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The BGEA Team was a group of many special talents combined with many years of common experience.
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"In a discussion with Billy some months ago, one of the things which seemed most on his heart was the need for a retreat for the Team to be together to pray and plan together concerning the New York Crusade. " Letter from executive secretary Jerry Beaven to other members of the BGEA team, announcing a staff retreat. January 10, 1957. From Collection 544, Box 4, Folder 1.

By 1957, the BGEA had grown a large organization that produced films and a radio program and sent out regular mailings to a huge mailing list of people around the world. The core of the Association’s work, however, remained evangelism. The Team, as it was called in the BGEA, included evangelists, solists, musicians, crusade directors, counselor trainers, and general trouble shooters. Graham, Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea were the ones the public knew best, but there many, many more behind the scenes. The Team for New York had some four dozen members, including several ministers who were specially recruited for this one crusade.
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item 13: from Photo File: BGEA Team and Staff
item 14: from Collection 1, box 1, folder 46
item 15: from Collection 16, New York Crusade, 1957, procedure book III
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item 16: from Collection 544, box 4, folder 4
item 17: from Collection 544, box 4, folder 1
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