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Janyce H. Nasgowitz
November 11, 1935-July 4, 2011
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Former BGC Archives staff member Jan Nasgowitz passed away on Independence Day, 2011. The staff at the Archives are grieved to lose their long-time friend and co-worker. But they rejoice that the physical suffering she patiently endured so many years is over and she now is basking in the light of Jesus her Savior, who she served so kindly and graciously.

Jan joined the Archives in 1981 as secretary. She attended the National Archives Modern Archives Institute and became Reference Archivist in 1989. She was always a delight to work with and learn from, a person who combined humor and gentleness with deep commitment and serious purpose. She will be missed by all who knew her. The following words from her 1999 announcement of her retirement in December 1999 still stand:

"After almost 19 years of outstanding service, Jan Nasgowitz, Reference Archivist for the BGC Archives, will be retiring on January 6. She has been an example of Christian love and goodness to those of us privileged to work with her and a never failing source of encouragement and help to the thousands of researchers she has assisted through the years (two thirds of whom were Wheaton College students, staff and faculty). As one researcher wrote in 1992, 'Dear Mrs. Nasgowitz: You have more than made my day. Honestly, I have made fruitless overseas contacts in an attempt to fully document the source of this material. And in one grand sweep you have gone to the heart of the matter and I thank you and thank you.'


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