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BGEA: Papers of Willis Graham Haymaker - Collection 1

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Table of Contents

Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

General Historical Background of Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Biography of Willis Graham Haymaker

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

    I. Campaigns, Rallies, and Tours Files
    II. General BGEA Materials
    III. Private Papers
    IV. Scrapbooks

Select Chronology Listing of Events in the History of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Lists of Oversize Materials, Phonograph Records and Photographs in This Collection (Location Records)
    Oversize Materials
    Phonograph Records
    Photo Albums
List of the Contents of Boxes of Paper Records in This Collection (Container List)

    I. Records Relating to Specific Camapigns, Rallies and Tours; Jan 1950-Sep 1970
    II.General BGEA Materials; 1950-1969
    III.Private Papers of Willis Haymaker; 1917-1972.
    IV.Scrapbooks: 1950-1958

Brief Description.
Correspondence, reports, photos, and other material relating mainly to Haymaker's work for over twenty years as advance man and crusade director for Billy Graham campaigns, although some of the material is also from his work for other evangelists, such as Bob Jones Sr. and Gipsy Smith. The collection contains information on both the inner workings of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the work on particular campaigns. The materials for the New York (1957), Oklahoma City, Louisville, San Francisco,Charlotte, Miami, Indianapolis, and Durham meetings are particularly rich. There are restrictions on the use of this collection. For more information, please see guide.
Vol.: 9 Boxes, Oversize Material, Photographs

BGEA: Papers of Willis Graham Haymaker - Collection 1

Collection 1
[October 13, 2016]
BGEA: Haymaker, Willis Graham; 1895-1980

Papers; 1917-1972
9 Boxes (RC, oversize; 7.7 cubic feet), Oversize Materials, Phonograph Records, Photographs.


The BGEA retains the copyright to their materials and their permission is needed for quotation. BGEA permission is also required to copy photos, audio recordings, or films in this collection, as well as paper records in any restricted files. The Archives staff will provide the form needed to request copying permission. Paper records in files not otherwise restricted may be copied. For quotation permission, contact the BGEA at

Folder 6-7 is closed during the lifetime of Billy Graham.

Biography of Willis Graham Haymaker

Willis Graham Haymaker was born August 6, 1895 in Shippenburg, Pennsylvania, the son of Elizabeth and Edward Graham Haymaker. His parents had been Presbyterian missionaries in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) until an outbreak of malaria forced them to move east. In 1905 the family moved to Winona Lake, Indiana. Haymaker was educated at Winona Academy (graduated 1913) and Winona College (graduated 1917) and married Dorothy Elizabeth Taylor of Winona Lake on July 27, 1921. They had four children: Charles Edward, Martha Lou, Willis Jr. and James.

Haymaker served as assistant to Bob Jones, Sr.'s revival rally director, Don Cochran 1916-1917; instructor in the U.S. Navy, 1917-1918; rally director for Bob Jones, Sr., 1918-1927; campaign director for Gypsy Smith, Sr., 1928; for George T. Stephens, 1929-1934; for Joe Henry Hankins and Jimmy Johnson, 1935-1936; for Bob Jones, Sr., 1940-1945; for Dr. Paul Rood and John R. Rice 1945-1949; crusade director for Billy Graham 1949-1970. As the BGEA's first crusade director, he helped establish the plan of organization that was followed in all the campaigns of Billy Graham and associate evangelists of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In 1931, Haymaker, his wife and children moved to Lenoir, North Carolina. There he became a ruling elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Lenoir. In Lenoir, he continued to act as an advisor to many people interested in evangelism. He died in 1980.

Scope and Content

[NOTE: In the Scope and Content description, the notation "Folder 1-1" means Box 1, Folder 1.]

This collection is divided into four sections to reflect both the informational and physical nature of the records. These reflect roughly the order the records were in when they were received by the Archives. These four sections are : I. Campaigns, Rallies and Tours; II. General BGEA Materials; III. Private papers of Haymaker; and IV. Scrapbooks.

I. Crusades, Rallies, and Tours Files. This section has all the materials relating to specific campaigns, rallies or tours. Most campaigns have at least a correspondence file and a forms file. The correspondence file contains all non-form letters, memos, financial records, press releases, etc. concerning the campaign unless there are separate folders for such material. The form folder contains all form letters, small posters, tickets, forms, etc. relating to the campaign. The folders are arranged chronologically according to the date of the campaign. The dates in parenthesis on each folder are not the dates of the campaign but the dates of material in the folder. The dates of various campaigns can be found by consulting the chronology in this register. The initials n.d. on some folders means it contains materials which are not dated. Also included are files on invitations from communities to conduct a campaign.

