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The last meeting was an open air rally in the heart of Manhattan.
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"It was held on Times Square. We went out early because my husband wanted to see the effect of a service like that on the throngs. We were hardly prepared for what we saw." Oral history interview of Ruby Reisdorph. February 9, 1979. From Collection 141, Box 14, Folder 11, Tape T102.

The conclusion of the crusade (at least the conclusion of the almost continuous series of sermons by Graham), was held in the open air at 7pm at Broadway and 42nd Street. Broadway was closed off from 34th Street through 47th Street and filled with people. The size of the crowd was estimated at between sixty and seventy-five thousand. Graham preached on the topic: "The Unknown God."
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item 84: from Collection 1, box 2, folder 16
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Meeting program
Graham's sermon clip
item 88: from Collection 54, film F149
item 89: from Collection 141, audio tape T102 and box 14, folder 11
Film about service
Ruby Reisdorph
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