It is our desire at the Graham Center Archives to have our collections as open as possible; however, some do have restrictions on their use, These restrictions were usually placed by the individual or organization which gave the records to the Archives. The staff of the Archives will inform you when material you wish to see is restricted. In most cases, you can get permission to see restricted collections by contacting the donor to ask for permission. PLEASE NOTE: The staff must have, for its files, written permission from the donor for you to see restricted collections. If you wish to have certain materials from the restricted files duplicated, you must receive written permission for that as well, so please be sure that the permission you receive from the donor meets your needs. With restricted collections,, we can do only those things for which the donor gives permission.

Note On Copyright: Although the Archives will usually give such copyright permission as it holds to publish materials, we may not have the rights to the material you wish to publish. We do not claim to hold the copyright to all photographs and other documents in our collections. It is the user's responsibility to make sure that he has received all permissions necessary to publish any materials he or she has received from the Archives. This particularly applies to photographs by commercial photographers. All negotiations for permission should be between the user and the holder of the copyright, without involvement of the Archives.