As BGEA crusade director, Haymaker had the responsibility of going to a city which was planning a Billy Graham campaign and there setting up the local organization which would run the campaign with the assistance and leadership of the Billy Graham team. Folder 9-2 contains a letter that outlines campaign procedures at the very beginning of the BGEA's existence. The correspondence for the various campaigns shows how he was involved in most of the preliminary arrangement from advertisement to personnel selection to (in the early campaigns) the construction of large tabernacles. (In Albuquerque and Chattanooga, his tabernacles were still standing many years later.) For example, folder 1-16 includes correspondence with Jerry Beavan about the type and number of outdoor billboards to rent; folder 1-14 contains an auditorium rental agreement, a report on cottage prayer meetings, and instructions for participating ministers; folder 9-9 contains a contract for the construction of a steel frame for the tabernacle for the 1952 Pittsburgh campaign; folder 9-11 contains a letter outlining the requirements for a portable metal tabernacle; folder 9-11 has correspondence with Rev. E. J. Rollings about preparations for the 1953 Detroit campaign among labor unions and fraternal organizations; folder 5-47 has a newsletter about facilities for the deaf at the Tri-County Crusade; folder 1-12 has the format for a Billy Graham Prayertime radio program; folder 5-41 has plans for a special orientation program on evangelism for local seminary students during the Southern Piedmont campaign (these programs later grew into the Schools of Evangelism); extensive correspondence in folder 9-10 on the arrangements for ushering at the New York campaign; folder 1-17 has a draft of a contract to rent the coliseum in Geddes, NY for the Syracuse Crusade; folder 9-9 has a follow-up report on the results of the Pittsburgh campaign. Similar material on campaign organization can be found in many files.

The information in this collection on the New York Crusade of 1957 is especially complete. Besides extensive correspondence (folder 1-46, among others), the collection contains a complete or nearly complete set of the executive committee minutes (folders 2-1 and 2-2), press releases (folders 3-5), press clippings (folders 2-20 through 3-4; also see collection 360 for clippings on all BGEA campaigns), and forms used for every aspect of the campaign (folders 2-4 through 2-16). There is also a great deal of information for the Oklahoma City (folders 1-34 through 1-36), Louisville (folders 1-40 through 1-42), San Francisco (folders 1-10 through 1-12), Charlotte (folders 4-1 through 4-6), Indianapolis (folders 4-9, 4-10), Miami (folders 4-16 through 5-8) and Durham Crusades (folders 5-27 through 5-29), among others. In the files for the Miami campaign are also included the correspondence and forms concerning the several two-day rallies that Graham and associate evangelists held around Florida at the same time period.

Of especial interest is: Graham's telegram in folder 1-14 about rescheduling the St. Louis meetings so that he could visit American troops in Korea (there is a draft for a similar telegram for the Chattanooga campaign in folder 9-10), correspondence with Lorne Sanny of the Navigators about the follow-up work that organization was doing for the BGEA, the press release in folder 1-21 sent out in response to criticism to Graham's plans to hold meetings in London, the correspondence in folder 9-7 with Christ for Greater Los Angeles (the organization that sponsored Graham's 1949 Los Angeles meetings) about a rally in Hollywood, several 1951 letters in folder 1-46 about plans to hold a campaign in New York. Folder 6-7 includes one from Billy Graham laying out his conditions for such a series of meetings. [See on the web this address:]

II. General BGEA Materials. Included are materials relating to Haymaker's general activities as a crusade director and member of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The material in this section deals with correspondence from and about team members (folders 6-6, 6-7, 6-11, 6-12, 6-14 and 6-18), advertising (folder 6-5), and which cities Billy Graham and his associates should preach in (6-8 and 9-13); yearly schedules of planned campaigns (folder 6-17); inter-office memos and minutes of meetings (6-18 and 9-13); the layout of several of the stadiums where campaigns were to be held (7-2, OS1); and general plans of organization for a hypothetical campaign as the BGEA's procedures became more formalized with the passage of time (folder 6-15; see also the plan for the Pittsburgh campaign in folder 8-9 and the New York campaign in folder 2-12.). Over the years he and the other members of the Association evolved and standardized the methods used in a Graham campaign for planning, finances, following up conversion experiences, publicity, etc. This aspect of Haymaker's work and correspondence relating to general association activities as opposed to a specific campaign is contained in section two. Also of interest is a letter in folder 9-13 from Helen Sunday, wife of evangelist Billy Sunday, about the Graham campaigns and her own activities.

