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BGC Archives Database Search Instructions

The Archives with a few variations uses the Library of Congress subject headings which are the format used by most United States libraries to describe most of their subjects.

When you do searches with this data base you will not get to view actual document but will get a list of those collections with materials on your topic. Any collection that is labeled unprocessed is unavailable for use.

In the dialog box that says, Select subject word or phrase, type in the word or words you wish to search. Only the exact word (including punctuation if any) will be searcher. It makes no difference if the letters are capitalized or not. You then need to choose one of three ways that the search will be done.

    Any part of subject means any subject that contains that word anyplace in it will be retrieved. Example: search Ham and all subjects that have Ham in them will be brought up: Abraham, Graham, New Hampshire.

    Start of subject means that the exact word you entered has to start the subject. So if you enter Ham you will get Hampton, not Graham or any other word that does not start with Ham.

    Exact subject means that only the subject that has exactly what you entered and nothing else will be brought up. If you enter Ham, you get only Ham. If you use punctuation marks they are also searched. If you enter Ham, those four characters (including the comma) are searched and only those in that order are retrieved. If you entered Ham, you will not get Ham, Mordecai

You are likely to get more results by searching one word. For example if you enter Fuller you will get:

    Fuller Theological Seminary
    Fuller, Charles
    Fuller, Grace
    Fullerton, CA
    Fullerton, Donald
    Grings, Ruth Fuller

If you enter a search of two or more words you are more likely to get nothing or something close to the topic you are looking for.

    If you enter Fuller Seminary you will not get nothing.
    If you enter Fuller Theological Seminary you will get information on the seminary.

Personal names:
With personal names you need to enter the last name first followed by a comma and then the first name.

    Taylor, James Hudson
    Sunday, William

Some types of subjects are geographically or thematically subdivided by two hyphens and these hyphens must be entered in order to get results.

    Evangelicalism--[country name], Evangelicalism--Ghana
    Evangelistic work--[country name], Evangelistic work--Hong Kong
    Missionaries--[country name], Missionaries--Brazil
    Missions--[country name], Missions--China
    Music--[country name], Music--India

Suffixes with some subjects are found in the data base, below are examples of some of these.

    Broadcasting station: [name of station], ELWA, Liberia (Broadcasting station)
    Book: [name of book], Jungle Pilot (Book)
    Film: [name of film], Mr. Texas (Film)
    Language: [name of language]: Greek (Language)
    Periodical: [name of periodical], Inland Africa (Periodical)
    Radio Program: [name of program], GI Gospel Hour (Radio Program)
    Television Program: [name of program], Hour of Decision

    (Televison program)

All of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association crusades, rallies, evangelistic events, etc. are listed this way:

    Bgea: [name of meeting],
      Bgea: Arizona Crusade, 1964
      Bgea: Philadelphia Crusade, 1974

If you want to find photographs of a particular subject, place a check in box labeled "Photos only" If, for example, you check "Photos only" and then enter in the large dialogue box, "Sunday, Billy", the database will make a list for you of all the collections with photos of evangelist Billy Sunday. You can then go to the guide for each collection on the list to see exactly what photos it has.

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