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Of the 114 services and rallies of the crusade, 98 were held in the Garden.
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"And good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this wonderfully air-conditioned Madison Square Garden. Aren’t you glad that you are here today?" Cliff Barrows, opening the service on June 12th, From Collection 26, T427.

The Garden was in many ways an ideal location for the campaign - a central downtown location that everyone knew how to get to. There were, however, times when it was too small for the crowds and once the crusade had to close for a night because the facility had been promised to someone else. However, in general it proved to be a very satisfactory arrangement.

The doors opend for the public to start coming in at 6pm. There was a pre-crusade prayer meeting at 7pm in the basement prayer room. The service began at 7:30pm and most followed a basic format: hymn sung by the crowd, hymn sung by choir, George Beverly Shea or guest soloist, Scripture reading, prayer by a local or visiting minister, hymn by the choir, announcements, sometimes a guest testimony, prayer, offering, hymn sung by the crowd, solo by George Beverly Shea, sermon by Billy Graham (usually about 40 minutes) an invitation for inquirers to come forward and meet with counselors, and a closing prayer by a local or visiting minister.

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Garden layout
Graham and his mother
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