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Caricature of Frizen done during a church/mission conference in Quito Ecuador in December 1976

Edwin Leonard Frizen Jr., known to all as Jack, played a key role in American Evangelical missions for more than half a century. In the 1940s, he helped start the G. I. Gospel Hour in the Philippines. At the beginning of the 21st century he was providing guidance on the boards of numerous mission organizations. At the end as at the start and all the years in between, he remained true to the decision he made at the age of twelve to dedicate his life to missionary service. He was also always a well-wisher to the Billy Graham Center Archives, arranging for not only his personal papers but also the records of the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association to be available here to researchers. In addition he taped extensive oral history interviews with our staff, about his own life and about the changes and continuities he had seen in the missionary enterprise.

Below are links to a few of the many documents in the BGC Archives about his life and ministry. We put up this page in memory of a good friend and a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.

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Click here to go audio files of over 11 hours of oral history interviews recorded with Jack Frizen in 1990, 1992 and 1995

Biographical sketch

1945. Frizen (second from right, in sailor's uniform) at the entrance of a Christian Service Center in the Philippines.


1945. Jack in the Philippines with his friend, Bob Hall.
1956. Set of three photos from the bookstore Jack managed for three years.
1958. Jack, as treasurer of the Far Eastern Gospel Crusade, visiting one of the medical facilities supported by the mission in the Philippines.
1959. Grace and Jack Frizen when they were on the staff of the Far East Gospel Crusade in the Philippines.
April 13, 1963. Minutes of the board meeting of the IFMA at which Jack was interviewed and then endorsed as executive secretary.
Collection 352
, Box 17, Folder 7.
July 15, 1963. IFMA press release announcing Jack's appointment as the organization's new executive secretary.
Collection 352
, Box 17, Folder 7.
1968. Jack with Wade Coggins (executive director of the Evangelical Foreign Missions Association) at the annual meeting of National Religious Broadcasters in Washington, DC.
From Photo Folder Frizen, Edwin 1971. Portrait Photo

September 9, 1976. Audio file of Frizen's talk on educating the local church on missions, given at a retreat for American mission executives. 15 minutes
Collection 165, T100

September 1979. "The Faith Mission Tradition," an article by Jack in Mission Focus.
Collection 434, Box 6, Folder 3.
March-April 1980. "Looking Down the Road," an article by Jack about likely future developments in missions which appeared in Africa News.
Collection 434
, Box 6, Folder 3.
1990. Transcript of a forum that Jack participated in, along with Robert Coleman and Walter Kaiser, about the Lausanne II Congress on world evangelization held in Manila. The article appeared in the Trinity World Forum newsletter.
Collection 434
, Box 6, Folder 3.
November-December 1991. Interviews with Jack and John Orme about Jack's retirement as executive director of IFMA and Orme's succeeding him in that position. The interviews appeared in Mission Frontiers.
Collection 434, Box 6, Folder 3.
No date. Jack and Grace Frizen (on left) with their friends and fellow mission leaders Dorothy and Vergil Gerber.

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