Haymaker, besides working on specific campaigns, helped decide which invitations Billy Graham and other evangelists of the Association should accept and the records also are concerned with the invitations Dr. Graham received from all over the world for speaking engagements. Haymaker, until about 1964, had most of the responsibility for investigating these invitations as to their feasibility and desirability and replying to the impossible or unlikely ones. The likely ones were further discussed and prayed over by other members of Graham's staff. Invitations from many cities and organizations can be found in folders 8-2 through 8-33. The original order of the correspondence has been retained as far as possible. The many letters which were loose in the original box have been put into folders marked General. After these are letters arranged alphabetically, then a group arranged according to geographic location, and then a section of invitations received from schools, colleges, universities and seminaries. Also included in this collection are invitation reports (folder 7-1) which state in summary form some of the invitations received.

III. Private Papers. Section three contains private papers, mainly relating to Haymaker's work for other evangelists and local affairs in his home, Lenoir, NC. Although the Haymaker papers deal almost entirely with the period of his life when he was a campaign director for Billy Graham, especially the years 1949-1967. In folder 6-21 there are some letters relating to the revival campaigns he helped to organize for Gypsy Smith, Sr., and Bob Jones, Sr., but these are relatively few. Of particular interest is a detailed description of a meeting in Shelbyville, IL which he organized for Bob Jones Jr. and Homer Rodeheaver in 1950. This was one of the last, if not the last, meetings Haymaker directed for an evangelist other than of the Graham organization. Oversize folder 1 contains the diagrams of the floor layouts of meetings he directed in 1946 and 1948. Folder 9-1 contains some 1950 correspondence which Haymaker wrote when he was in transition, advising Graham and his associates on campaign work before he was part of the organization.

IV. Scrapbooks. Section six contains the press scrapbooks of the Charlotte, North Carolina campaign and the Columbia, South Carolina campaign. The books have been microfilmed and researchers should consult Collection 360 for these materials.


Most of these records were received by the Center in May, 1977 from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's Atlanta Office. Other boxes of Haymaker's files were sent to the Center by the BGEA in 1982. The first shipment was donated to the BGEA in 1973. The second shipment was apparently donated after Haymaker's death.

Acc. #77-5, 82-134

June 29, 1977
Robert Shuster
S. Short

June 19, 1990
P. Ericksen
L. Ferguson

February 20, 1991
P. Ericksen
L. Ferguson

November 30, 1992
Robert Shuster

K. Cox

Accession: #77-5
Type of Material: Oversize Material

The following items are located in the OS FILE except as otherwise noted; request by Folder Titles at the beginning of each description below:

STADIUM LAYOUTS - Two blueprints of the floor plan of the Chicago arena for an evangelistic meeting held in 1946; Blueprint of the Lenoir, NC Physical Education building on the Lenoir High School campus, 1947; Notes and charts on the plans for the Portsmouth, VA tabernacle, for a meeting held in 1948; Seating and lighting plan for the Warner Park Field House used during the 1953 Chattanooga campaign; Seating layout chart of Redstone Airfield in Alabama, August 26, 1962. OS1

POSTER (PC 29, 3rd floor).
Poster promoting Billy Graham's 1955 Paris Crusade. Translated, the poster reads, "The Bible Speaks to Today's Man. Come and Hear Billy Graham at the Winter Cycledrome from June 5 to 9 at 8:30 p.m. Open and free entry. Metro stop: Bir-Hakeim. Printed yellow, black and red on newsprint. Measures 31-3/8" x 23-1/2". Originally filed in Folder 7-3. (Previously Accession 1991.0238 in the BGC Museum collection.)


Type of Material: Phonograph Records

The following items are located in the PHONOGRAPH RECORD FILE:

Records P1 and P2 are in an album entitled Selections From Oiltown, USA.

