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Peter Stam III

1995 Autobiographical Reminiscences


In 1995, H. Wilbert Norton was writing a history of the Student Foreign Mission Association (SFMF, also known as FMF). The SFMF was a nationwide organization in the United States for undergraduate and graduate students planning to become missionaries. It eventually merged with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, becoming its missions division. As part of the project, Dr. Norton contacted various individuals who had been FMF leaders, including Peter Stam. Stam had been a member while a student at Wheaton College and was General Secretary of the organization from 1942 to 1944. In response to Norton's letter and list of questions, Stam sent a nine page document , which told the story of his work with FMF as well as his ministry as a missionary to Africa. He also touches on his connection with a number of other Fundamentalist/Evangelical leaders, including Oswald Smith, Billy Graham, and others. The first page is below. Follow the links to see the rest.

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