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What material do you have on Kathryn Kuhlman and others known as healing evangelists?

The Billy Graham Center Archives does not actively collect materials on Pentecostal or charismatic traditions. However, among the Archives' collections are several which record the work and influence of some prominent figures known as healing evangelists, including Kathryn Kuhlman, Aimee Semple McPherson, William Branham, A.A. Allen and Jack Coe. The majority of Archives material documenting the life and ministry of these evangelists is in audio-visual formats, including audio tape, video tape or film.

Particularly extensive are the materials in Collection 212 which document Kathryn Kuhlman's ministry. To find out more about the contents of the collection, click here. To review an extensive list of audio-visual materials (audio tapes, films, video tapes, photographs), click here. Although numerous books about or by Kuhlman are available from other sources, you may read a short biography about Kuhlman by clicking here. If you would like to read short descriptions of other collections which document her life and influence, click here.

Click here to go to the home page of the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation.

The Archives does not have any books, films, tapes, or videos available for sale.

A limited number of audio and video tapes and books by or about Ms. Kuhlman are for sale from:
The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation
Post Office Box 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
Phone 412-882-2033.

William Branham's ministry is documented in Collection 123, which consists largely of almost thirteen hundred audio tapes of his sermons. To read a brief biographical sketch about Branham, click here. To review all the materials that make up this collection, click here. To browse the list of his sermons available on audio or video tapes or review the description of photos in the collection, click here.

Aimee Semple McPherson was known not only as a healing evangelist but also for her pioneering work in using radio for evangelistic ministry. Collection 103 consists primarily of microfilmed sermon notes or transcripts, newspapers clippings and scrapbooks. However, the collection is filled out with McPherson's audio taped sermons and singing, a brief film clip, an animated videotape of her life story, and phonograph records. Whereas the microfilmed portion of the collection is available inter-library loan, the audio tapes and phonograph records and films must be used at the Archives. To read about McPherson's life, click here. To find out about how to borrow the microfilm through inter-library loan, click here.

The influence and ministries of two other figures, A.A. Allen and Jack Coe, are featured in video tapes in Collection 457, which can also be viewed in the Archives.

With the exception of the microfilmed McPherson papers (which can be requested through inter-library loan), all the materials described above must be used at the Archives. For information about scheduling an appointment to use the audio or video tapes, click here.

Please be aware that the purpose of this page is to provide information on some of the most relevant Archives holdings relating to this often-asked question. Because of staff and time limitations, the BGC archivists can spend no more than a half-hour helping an individual researcher; we have to focus our efforts on gathering the material and making it available. In order to find all the materials in the Archives on this particular topic, you will need to personally go through the guides to the various Archives collections available at this Web site and in the Archives Reading Room in the Billy Graham Center building in Wheaton, Illinois. If your request will take longer than the half hour we can provide, you will either need to come to the Archives yourself to do the necessary research in our collections, arrange for someone to come and do the research for you, or pay to use the Archives' research services.

You can also do further independent searching of the online database to explore what the Archives has on a wide variety of subjects. You will find only a very small sampling of the Archives actual documents on this Web site. Most of our Web pages only describe what is at the Archives in Wheaton. In most cases you must visit the Archives to use our collections, unless a collection (or portion of it) is available through inter-library loan or as a short-term loan for a fee. You may also find it helpful to visit Wheaton College's online catalog to its libraries and archives (including the Billy Graham Center Archives).

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