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The last official event of the crusade was a week of visitation evangelism and a final evangelistic rally.
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"This is the first time visitation evangelism on such a sweeping, organized scale has been made an integral part of a Billy Graham crusade." From the pamphlet, “How to do it” A Handbook of Procedure for the Billy Graham New York Crusade Visitation Evangelism Program. 1957. From Collection 16, New York Procedure Book II.

Six thousand members from some one thousand churches participated. After training, laity and clergy from participating churches went out from October 20 to 25 to canvas their neighborhoods to encourage people to come out to church and to follow up on any inquirers who had not yet been contacted. About 24,000 were visited in this way. At the same time, Billy Graham held a series of meetings in the area around New York City, culminating with a final meeting at the Polo Grounds.

Meanwhile, at the end of September, one-day evangelistic rallies had been held in several of the major communities around New York City. On October 27, Billy Graham preached to the last major meeting of the crusade, held at the Polo Grounds.

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