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Does the Archives have sermons and other materials on the Holy Spirit?

Listed below are a few of the individual items in the Archives about the Holy Spirit. If a personal name is listed in the last column under "Notes", then the item listed is a sermon and the person listed is the one who delivered it. Guides to all the BGC Archives collections can be found by clicking . In almost every case, the materials will have to be used in the Archives Reading Room. The Archives does not sell or rent materials.

Note: In the "Item number (s)" column,
"T1" means "tape number 1",
"F7" means "film number 7",
"V23" means "video number 23",
"34-7" means "box 34, folder 7"

Collection Item Numbers Notes
14 T5 Oswald Hoffman
17 T95 David DuPlessis
26 T194, T219 Billy Graham
35 Several hymn lyrics about the Holy Spirit Fanny Crosby
38 1-35 Luke Rader
46 47-22 Testimonies on the place of the Holy Spirit in World Evangelization. 1974 Lausanne Congress
47 6-49, 6-57, 6-66, 6-67, 6-68, 6-69, 6-70, 7-27 Mel Trotter
53 T12 Paper on the Holy Spirit in Evangelization by Gottfried Osei-Mensah and testimonies about the work of the Spirt from Christian workers. 1974 Lausanne Congress
54 V23 Billy Graham
77 Reel 4, 5-43, 5-80 J. Wilbur Chapman
81 12-48 Reports on the Holy Spirit movement im central Africa in 1954
86 T107, T108
103 Reels 16, 17 (microfilm) Aimee Semple McPherson
107 1-39, 1-41 R. A. Torrey
121 T40, T41 Gordon Lindsay
123 Many audio tapes about the Holy Spirit William Branham
191 T394j, T763j, T831c, T1379a, T1485a, T1486a, T1801j Billy Graham, Leighton Ford
199 T3, T6, T7 Clift Brannon
212 Many audio and video tapes about the Holy Spirit Kathryn Kuhlman
253 T62 Bill Bright
300 T41 Pete Hammond
322 T28 Paul Van Gorder
324 4-4 Miguel Morales (in Spanish)
330 62-1 P. W. Philpott
349 6-2 Christopher Lyons
514 T17, T24, T30, T31, T52, T53, T57, T58, T64 Oral history interviews with participants in the 1995 Wheaton Awakening. Several of the interview with participants talk about the work of the Holy Spirit during the awakening
527 T171 David Maclagan

Please be aware that the purpose of this page is to provide information on some of the most relevant Archives holdings relating to this often-asked question. Because of staff and time limitations, the BGC archivists can spend no more than a half-hour helping an individual researcher; we have to focus our efforts on gathering the material and making it available. In order to find all the materials in the Archives on this particular topic, you will need to personally go through the guides to the various Archives collections available at this Web site and in the Archives Reading Room in the Billy Graham Center building in Wheaton, Illinois. If your request will take longer than the half hour we can provide, you will either need to come to the Archives yourself to do the necessary research in our collections, arrange for someone to come and do the research for you, or pay to use the Archives' research services.

You can also do further independent searching of the online database to explore what the Archives has on a wide variety of subjects. You will find only a very small sampling of the Archives actual documents on this Web site. Most of our Web pages only describe what is at the Archives in Wheaton. In most cases you must visit the Archives to use our collections, unless a collection (or portion of it) is available through inter-library loan or as a short-term loan for a fee. You may also find it helpful to visit Wheaton College's online catalog to its libraries and archives (including the Billy Graham Center Archives).

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