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Peter Stam III

Peter Stam was was born in 1917 to a family with a tradition of Christian service. He and his wife Mary Lou went to Africa as missionaries with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) in 1946 and remained there until 1964, when he became home director of the Canadian Council of AIM. In 1977 he became director of the United States Council, a post he held until 1987, when he retired. In addition to his decades of service with AIM, he provided leadership in many other Christian organizations, such as the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association.

The BGC Archives has numerous documents and audio recordings that testify to his service in Christian missions during a period when American missions had a greater impact around the world than ever before. We have put some of them up here on this page as a memorial to this servant of Jesus Christ.


1971 report by Stam of a trip to east central Africa

1979 speech to the Annual Meeting of the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association

1982 radio interview with stam in which he talks about relief work, Christianity in Africa, and the future of missions

1995 autobiographical account in which Stam talks about his involvement as a student in the Foreign Mission Fellowship, a nationwide organization for collegians interested in becoming missionaries. The rest of the account talks about his experiences as Christian worker in Africa and the Untied States.

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