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Bachelor of Music (Performance)

The Bachelor of Music degree in Performance provides comprehensive music training that encourages the formation of performing artists capable of meaningful contributions to society and the church. The four-year curriculum with a major in piano, organ, voice, or orchestral instrument is designed for those who are contemplating a variety of graduate programs or careers in music.

General Education

 32 hours normally

(For specific course options to meet the general education requirements below, see the Christ at the Core General Education requirements.)

Core Competencies:



Oral Communication

 2 hours



 4 hours

Shared Core:



Old Testament

 4 hours


New Testament

 4 hours


Christian Thought

 4 hours


First Year Seminar

 4 hours


Advanced Integrative Seminar

 See below Thematic Core


Capstone Experience

 See below Senior Capstone

Thematic Core:



Select three themes from Categories I and II below. One of the courses must be an Advanced Integrative Seminar (AIS), and it is advised to select double-tagged courses.

No more than 1 Theme may be met with transfer credit. Transfer courses will receive one tag only.


Categories I and II:

 8 hours minimum


*       Category I (choose one theme from this category):

*       Diversity in the United States

*       Global Perspectives


*       Category II (choose two themes from this category):

*       Applied Abstract and Quantitative Reasoning

*       Historical Perspectives

*       Literary Explorations

*       Philosophical Investigations

*       Scientific Practice

*       Scientific Issues and Perspectives

*       Social Inquiry


Visual and Performing Arts - Art/Theater


 2 hours




Individual Performance (MUIP)

 24 hours


Primary Instrument

 24 hours (MUIP 201-422)




Music Theory & Composition (MUTC)

 16 hours


Music Theory 1-4

Aural Skills 1-5

 11 hours (MUTC 151, 171, 241, 261)

 5 hours (MUTC 152, 172, 252, 272, 352)




Context Studies (MUCS)

 18 hours


Music Before 1600

 2 hours (MUCS 261)


Baroque and Classical Music

 4 hours (MUCS 262)


Nineteenth-Century Music

 2 hours (MUCS 263)


World Music

 2 hours (MUCS 264)


Twentieth-Century Music

 4 hours (MUCS 361)


Senior Capstone

 2 hours (MUCS 494)


Literature of the Instrument

 2 hours (MUCS 323-329)




Methods Studies (MUMS)

Voice Majors: 15 hrs; Organ Majors: 10 hrs; All others: 9 hrs


Introduction to Music Studies

 2 hours (MUMS 115)


Basic Conducting & Lab

 3 hours (MUMS 248/346)


Pedagogy I

 2 hours (MUMS 255)


Pedagogy II (not required of Organ Majors)

 2 hours (MUMS 321:1-8)


Organ Playing and Teaching (Organ Majors)

 3 hours (MUMS 349)




Ensemble Performance (MUEP)

 8 hours


Large Ensemble (8 semesters)

 4 hours (MUEP 213-218)


Chamber Music

 4 hours (MUEP 356, 357, 358, 371:1-7)




Electives from MUTC, MUCS, MUMS

 8 hours

   Voice Majors only:



English & Italian Diction

 2 hours (MUMS 141)


French & German Diction

 2 hours (MUMS 245)


Italian Grammar for Singers

 2 hours (MUMS 243)


Remaining Electives

 2 hours




Recital and Concert Attendance (MUEP)

 0 hours (MUEP 219)


Eight semesters





Free Electives (may include music courses)

Voice Majors: 2 hours; Organ Majors: 8 hours;
All others: 10 hours

   Voice Majors only (from Free or General Ed Electives):



 4 hours



 4 hours

   Organ Majors only (from Free Electives):


Organ Service Playing & Teaching

 3 hours (MUMS 349)



Piano Proficiency (Consult Conservatory Handbook)




Junior Recital

0 hours (MUIP 394)

Senior Full Recital

0 hours (MUIP 494)



Total hours required for degree

 124 hours minimum.

(In order to meet all requirements, hours needed may exceed 124).


Revision Date: June 1, 2017



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