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Archival Copy Orders of More Than 100 Pages


1.    Because of staff and equipment limitations, the archives cannot take copy orders of more than 100 pages.


2.    The researcher who desires to copy more than 100 pages must use the copier in the manuscript reading room and either do the copying himself/herself or hire a Wheaton College graduate or undergraduate student to do the work. Students looking for work can be found through the student employment office on campus (telephone number 630-752-5030).


3.    Compensation arrangements are strictly between the researcher and the student. The student doing the copying will need to pay for the copies as he/she does them. Copies made on the copier in the archival reading room will cost six cents ($.06) a page.


4.    If the copier in the reading room is broken or no student help is available or any similar problem, then copying must wait until the problem is solved.


5.    In the case of particularly large copy orders, the archives might restrict the number of hours a person can use the machine each day in order to allow others access and to lessen the strain on the machine.