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Charles Arthur Riggs, 1916-2008
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Portrait photo of Charles Riggs, 1984

Lectures from ca. 1957 on church centered lay evangelism (Collection 17, Tapes T28 and T29)

    1. Mission of the Church (24 minutes)
    2. Preparing for the task (24 minutes)
    3 Getting to know Scripture (24 minutes)
    4 Witnessing (25 minutes)
    5. Securing a commitment (26 minutes)
    6. Follow-up (23 minutes)

Lecture on "Personal Methods in Evangelism" to an audience of clergy and seminary students attending the 1967 Kansas City School of Evangelism (47 minutes; Collection 527, Tape T17)

Training session for volunteers who will be counseling over the telephone with inquirers after Billy Graham television broadcasts, 1983 (61 minutes; Collection 575, Tape T6)

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