Billy Graham Center

The 2010 BGC Archival Research Lecture
Dr. Alan Bearman
"The Atomic Gospeller Goes Global: The 1954 Billy Graham Greater London Crusade"
September 30, 2010 in the Wilson Suite of the Billy Graham Center,
Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, USA

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Audio Segments

Introductions and Opening Prayer Bob Shuster, Wayne Weber (3 minutes, 17 seconds)

"The Atomic Gospeller Goes Global:
The 1954 Billy Graham Greater London Crusade,

by Dr. Alan Bearman (51 minutes, 43 seconds)

From the question period following the lecture:

Question 1: How did the English religious establishment react to Billy Graham in 1954? (54 seconds)

Question 2: What were the political affiliations of the English religious groups that supported the London Crusade? (50 seconds)

Question 3: Did the intensive press coverage at the beginning of the crusade continue on to the end? (1 minute, 56 seconds)

Question 4
: The story of Bearman's Aunt Rose, who attended the 1954 meetings and who inspired Bearman to begin his research. (3 minutes, 24 seconds)

Question 5: Why did the press accept graham's explanation of the secular/socialist confusion that had resulted in a large part of the initial bad publicity? (1 minute, 59 seconds)

Question 6: What were Bearman's own concerns, as an Anglo-American, for England today? (3 minutes, 46 seconds)

Question 7: Did the confidence of the English population in socialism cause them to feel they had no need for Jesus Christ? (3 minutes 33 seconds)

Question 8: To what does Bearman attribute the decline of Christianity in England? (1 minute, 55 seconds)

Question 9 : Are the confluence of different religious movements in England undermining traditional Christian faith? (2 minutes, 25 seconds)

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