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undated shot from PHOTO FILE: Van Der Puy, Abe

In Memory of
Abe C. Van Der Puy,

Abe Van Der Puy, a missionary in Ecuador, broadcaster, and leader of HCJB World Radio, died on April 3, 2003. Born on October 11, 1919, Van Der Puy graduated from Wheaton College in 1941 and received a doctorate of divinity from Wheaton in 1965, served as president of National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) from 1975-1978, and was an author and speaker. The Billy Graham Center Archives contains documents about many aspects of Van Der Puy's service to the Lord and the church, and in rememberance of him make some of these available here.

from Collection 309, Records of National Religious Broadcasters, audio tape T027

Listen to a RealAudio recording of Van Der Puy's prayer which opened the NRB's 37th Annual Convention on January 20, 1980, in Washington, DC. (3 minutes). Read an accompanying transcript of these remarks.

1976 appeal found in Collection 309, box 85, folder 6

"Light in a Very Dark World," an appeal to fellow broadcasters written by Van Der Puy to be published in the September 1976 issue of National Religious Broadcasters' Religious Broadcasting. In this short message he underscores the urgency and importance of their work as Christian broadcasters. At the time he was president of NRB.

1965 shot from PHOTO FILE:  National  Religious Broadcasters

Van Der Puy (left) with Clarence Jones (center) receiving an award of merit on behalf of World Radio Missionary Fellowship and HCJB from the International Christian Broadcasters during it's meeting in January 1965. At the right is S.N.Whitanack of Showers of Blessing.


1956 letter found in Collection 136, box 59, folder 31

Van Der Puy's letter to Mission Aviation Fellowship asking for biographi-cal information about Nate Saint, who less the two weeks earlier had been murdered with four other missionaries in Ecuador on January 8, 1956. As shown here, Van Der Puy was a participant in the project to let the world know about the tragedy of the deaths of the five martyrs.

detail from Van Der Puy's "Light in a Very Dark World" in Collection 309, box 85, folder 6

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