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Many people, besides members of the BGEA, spoke at the podium of the Crusade.
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"Could you come in one night and be with us on the platform this week? We would be thrilled to have you." Letter from Billy Graham to Percy Crawford, August 13, 1957. From Collection 357, Box 1, Folder 13.

The platform personnel of every service included a mixture of BGEA staff, ministers (mainly from New York but also from other parts of the United States), members of the executive committee or crusade committee, and believers from various walks of life. They came to pray, make announcements about the crusade, and to give their testimony about their own Christian faith.
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item 74: from Photo File BGEA: New York City, 1957
item 73: from Collection 357, box 1, folder 13
item 75: from Collection 26, audio tape T497
Dale Evans with kids
Letter to Percy Crawford
Martin Luther King, Jr. prayer
item 76: from Collection 26, audio tape T427
item 77: from Collection 26, audio tape T551
Pierce testimony
Hillis testimony
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