As mentioned, when Margaret was nearing five she moved to downtown Toronto.  The street that they lived on “was a long one, with a high-steepled church at either end.”  Margaret’s family attended the closest one, St. John’s Presbyterian Church.  She described her time at this church, which had a significant impact upon her,[ii] as growing up in “the heart of a large evangelical church.”  Margaret was active in church, though she felt no kindred connection, remembering that she was different from everyone she knew. Through memorization, Margaret won a hymnbook from her Sunday School, which she would love to climb in a tree with to the highest point possible and sing.

Margaret found great comfort and strength in hymns.  Early they were her solace as, before any sort of children’s church or programs existed, she sat through entire services with their 45-minute sermons.  She would leaf through pages reading and noting authors and composers.  She gained a “sense of the community of saints” as she did this, which “led naturally to a search for their other writings.” 

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