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Evangelism and Missions Collection

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Scope and Content

The Evangelism and Missions Collection (formerly the Billy Graham Center Library), one collection among many of the Wheaton College Archives and Special Collections, is comprised of more than 60,000 bound volumes and 130,000 items in microform, along with periodicals. It makes available published materials on evangelism and missions in support of the curriculum of Wheaton College. Additionally, the collection may serve to encourage Christians to discover, study, evaluate, and use effective means in proclaiming the Gospel in word and work to all peoples.

Collection strengths can be outlined as follows:

Evangelism and Revivalism in America
The Evangelism and Missions Collection resources begin with sources from the Early Church and also contains biographies, letters, sermons and other historical sources.

Representative evangelists from the American context are Jonathan Edwards, Charles Finney, Dwight L. Moody, Amanda Smith, Phoebe Palmer, J. Wilbur Chapman, Billy Sunday, Tom Skinner, and lesser known men and women. Movements include the Great Awakening, camp meetings, prayer revivals, and others. Works from the British Isles on John Wesley, George Whitefield, Welsh revivalists, and others allow comparative research.

Some microform sets for the study of American evangelistic efforts are:

  • Early American Imprints
    (American books published between 1639 and 1819, including the revival works of Jonathan Edwards and over 100 editions of George Whitefield's sermons)

Worldwide Mission of the Church
To be aware of current issues facing the Church around the world, the Evangelism and Missions Collection receives journals and newsletters. News of missionaries and nationals are found in magazines from mission boards, study centers, and special interest groups. Journals concerned with world evangelization and international mission studies from every continent grapple with issues and trends in contextualizing the Gospel message for all peoples to hear and respond.

Martyrdom of Rasalama (Madagascar)
Histories, biographies, and published records of organizations reveal a rich history of mission effort and church growth. Microform sets include the records of:

  • Historical Materials on Baptists in Soviet Russia and other Eastern European countries
  • Journal holdings of missionary outreach in various places, including Africa Inland Mission's Inland Africa, the Chinese Recorder, and many other similar sources
  • In-depth research projects conducted by evangelists, missionaries, and pastors at the doctoral level
Cultural research to prepare people for entry into new cultures is enhanced by using two major microfiche sets:
  • Human Relation Area files (HRAF)
  • New Religious Movements in Primal Societies

Related collections within the Special Collections are:

  • Billy Graham Collection
    All published works related to the life and ministry of evangelist Billy Graham are collected comprehensively in all languages. Included are books by family members and associate evangelists of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
  • MK Collection on Missionary Children
    The MK Collection contains books, theses, and articles on the topic of missionary children, especially their education. Several hundred articles are located in the MK File cabinets.