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Memorial to Walter H. Smyth, 1912-2003

1964, from PHOTO FILE: Smyth, Walter H.,

On Saturday, November 1st, Walter Smyth, a senior executive in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's (BGEA) crusade ministry, passed away. Smyth joined the BGEA in the early 1950s after having served as a pastor, associate of evangelist Percy Crawford (leave this page to see the Crawford collection description or exhibit), and Youth for Christ vice president and Philadelphia director. He was the key figure in the administration of the BGEA's International Ministries & North American Ministries between 1965 and 1987, and was also chairman of the Amsterdam '83 and Amsterdam '86 International Conferences for Itinerant Evangelists before his retirement in 1987. In 1983 a scholarship fund for furloughing missionaries attending the Wheaton College Graduate School was established in honor of Smyth and his wife Ethel. You can read more biographical information about Smyth or the description of Archives Collection 17 that contains Smyth's files in his capacity of directing the BGEA's domestic and international crusades.

You can also see an extended version of this page that includes a series of six other photo-graphs featuring Smyth, an audio recording of his report during a 1979 BGEA School of Evangelism, and transcribed excerpts from an oral history interview with him in 1976. Please be aware that this page will take longer to download on many computers.

from PHOTO FILE: BGEA North of England Crusade, Manchester, England, 1961
BGEA team traveling at the time of the 1961 North of England Cruasde in Manchester, England (left to right: Cliff Barrows, Smyth, Tedd Smith, Don Hustad, Leighton Ford, Dan Piatt, George Beverly Shea, Calvin Thielman.

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