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Robert P. Evans , 1918-2011
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Full name

Robert Philip Evans


February 21, 1918 in Baltimore, Maryland


July 28, 2011 at the Shell Point Retirement Community in Ft. Myers, Florida




Rowland and Bertha Evans, Presbyterian (U.S.A.) Missionaries in French Cameroon, where he grew up


Marital Status

Married to Jeannette Gruner



 Alyce Anne, Bruce Philip


1943, as a minister in the American Baptist Convention




B. A. From Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, USA



B.D. from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



PhD from the University of Manchester, England. Title of his 1971 dissertation: Contribution of Foreigners to the French Protestant Réveil, 1815-1950"




Pastor, West Side Congregational Church, Dixon, Illinois, USA



Chaplain in the United States Navy and Marine Corp.



Executive Secretary and Vice President, Youth for Christ, based in Chicago, Illinois but involving extensive travel in Europe



Founder and Professor of Bible at the European Bible Institute, Paris, France

  1952-1986 Founder and European Director of Greater Europe Mission (GEM), which grew out of the work of the European Bible Institute


1950s on

Advisor to Billy Graham on evangelistic work in Europe; played a major role in many Billy Graham Evangelistic Association campaigns in Europe, including the meetings in France in 1952. 1954, 1955, 1963, and 1986


Involvement in the planning and program of several major European evangelism congresses and conferences planned by the BGEA, including the 1966 World Congress on Evangelism (Berlin), the 1971 European Congress on Evangelism (Amsterdam), the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization (Lausanne), and the 1983 International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists (Amsterdam. He was a workshop leader at the 1986 International Conference for Itinerant Evangelistic, held in Amsterdam.


Visiting professor at several seminaries in Europe and the United States

Other significant information



Honorary LL.D. from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, USA



Honorary L.H.D. from Eastern College, St. Davids, Pennsylvania, USA


Author of Let Europe Hear (1962) and Transformed Europeans (1962)


Received the Purple Heart, a Presidential Unit Citation, the Navy Medal of Commendation, and the European Theater of Operations ribbon (with 4 combat stars) for his service as chaplain in World War II

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