Allen Lewis Art Collection (SC-60)

Container List

I. Biographical
Box I A 1
Invitation to Grammar School graduation, June 18, 1891
Marriage announcement, May 2, 1917
Acceptance blank for the Annual Dinner of the Society of American Graphic Artists, April 12, 19??
Allen Lewis' ancestry
Hand-made manuscript paper purchased by Allen Lewis
Allen Lewis' billing form
Outline of Allen Lewis' life, January 17, 1935
"Who's Who" - biographical sketch
American Artist's Group 1936 - biographical sketch
New York Herald Tribune, March 21, 1957 - biographical sketch
Additions to the print collection of the New York Public Library, 1912
"History of Book Illustration" by Richard Ellis - biographical sketch
Art Students League, 1943 - biographical sketch
American Artistís Group 1937 - biographical sketch
Memorandum of Agreement w/ The Limited Editions Club, Inc. 12/11/39
Miscellaneous sheet of autobiography
National Academy of Design Certificate, April 28, 1931 (located in IV A 7)
Medal of Award: Universal Exposition St. Louis, 1904 (located in oversized)
Medal of Award: Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco, 1915 (located in oversized)
Medal of Award: Sesquicentennial International Exhibition Philadelphia 1926 (located in oversized)
Four etching tools (3 awls and 1 scribe) (located in oversized)

II. Correspondence
1894-1902 (undated letters from Paris)
1894-1902 - correspondence to mother from France

III. Manuscripts
"Descent from Cross" - Telling a Story Three Dimensionally
"My Dream"
"The Creation of Eve"
"Figures in Three Dimensions"
"The Bicentennial Pageant of George Washington"
Procedure in the Preparation and Printing of a Two-Color Job; Oct. 1937

IV. Prints and Sketches
Boxes IV A 1 - IV B 7 (consult the print bibliography)

V. Published Works

A. Articles

Box V A 1
"Twilight Toil"
"The Technic of Printing"
"The Technic of Engraving"
"Random Thoughts"
"My Bookplates"
"St. Francis Preaching to the Birds"

B. Prints
"In a College Garden"
"Your Child and His Music"
[Christmas Cards]
Bookplate: "Mark Holstein"
"On Old Mill Creek"
"Half Breed and Other Stories"
"A Hanging at Sea"
"Three Deer"
"Paul Bunyan"
"Journeys to Bagdad"
"Wheaton's 125th Year" 1985 Daily Events Calendar
"The Poems of Longfellow" (photocopy)
"Jorkens Remembers Africa" (photocopy)
"Old Glory"
[Two Cows]
"Swinging the Gate"
"Knight in a Storm"
"The Archer"
"The March"
"Made in India"
"Mother Oak and Baby Acorn"
"Big Music"
"The Old Woodcutter"
"Under the Bell"
"The Cow in Apple Time"
"The Happy Parrot"
"The Landing"
"Lady on the Stair"
"Aunt Jessica"
"Old Woman Reading"
"Gowanus Canal"
"The Gossip's Window"
[Moses with the Ten Commandments]
[Procession of People]
"Boardman Robinson"
"The Art Students League of New York"
"Boy Climbing Fence"
"Fifty Prints"
"The Homeris Hobo"
"Hepatica Hawks"
"The Artist"
"The Burial of Joseph Glover"
"The Voice of the City"
"English Journey"

