12 43 Seminar 1966
12 44 Speaking Engagements 1966-1967, n.d.
12 45 Special Engagements (Outlying) 1966-1967
12 46 Statistics 1966
12 47 Supporters 1967
12 48 Volunteers 1967
Heart of America Crusade, 1967:
12 49 Appreciation 1964-1967
12 50 Arrangements 1967
12 51 Audit 1967
12 52 Billy Graham (Appointments) 1967
12 53 Billy Graham (Miscellaneous Requests) 1967
12 54 Billy Graham (Schedule) 1967
12 55 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1967
12 56 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) Pending 1967
12 57 Budget 1967
12 58 Church Bulletin News 1967
12 59 Committees 1967
12 60 Committees (Administration) 1967
12 61 Committees (Counseling and Follow-up Correspondence) 1967
12 62 Committees (Executive) 1966, n.d.
12 63 Committees (Finance) 1967
12 64 Committees (General Adv.) 1967
12 65 Committees (Visit) 1967
12 66 Controversial 1965-1967
12 67 Correspondence (General) 1961-1969
12 68 Correspondence (Team) 1962-1967, n.d.
12 69 Crusade Bulletin 1966-1967
12 70 Crusade Materials 1967
12 71 Evaluation 1969
12 72 Executive Committee (Minutes) 1967
12 73 Films 1966-1967
12 74 Finance (Reports) 1967
12 75 Finances (Statements) 1967
12 76 Groups 1967
12 77 Groups (Special) 1967
12 78 Hotels 1967
12 79 Information 1964-1967, n.d.
12 80 Invitation No. 1 1962
12 81 Invitation No. 2 1962
13 1 Invitation No. 3 1962
13 2 Lists 1967
13 3 Mailing Lists 1966-1967, n.d.
13 4 Ministers Meetings 1967
13 5 News 1967
13 6 News Bureau 1964-1967, n.d.
13 7 Nightly Meetings 1967
13 8 Paul Lambert 1965-1967
13 9 Pending 1965-1967
13 10 Personnel (Guests) 1967, n.d.
13 11 Personnel 1966-1967
13 12 R. L. Decker 1962-1967
13 13 Ray Kahn 1968
13 14 Regional (Information) 1967
13 15 Roman Catholic 1967
13 16 Schedules 1967
13 17 Seminar (Basic Concept) 1967
13 18 Seminars 1966-1967, n.d.
13 19 Speaking Engagements 1964-1967, n.d.
13 20 Special Engagement (Outlying Areas) 1966-1967, n.d.
13 21 Statistics 1967
13 22 Strange 1967
13 23 Supporters 1967
13 24 Volunteers 1966-1967
Pacific Northwest Crusade, 1968:
13 25 Appreciation 1968
13 26 Arrangements 1968
13 27 Audit 1968-1969
13 28 Billy Graham (Appointments) 1965-1968, n.d.
13 29 Billy Graham (Articles and Statements Requested) 1964
13 30 Billy Graham (Miscellaneous Requests) 1967
13 31 Billy Graham (Schedule) 1965-1968
13 32 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1964-1968
13 33 Budget 1967
13 34 Clippings 1966-1968
13 35 Committee 1968
13 36 Committee (Executive) 1967
13 37 Committee (Executive Lists) 1967-1968, n.d.
13 38 Committee (Exploratory) 1964-1967, n.d.
13 39 Committee Prospect 1965
13 40 Committee (Advisory) 1967
13 41 Committees (Finance Reports) 1967-1968
13 42 Committees (Finance Statements) 1967-1968
13 43 Committees 1965-1967, n.d.
13 44 Controversial 1966-1968
13 45 Crusade Bulletin 1967-1968
13 46 Crusade Materials 1968
13 47 Decision 1968
13 48 Films 1968
13 49 General 1964-1968
13 50 Groups 1967-1968
13 51 Hotels 1965-1968
13 52 Information 1965-1968
13 53 Insurance 1967
13 54 Lists 1967
13 55 Mailing Lists 1968
13 56 Office 1968
13 57 Official Documents 1967
13 58 Paul Petticord 1964-1967, n.d.
13 59 Personnel (Guests) 1968
13 60 Personnel 1965-1968
13 61 Radio and TV (CCTV) 1968
13 62 Radio and TV 1968
13 63 Schedule 1968
13 64 Seminars 1967-1968
13 65 Special Engagements 1967-1968
13 66 Special Engagements (Outlying) 1967
13 67 Stadium 1966-1967
13 68 Statistics 1968
13 69 Suggestions 1968
13 70 Team 1965-1968, n.d.
14 1 Team (Memo) 1968
San Antonio Crusade, 1968:
14 2 Advertising 1968
14 3 Appreciation 1968
14 4 Appreciation 1968-1969
14 5 Arrangements 1968
14 6 Audit 1968
14 7 Automobiles 1968
14 8 Billy Graham (Schedule) 1968
14 9 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1968
14 10 Budget 1967-1968
14 11 Committees (Counsel) 1968, n.d.
14 12 Committees (Executive) 1968
14 13 Committees (Executive - Minutes) 1968
14 14 Committees (Finance) 1968-1969, n.d.
14 15 Committees (Finance Reports) 1968
14 16 Committees (Financial Statements) 1968
14 17 Committees (General) 1968
14 18 Committees (Military) 1967
14 19 Committees (Music) 1967-1968, nd.
14 20 Controversial 1968
14 21 Correspondence (Committee) 1964-1968
14 22 Correspondence (General) 1968
14 23 Counsel 1968
14 24 Crusade Bulletin (Church) 1968
14 25 Crusade Bulletin 1968, n.d.