P1 - Vinyl, 45 rpm, 6-7/8" in diameter. Produced by RCA Victor, number EFB 3000, n.d. Side 1 contains "Oiltown, U.S.A." by orchestra and chorus and "Lord Keep Your Hand on Me" sung by Redd Harper with Andy Parker and the Plainsmen. Side 4 contains "No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus" sung by George Beverly Shea accompanied by Paul Mickelson and "Lord, I'm Coming Home" sung by George Beverly Shea with the orchestra and chorus. Musical score composed and conducted by Ralph Carmichael.

P2 - Vinyl, 45 rpm, 6-7/8" in diameter. Produced by RCA Victor, number EFB 3000, n.d. Side 2 contains "Christian Cowboy" sung by Cindy Wilson, with Andy Parker and the Plainsmen and "He Died for Me" sung by George Beverly Shea accompanied by Paul Mickelson. Side 3 contains an excerpt from Billy Graham's sermon, "Peace in Our Time."

P3 - Square, paper, 8-1/4" x 8-1/4", 78 rpm phonograph record produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. On the front of the record is a photograph of a crowd listening to Graham preach on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC. On the back is a close-up of Graham preaching on this occasion. The record contains a portion of Graham's message. 1952.

P4 - Square, paper, 8-1/4" x 8-1/4", 78 rpm phonograph record produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; contains message by Billy Graham entitled "The Loneliness of Despair." On the other side is the text, in part, "America has made its Decision/ Dwight D. Eisenhower/ Inaugurated 34th President of the United States/ Jan. 20, 1953/ Remember our President in Prayer." 1953.

P5 - Square, paper, 8-1/4" x 8-1/4", 78 rpm phonograph record produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Record is entitled "Let Freedom Ring." On the front side is written a sentence from the American Declaration of Independence. On the back is a picture of the Statue of Liberty and a 1952 photograph of Graham talking to president of South Korea Syngman Rhee, along with quotes by Rhee. The record contains a portion of Graham's sermon, "Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," delivered by Graham at Dallas, Texas on July 4, 1953.

P6 - Square, paper, 8-1/4" x 8-1/4", 78 rpm phonograph record produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. On the record is written information about the history of the hymn, "The Ninety and Nine" and the organ on which the music was first played. On one side of the record, George Beverly Shea sings the hymn accompanied by the organ, on the other side is just the hymn playing the tune. 1955.

P7 - Vinyl, 78 rpm, 9-7/8" in diameter. Produced by Chancel Records of Philadelphia, number CR 2002, n.d. Side 1 contains "His Eye is On The Sparrow" sung by Ethel Waters and the New York Crusade Choir. Side 2 contains "Just A Closer Walk With Thee, " sung by Ethel Waters and the New York Crusade Choir. Ca. 1957. Three copies.


77-5, 82-134
Type of Material: Photographs

The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE, unless otherwise indicated; request by Folder Titles at the beginning of each entry below:


BARROWS, CLIFF. Oct 1950. n.d.



BGEA ALBUQUERQUE CRUSADE, NOV. 2-DEC. 2, 1952. 3 photographs, b&w.

BGEA ALL SCOTLAND CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - GLASGOW, SCOTLAND. campaign crowds and street scenes. 1955.

BGEA ATLANTA CRUSADE; BILLY GRAHAM - ATLANTA, GA. campaign crowds, staff, and local leaders (including Haymaker, Barrows). Oct 29-Dec 3, 1950.

BGEA CAMP LEJEUNE, NC BILLY GRAHAM - JACKSONVILLE, NC. campaign crowds. Camp Lejeune. Mar 15, 1962.

BGEA CHARLOTTE CRUSADES: BILLY GRAHAM - CHARLOTTE, NC. campaign crowds. Sep 21-Oct 26, 1958.

BGEA CHATTANOOGA CRUSADE, MAR. 15-APR. 14, 1953. 1 photo, b&w.

BGEA CHILDREN'S MEETINGS. Speakers and crowds in Portland, Oregon, Ft. Worth, TX and London, England. 1955-1960. These pictures are in the Photo Album File.

BGEA COLORADO CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - DENVER, COLORADO. campaign crowds, Denver. Aug 27-Sep 5, 1965.

BGEA COLUMBIA CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - COLUMBIA, SC. campaign crowds, Columbia. Feb 19-Mar 12, 1950.

BGEA CAMPAIGN SITE (OVERSIZE). Unidentified campaign site. n.d.

BGEA DALLAS CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - DALLAS, TX. campaign crowds, Dallas. May 31-Jun 28, 1953.

