Moving Image Publication Policy and Rates

The Special Collections will, from its holdings, supply moving images for publication use. The rate structure covers permission fees, but does not include duplication and processing. Rates stated are the minimum until confirmation is given.*

For all moving images, supplied copies must be returned after use. Fees are established on the basis of one-time use. If loan copies are not returned fees are doubled. Also, two (2) copies of the work in which the images appear are to be provided to the Wheaton College Special Collections.

Loan copies can be supplied for preview for $20 plus shipping and handling, to aid in selection. If the portions are used for publication, the loan fee will be subtracted from the total cost.

Use/Market Per second licensing fee* minimum
Feature films $100.00 $1,000
Music videos $100.00 $1,000
Network, syndicated
TV Worldwide
$50.00 $ 500
Network, syndicated
TV North American
$40.00 $ 400
United Kingdom
$25.00 $250
Cable TV,
North American
$40.00 $400
Cable TV,
North American + home video
$65.00 $650
Public TV Worldwide $40.00 $ 400
Public TV North American $30.00 $ 300
Non-broadcast, corporate or educational $30.00 $ 300
Commercials- 1 year license Worldwide
$ 125.00
$ 100.00
$ 40.00
$ 400
Home Video Worldwide Distribution $ 40.00 $ 400

Fees subject to change without notice.

*Note: The above costs do not reflect the additional cost of postage and handling. Rush orders are assessed an additional fee of 100% of costs.

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