The Promise of Wheaton is the most ambitious campaign that Wheaton has attempted. This endeavor has required prayer, hard work, and the invaluable partnership and support of the Wheaton family.

The new Science Center, nestled comfortably between Jenks Hall and Coray Alumni Gymnasium, was completed in just under two years. View photos taken over the course of the construction process.
Year four of the campaign brought significant changes on campus.
View the construction progress and final results for 2008-2009.
“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.”
- Psalm 127:1

News, Results, and Reasons to Give Thanks

"God has been gracious to provide; and we, and future generations of the Wheaton family, will have continual cause to thank God for these gifts." –R. Mark Dillon, Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations.

News, Results, and Reasons to Give Thanks

June 30, 2011 marked the last day of counting gifts and commitments to The Promise campaign. The final total of commitments to The Promise of Wheaton is $261.7 million.

According to President Ryken, "This is occasion for many expressions of thanks to God. Duane Litfin led in conceiving this campaign and expended a great deal of time and energy to put us in a good place. The Trustees have come alongside this effort in an unprecedented way. The Advancement team, under the leadership of Mark Dillon, pulled together to achieve this very aggressive goal, all with an eye to deepening relationships with those who support the work of the College. And almost 25,000 members of the Wheaton family, including many faculty and staff, gave over the course of the campaign to advance the mission of Christ through Wheaton College."

Dr. Ryken added, "We give thanks to our gracious God for this wonderful provision that has better equipped us for service to our Lord through Wheaton College."

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