Gallery of Red Grange material

1930s Wheaties ad
Wheaties bowl
1950 Wheaties ad
lobby card (?) for "1 Minute
to Play" 
8"X10" lobby card for "Racing Romeo"
18. poster for "The Galloping Ghost"
Red Grange doll
Red Grange candy bar ad #1
Red Grange candy bar ad #2
Red Grange candy bar ad #3
Whiskey advertisement
Headline(s) regarding Grange turning pro
3. Grange as a Chicago Bear #1
13. Grange as a Chicago Bear #2
14. Grange as a Chicago Bear #3


1950s Lucky Strikes ad
Mardi Gras dubloon, 1978
1920s sheet music
Drawing from Equitable Life Assurance ad
Red with Bobby Jones and jack Dempsey
59. Red in 1974
131. Commentator for KCKN
126. Commentator for WJJD
115. Red talking to students at his old school in Wheaton
24. Head Football Coach, Ill. Bob Zuppke [w/ neg]
25. Red with Grantland Rice [at U of I] [w/ neg]
26. Red with Bob Zuppke
30. Starts for Goal Line vs. Michigan (1924)
32. Open Field Running - Michigan
33. Breaks Tackle – Michigan [w/ neg]
43. High School Football Team; 1920; Dollinger, Bennett, Frazer, Maloney, Henry, 
Gustafson, Moore, Welden, Reynolds, Brundage, Grange (front-3rd from left), Otto, Conley, Plummer, 
Creelman, Fisher; See # 198, 252 [w/ neg]
48. On Ice Route with Children [w/ neg]
111. Pictured in American Airlines Ad (Red in Plane Doorway) [w/ neg]
140. All Red – Td in Penn Game
297. Grange Signs Movie Contract (L. to R= W.E. Shallon Bergger, H.G. Kustah, 
Grange, C.C. Pyle)
302. Grange with Actors
316. Grange in Yankee Uniform, 1926 [w/ neg]
318. Western Barnstorming Trip [Santa Rosa], 1926; Team Portrait; See #337, 339; [w/ 
319. First-Owned Auto, 1925, Auburn [w/ neg]
320. 1930 Conv. Sedan (Lincoln)
340. [Grange on train platform with Pyle and others] See #341, 342, 433
341. [Grange on train platform with Pyle and others] See #340, 342, 433
342. [Grange on train platform with Pyle and others] See # 340, 341, 433
398. Grange, Halas, and two men shaking Hands; See #
452. Wheaton High School Football game; November 20, 1920. Red Grange (in backfield)
Photo 465 -- Red Grange Playing Football [Famous Michigan Game] 
470. "Red" the "Ice Man" with a Block of Ice Next to Ice Wagon
493. Red with Manager Charlie C. Pyle ("Cash and Carry") on Train Car in 1926
494. Red with Douglas Fairbanks—Jan. 1926
501. Red with Father Lyle Grange in Circa 1927 Discussing the Construction of a New Garage

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