VI. Media

A. Photograph Negatives

Box VI A 1
001-009  General NYC and Brooklyn from ca. 1902-1918; the nights scenes of NY across the river are probably taken from 104 Columbia Heights or from street level at the end of the block
010-023  Deep South - probably from a trip home sometime after his return from Paris ca. 1902 - no record
024-025  Excavating for one of the NYC subways - ca. 1912
026  Navy vessels of the era of Dewey's Great White Fleet - Hudson River; turn of the century
027  NY City Hall
028  Construction of Cathedral St. John, NYC
029-030  Geese probably in "Journeys to Bagdad"
031-032  Cleopatra's Needle
033  Union Square, NY ca. 1927; the Allen Lewis studio (and that of a number of the Ash-Can print people) was probably in the center building in this photo
034  This looks like the Haviland portrait; he is holding a copy of "Camera Work"
035 Basis of a wood cut in "Hepatica Hawks"
036 Boiling of the Sorghum
037-041  Memories
042-044  Grant's Tower
045  Probably the basis for the last drypoint of the horse and tree
046-047  "Old Mill Creek" drypoint
048-049  Basis for the Columbia University Sundial drypoint
050-055  Large figures draped - a couple resemble the musical jesters on Christmas Cards
056  Thorn branches - beginning for a drypoint
057  Photo of an exhibition (probably at 291); Print at far left is the drypoint of the "Sick Man", and at the far right is the drypoint "Book plate of Wendall and Mary Bush"; the second print
from the left may be a reworked print developed from the portrait of Mrs.
058-060  Allen Lewis' mother, around 1923
061-066  Allen Lewis in the hills of Tennessee in 1923
067  Allen Lewis at work in the Washington hand press - Union Square studio
068-069  Drypoint of the boiling of the Sorghum
071  Exterior and interior of the H.E. Field warehouse in Brooklyn. The trees overhanging the roof-line are in the back yards of the houses facing the street of Columbia Heights.
072  One state of this drypoint done in the H.E. Field warehouse
073-080  A group of snow scenes that may have been taken the same time as the Stieglitz exhibition print. (073 may show up in the backgrounds of the 1914 and 1915 two color wood cut Christmas cards)
081  Horse and carriage (drypoint)
082-083  The Penn Station Drypoint
084  Young girl - could be Gracie's daughter Roma (having no children of his own, Allen Lewis was quite fond of children and related well)
085  A series of unsuccessful states of a drypoint plate were made from this photo taken in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
086  Wood block illustration for "Half Breed" - Margaret McKelway Snowden of Ments Park, CA and Dewitt Whistler Jayne of Carmel, CA
087-088  Allen Lewis' Washington Square studio; note "Boy Climbing Fence"
089  Allen Lewis with sister Gracie
090  This served as source material for a large drypoint with a baby in a cradle and a two color wood cut of the baby on its chair
091  Block print "Cow In Apple Time" (Blackie)
092-095  Old Blackie - the only Holstein in the herd in Connecticut
096  Allen Lewis in the Union Square studio not later that early 1920's - note "Cow In Apple Time"
097-098  Wooden building - shows the way of working
099-103  Basis of a large drypoint of figures on Memorial Arch; it looks as if some restoration work was going on (or maybe original installation?) which accounts for being able to get to the top of the arch for this photo

B. Photographs
104Lewis Cabin, Tennessee
105There are several clues that suggest that this photo was taken at a wedding picnic at Lake Compounce, Conn. in 1917 (3 miles from the Layres Southington farm by excursion, open air trolly)
106Used by Allen Lewis for the "Half Breed" illustration - the black ink smear is his; (D.W. Jayne is playing a Hahner Marine Band harmonica, his cousin Margaret seems not particularly
impressed); the photo is printed in reverse position
107Allen and Bessie Lewis at Basking Ridge, May 1935
108Ernest Roth
109Family picture
110-111Allen Lewis
112Bessie and Allen Lewis
113Bessie and Allen Lewis in White Plains, NY; rental or "home sitting" for party, 1927 or 1928
114 Vessel in the background is the one in East Indianan; barge in foreground may have influenced foreground treatment of drypoint "Gowanis Canal"
115Tennis in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
116Enlargement of a negative; was apparently in the "Old Mill Creek" drypoint
117Drypoint - East Indianan (no negative ont this)
118Beginning at left - Mr. Wood G.'s husband <?>, D.W. Jayne, Roma, Joe Bennet and wife, D.W.Jayne's sister-in-law
119Rector of the "Little Tin Chapel", Paris
120Arthur, Roma and Grace
121Mother Lewis
122Snow scene
123Grace and Mother Lewis, St. Elma, Tenn.
124-128These were taken for Norman Kent in 1955 when D.W. Jayne was living with the Lewises and using Allen's studio. At this time Allen Lewis was confined to the house where he studied and wrote. (Norman Kent is in the photos)
129-130Woodrow Wilson
131Atelier Gerome, 1895
132Studio in Basking Ridge, N.J.
133House in Basking Ridge, N.J.
134-135Fields (Wheaton)
136"Ivanhoe" (?)
137"Alfred Stieglitz" (S-112)
138"Fort Erie Post Office" (S-117)
139"New Yorker", "Journeys to Bagdad" (S-38)
140"Mother Oak and Baby Acorn" (1178-769)
141"Billee Seaton", 1912 (?)
142"The Summer School, Art Students League" (?)
143"Taj Mahal" (?)
144"Southern Collection, Princeton University Library" (?)
145-146Allen and Bessie Lewis on a picnic
147-148Croton (?) on Hudson: first home (evidently the house belonging to Max Eastman - mentioned in letter to Ches. Brooks)
149Allen Lewis washing clothes in Tennessee (verse on the back)
150Allen Lewis working
151A cat in front of a building
152Bessie and Allen Lewis sitting on the lawn
153Allen Lewis reclining in the living room (104 Col. Heights)
154Allen Lewis' studio under the yard at 104 Col. Heights
155Allen Lewis
156Apple tree in the pasture in Southington where Allen Lewis engraved the blocks for "Journeys to Bagdad"
157Allen Lewis playing tennis in Prospect Park
158Allen Lewis sitting under a tree in Tennessee
159-160Seth F. Lewis
161Mother Lewis
162Allen Lewis
163House with white trim
164Allen Lewis in the woods in Tennessee
165Making sorghum on the mountains - Walden's Ridge
166Allen Lewis sitting in a chair with a book - 2/12/22
167Allen Lewis kneeling in a cornfield in Southington, Connecticut
168Allen Lewis on Southington porch
169Allen Lewis roasting meat over a fire
170Arthur (14) and sister Grace (1 year and 1 day) - April 7, 1887
171Arthur A. Lewis - December 30, 1878, 5 years and 8 months
172Arthur's mother Ida Clark Lewis - December 30, 1887
173Arthur Allen Lewis
174Allen Lewis - 1900
175Ida Clark Lewis - 1879
176Allen Lewis - 1873, 3 months old
177Allen Lewis
178-179Seth F. Lewis - 1878

