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American Piano Concerti Collection

American Piano Concerti
1 boxes (2 linear feet)
1922-1996 (bulk: )

The American Piano Concerti Collection helps document the history of and selection from the American form of the piano concerto. This collection provides a sample of the over 1,000 concertos by more than 800 composers known to have created concertos.

Provenance: The American Piano Concerti collection came to Wheaton College in November 1989 through the efforts of William Phemister of the music faculty. Additional donations were made in 1994 and 2004.

Restrictions: There are no specific restrictions on this collection.
Duplication may be restricted if copying could cause damage to items.

Collection Description
The American Piano Concerti Collection contains dozens of printed and manuscript concertos from the early (1920s) to late (1990s) twentieth-century.

Biographical/Historical Sketch

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