BGEA DALLAS CRUSADE: GRAHAM - DALLAS, TX (OVERSIZE). campaign Site Dallas, TX (crowds). 1953.

BGEA DETROIT CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - DETROIT, MI. campaign crowds, Detroit. Sep 27-Nov 1, 1953.

BGEA EL PASO AREA CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - EL PASO, TX. campaign crowds, El Paso. Nov 4-11, 1962.

BGEA FORT WORTH CRUSADE, FEB. 25-MAR. 26, 1951. 1 photo, b&w.

BGEA GRAHAM CAMPAIGN OUTDOOR ADVERTISING. campaigns include Hollywood Bowl; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Berlin, Germany; Los Angeles, CA; London, England. 1950-1958. These pictures are in the Photo Album File.

BGEA GRAHAM OUTDOOR CAMPAIGNS. campaigns include 1950--Boston, MA; Portland, ME; Minneapolis, MN; Atlanta, GA; Columbia, SC; 1951--Ft. Worth, TX; Shreveport, LA; Memphis, TN; Seattle, WA; Hollywood, CA; Greensboro, NC; Raleigh, NC. 1950-1951. These pictures are in the Photo Album File.

BGEA GRAHAM WITH RELIGIOUS VIP'S. Includes Homer Rodeheaver, Charles Fuller, Bob Pierce, Stuart Hamblen, Bishop Hugh Gough, Harold Ockenga, Archbishop of Canterbury. 1955-65. These pictures are in the Photo Album File.

BGEA GRAHAM WITH SECULAR VIP'S. Includes Richard Nixon, Frank Carlson, Dale Evans, Roy Rogers, Willis Haymaker, Herman Talmadge and Dwight D. Eisenhower. 1954-58. These pictures are in the Photo Album File.

BGEA GREENSBORO CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - GREENSBORO, NC. campaign crowds, Greensboro. Oct 14-Nov 26, 1951.

BGEA HEART OF AMERICA CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - KANSAS CITY, MO. campaign crowds, Kansas City. Sep 8-17, 1967.

BGEA HOLLYWOOD BOWL CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - HOLLYWOOD, CA. campaign crowds, Hollywood. Sep 16-Oct 6, 1951.

BGEA JACKSONVILLE CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - JACKSONVILLE, FL. campaign crowds, Jacksonville. Jan 14-15, 1961.

BGEA LONDON CRUSADE, GREATER: BILLY GRAHAM - LONDON ENGLAND. campaign crowds, London. Mar 1-May 22, 1954.

BGEA LOUISVILLE CRUSADE: GRAHAM - LOUISVILLE, KY (OVERSIZE). campaign Site Louisville, KY (crowds). 1956.

BGEA MEMPHIS CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - MEMPHIS, TN. campaign crowds, Memphis. May 20-Jun 20, 1951.

BGEA MIAMI CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - MIAMI, FL. campaign crowds, Miami. Mar 5-26, 1961.

BGEA MINNEAPOLIS CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. campaign crowds, Minneapolis. Sep 17-Oct 8, 1950.

BGEA MONTGOMERY CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - MONTGOMERY, AL, campaign crowds, Montgomery. Jun 13-20, 1965.

BGEA NASHVILLE CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - NASHVILLE, TN. campaign crowds, Nashville. Aug 22-Sep 19, 1954.

BGEA NEW YORK CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - NEW YORK, NY. campaign crowds, New York. May 15-Sep 1, 1957.

BGEA PENSACOLA CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - PENSACOLA, FL. campaign crowds and staff (including Haymaker and John Lenning). Apr 16-30, 1967.

BGEA PITTSBURGH CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - PITTSBURGH, PA. campaign crowds, Pittsburgh. Sep 7-Oct 7, 1952.

BGEA ST. LOUIS REVIVAL; BILLY GRAHAM - ST. LOUIS, MO. campaign crowds, St. Louis. Apr 19-May 17, 1953.

BGEA SAN DIEGO COUNTY CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - SAN DIEGO, CA. campaign crowds, San Diego. May 1-10, 1964.

BGEA SAN FRANCISCO CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - SAN FRANCISCO, CA. campaign crowds, San Francisco. Apr 27-Jun 15, 1958.

BGEA SCOTLAND TOUR: BILLY GRAHAM - EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND. campaign crowds, Scotland. May 1955.

BGEA SEATTLE CRUSADE, JULY 29-SEPT. 2. 3 photographs, b&w.