C. Tintypes
180Two young men
181-182Elderly gentleman
183Allen Lewis on his fourteenth birthday
184Arthur Lewis
185Allen Lewis posing in a boat as a young boy

D. Photocopies of Photographs
186Group photograph of printmakers between 1926 and 1929 (X-100)

E. Woodblocks and linoleum cuts

Box VI E 1 - Box VI E 3
3A bookplate: two men standing next to a scroll.
4An angel holding a candle above a sleeping person.
5A young girl with a wreath on her head.
6A bush and vegetation.
8A grim old man with a beard.
9An eagle.
10A giant mosquito holding a pen.
11Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter: a man on a bed with trumpeters above him.
12A man riding a camel.
14"Paul Bunyan - by James Stevens, Woodcuts by Allen Lewis"
13A plant.
15A man standing with a bull; workers in the background.
16A girl holding something in front of her mouth.
17Shadings of a man with his arm raised.
18A woman walking outside holding flowers.
19A woman walking outside holding flowers.
20Two men exchanging a banner.
21Two men exchanging a banner.
25Head of Allen Lewis (etched on metal).
33A group of horsemen.
34A man on horseback with a dog.
35A man on horseback; people with poles standing behind him.
36A procession of men holding long poles.
37A lion with a trainer in a cage.
38A cheetah with on a ball in a cage.
39A man walking with an elephant.
40Three elephants walking out of a tent.
41A boy reading a book.
42A boy reading a book.
43A decorative leaf.
44A bird's nest.
45A person picking something off the ground; a boat in the background.
46A Christmas Card, 1912.
47Men camping around a fire at night.
48An angel appearing to a shepherd.
49A bull with a broken barn on his back.
50A bull with a broken barn on his back.
51Journey to Bagdad: a surprised man.
53A big balloon in the shape of a fat man being let up in the sky.
54A landscape by night.
55A bearded man crawling up onto a grassy area.
56A man walking behind two giant bugs.
57A man with an axe swinging at a giant mosquito.
58A still-life.
59An eagle.
61An eel.
62Journeys to Bagdad: a man in front of a restaurant.
63A boy holding an axe, running away from his bed.
64A person with a tree behind him (?).
65A person working (?).
67People sitting beneath trees.
68A frog on a lily pad.
69A puppet on a stage.
70A jester beneath the window of a maiden.
71A jester beneath the window of a maiden.
72An old woman with a fan.
73An old woman with a fan.
74A tree with six circular scenes.
75Short Stories by Walt Whitman: a single man standing.
76A performing dog.
77Bright light shed on two donkeys.
78Journey to Bagdad: a monkey on a box.
79A child peaking around a corner, a woman in a window.
80A musician with a violin dancing.
85A boy climbing a ladder set in a large basin which is crushing the people beneath it.
87The Marchbanks Press "March": a baby on a ball: burnt sienna.
88"March": yellow.
89"March": tint.
90"March": blue.
91A king entering a room.
92A king entering a room.
94A boy with a bow and arrow.
95A boy with a bow and arrow.
99People walking.
101a monogram within a circle.
107A crane.
108Shadings for a ball.
109A decorative shape.
114"ALLEN LEWIS" (etched on metal).
116A bookplate.
117Monogram in a ball.
118Journey to Bagdad: a man reading while sitting on a snail.
119A budding branch.
121AFlowers and clover.
121BA swan.
122AFlowers and clover.
122BA bird sitting on a branch.
123A"1873-1957" (etched on metal).
123BDecorative line.
124AA decorative vine.
125A decorative vine with berries.
126Background vegetation to another block with and animal on it(?).
127A decorative vine with flowers.
129Decorative leaves and a cross.
500A bearded man holding a calf.
501"Twenty Six Woodcuts by Allen Lewis"
502Unknown background.
503A scrap piece of wood.

