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From Bob Shuster's introduction to the first BGC Archival Research Lecture in December 2008: "We on the staff have the privilege of meeting a wide range of scholars, Christian workers, and the general public engaged on many different types of research, from preparing a one woman show, to filming a documentary, to fashioning a web site to researching books, articles dissertations on a wide range of topics in Christian and secular history.... The purpose of the BGC research lectures, which we hope to offer from time to time, is to give the Wheaton campus and community a chance to share in the adventure of learning about these exciting research trips and discoveries. We plan to ask people who have been digging ore from the Archives mines to talk a little about both their own experiences in the digging - the archival research experience - and the ore they have found - the larger study of which the data from the Archives will be a part. And every talk will be followed by questions and general discussion. We hope this can be one way that the BGC Archives can contribute to Wheaton's rich mix of knowledge, experiences and, above all, people."

2008: Dr. Joel Carpenter, "Wheaton, Moody and the China Connection: Finding Our Ancestors in the Archives."

2009: Dr. Uta Balbier, "God and Coca-Cola: Billy Graham in Germany"

2010 Dr. Alan Bearman,'"The Atomic Gospeller Goes Global: Billy Graham and the 1954 Greater London Crusade"

2011 Dr. Amy Artman, "Televising Testimony: Kathryn Kuhlman and Your Faith and Mine"

2012 Dr. Hans Krabbendam, "The Lost Continent? The Discovery of Europe by American Evangelicals,1940-1980"

2013 Dr. Tu Yichao, "Panda Huggers and Dragon Killers: Billy Graham, American Evangelicals, and Sino-American Relations"

2014 Dr. Melani McAlister, "Congo Crisis: U.S. Evangelicals, Congolese Christians, and the Politics of Race and Decolonization, 1960-1964"

2015 Dr. Steve B. Miller, "'Evangelicalism was Everywhere': The Born Again Moment in American Historiography"

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