BGEA STOCKHOLM CRUSADE, JUNE 19-20, 1954 - STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. 1 photograph, b&w.

BGEA SYRACUSE CRUSADE: BILLY GRAHAM - SYRACUSE, NY. campaign crowds, Syracuse. Aug 2-31, 1953.

BGEA TEAM MEMBERS. Team Members. 1950-1967. n.d.










FERM, ROBERT. Oct 1960.






HAYMAKER, WILLIS. 1954-1959. n.d.














PIATT, DON. n.d.









WILSON, GRADY. 1950. n.d.



Accession: 77-5
Type of material: Photo Albums
The following items are located in the PHOTO ALBUM FILE; request by Folder Titles (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

GRAHAM OUTDOOR CRUSADES. Campaigns include 1950--Boston, MA; Portland, ME; Minneapolis, MN; Atlanta, GA; Columbia, SC; 1951--Ft. Worth, TX; Shreveport, LA; Memphis, TN; Seattle, WA; Hollywood, CA; Greensboro, NC; Raleigh, NC. 1950-1951. These pictures are in the Photo Album File.

GRAHAM WITH RELIGIOUS VIP'S. Includes Homer Rodeheaver, Charles Fuller, Bob Pierce, Bob Jones Jr., Jack Wyrtzen, Otto Dibelius, John R. Rice, Robert G. Lee, Stuart Hamblen, Bishop Hugh Gough, Harold Ockenga, Archbishop of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher. 1954-65. These pictures are in the Photo Album File.

GRAHAM WITH SECULAR VIP'S. Includes Richard Nixon, Frank Carlson, Dale Evans, Roy Rogers, Willis Haymaker, Herman Talmadge and Dwight D. Eisenhower. 1954-58. These pictures are in the Photo Album File.