Linoleum Blocks
22Flowers (?).
26Head of Allen Lewis.
27Head of Allen Lewis.
28Head of Allen Lewis.
29Head of Bessie Lewis.
30Head of Bessie Lewis.
31Head of Bessie Lewis.
32Madonna with child.
83"Marital Fidelity"
84"Marital Fidelity"
96A man playing a mandolin.
97A dog beneath a tree.
98A dog beneath a tree.
99Both blocks: a man playing a mandolin and a dog beneath a tree.
100Both blocks: a man playing a mandolin and a dog beneath a tree.
F. Etching Plates
Box VI F 1
1Trees... (?).
2Men stacking bricks.
3Men digging to build a bridge.
4A woman standing with flowers.
5Men bringing a cart of crates into a large building.
6A woman in front of a library.
7Rocks with grass and trees growing around them.
8A group of men, both resting and working.
9A man with a spear sitting under a tree.
10Flowers in a box.
11Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.
12A cow and a woman reading a book under a tree.
13Trees with an amusement park in the background (?).
14Paris Bridge.
16A dog laying on the ground.
17A pigeon.
18Women at work in a field.
19A sick man in bed with a woman standing behind him.
20Trees on a clump of ground.
21An engraver at work.
22Trees with a deer.
23A landscape with trees and fields.
24A woman on a terrace with trees behind it.
25An owl on a branch.
26A monk playing a cello.
27An open field with large clouds in the sky.
28Tall trees in a forest.
29Two trees.
30A landscape with large clouds in the sky.
31First sketch for (?).
32A horse pulling a cart.
33A large tree with a fence in front.
34A barn with a tree in front.
35Three trees on a slope.
500Photoengraving of a cow in the woods.
W-1Man holding poles; a tree falling.
W-2A bookplate for Paul Haviland: two men standing next to a scroll.

VII. Secondary
A. Articles

Box VII A 1
"A Prospect of the Fine Books to be Published by the Limited Editions Club in the 12th Series", Nov. 1940 - Oct. 1941"
"Fifty Prints of the Year", The American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1932/1933
Columns [Columbia Univ.], Feb. 1959
Zachrisson, Bror. "Akke Kumlien: 1884-1949", Notes on Printing and Graphic Arts, Feb.
"News of Fine Prints", Dec. 1943
"Wood-Engraving Today", 1917
New York Public Library Bulletin, June 28, 1938
Watson, Ernest W. "The Wood Engravings of Allen Lewis", Art Instruction, Sept. 1937
"Chiaroscuro", American Artist, May 1954
"Allen Lewis Illustrates the Poems of Longfellow", American Artist, 1944
Cheever, L. O. "Allen Lewis: Collector Artist", Book Collector's Packet
"A Glance into Mr. Lewis' Etching Folio"
Art Center Bulletin, March 1927
"Recent Additions to the Print Collection", New York Public Library
Johnson, Fridolf. "The Art of the Bookplate", Revue des Beaux Arts
Foster, Helen Herbert. "The Urge to Create Becomes Stronger", Brooklyn Eagle Magazine, March 19,1933
Watson, Forbes. "The Association of American Etchers"
The Reader, June 1903
"The Field of Art"
"Ex-Libris Designs"
Kent, Norman. "Ivanhoe"

