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Does the Archives have transcripts of or audio/video/film copies of evangelistic sermons?

Listed below are a few of the evangelists whose sermons can be found in the BGC Archives. Any researcher should be able to easily discover many more. Click to learn more about Billy Graham semons in particular.

For each evangelist below, the location of one or more sermons is listed. The format the sermon or sermons are in is also listed. There may also be other sermons in other formats in the collection. If so, this will be indicated in the guide to the collection. Guides to all the BGC Archives collections can be found by clicking click . In almost every case, the materials will have to be used in the Archives Reading Room. The Archives does not sell or rent materials.

Note: In the "Item number (s)" column,
"T1" means "tape number 1",
"F7" means "film number 7",
"V23" means "Video number 23",
"34-7" means "box 34, folder 7"

Name Collection Item Number (s) Format
Appelman, Hyman 114 T1 Audio tape
Bell, L. Nelson 318 47-2 Paper
Bell, Ralph 113 F202 Film
Blinco, Joseph 13 T26, T27, T28 Audio tapes
Branham, William 123 V1, V2 Videos
Bright, Bill 176 T8 Audio tape
Bright, Bill 26 T43, T45 Audio tapes
Briscoe, Stuart 457 V1, V5 Videos
Brown, John E. 120 T1, T2 Audio tapes
Chantry, Walt 8 T27, T28 Audio tapes
Colson, Chuck 113 V45, V54, V86 Videos
Colson, Chuck 176 T11 Audio tape
Criswell, W. A. 457 V82, V83 Videos
Dupin, Clyde 457 V113, V114 Videos
Falwell, Jerry 457 V12, V13 Videos
Ferrin, Howard 225 F7 Film
Ferrin, Howard 38 1-19 Paper
Ford, Leighton 23 F23, F24 Film
Ford, Leighton 295 T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 Audio tapes
Ford, Leighton 506 14-1 Paper
Ford, Leighton 214 F49 Film
Flynn, Woodrow 544 69-3 Paper
Fuller, Charles 100 1-8 Paper
Fuller, Charles 100 T5, T6, T7 Audio tapes
Glass, Bill 455 5-14, 7-1 Paper
Graham, Billy 12 15-46, 23-17, 23-18, 23-19, 23-20, 23-21, 23-22 Paper
Graham, Billy 26 T191, T202. T203, T214, T220 Audio tapes
Graham, Billy 113 hundreds of films and videos
Graham, Billy 54 hundreds of films and videos
Graham, Billy 544 50-4 Paper
Graham, Billy 506 2-4, 9-6 Paper
Graham, Billy 19 7-1 Paper
Graham, Billy 214 1-30 Paper
Ham, Mordecai 544 61-4 Paper
Ham, Mordecai 118 1-5 paper
Hill, E. V. 191 T1171c, T1750j, T1925j, T2010j Audio tape
Johnson, Jimmie 544 60-2 Paper
Johnson, Torrey 285 42-1 Paper
Harmon, Mike 457 V77, V78 Videos
Kennedy, D. James 457 V19, V20 Videos
Kuhlman, Kathryn 212 hundreds of audio tapes and videos of sermons
Laurie, Greg 457 V94, V95 Videos
Lea, Larry 457 V34, V35 Videos
McPherson, Aimee Semple 103 T11, T14, T19 Audio tapes
McPherson, Aimee Semple 103 Reel 2 through Reel 7 Microfilm of paper texts of sermons and sermon notes
Nederhood, Joel 457 V6, V7 Videos
Rader, Luke 38 1-25 Paper
Riley, William Bell 95 Reel 2, Reel 7 Microfilm of paper texts of sermons
Schuller, Robert 457 V84, V87 Videos
Smith, Oswald 322 2-8,2-9, 2-10, 2-11, 2-12 Paper
Smith, Oswald 322 T1, T3, T4 Audio tapes
Stanley, Charles 457 V99, V100 Videos
Sunday, Billy 29 2-10, 3-2, 4-3 Paper
Sunday, Billy 61 Reels 9, 10, 11 Microfilm of paper texts of sermons
Sunday, Helen 29 3-6 Paper
Ten Boom, Corrie 78 T4, T5, T7, T8, T9 Audio tapes
Torrey, R. A. 107 1-9, 1-10, 1-12, 1-48 Paper
Trotter, Mel 47 Reels 1, 2, 3 Microfilm of paper sermons
Wheelock, Eleazar 126 Reels 13, 14 microfilm of sermons
White, John Wesley 13 T34, T35 Audio tapes
Wilson, Grady 544 59-14, 69-1 Paper
Wilson, Grady 13 T38 Audio tape

Please be aware that the purpose of this page is to provide information on some of the most relevant Archives holdings relating to this often-asked question. Because of staff and time limitations, the BGC archivists can spend no more than a half-hour helping an individual researcher; we have to focus our efforts on gathering the material and making it available. In order to find all the materials in the Archives on this particular topic, you will need to personally go through the guides to the various Archives collections available at this Web site and in the Archives Reading Room in the Billy Graham Center building in Wheaton, Illinois. If your request will take longer than the half hour we can provide, you will either need to come to the Archives yourself to do the necessary research in our collections, arrange for someone to come and do the research for you, or pay to use the Archives' research services.

You can also do further independent searching of the online database to explore what the Archives has on a wide variety of subjects. You will find only a very small sampling of the Archives actual documents on this Web site. Most of our Web pages only describe what is at the Archives in Wheaton. In most cases you must visit the Archives to use our collections, unless a collection (or portion of it) is available through inter-library loan or as a short-term loan for a fee. You may also find it helpful to visit Wheaton College's online catalog to its libraries and archives (including the Billy Graham Center Archives).

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