Box Folder Description
I. Records Relating to Specific Campaigns, Rallies and Tours; Jan 1950-Sep 1970 
1 1 Columbia, SC; 1950, n.d.
9 1 Portland, OR; 1950
9 2 Minneapolis, MN; n.d.
9 3 Birmingham, AL; 1950
1 2 Atlanta, GA; 1950, n.d.
1 3 Fort Worth, TX - Forms (n.d.).
9 4 Shreveport, LA; 1950-1951
9 5 Cincinnati, OH; 1951
7 10 Memphis - Posters; 1951 . including a poster
 Seattle, WA
1 4 Forms (n.d.).
7 13 Posters; 1951
9 7 Hollywood, CA; 1951
1 5 Greensboro, NC; 1965, n.d.
 Washington, DC; 1952:
1 6 Forms; 1951-1952, n.d.
7 15 Posters; 1952
1 7 Telephone Book, n.d.
1 8 Jacksonville, FL - Forms, n.d.
  Houston, TX; 1952
1 9 Forms, n.d.
7 7 Posters; 1952
9 8 Little Rock, AR; 1951
1 10 Jackson, MS - Forms, n.d.
 Pittsburgh, PA;
1 11 1952
9 9 1952
1 12 Albuquerque, NM - Forms; 1952, n.d.
 Chattanooga, TN
1 13 Forms; 1952-1953, n.d.
9 10 1951-1953
 St. Louis, MO; 1953
1 14 1952-1953.
1 15 Forms, n.d.
 Dallas, TX
1 16 1953, n.d.
7 5 Posters; 1953
1 17 Syracuse, NY; 1951-1953, n.d.
 Detroit, MI:
1 18 1952-1954.
9 11 1952-1953
1 19 n.d.
7 6 Posters; n.d.
1 20 Asheville, NC; 1953.
 London; 1954:
1 21 1953-1954, n.d.
7 1 Brochures; 1954
1 22 Crusade News and Prayer Letters; 1953-1954, n.d.
1 23 Forms; 1953-1954, n.d.
7 9 Posters; 1954
1 24 Nashville, TN; 1953-1955.
1 25 New Orleans, LA; 1953-1954, n.d.
1 26 1954-1955.
1 27 Forms; 1954-1955, n.d.
1 28 London; 1955, 1955, n.d.
 Toronto, Canada:
1 29 1950-1955, n.d.
1 30 Forms; 1955, n.d.
1 31 Ottawa, Canada; 1955-1956, n.d.
 Richmond, VA:
1 32 1954-1956, n.d.
1 33 Forms. 1956, n.d.
 Oklahoma City, OK:
1 34 1955-1957, n.d.
1 35 Financial Records; 1956, n.d.
1 36 Forms; 1956, n.d.
1 37 Muskogee, OK; 1955-1956, n.d.
1 38 Ocean Grove, NJ; 1955-1956.
1 39 Akron, OH; 1955-1957.
 Louisville, KY:
1 40 1955-1957, n.d.
1 41 Financial Records; 1956-1957.
1 42 Forms; 1956, n.d.
1 43 St. Louis, MO; 1956, 1956, n.d.
 Buffalo, NY:
1 44 1955-1957.
1 45 Forms, n.d.
 New York, NY:
1 46 1951-1957, n.d.
1 47 Address and Telephone Record, n.d.
2 1  1956-1957.
2 2  1957.
2 3 Financial Records; 1956-1958, n.d.
2 4  Bookkeeping, n.d.
2 5  Choir, n.d.
2 6  Committee Enlistment; 1956-1957.
2 7  Counseling, n.d.
2 8  Cottage Prayer Meetings, n.d.
2 9  Delegations and Hospitality; 1957, n.d.
2 10  Follow-up, n.d.
2 11  Industrial Prayer Meetings, n.d.
2 12  Miscellaneous; Aug 1956-Jul 1957, n.d.
2 13  Office, n.d.
2 14  Visitation Evangelism, n.d.
2 15  University; 1957, n.d.
2 16  Usher; 1956-1957, n.d.
2 17 General Crusade Committee Records; 1956-1957.
2 18 Newsletters; 1956-1957.
7 11 Posters; 1957
2 19 Prayer Campaign Materials; 1956-1957, n.d.
  Press Clippings:
2 20  1955-1957.
2 21  1957.
3 1  1957.
3 2  1957.
3 3  1957.
3 4  Index; 1957.
3 5 Press Releases; 1957, n.d.
3 6 Standard Operating Procedure and Materials Manual; Counseling and
   Follow-up Department, n.d.
3 7 Team Activities; 1957.
3 8 Testimonies, n.d.
3 9 Visitation Evangelism Committee Minutes; 1957.
 San Francisco, CA:
3 10 1957-1958, n.d.
3 11 Crusade News; 1958.
3 12 Forms; 1958, n.d.
7 12 Posters; 1958
3 13 Greenville, SC - 1958.
    Charlotte, North Carolina
4 1 1955-1958.
4 2 1958
4 3 1958-1959, n.d.
4 4 Crusade News; 1958.
4 5 Financial Records; 1958, n.d.
4 6 Forms; 1957-1958, n.d.
7 4 Posters; 1958
4 7 Honolulu, HI; 1958.
4 8 Little Rock, AR; 1957-1959.
 Indianapolis, IN
4 9 1955-1959, n.d.
4 10 Financial Records. 1958-1960, n.d.
7 8 Posters; 1959
4 12 Clinton, TN. 1958.
4 13 Africa; 1959-1960.
4 14 An Evening of Music.... 1959-1960, n.d.
4 15 Washington, DC - Forms; 1960.
 Miami, FL:
4 16 1958-1960.
4 17 1960.
4 18 1960-1961.
4 19 1961.
4 20 1961
4 21 n.d.
