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On this page are pictures of some of the newspaper articless referred to in the lecture, along with links to English translations of the articles
(Translations done by Liesellotte and William George Shuster)




Collection 360, Scrapbook #61
Billy Graham bekehrt 20000 Berliners English Translation Die Ziet of Hamburg, July 1, 1954


Collection 360, Scrapbook #61
A Mann gegen die grosse Weltangst English Translation Berliner Zietung , June 26, 1954



Collection 360, Scrapbook #61
Bald is der Billy wieder da... English translation Abendpost , Frankfort, March 14, 1955


Collection 360, Scrapbook #61
Billy Graham, der durstige Wunderapostel English translation , Sozialtische Volkszeitung , January 29, 1955



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