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Audio clip from an oral history interview of Roger Hull in which he talks about his participation in the crusade as chairman of the executive committee and the decision of the committee to televise the Saturday meetings nationwide, starting June 1, 1957. He was interviewed by Dr. Lois Ferm of the BGEA on December 10, 1970. 3 minutes.
item 66: from Collection 141, audio tape T6 and box 4, folder 37HULL: Of course, the ‘57 Crusade was the first time he had really gone on television with a large Crusade of this type. And I think now with his method of running television programs at these Crusades that run across the country, he's greatly widened his audience without, at the same time, putting himself through the physical punishment that he did.

FERM:. Well, I think television has come a long way since that time.

HULL:- That's right.

FERM:_ Now, going back (we’ll go into the television in a minute) but going back to the '57 Crusade, yours was a very taxing task to be there. And I know from the record that you were there nearly every night.

HULL:- I missed only five nights.

FERM:- That's a marvelous record and I know that you took the offerings some nights.

HULL:- That's right.

FERM:- How did you stand up to this since this must have been a very exhausting experience for you?

item 116: from Photo File Hull, RogerHULL: Well, many people have asked me that and have really indicated that it must have been quite a burden and a strain. I have always responded that it was quite the contrary. While I was trying to carry on my main occupation and had to do so and had that responsibility, and I did spend most of my time in the daytime on my regular job except those occasions when I was forced to get into Crusade matters. But, honestly, and quite frankly, I did have an apartment in New York and I did not try to commute during this period of time. I stayed in all during the week all through the Crusade. I'd get pretty well worn out through the day but then I would go to the Garden at night and I was completely relaxed and refreshed by what went on there.
FERM:. This is what I hoped I'd hear but I didn't know.

HULL:. Right.

FERM:. The Lord does these things for us, doesn't He?

HULL: Yes, He does.

FERM:. Now, going back and going to the television experience. This was the very first time Billy had been on television. Can you...(with a Crusade)...can you tell, did the New York Committee sponsor it?

HULL:. Yes, it did, but I must admit quite frankly that I doubt that the New York Committee would have had the faith, really, to make the commitment, the financial commitment, to television if it hadn't been for Mr. Howard Pew, who persuaded us that we ought to put this on television, and said that he would help us financially.

FERM: And he did?

HULL: And he did help us financially, in fact he...in effect staked us to the first two programs. And then after that we were able to continue because television was bringing in additional support for the Crusade.

FERM: Could you try to comment on the price of the first two television....

HULL: My recollection is that in those days each of those evenings, with the number of stations we had when we started (we expanded the number of stations later), but I think it was about $60,000.00 a night.

FERM: A night?

HULL: Yes.

FERM: For half an hour?

HULL: No, my recollection is we were on a full hour.

FERM: For a full hour. I don't remember that....

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