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ITEM 2.3
Transcript of of Pearle Goode letter to Willis Haymaker.
1476 Roosevelt
Pasadena Calif
Jan 7 - 57

Dear Mr. Haymaker:

The Lord bless you real good. am praying for you there, and was talking with Rev. Gesswein yesterday and he felt encouraged with regard to the prayer work. we do have somne good groups out here, and during these last 7 years in attending the Crusades have found, and also helped organize some rather large groups among the women. In fact the women are doing a tremendous job along this line of prayer. A large group is Okla City and they are fine, really pray with such a burden and all different denominations - all one. I love that kind of prayer group. Will write out some letters to all these groups I’ve met and would like a few Prayer reminders to give out. Have been down in Texas, at one town, Big Spring. We sort of changed [?] and had a prayer revival. Not much preaching and it indeed was good. God came, sinners wept and prayed through that is an old Methodist term about [?] when conviction is prayed down upon the sinner then he comes up with such assurance in his heart. I like that way. So we are praying for that great city of New York. Sort of sport [?] some of those groups there, the Lord willing I may come on awhile before meeting starts + get into the battle. its my only desire to live is to pray + win souls for my Lord. Am going to the Fred Jordan conference in Los Angeles + meet his group of workers in New York. They are good workers, Fred has all day prayer. Also going to Hearld of His Coming group, who are also great prayer warriors they do pray much for Billy. would like a line if you have time to write, it helps us to pray better [unclear]. Tell me any special burden there.

God bless you and give you great wisdom and guidance,

in His love, Pearl Goode

My love and prayers to all the dear Team I love all in the Lord Jesus - they are precious

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