In this complex, challenging, yet exciting age, the College is seeking to create more opportunities for learning in non-traditional ways and places, at home and abroad.

Augment Beyond-the-Classroom Opportunities

Wheaton alumni have long learned life-changing lessons through ministries, athletics, at HoneyRock, through internships, or on a HNGR placement in a developing country.

In today’s ever-changing, globalized environment, “beyond-the-classroom” (BTC) learning is more important than ever. Wheaton’s goal is to expand dramatically the array of BTC learning opportunities available to our students.

Augment Beyond-the-Classroom Opportunities: $3 million This initiative will create an endowment that will make possible an ongoing, concerted institutional effort to expand students’ opportunities for learning “beyond the classroom.” These will include more semester or summer professional internships, and increased semester or summer off-campus study programs, often in another culture.

The endowment will fund a plan, a director, and a working group To spearhead this BTC plan we are creating a full-time BTC Director position and a standing campus BTC Working Group. The purview of the BTC Director and Working Group will include study abroad programs, off-campus student research opportunities, internships, on- and off-campus ministry and service opportunities (at home and overseas), alumni mentoring, athletics, and residence life.

The Working Group will provide the President with an annual report consisting of an assessment of the year’s BTC activities, suggested best practices gleaned from others, and recommendations for enrichment for the following year.

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