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Peter Stam III

1971 Report on a Trip to Africa


In the fall of 1971, Peter Stam (for the Canadian Home Council of Africa Inland Mission) and Sidney Langford (for the United States Home Council) set off on a trip to Europe and Africa. They visited various mission stations of AIM, particularly those where workers from Canada or the United States were involved. In Europe they visited missionaries preparing to minister in former French colonial areas. They also talked with representatives of the North African Mission about a possible merger. They then went on to visit Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo (just renamed Zaire), and the Central African Republic. Below and on the following pages is Peter Stam's concise report to the AIM Board. It is an interesting and insightful snapshot of African Christianity and American missions at this moment in time. The report can be found in folder 4 of box 37 of Collection 81.

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