14 26 Crusade Materials 1968, n.d.
14 27 Decision 1968
14 28 Disabled 1968
14 29 Films 1967-1968, n.d.
14 30 Groups 1968
14 31 Hotels 1968
14 32 Information 1968, n.d.
14 33 Insurance 1968
14 34 Mailing List 1967-1968
14 35 Maps 1967
14 36 Military 1968
14 37 Ministers Meeting 1968
14 38 News 1967-1968, n.d.
14 39 Nightly programs 1968
14 40 Office 1968-1969
14 41 Official 1967
14 42 Personnel 1968, n.d.
14 43 Prayer Partners 1968
14 44 Prayer Tim 1968
14 45 Publicity 1968
14 46 Radio and TV 1968
14 47 Schedule 1968, n.d.
14 48 Special Engagements 1968
14 49 Special Engagements (Music Team) 1968
14 50 Stadium 1967
14 51 Statistics 1968
14 52 Taxes 1968
14 53 Team 1967-1968
14 54 Volunteers 1968
Pittsburgh Area Crusade, 1968:
14 55 Appreciation 1968
14 56 Arrangements 1967-1968
14 57 Automobiles 1968
14 58 Billy Graham (Appointments) 1968
14 59 Billy Graham (Articles Requested) 1967
14 60 Billy Graham (Schedule) 1968
14 61 Billy Graham (Special Engagements) 1968
14 62 Committee (Counseling and Follow-up) 1968, n.d.
14 63 Committee (Executive) 1968
14 64 Committee (Finance Reports) 1966
14 65 Committee (Finance Statements) 1968
14 66 Committees 1964-1971
14 67 Crusade Bulletin 1968
14 68 Crusade Bulletin (Ministers) 1968
14 69 Crusade Materials 1968, n.d.
14 70 Decision 1968
14 71 Films 1968
14 72 General 1966-1968
14 73 Gifts 1968-1970
14 74 Groups 1968
14 75 Hotels 1967-1968
14 76 Information 1964-1967
14 77 Lists 1970
14 78 Mailing Lists 1968
14 79 Ministers Meetings 1968
14 80 News 1967-1968
14 81 Office 1968
14 82 Pending 1968
14 83 Personnel 1967-1968
14 84 Personnel (Guests) 1968
14 85 Prayer Program 1968
14 86 Publicity 1968
14 87 Radio and TV 1967-1968
14 88 Roman Catholics 1968
14 89 Schedule 1967-1968
14 90 Seminar 1967-1968, n.d.
14 91 Special Engagements 1967-1968
14 92 Special Engagements (Music Team) 1968
14 93 Statistics 1968
14 94 Support 1967
14 95 Team 1965-1969, n.d.
14 96 Volunteers 1965-1967
14 97 WHS Appointments 1968
Eurofest, 1975:
15 1 Aalborg Reconnaissances 1973
15 2 Belgrade Reconnaissances 1973
15 3 Brussels Reconnaissances 1973
15 4 Copenhagen Reconnaissances 1973
15 5 Dusseldorf Reconnaissances 1973
15 6 Frankfurt Reconnaissances 1973
15 7 Gothenburg Reconnaissances 1973
15 8 Hamburg Reconnaissances 1973
15 9 Hannover Reconnaissances 1973
15 10 Madrid Reconnaissances 1973
15 11 Munich Reconnaissances 1973
15 12 Netherlands Reconnaissances 1973
15 13 Oslo Reconnaissances 1973
15 14 Paris Reconnaissances 1973
15 15 Special 1973
15 16 Tunisia Reconnaissances 1973
15 17 Zagreg Reconnaissances 1973
3. Crusade invitations
16 1 Southeastern Michigan Crusade 1972
16 2 Southeastern Michigan Crusade 1972
17 1 Southeastern Michigan Crusade 1972
17 2 Southeastern Michigan Crusade 1971-1972
18 1 Southeastern Michigan Crusade 1972
18 2 Southeastern Michigan Crusade 1972
19 1 Greater Mississippi Crusade 1972
19 2 Greater Rocky Mountain Region Billy Graham Crusade n.d.
19 3 Greater Rocky Mountain Region Billy Graham Crusade n.d.
20 1 Greater Rocky Mountain Region Billy Graham Crusade 1972-1973, n.d.
20 2 Odessa, Texas 1974
20 3 Odessa, Texas 1974
20 4 Odessa, Texas 1974
20 5 Odessa, Texas 1974
20 6 Odessa, Texas 1974
20 7 Odessa, Texas 1974
21 1 Odessa, Texas 1974
21 2 Greater Mississippi Crusade 1974
22 1 Pacific Northwest Crusade 1974
22 2 Greater San Diego Crusade 1975
23 1 Evangelism Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio 1974-1975
24 1 Greater Rocky Mountain Region Crusade 1974
Crusade Printing Samples:
24 2 Billy Graham Hawaii Crusade 1965
24 3 Billy Graham Greater Houston Crusade 1965
24 4 Centennial Crusade 1967
24 5 Miscellaneous 1964-1967
24 6 Northern California Billy Graham Crusade 1971
24 7 Pacific Northwest Crusade 1968
24 8 San Diego County Crusade 1964
24 9 Preparatory Materials 1972
2. North American Ministries
2. Sterling Huston files
2. Miscellaneous administrative files; 1950-1966
1 1 General Correspondence 1950-1966
Billy Graham Evangelistic Film Ministry, Inc.
1 2 Correspondence 1954
1 3 Financial Reports 1954

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