4 22  1960
4 23  1960
  Attendance Records
5 1  1959
5 2  1959
5 3  1961
5 4 Financial Records; 1961, n.d.
5 5 Forms; 1959-1961, n.d.
5 6 Prayer Bulletins, Church Bulletins, Crusade News; 1960-1961
5 7 Press Releases; 1961, n.d.
5 8 Spanish Forms; 1961
 Minneapolis, MN
5 9 1961, n.d.
5 10 Forms, n.d.
7 14 Posters; 1961
 Philadelphia, PA:
5 11   1960-1962, n.d.
5 12 Forms; 1961.
5 13 North Carolina; 1961-1962.
5 14 Chicago, IL; 1957-1962, n.d.
5 15 Seattle, WA; 1962.
5 16 Fresno, CA; 1962.
5 17 Philadelphia, PA: El Paso, TX; 1962.
 Los Angeles, CA:
5 18 1963, n.d.
5 19 Forms; 1962-1963, n.d.
5 20 Asheville, NC; 1963-1964, n.d.
5 21 Phoenix, AZ; 1961-1964.
5 22 San Diego, CA - Forms; 1964, n.d.
 Burlington, NC, NC; 1964:
5 23 n.d.
5 24 n.d.
5 25 Boston, MA; 1964, n.d.
5 26 Hawaii; 1964-1965.
 Durham, NC:
5 27 1963-1965, n.d.
5 28 Financial Records; 1964-1965, n.d.
5 29 Forms; 1964-1965, n.d.
 Dothan, AL:
5 30 1965, n.d.
5 31 Forms; 1965.
 Montgomery, AL:
5 32 1965, n.d.
5 33 Forms; 1965, n.d.
 Parkersburg, WV
5 34 1964-1965, n.d.
5 35 Forms; 1965, n.d.
5 36 Colorado - Forms; 1965, n.d.
 Wilmington, NC:
5 37 1965-1966.
5 38 1965, n.d.
5 39 Rochester, N.Y, n.d.
5 40 Houston; 1965.
 Greenville, SC:
5 41 1965-1966, n.d.
5 42 Forms; 1965-1966, n.d.
5 43 London; 1966, 1963-66.
5 44 Columbus, IN - Forms; 1966, n.d.
 Pensacola, FL:
5 45 1966-1967, n.d.
5 46 Forms; 1966-1967, n.d.
 Elkin, NC:
5 47 1968, n.d.
5 48 Financial Records; 1968, n.d.
5 49 Forms; 1968, n.d.
5 50 Lenoir, NC; 1970.
5 51 Knoxville, TN; 1969-1970.
9 12 Chicago, IL; 1971
II. General BGEA Materials; 1950-1969
6 1 Address and Telephone Books; 1959, n.d.
 Appointment Calendar:
6 2 1955.
6 3 1958.
6 4 1961.
 BGEA Correspondence:
6 5 Advertising; 1953-1956.
R 6 6 Beavan, Gerald; 1951-1962, n.d.
R 6 7 Graham, William; 1951-1968.
8 Invitations for Campaigns; 1950-1969, n.d.
6 9 Miscellaneous; 1949-1968, n.d.
6 10 Pollock, John; 1963-1964
R 6 11 Smyth, Walter; 1954-1964.
R 6 12 Team and Staff Members; 1955-1968, n.d.
R 6 13 Wilson, George; 1954-1969.
R 6 14 Wilson, Grady; 1956-1957.
6 15 BGEA Campaign Organization Plans; 1952-1969, n.d.
6 16 BGEA Follow up Material; n.d.
6 17 BGEA Schedules; 1955-1967.
6 18 BGEA Team and Staff Meetings; 1958-1964.
7 2 Building plans; n.d.
8 1 Invitation Reports; 1957-1958.
8 2  1960-1961.
8 3  1962.
8 4  1962.
8 5  1963.
8 6  1963.
8 7 "A" file; 1961-1962..
8 8 Canada; 1962.
8 9 Foreign and U.S.A.; 1961.
8 10 "G" file; 1961-1962.
8 11 "H-I-J" file; 1961-1962.
8 12 "K-L" file; 1961-1962.
8 13 "M" file; 1961-1962.
8 14 "P" file; 1961-1962.
8 15 "T" file; 1961-1962.
8 16 "V-W" file; 1961-1962.
8 17 Chicago; 1963.
8 18 Chicago Crusades; 1961-1964.
8 19   Illinois; 1962-1963.
8 20 Miami, FL; 1961-1963.
8 21 Missouri; 1962-1963.
8 22 New York; 1962-1963.
8 23 North Carolina; 1962-1963.
8 24 Texas; 1961-1963.
8 25 American Universities; 1960-1963.
8 26 Colleges; 1961-1963.
8 28 Schools, Colleges and Universities; 1961-1965.
  Colleges and Universities:
8 27  1961-1965
8 29  1963-1964.
8 30  1963.
8 31  Theological Seminaries; 1961-1964.
8 32  Harvard Divinity School; 1963-1964.
8 33  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; 1963-1964.
6 19 Personality Sketches of BGEA Members; 1962-1967.
6 20 World Congress on Evangelism Records; 1964-1966.
III. Private Papers of Willis Haymaker; 1917-1972.
6 21 Personal Correspondence; 1917-1972.
6 22 Layman's Institute Records; 1956-1961.
Scrapbooks: 1950-1958
Vol. 1 Columbia, SC; 1950.
Vol. 2 Charlotte, NC; 1957-1958.
Vol. 3 Charlotte, NC; 1958.
Vol. 4 Charlotte, NC; 1958.

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