A Century of Growth (1860-1960): Wheaton College Campus and Student Housing


Arial view of the Wheaton College campus and campus map, 1949

"Quartermasters" -- These women served as "housemothers" for College-owned housing

 Bartlett Hall, located on the corner of Center and Main, was named after trustee L. E. Bartlett.  It served as a residence for men and as headquarters of the College Y.M.C.A.

Bent Cottage, named for Prof. Joseph A. Bent, was located east of the academy building and had been obtained through a gift to the college and was used as a dormitory for men.


Cork Cottage was named for Hugh Cork and served as a residence for women.

Dow House, dormitory for women.

Eastgate, dormitory for women

Hiatt Hall, dormitory for women.  This building stood where the courtyard now exists between Edman Chapel and Buswell Memorial Library.


Hiatt Apartments was a converted garage that was located behind Hiatt Hall.

Mills Cottage, a residence for women, was added to the housing roster in 1931.

Missionary House, located on Seminary Street facing the college, was acquired in the summer of 1916 and was designed to serve as a home for children of missionaries who were in attendance at the college.

Plumb Studios acquired; Departments of Speech & Art, New Dormitory (first unit) and temporary Annex (formerly "The Barracks") residence for women.