B. Newsclippings
"Allen Lewis", Vogue, June 28, 1906
"The Field of Art", Scribners, July 1911
"Awards at the Panama-Pacific Exposition", New York Times, Aug. 1, 1915
New York American, Nov. 1916
"A Bookplate in Woodcut", The Sunday Herald, Boaton, Jan. 20, 1918
Bowdoin, W. G. "Some Etchings by Allen Lewis at Milch Gallery", In the Evening World, April 27, 1918
"An Etcher of Individuality", Herald Tribune, [?] 13, 1918
"The Fine Arts", Boston Transcript, Jan. 7, 1918
"The Art of the Illustrated Page", New York Times, March 4, 192?
"Exhibit at Museum Explains Graphic Art", Cleveland Times, Aug. 22, 1924
"Variety Keynote of Art Exhibition in Public Library", The Standard-star, Feb. 13, 1926
"Carteret Book Club Hears Printing, Engraving Talk", Newark Evening News, March 1, 1926
"Technical Points on Graphic Art Exhibit at Library Are Told", The Standard-Star, New Rochelle, New York, Feb.
26, 1926
"Book Club Dines, Re-elects Raymond, Hears Print Talk", The Sunday Call, Feb. 28, 1926
Holloway, Emory. "For Whitman Collectors", New York Herald Tribune Books, April 3, 1927
"Pictures by Allen Lewis in Numerous Collections", Buffalo Courier Express, April 3, 1927
"Graphic Arts Exhibit", New York Times, Sept. 11, 1927
New York Herald Tribune, April 13, 1928
New York Times, May 26, 1928
"Etchers' Exhibit Opens", New York Times, Dec, 9, 1928
"Lewis Wins Etcher's Prize", New York Tribune, Feb. 14, 1929
New York Times, April 29, 1929
"An Artist of the Woodcut", The American Printer, Oct. 20, 1924
"Two Printmakers Have First One Man Shows", The Art Digest, Nov. 1, 1930
Bowles, J. M. "The Stowaways", "Society of Illustrators", Art Center Bulletin, Dec. 1930
Eaton, Anne T. "Calico Bush", New York Times Book Review, Nov. 22, 1931
"Etchings to Be Published on Washington's Life", Evening Post, 1932
"Prints of the Year at Art Center", New York Sun, March 26, 1932
"Etchings to Depict Life of Washington", New York Times, July 4, 1932
"Etchings to Tell Story of Washington's Life", New York Herald Tribune, July 29, 1932
"Hoover Accepts 20 Etchings on First President", New York Herald Tribune, Sept. 15,
Washington D.C. Star, Oct. 9, 1932
"Hepatica Hawks", New York Times Book Review, Nov. 13, 1932
"The British Evacuate Boston", The London Studio, Feb. 1933
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Jewett, Eleanor. "Spring Exhibit of Etchers is Grand Show", Chicago Tribune, [?] 2,
New York Times, March 31, 1935
"Academy of Design to Give $4,400 Prizes", New York Times, Feb. 25, 1935
"Once at Woodhall", New York Times Book Review, Sept. 15, 1935
"Hobart Art Display Will Close on Feb. 8 [...]". New York Times, Jan. 29, 1937
"Allen Lewis Records Weather Mood", Rochester Times-Union, April 25, 1947
Berryman, Florence S. "News of Art and Artists", The Sunday Star, June 15, 1947
Columbia Library Columns, November 1958, February 1959

C. Reviews
Becker, Lamberton May. "Like a Quilting Pattern", New York Herald Tribune, Nov. 29, [?]
Bowles, J.M. "The Old Woodcutter"
Kent, Norman. "Chiaroscuro - The Woodcut in Tone"
Cary, Elisabeth Luther. "A Tribute, in Etched Line, to George Washington"
"Art Displays Crowd to Force", New York Sun
"Allen Lewis"
"Allen Lewis Illustrates a Book"
Ralph, Mr. "Monotones and Etchings"
[Photograph of Studio], New York Tribune
Interview with DeWitt Whistler Jayne, the nephew of Allen Lewis

D. Collection Descriptions/ Exhibition Catalogues
Preliminary Listing (Wheaton College)
Fifth Avenue Library File
List of sold prints
Exhibitions, Catalogues, Publications, Art Institute of Chicago
6th Annual Exhibition of American Block Prints, Jan. 8-17, 1933
The American Federation of Arts - Woodblock Prints in Color
Allen Lewis: 1873-1957, Wheaton College Library and Archives
D. W. Jaynes' descriptions of illustrations
Lecture on Allen Lewis by Norman Kent, Jan. 22, 1954
Miscellaneous descriptions of illustrations

E. Correspondence
Oct. 20, [?], Norman Kent to D. W. Jayne
Sept. 13, 1979, Warren Chappel [?] to Betsy Fahlman
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