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What Can You Tell Me About The Life of Helen Priscilla Stam?

John and Betty Stam were missionaries of the China Inland Mission serving at Tsingteh [Pinyin romanization: Jingde], China. The couple was murdered by Communist soldiers in December 1934, just a few weeks after Helen's birth in September. The story of their martyrdom had a great impact in the United States and influenced many to become missionaries. After her parents' death, Helen was found and cared for by Rev. Lo Ke-chou and his wife and taken to her grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ernest Scott, who were also missionaries in China. When she reached the age of five, they brought her to the United States. She was adopted by a relative and took that relative's name. After her college education, she was involved in student work on university campuses and then editorial work with a scientific journal.

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For more about the Stams, please look at the guides to Collections 449 and SC110.

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