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Inter-Library Loans at the BGC Archives

Some of the collections in the Archives can be used through inter-library loan. This means that the Archives will loan selected collections to another library near you to which you belong and you can use these materials for a limited time in that library. Here is how the inter-library loans work:
  1. Loans will be made only through the Billy Graham Center Archives to other selected libraries, such public or college/university libraries. The loan is made from the Archives to a library, not to indivudals. To obtain a copy of the ILL form, librarians should e-mail the BGC Archives at or click here.To avoid delays, it is best not to send requests to Buswell Library of Wheaton College or the BGC LIBRARY (now Evangelism & Missions Collection of the Wheaton College Archives & Special Collections) but directly to the BGC Archives at this address:

    Billy Graham Center Archives

    Wheaton College
    Wheaton, IL 60187

    or fax the request to: 630-752-5916

    Returned materials must be sent to the Billy Graham Center Archives at the same address.
  2. Loans of microfilm and audio recordings may be made for six weeks (nine weeks, not renewable, for non North American requests). The loan period starts from the date the materials leave the Archives and will be indicated on the Interlibrary Loan form. Materials should be mailed back so as to reach the Archives by the due date. Microfilm loaned within North America may be renewed for four additional weeks.

  3. Borrowed microfilm and audio recordings must be used in the borrowing library.

  4. No more than six reels of microfilm will be loaned to one patron at any one time. No more than eight audio recordings may be loans to one patron at one time. There is a $5.00 charge for the first audio recording and a $2.50 charge for any subsequent recordings and this fee must be prepaid. For non North American requests there is a $20.00 (US$) charge for postage and handling and this fee must be prepaid.

  5. The audio recordings may not be copied by the researcher or the borrowing library.

  6. The only collections that can be borrowed through inter-library loan are oral history interviews created by the BGC Archives and microfilm of collections that have been filmed by the BGC Archives (not microfilm purchased by the Archives from a micropublisher.)

  7. There are descriptive guides available for the interviews and also there are transcripts made for selected interviews. Copies of these are on our home page: (

  8. Microfilm or audio recordings containing materials which are restricted will not be loaned out.

  9. Click to go to a list of all the oral history collections which you can borrow through inter-library loan.

  10. Click to go to a list of all the microfilm collections which you can borrow through inter-library loan.

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