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Student worker Katherine Hamilton scanning a campaign poster.

This exhibit is the work of a few with assistance from many. The Archives staff benefited from many who added their help to the creation of this exhibit. Most notable of these is the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which retains ownership of most of the items used in the exhibit that are in the Archives collection, and whose permission made these materials available in this Web exhibit. Thanks also to Lois Ferm of the BGEA who conducted the oral history interviews used in the exhibit, a small sampling from more than fifteen hundred individuals altogether from 1970 to 2005.

We also want to thank those who generously gave assistance, advice, or encouragement for the production of this online resource. Among these are...

Mark Bartlebaugh
Jean Bilang
Evvy Campbell
Jun Collado
Diane Garvin
Ken Gill
Lori Hart
Stan Jones
David Jordan
Linda Kacena
David Kletzing
Ron Koestler
Mimi Larsen

David Maas
Paul McCallum
Chris Mitchell
Scott Moreau
Laurie Fortunak Nichols
Rick Richardson
William G. Shuster
Karen Swanson
LaTonya Taylor
Heidi Truty
Grant Wacker
Elizabeth Wittman
Youth for Christ

None of these, of course, bear any responsibility for errors of fact or opinions expressed in the exhibit.

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