Billy Graham Center

The 2012 BGC Archival Research Lecture
Dr. Hans Krabbendam
" The Lost Continent? The Discovery of Europe by American Evangelicals,1940-1980"
September 27, 2012 in the Wilson Suite of the Billy Graham Center,
Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, USA


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Video of Entire Lecture

Click here to watch video of lecture, including the question and answer period afterwards (88 minutes)

Audio Segments

Introduction by Paul Ericksen, BGC Director of Resources

"The Lost Continent? The Discovery of Europe by American Evangelicals, 1940-1980 "

(49 minutes)

From the question period following the lecture (Bob Shuster of the Archives served as moderator):

Question 1: What about American Pentecostal missionaries and evangelists in Europe? (2 minutes, 10seconds)

Question 2: What is the context between Evangelical Free churches and the established churches in Europe? (2 minutes, 9 seconds)

Question 3: Was there a revival in Europe after World War II? (3 minute, 9 seconds)

Question 4
: What is the percentage of Evangelicals of the European population? (55 seconds)

Question 5: Did a large number of American G.I.s return to Europe of missionaries? (2 minutes, 29 seconds)

Question 6: Is the trend talked about in the lecture still true of 10% of all American missionaries going to Europe? (3 minutes, 18 seconds)

Question 7: Did Europeans think it was arrogant for Americans to think they were bringing Christianity to Europe? (4 minutes, 40 seconds)

Question 8: What is the role of American-type study Bible in Europe? (4 minutes, 6 seconds)

Question 9: What was the influence of Corrie ten Boom on the growth of Evangelicalism in the Netherlands? (4 minutes, 7 seconds)

Question 10 : What are the attitudes currently toward church planting efforts in Europe? (3 minutes, 29 seconds)

Question 11: How would you categorize the resistance of European societies to the Gospel? (5 minutes, 12 seconds)

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